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Latest stories Taboo The Wedding Day

As I stood nervously at the altar awaiting Vanessa’s entrance, I glanced at the people seated before me.
There were approximately a hundred guests.
Family, friends and co-workers, all dressed to the nines, here to share in this blessed union.
Hoping that they too might find that special someone to share the rest of their lives with.
My best man and best friend Jonathan by my side, a long-time friend who was always there for me.
My groomsmen were comprised of a few cousins and a buddy from the neighborhood.
We made a rather handsome bunch, if I do say so myself, but no one could argue the fact that there was no comparison to the beauty of the bridesmaids.
  Vanessa’s maid of honor, her stunning sister, Jada, was a few years younger but possessed the same full lips and voluptuous, curvy body as her older sister.
Diamond and Ivy, Vanessa’s gorgeous daughters, along with my sister, Jayden, completed the breathtaking group.
The women looked amazing in strapless aqua-colored gowns.
The music started and everyone turned their attention to the back of the church.
My bride-to-be escorted by her father.
As they walked down the aisle, my eyes were transfixed on Vanessa, who looked resplendent in her beautiful wedding dress.
Her lovely ebony skin was a perfect contrast to the pure white of her gown.
I had never seen Vanessa look so happy.
We smiled brightly at each other when her father gave me her hand.
The Reverend performed a beautiful ceremony.
We exchanged vows, kissed maybe a bit too passionately and accepted congratulations from our wedding party.
As we moved past our guests, they all cheered the happy couple.
On to the Fairmont Hotel where we would party and celebrate with our loved ones.
At the reception, Vanessa and I sat at our own private table.
We talked, ate and drank, enjoying the wonderful food, as well as each other.
My new wife got a little playful, placing her hand on my crotch and rubbing it firmly over my growing erection.
“We can’t do this here, baby,” I pleaded.
Vanessa just smiled, continuing to tease the bulge in my slacks.
My mind raced while my orgasm built.
Sensing that she may not stop, I regretfully grabbed her wrist and pushed her hand aside.
Her expression of disappointment did not deter me.
We moved to the dance floor for our second dance as man and wife.
Vanessa was so beautiful.
I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to have her.
She placed her luscious lips on mine and kissed me deeply.
Getting lost in the moment, we let our passion take over, forgetting everyone else around us.
The claps, and screams of ‘Get a room’ filled the hall, causing us to break our embrace.
Blushing a bit, we made our way back to the table.
Vanessa went right back to massaging my crotch as she darted her tongue inside my mouth.
Kissing her felt so good.
One of my favorite things about my new wife was her delectable, full lips.
“I need to fuck my husband,” Vanessa whispered in my ear.
“Just a quickie to quench my desire.
My pussy is so wet for you, baby.
” We sneaked off, found an elevator and were on our way up to Room 501.
Groping and making out as the elevator kept rising, not caring if the doors opened and we were caught going at it.
Finally reaching our floor, we proceeded to the room.
Swiping the key card then carrying Vanessa over the threshold.
Continuing to kiss passionately as her hands undid my pants.
“Sit down and let me ride you,” Vanessa demanded, pushing me onto the sofa and lifting up her dress.
Sliding down my length so smoothly before coming back up, then enveloping my cock once more.
Her orgasm came suddenly and she shook violently as she came.
My own orgasm was imminent.
Vanessa realized this and got on her knees in front of me.
Shooting my load down her throat, I looked on in amazement as Vanessa gobbled it all down, She smiled up at me.
The cat who ate the cream.
“Couldn’t risk getting any on this dress.
It was way too expensive,” Vanessa said.
We both laughed.
After fixing ourselves, we exited the room and headed back to our reception.
A few knowing glances came our way upon returning.
Vanessa’s scintillating sister, Jada, approached our table and asked my wife if she could steal me for a dance.
“Of course, just remember to give him back,” Vanessa giggled.
Jada wrapped her hands behind my neck as I placed mine on her hips.
She was gorgeous just like Vanessa.
Her perfume was intoxicating.
We swayed to the music and engaged in some polite small talk.
She was so happy for us, telling me that she had never seen her sister so joyful.
“Wish I could find a man as handsome and attentive as you,” Jada commented.
Her compliment caused me to blush.
She looked deep into my eyes and pulled me in closer.
“My nieces told me how much fun they had playing with you, Dillon.
” I could feel my heart skip a beat as I waited for Jada to speak again.
“It would be a shame if Vanessa ever found out, ” she breathed in my ear.
“If you’re a good boy, it can remain a secret.
A slight indiscretion known only by the four of us.
” Shocked that Diamond and Ivy had told their Aunt about our erotic escapade, I stood there slack-jawed and anxious.
Would she tell Vanessa? And if I was a good boy? What, exactly, did she mean by that?  A devious smile shone upon her face as she placed her right hand on the front of my pants.
