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My wife, Jay and I have been in the ‘lifestyle’ a few years now and have joined a website for, shall we say, liberated adults.
Since subscribing we have occasionally met other couples with similar interests that have contacted us through the site.
One such couple was Dan and his wife Jill, who e-mailed us and expressed an interest in our profile.
They asked us to check theirs and if we liked what we read as much as they liked ours then to please get in touch with them.
Their e-mail was well written and polite with a brief description of how they were a bi-sexual female and straight male couple looking to meet with the same for friendship and hopefully more.
The attached photos were equally impressive, showing an attractive couple that appeared to be in our age group.
I quickly checked their profile and noticed that it was very similar to ours with some very sexy photos of Jill.
None of the profile photos showed Jill’s face but what they did show was a highly attractive woman in various erotic poses wearing sexy dresses and tasteful lingerie.
Having seen their faces in the photos sent by e-mail they certainly looked and sounded just what we were looking for.
When Jay came home I told her about the e-mail and once she read it and saw the photos she was keen to take the next step.
I must admit we both liked what we saw.
I replied to let them know we were interested and if they agree we would love to meet them for a drink and a chat to see if the chemistry was there between us all.
After a couple of more e-mails back and forth, we agreed to meet in a hotel bar just off the A5/M42 junction in the West Midlands for the following Saturday.
It was ideal to introduce ourselves to each other for a social and a chat.
We always do this just to make sure who we are meeting are genuinely who they say they are.
On the day we arranged to meet, Jay wore a casual floral print dress that showed enough cleavage, but not too much.
It stopped just above her knees and when she moved around it showed her bare legs off nicely.
Black high heels enhanced the shape of her long legs.
I decided to go with the smart casual look of dark blue jeans and white shirt.
So, suitably dressed we set off for our encounter.
We parked up and sent Dan and Jill a text to say we’d arrived.
We received a text back almost immediately to inform us they were only a couple of minutes away.
Just as we got out of our car we noticed a couple matching their description and photos driving into the car park and watched as they pulled up into a vacant space just a few cars down from ours.
Dan got out of his car and had a pleasant, friendly smile as he spotted us approaching.
Dan was dressed similarly to me in smart casual shirt and jeans and as we walked towards him, Jill was just stepping out of the car.
Jill was also wearing a light coloured dress, a pair of black high heel and I did notice a flash of stocking top when she swung her legs out of the car.
We quickly introduced ourselves before making our way into the hotel bar area where Jay and Jill managed to find a table at the far end of the lounge.
It was nicely situated and would allow us to talk without being overheard by others.
Dan and I got us all some drinks from the bar and rejoined Jay and Jill.
Now that we were all seated we introduced ourselves properly and inevitably the conversation worked its way around to our sex lives and what got us started in the swinging lifestyle.
This led to Jay and Jill admitting how hot and horny they became when watching women together on film.
Dan and I both agreed how turned on we got when our naughty wives spoke to us about their feelings.
We did confess that we each had suspicions and encouraged our wives to discuss their thoughts with us and how intense the sex was after this revelation.
Further conversation and a couple of more drinks, soft drinks for Dan and I as we were driving, and Jay and I came to the conclusion that we would love to meet up with Jill and Dan again.
We were pretty certain that they felt the same way.
However, we all decided to call it a night and headed back out to our cars.
We reached our car first and stopped to say our goodbyes.
Jill lightly kissed me on the cheek first and Jay did the same to Dan.
Dan and I shook hands with promises to call and meet again very soon.
I opened the car door for Jay and realised that she was still talking with Jill as Dan stood close by waiting.
Their next move both surprised and excited me as I looked on.
Jill kissed Jay full on the lips, not a quick friendly kiss, a full-blown passionate embrace to which Jay responded ardently.
Dan and I just looked at each other.
I’m sure I must have been grinning just as broadly as he was as we turned voyeur to our wives’ embrace.
I heard someone call out and spotted three young men walking past about twenty yards away.
They stopped and watched with deep interest in the exhibition in front of them.
I noticed that Jill’s dress was pulled high at the back and all of us got a pretty good look at her stocking tops and a good way up her legs to her gorgeous backside.
One of the young men called out, ‘Oh man, would I love to be the filling in that sandwich.
’ Dan smiled and called back, ‘If things go the way we plan, we’re certainly going to be.
’ I laughed as he pointed in my direction then indicated both women with his hands.
