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Cathy grew up on the wrong side of the tracks.
Her family were poor and the place they called home was little more than a shack.
Her father and all the men in their neck of the woods worked on the surrounding farms.
The meagre wages they received managed to put food on the table, but there was very little left over for luxuries.
When everyone around you find themselves in similar circumstances, however, then accepting your lot doesn’t seem all that bad.
Cathy’s mom was the disciplinarian in their home and subscribed to the old adage: ‘Save the rod and spoil the child.
’ Her dad never disciplined her and Cathy worshipped the ground he walked on.
Cathy naturally also loved her mom, but was always very wary of her quick temper.
Cathy was by far the best looking girl in the community, but unlike most girls, who were sexually active, Cathy never thought of messing around with the men in the neighbourhood.
After Cathy turned sixteen her life took a serious turn for the worse.
Her dad died as a result of an accident on a farm, when a combine harvester ran over him.
By the time the ambulance arrived, all they could do was remove his exsanguinated corpse from the scene.
Her mother received a small pay-out as a result of the tragedy, and was wise enough to realise that this money wouldn’t last very long.
The income from the work her mom did as a seamstress was hardly worth mentioning, but at least they owned the shack they were living in.
Several weeks after her dad’s demise, Cathy’s mom, Mable, decided to have a serious talk with her daughter.
Her practical mother informed her that she would now have to contribute to their income.
The mother’s plan was to get her beautiful daughter to pay for all their grocery needs.
Rufus, a well-off neighbour, was the man that Cathy’s mom had decided to offer her daughter to.
In her mother’s inimitable way, Cathy was left in no doubt that this matter was not open to discussion and already cast in stone.
Rufus had initially sowed the seed in Mable’s mind, while she was buying produce from him.
Mable had firstly dismissed his proposal as a silly jest, but Rufus knew exactly what he was doing and was sure that his suggestion had taken root.
One week later, her mother and Rufus struck their deal, and Rufus would now have access to Cathy once a week on Saturday evenings, in return for the list of groceries that Cathy’s mom required.
Given the situation they found themselves in, Cathy saw this new development as her duty, an outlook fully endorsed by her mother.
Rufus was a thirty-five year old bachelor who lived on a smallholding, and prided himself on the fact that he lived a fully self-sustainable existence.
Apart from the livestock that he owned, he also grew an abundance of vegetables and fruit.
Although most of the men in the area were rough looking, Rufus topped the scales in that regard.
The great irony was that apart from the large farm owners in the area, Rufus was most probably the best-off person in the community, according to well substantiated rumours.
Rufus was delighted with brilliant deal he had struck with Mable.
He now had access to the best looking pussy in the neighbourhood, the one that he desired above all others.
In addition, the fact that Cathy was ‘untouched,’ excited him beyond belief.
In the days preceding his first Saturday ‘instalment,’ Rufus often had to retreat to his house to manually take care of sexual urges.
As he masturbated, he could almost taste the unplucked fruit that he would soon be picking.
Cathy spent her final Saturday as a virgin with mixed feelings.
She had always liked Rufus despite his dishevelled appearance and even thought him rather handsome.
A further notion, that intrigued Cathy, was that Rufus had a reputation among a few of Cathy’s friends of being a stud in the bedroom.
Many girls would have liked to marry him, but Rufus was never forthcoming on that score.
Cathy was very flattered that he had selected her above all the other girls in their neighbourhood.
After supper her mother hugged her daughter in a rare show of emotion, before philosophically telling Cathy that her unselfish behaviour was a blessing in their lives.
At around seven, Cathy finally made her way to Rufus’ home.
When he opened the door he was only wearing shorts.
Cathy had never seen Rufus like this before and was impressed by his muscular frame.
Smiling at her, he invited her in.
Rufus then took a seat on the sofa in his lounge and asked Cathy to stand before him.
After placing his hands behind his head, Rufus leaned backward and commenced staring at her with a look of total wonderment in his eyes.
Next, Rufus told Cathy to unbutton her dress.
After doing so gingerly, her dress fell to the floor.
Cathy wasn’t wearing a bra and seldom did.
Her tits were very perky and Rufus’ eyes spun with horniness as he focussed on them.
Rufus then lustfully glanced over her entire body with an ever broadening smile.
When his eyes finally focussed on her white panties he moved his body forward.
After extending his right arm, his middle finger slipped into the top of her underwear and snaked its way down to her pussy lips.
As the top of his finger nestled on her vulva, Rufus began to gently push the finger into her puffy folds.
Once his thick digit had snuggled into her snatch, he looked up to see that Cathy’s mouth had opened, as she emitted a sensual sigh.