Measuring my length with her hand, Jada let out a satisfied gasp.
“Mmm,” she purred, “my nieces weren’t kidding, you have quite a large cock there.
” Her hand went back behind my neck, but my erection still strained against my pants.
I peered over at Vanessa, who was chatting with her cousins, not noticing her sister’s inappropriate behavior.
More naughty words escaped Jada’s luscious lips.
I’m a sucker for dirty talk and Jada knew just what to say to get me hard and horny.
“While Vanessa is busy, let’s go up to my room and have some fun.
I’m not missing this chance.
Don’t you want to fuck your wife’s sister? ” Jada teased.
  I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t extremely attracted to Jada.
My sister-in-law was gorgeous.
Long dark hair framing an angelic face.
Magnificent large breasts and a throaty, seductive voice.
She pressed her body against mine, my massive hard on betraying me.
“Come on, baby.
We can’t let this go to waste,” Jada stated, squeezing the bulge in my pants.
Before I could answer, Jada took my hand, glanced over at Vanessa, who was still talking with some of her family and led me to the elevator.
As we were leaving, I noticed Diamond flirting with my best man, Jonathan.
When our eyes met, my stepdaughter gave me a knowing smile.
She was well aware of what her Aunt Jada had in mind for me.
Entering the elevator, Jada pressed the button for the fifth floor then pushed me back against the wall and kissed me sensually on the lips.
They felt so soft and sweet.
Her tongue snaked its way into my mouth, which only heightened the sensations.
So horny was I at this point that, for a moment, I thought about fucking her right there in the elevator.
Not caring if someone caught me with my sister-in-law on my wedding day.
Sadly, Jada broke our passionate embrace when we stopped at the fifth floor.
It was the smart thing to do, but my cock was almost ripping from it’s confinement as we exited the elevator.
Stopping in front of the door to Room 505, Jada took a key card from her purse and swiped it through the scanner.
Stepping inside, my eyes went straight to the naked black man laying on the couch, a woman’s face buried in his crotch.
Dark hair bobbing up and down as he moaned with delight.
Suddenly, another black stud came into view.
Completely naked, his cock at full attention.
Trying to avoid detection, we slipped into the closet just inside the entrance.
Peering out, we saw the second man moving behind the woman and kissing her shapely backside.
Online Now! Lush Cams MistressVivian Spreading her cheeks, the man flicked his long tongue across her lips causing the brunette to shudder.
Although the show was enjoyable, my curiosity got the better of me.
“What’s going on here? ” I whispered to Jada .
Her preoccupation with the scene in front of us forced me to ask again.
She reached back, brushing my cock with her hand as her eyes stayed glued to the action on the couch.
Jada massaged my crotch making my erection grow stiffer.
“Guess I got the wrong room,” Jada replied, smiling, as she continued to rub the bulge in my pants.
Interracial sex seemed to be the theme for this evening.
Two black men playing with this hot brunette while I waited for my chance to get my wife’s mocha-skinned sister into bed.
Nothing could’ve prepared me for what came next.
The two black men rose, inviting their lover to pleasure them both orally.
My heart stopped when she turned toward us, taking these huge cocks into her hands.
The woman was Jayden.
My sister sucked on one chocolate dick while stroking the other.
Jada glanced back at me, her wicked smile expressing her amusement at the situation.
Jayden went back and forth, devouring their huge cocks.
“Let’s go,” I told her, wanting to leave this awkward environment.
Jada held her ground as if mesmerized by the sex show.
Still rubbing my crotch, which stayed surprisingly hard, Jada filled my ears with more of her filthy talk.
“Don’t you want to see your beautiful sister get fucked?” she asked.
“I know I do.
” Her hands reached for my belt.
I pulled away, then taking her forcefully by the wrist I led her from the room.
She gave me a look of sheer disappoint when I closed the door behind us.
Jada pushed me up against the wall and kissed me hard on the mouth.
Her hands fondled my crotch while she licked my neck, causing me to shiver with excitement.
Her wet tongue felt unbelievable.
I wanted her so badly at this point.
She reached into my pants and released my manhood.
“Come with me,” Jada said, playfully pulling me by the dick as she moved toward Room 508.
Confusion hit me as she swiped her card.
The door opened and she led me inside.
If this was her room, how did she get the card to work for Room 505? Jada never gave me the opportunity to ask.
Dropping to her knees, Jada took me in her mouth.
Her luscious lips and skillful tongue had me in a state of bliss.
I almost lost it right then and there, but I didn’t want to cum so soon.
“Fuck, that feels so good!” I exclaimed as she administered the best blowjob I had ever experienced.
Jada’s relentless sucking drove me crazy,expertly bringing me to the edge before stopping to let me calm down.
“Please make me cum, Jada,” I begged, needing to have my release.