The three men jokingly complained as Jay and Jill parted and watched as Dan and I led our exhibitionist wives to our cars.
When we meet new potential play friends we have an understanding that we don’t just jump straight in after the initial meeting.
This gives us a chance to talk about what each of us think and make sure we’re both happy with the people we’ve just met.
However, tonight was going to be different.
Dan and Jill had left the car park just ahead of us and we passed the three young men as they were leaning against their car.
They were probably fantasising about Jay and Jill’s little public display.
Jay fuelled their thoughts by blowing them a kiss as we drove by.
And I know that Jay would be fantasising about kneeling before them with a cock in each hand and one in her mouth.
The big smile on her face and her hand pressed between her legs as I expressed my thought confirmed I was right.
It wouldn’t be the first time she’s enjoyed more than one cock at the same time.
We’d only just left the car park when we received a text from Dan and Jill.
Jay read it out as we headed towards the A5.
They had pulled into a lay-by just ahead and asked us to stop as they had a proposition for us.
We spotted them just as Jay finished reading the text and watched Dan approach us as we pulled up just behind their car.
I opened my window and asked if everything was okay.
He simply smiled and said.
‘Everything is fine.
Jill and I have had a quick chat and if you guys are up for it we’d like to invite you back to ours.
’ I asked, ‘What, now?’ Dan replied, ‘Yes.
We’re only fifteen to twenty minutes down the road and we feel that we can’t wait to take things to the next step.
Jill would love to continue what she started with Jay in the car park.
’ I turned to Jay to ask what she thought and immediately she leaned across and said, ‘We’d love to come to yours.
And I can’t wait to continue with Jill.
’ So, decision made, we followed Dan and Jill to their home and twenty minutes or so later we were sat in their lounge as Dan poured some drinks.
As Dan handed Jay, then Jill their drinks, he said to Jill, ‘I thought you had something you wanted to continue with Jay.
’ Jill said, ‘There certainly is and if Jay doesn’t mind I’d like to continue right now.
’ Jill took Jay’s hand and pulled her to the middle of the floor in front of Dan and me and kissed her fully on the lips.
Dan and I watched our wives once again in a full embrace as their tongues danced and teased each other’s mouths.
Jill’s hands went behind Jay’s back and slowly lifted her dress, exposing Jay’s gorgeous long legs all the way to her beautiful backside.
Dan and I watched as my wife’s lovely round backside was completely exposed to us, her thong pulled tight between her cheeks.
Jill continued to raise Jay’s dress, all the way up over her head, leaving Jay standing there in her bra, thong and high heels.
She looked breathtaking as Jill slowly turned her around like a prize exhibit for her husband to admire.
It was Jill’s turn to be undressed now as Jay unzipped Jill’s dress and pushed it off her shoulders.
Letting it fall down her arms, Jay helped Jill step out of the dress and carefully put it beside hers on the chair.
Jay then held Jill’s hand and this time it was Jill’s turn to be admired as Jay turned her around slowly for my appreciation.
Jill looked amazing as she stood before us in just her stockings, heels, bra and tiny little thong that did very little to hide her gorgeous smooth pussy.
As Dan and I were treated to the vision of our beautiful wives being paraded before us in their very sexy underwear, both Jay and Jill commented that we were a little overdressed.
I jokingly commented that Dan and I weren’t about to undress each other.
Jay and Jill both laughed as they stepped towards us, Jill took me by the hand whilst Jay helped Dan out of his seat.
Standing in the middle of our hosts’ living room floor I watched as Jay slowly unbuttoned Dan’s shirt and teasingly removed it.
Now it was my turn as Jay and Dan watched Jill do the same with my shirt.
Both shirts were then tossed aside.
Jill and I now watched as Jay unbuckled Dan’s belt and undid his trousers then pulled them down to his ankles.
Jill once again did the same to me and Dan watched as his wife lowered my trousers all the way to the floor.
Dan and I were left standing with our trousers around our ankles and throbbing cocks under our boxers.
Our wives were kneeling in front of us with mischievous grins, Jay before Dan and his wife in front of me.
As the women looked at each other with our pulsing hard-ons next to their faces they pushed Dan and I back into the sofa behind us and I heard Jill tell us to finish undressing and just watch.
Disappointed but feeling very excited about what the evening held in store, I quickly undressed as Dan did the same and we both sat back down and watched our wives kneel on the floor in front of us.
They leaned towards each other and kissed passionately as their hands explored each other’s bodies.