Online Now! Lush Cams MichellJeins Pleased, Rufus commenced wriggling his finger.
As Cathy gasped, both her hands locked onto his strong arm.
She wasn’t trying to push him away, but merely steady herself.
Rufus like the feel of her hands on his arm and was captivated by her excitement.
Upping the intensity, his finger began to move up and down as he caressed her portal.
As Cathy groaned, he could feel her gently pushing her hips forward.
He was in in no hurry and just kept up the slow momentum until she began to pant.
He wanted her to be horny and wet when he finally claimed his prize.
After a while, his other arm moved forward and pushed her panties downward.
Rufus then stared at her petite mound with its light dusting of hair, before pacing his hands on her hips and drawing her body toward his mouth.
As he sniffed her snatch, Rufus was overwhelmed by the freshness of the fruit that he was about to pluck.
Rufus let his nose nestle in her pussy, before moving it up and down to caress her nub.
With his nose tantalising her clit, he extended his tongue and began lapping at her vulva.
Cathy’s hands clasped onto Rufus’ head as pleasure overcame her.
Much as she had worried about this encounter, her body was now blossoming with horniness.
Given their position, Rufus found his access too limiting and wanted to explore her pussy more comprehensively.
He then stood up, and after placing a large cushion on the seat of the sofa, led Cathy to the side of the couch and instructed her to recline on the armrest.
As Cathy lay backward onto the pillow, Rufus opened her legs.
Once he knelt down, her pussy was at eye level, perfectly positioned for his further exploration.
He opened her pussy lips with his thumbs, and as he did so he could clearly see the barrier that his cock was going to pluck from her.
Again he leaned in and sniffed, imbibing the smell of her cunt.
Then, using the thumb and first finger of his left hand, he kept her pussy open so that his right index finger could touch her hymen.
When his finger touched and began to caress the obstruction, Cathy began to groan loudly.
It was almost as if her pussy was weeping as the moisture began to build.
“Looks like your pussy is crying out for me,” Rufus groaned, lustfully.
“Nnnh,” was all she could manage, in a prolonged whisper.
Rufus’ mouth now locked onto her portal as he powerfully started to munch her cunt.
Cathy’s hips began to writhe with pleasure as her hands clamped onto his head.
“Dance for me, baby,” Rufus mumbled as his tongue lashed at her pussy.
He worked her cunt voraciously, trying to encourage an explosion of pleasure.
When it finally came, Rufus sucked up the rapture, before throwing his head backward and gargling her juice.
When he arose, he placed his huge dick over her pussy and as he glared at her, massaged his knob over her cunt lips.
Rufus wanted this to last for as long as possible, because it was the moment he had anticipated for many years.
Rufus had watched her from childhood, and planned to take her as his wife when she became a woman.
This was the woman he had always dreamed about.
As he continued to rub his knob on her pussy lips he said, “If you want me to stop right now, I will.
My deal with you mother is bullshit and you have the right to decide if you want me.
I have always wanted you as my wife.
” After a brief pause he continued, “If you let me to enter you, however, that means the deal has been sealed.
Once I take your virginity, you belong to me… Do you understand?” “Yes, I want to be your wife,” she whimpered.
“Are you sure?” he reaffirmed.
Again, she answered in the affirmative.
“Look at me baby, I want you to remember the moment I claimed you,” Rufus instructed.
When their eyes locked as Rufus took his final step into their future.
After pressing his dick-head into her tight pussy, he slowly pushed forward and touched the last obstacle separating their union.
Anxious as he was to claim her, he dallied a few more seconds before plucking his prise.
Cathy let out a beautiful cry as she became a woman.
Rufus looked down at her pussy as he withdrew his knob, marvelling at her red seal of approval that foamed around his dick.
Next, he entered the fertile ground where he hoped that his seed would ultimately germinate.
This was the girl that he wanted to breed with and produce a family.
After lifting her writhing body, he carried her off to his bedroom with Cathy impaled on his knob.
That night he fucked her five times until she passed out from sheer exhaustion.
Rufus was satisfied that he had found the right woman because she matched him on every climax, and further, after the second time they came, she was already pulling his hips into her pussy as they orgasmed together.
As she lay sleeping after their marathon, he stood next to the bed and looked at her approvingly, pleased that he had finally realised his dream.
The following day, he visited her mother and made the old bitch an offer she couldn’t refuse, before returning home with all Cathy’s belongings.
Less than a year later their first son was born, the first of four boys that would follow.
Rufus’ life had become idyllic and he had finally attained the home life that he had always dreamed about.



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