She chuckled at my desperation.
A true cock tease, she ran her tongue up and down the length of my cock.
Right on the brink of a powerful orgasm, I thought I might pass out from the pressure building in my balls.
“Where do you want to shoot all that hot cum, sexy?” Jada teased, stroking my cock more feverishly.
Her tongue flicked across the head as her hand pumped my shaft.
Mercifully, she let me cum.
I shot my load all over her face and tits.
I couldn’t remember ever cumming so hard before.
She greedily licked up and swallowed every tasty drop she could find.
Still shaking from my pent up, explosive orgasm, I viewed Jada slipping out of her dress.
It fell to the floor revealing an even hotter, curvier body than I’d imagined.
Clad in only a pair of black panties, she moved toward the bed.
Her boobs bounced beautifully.
Two spectacular orbs of chocolate heaven.
“Now, it’s your turn to service me,” Jada grinned broadly.
“Let’s see if Ivy told the truth when she gushed about your amazing tongue.
” She parted her thighs, inviting me to taste her sweet chocolate.
My mouth watered as Jada caressed her delectable lips.
Seeing her wet folds got me instantly hard once again.
Kissing my way up those silky smooth legs then nibbling on her juicy thighs, my head began to spin as I inhaled the aroma of her overheated pussy.
I licked at her slick pussy.
Damn, she tasted good.
“Oh, fuck yes! ” she screamed as I ravished her delicious slit.
Her pussy was absolutely drenched.
My fingers slid easily into her wetness.
Only one at first.
By the time I pushed three digits inside, Jada was cursing up a storm, her exclamations pinging off the walls, a powerful orgasm erupting from that beautiful pussy.
“What the.
? ” I started as she squirted so much that my mouth, chin and chest were coated with her sticky sweetness.
I had never seen anything like it before.
Friends have told me about women squirting during sex, but I always thought it was just them bragging, as they are prone to do on occasion.
Jada shook violently, finally calming down as her orgasm subsided.
“Mmm, that was fucking amazing,” she stated.
“Your tongue is incredible, Dillon.
” Pulling me on top of her, Jada kissed me passionately, licking her nectar from my lips.
Needing more, she licked her juices off my chin and then my chest.
She playfully bit a nipple as a hand reached for my erection.
She sensually stroked me while teasing my nipples with her teeth.
“I need to feel you inside me,” Jada said.
Rolling on top of me, she positioned her pussy above my aching cock and lowered herself onto my dick.
Sounds of sex filled the room as she rode me like a wild woman.
Her moans of pleasure were music to my ears.
Nothing makes me happier than the moans of a satisfied woman.
Neither of us noticed the door swinging open or the pair who entered the room.
We were both lost in the electric moment.
Jada ground herself down on me, an urgency to cum taking hold of her.
She was panting as her hips turned faster and faster.
Feeling my impending explosion rising, I prepared for a sensational climax.
Out of the corner of my eye, I glimpsed two figures by the door.
Shock enveloped me when the pair came into focus.
Diamond and my best man, Jonathan, were watching us.
Her one hand stoked his cock while she diddled her clit with the other.
With a mischievous smile upon her face she led him toward the bed.
Dropping to her knees she took him in her mouth, proceeding to give him a spirited blow job.
Jada raised herself off my dick, only for a few seconds, before squatting back down to fill her tight ass with my manhood.
“Get that cock nice and hard, Diamond,” Jada demanded.
“I’m ready for two fat, white dicks inside my holes.
” “Yes, Auntie, ” Diamond replied.
Grinning from ear-to-ear, Diamond pushed Jonathan onto the bed.
She teased her Aunt, rubbing his cock over Jada’s pussy lips before sliding it inside.
She plopped down on a chair and fingered her soaked pussy as she watched her Aunt fucking these sexy white men.
“Fuck her, Daddy!” Diamond implored, dipping three fingers into her horny pussy.
Hearing my stepdaughter’s naughty words plus the feel of Jada’s tight hole wrapped around my cock, had me on the edge of erupting.
Jonathan’s heavy breathing tipped off Jada to his fast approaching climax.
After we both pulled out, Jada got on her knees and readied herself for her sweet treat.
Streams of white shot from my cock into Jada’s waiting mouth.
Meanwhile, Diamond finger fucked herself to a mind-blowing orgasm as she watched Jonathan explode all over her aunt’s massive tits.
Regaining her strength, Jada stood up, extended a hand to her niece and led her towards the bathroom.
“Anyone else feeling dirty?” Jada inquired, a wicked smile visible through her cum-soaked lips.
Jonathan and I didn’t need to be asked twice.
We rose from the bed and followed their beautiful behinds into the shower.
What followed was more kissing, licking and sucking.
We all got worked into a soapy lather before a voice stopped us cold.
“Jada? Dillon? Is anyone there?”



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