Jill unhooked Jay’s bra and tossed it to her husband who eagerly caught it as we continued to the Sapphic love scene unfolding before us.
Jay’s head was thrown back as Jill lowered her mouth to lick and suck on her nipples.
My cock was throbbing as I watched my wife take immense pleasure from the attention of another woman.
Dan was leaning forward with Jay’s bra still in his hands.
Jill looked directly into my eyes as she pulled Jay’s panties aside to expose her smooth pussy.
Her smile told me that she was deliberately teasing as her fingers parted my wife’s lust swollen labia to show how wet she was.
Dan and I watched as Jill slipped one, then two fingers deep into Jay’s pussy.
Jay gasped loudly in ecstasy as Jill finger fucked her hot, wet pussy.
Jay looked like she was on the point of climax when Jill stopped and slowly withdrew her fingers from my wife’s sopping wet pussy.
She held them out to her husband who eagerly moved forward and sucked them clean.
She then moved her hand back to Jay’s hot, wet pussy and slipped her fingers again.
This time she held her fingers in front of Jay and both women seductively licked and sucked Jay’s juices from them while they watched Dan and me.
Jill stood up and helped Jay to her feet then led her by the hand to the door.
Dan turned to me and simply indicated that we should follow.
I didn’t need a second invitation so we followed the women upstairs to Jill and Dan’s bedroom.
Both women were completely naked by the time they got onto the very large bed.
Dan and I were also fully undressed as we moved around the bed and watched our wives kiss passionately with their hands intimately exploring each others bodies.
Jill lay back on the bed and pulled Jay on top of her.
My cock throbbed hard as I watched Jill wrap her legs around my naked, sexy wife and engaged her in another deep, passionate kiss.
Dan and I were very keen spectators as we watched our wives explore each other with an intense Sapphic lust.
Jay sucked hard on one of Jill’s nipples while Jill held Jay’s head against her breast.
Dan and I watched as Jill slid her hands down Jay’s back and tightly grasped her buttocks in both hands.
Jill looked at Dan and I standing at the foot of the bed and pulled my wife’s cheeks apart to fully expose her lust swollen pussy to our eager gaze.
My wife just looked over her shoulder at us with a mischievous grin on her face and arched her back further exposing her smooth, hot pussy.
It was the invitation we were waiting for and we were only too eager to accept.
Dan looked at me and I simply smiled and nodded my approval.
I get so turned on watching my wife enjoy our liberated lifestyle and as Dan stepped forward and rubbed his cock between my wife’s pussy lips my cock throbbed hard in anticipation.
Jay moaned against Jill’s breasts as Dan slowly eased his cock deeper inside her hot, wet love tunnel.
I looked on as the head disappeared between her swollen labia and inch by slow inch his cock penetrated deep inside her.
Jay’s soft moan betrayed her immense pleasure as Dan pressed against her backside.
Jill reached out towards me and as I moved to the top of the bed she took my rock hard cock in her hand and pulled me towards her.
I looked at my wife with her head on Jill’s breast and her eyes closed, savouring the intense feeling of Dan fucking her slowly from behind.
She looked up at me and smiled as I knelt on the bed with my pulsing cock inches from Jill’s face.
Jill softly kissed the tip of my stiff cock and then seductively licked my pre-cum from her lips as she looked up into my eyes.
Her fingers tightened around my shaft as her hand moved slowly back and forth.
Jay watched as Jill rubbed my cock against the side of her cheek and then over her soft lips.
It was all I could do to hold back and not come in her face.
When Jill finally took my cock into her mouth, I had to hold her head still for a moment.
I was on the point of exploding when I felt her warm, soft lips slip along my throbbing shaft.
That combined with watching Dan slowly fuck my wife from behind nearly finished me off.
After letting my excitement subside for a few moments, Jill could see that I was ready.
Softly, she danced her tongue around the head of my cock.
Jay looked up at me as I slipped my shaft deeper into Jill’s warm, welcoming mouth.
Her hand pushed on my backside as she watched my cock disappear between Jill’s ruby red lips then eased off as I pulled back again.
My wife continued to encourage me to slowly fuck another woman’s mouth as her husband continued to fuck her from behind.
I could hear how turned on and wet she was as Dan thrust into her with increasing speed while he watched his wife take my cock deeper into her mouth.
After a few minutes, I could see Dan on the point of climax.
Not wanting to come too soon, he pulled his hard cock out of Jay’s wet pussy and rested it along the crack between the cheeks of her backside.
