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Latest stories Straight Sex What We’d Do

First, I’d let you in the house and guide you to my room.
Then we’d sit on my bed and start an awkward conversation.
A few minutes after we get comfortable around each we’ll start kissing and cuddling.
I’ll tease you and you’ll tease me.
Our short and sweet pecks turn into long passionate kisses.
Your hands begin to wander all over my body.
First at my arms, then slowly drift down to my stomach and soon make it to my hips.
You grab my ass as you start kissing my neck.
I start moaning softly as you begin to leave hickeys all over my neck and breasts.
I’m starting to get a little horny so I gently start grinding up against you.
My moans get louder as you begin to move your kisses lower.
I can tell my moans are making you horny.
I can feel your hard cock through your pants.
My panties start to get wet as my excitement rises.
You slowly take my shirt off and expose my small breasts held in my bra.
You start giving me kisses all over my stomach and chest.
You lift me slightly to reach the clasp of my bra and pop it off with just one hand.
You slowly pull off my bra.
My small breasts and pierced nipples are exposed.
You begin to lick and suck on my nipples.
I let out a loud moan telling you that I’m enjoying it.
You start leaving hickeys all over my breasts and I continued to moan and grind up against your already hard cock.
You move back up to my mouth and stare right into my eyes.
You begin to aggressively, but passionately kiss my lips.
I start running my fingers through you hair as we start grinding against each other.
As I start to pull off your shirt, you move your kisses to my stomach right above my belt buckle.
You begin to hesitantly take it off.
Then you pause, and look at me for approval.
I look back and nod my head.
You finish taking off my belt and unbutton my pants and pull them off slowly.
You continue kissing me and slowly pull off my panties.
I prop my legs up giving you easy access to my lady parts.
You give me little pecks on the insides of my thighs, then you make your way to my kitty.
You give gentle kisses and tease me by coming back and planting a sloppy kiss on my lips.
You go back to my kitten and begin to slowly and gently lick all over my clit.
My moans get louder and louder as I fall into complete ecstasy.
You start to finger my tight wet pussy with one finger slowly.
Soon you put a second in and I’m already grinding and moving my hips for more pleasure.
You start to finger me faster until I reach orgasm.
I start to tremble and look at you with a smile of satisfaction.
Online Now! Lush Cams Billy_Kleine Now that you’ve pleasured me it’s time I return the favor.
I get up and begin to kiss you.
First on your lips then down to your neck, giving you a hickey or two.
I start to kiss all over your chest and shoulders, giving you hickeys here and there.
As I’m sitting on your lap, I can feel your cock bulging on my sensitive clit.
I start to take off your belt and pants.
You finish taking off your pants and I slowly pull off your boxers.
Your dick flings out into my face.
At first I’m a bit intimidated by it, but soon get over it.
I start slowly jerking you off up and down.
After a few seconds I give you a few teasing licks and sucks, then I start to suck the head of your penis.
As I start to take more and more of you in, I bob my head faster and jerk my hands faster as well.
I go at a steady pace for a few minutes while you moan loudly in the background of all of my slurps and gurgles.
I stop for a second and move down to you balls.
I begin to suck and massage the.
By now my pussy is dripping wet so I stop and lie down on the bed beside you.
“I want you to fuck me hard,” I whisper.
“Will do,” you say.
You slowly roll a condom on and insert your hard cock inside me.
I give a loud gasp and you look at me as if I’m in pain.
I shake my head and tell you to keep going.
You slowly start to grind in and out of me.
Then your pace gets faster and so does our breathing.
Our breaths being to synchronize as we become one.
You kiss me passionately and you continue to fuck me hard and fast.
My moans start to turn into soft screams as I call out your name.
I can even hear you let out a slight moan here and there.
We go on like this for what feels like forever until you roll over and lie on your back.
I’m now on top and I start bouncing hard and fast on your cock.
After a few minutes our energy and adrenaline starts to decline and I ride you slower.
I lean down to kiss you while I still ride you slow but hard.
We switch positions again so now you’re on top and I’m on the bottom.
You start pounding me hard and fast and a few seconds later I can feel you do one last thrust and I feel your warm cum fill the condom.
I can feel the warmth rush through my body.
I hear you let out a loud moan.
You’re panting now and so am I.
You fall on top of me and give me one last kiss.
You throw away your condom and come right back to bed.
We start cuddling and eventually fall asleep in each other’s arms.



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