Jill crooked her finger at him and taking my cock from her mouth said that she wanted to taste Jay on him.
Jill looked at Dan’s stiff cock all wet and glistening from Jay’s pussy and licked from the base all the way to the tip.
She licked her lips and commented on how sweet Jay tasted on her husband and then took him deep into her mouth.
Once she sucked him clean she turned to me and once again took me into her mouth moving her head back and forth.
Jay looked up and watched as Jill took turns in sucking my cock and then her husband’s.
Jay moved down Jill’s stomach kissing and licking all the way until her head was between Jill’s legs.
Jill’s moan of delight was muffled due to my throbbing cock being thrust between her lips and her husband’s pressed against the side of her face.
Jay put her hands behind Jill’s knees and pushed them up and apart to fully expose her smooth, hot pussy.
Dan and I each took hold of an ankle and held Jill’s legs high and wide to watch Jay kiss, lick and tongue fuck her gorgeous, smooth pussy.
Jill’s moans of ecstasy grew louder as Jay’s skilful tongue probed and licked at her hot, wet pussy.
With a firm grasp of my stiff, throbbing cock in one hand and her husbands in the other we noticed Jill’s breathing change to short, sharp gasps and her hips pushing up to press her pussy harder against Jay’s mouth.
Jay had both hands behind Jill’s buttocks to pull her pussy onto her lapping tongue as Jill reached a shuddering orgasm.
Dan and I had let go of Jill’s ankles as she thrust her hips up towards Jay’s face which was soaked in her juices.
Dan and I watched as Jill rubbed our throbbing cocks on each side of her face as her orgasm wrenched through her trembling body.
Slowly Jill’s climax subsided and she relaxed back onto the bed.
Dan and I stood either side of her, stroking our hard cocks as we watched Jay slowly kiss and lick up her body to kiss Jill full on the mouth.
Jill tasted her own juices on Jay’s lips as both women wrapped their arms and legs around each other in a passionate embrace.
Jill told Jay that it was her turn now as they broke apart and Jill turned Jay face down on the bed.
Jill massaged Jay’s back and worked her hands down towards Jay’s hips.
After kissing and licking all around Jay’s lower back, Jill nudged Jay’s legs apart with her knees and positioned herself between Jay’s open legs.
Dan and I were enthralled with the site of his wife kneeling between my wife’s open legs.
Jill’s face was pressed against Jay’s gorgeous round backside and we watched her tongue lick and probe causing Jay to gasp out loud with pleasure.
Between moans and gasps of pleasure, Jay noticed Dan and me as we stood on either side of her.
She reached out and pulled me towards her and took my throbbing cock into her mouth.
I signaled Dan to step forward on her other side and Jay turned to swap my stiff cock for Dan’s.
I looked on as my wife once again took another man’s raging hard cock deep into her mouth.
Jill took my hand and pulled me down the side of the bed until I was standing right behind her.
As I looked at her beautiful round backside pushed up towards me, I had no doubt what she wanted.
Her legs were wide open as she looked over her shoulder directly into my eyes.
Her back arched to expose herself further as she felt my pulsing cock push against her.
I rested my rock hard cock between the wonderful globes of Jill’s beautiful buttocks.
The feel of her soft skin against my hot, throbbing tip caused me to moan out loud.
Jill and Jay both looked over their shoulders at me as I slipped the head of my raging hard cock up and down between Jill’s beautiful, round buttocks.
I savoured the sensation as the head of my cock slipped back and forth between the juicy, wet pussy lips of this other man’s wife whilst at the same time he had his cock deep within my wife’s mouth.
I couldn’t hold back any longer.
I placed the head of my cock against the entrance of Jill’s eagerly awaiting pussy and thrust forward suddenly.
I felt my stomach slam against Jill’s backside and heard her muffled gasp against my wife’s pussy.
With each thrust of my stiff cock into Jill’s hot, wet pussy it pushed her face hard against my wife’s backside.
This in turn caused Jay to take Dan’s cock deeper into her mouth each time I slammed against Jill’s gorgeous arse.
As I watched my cock slide in and out of Jill’s beautiful, smooth pussy and my wife with another man’s cock in her mouth it wasn’t too long before I was on the point of no return.
I didn’t want to finish yet so slowed down and stopped.
My cock was buried deep and I felt it pulsate inside Jill.
She pushed harder against me and resting her head on Jay’s back, softly moaned, ‘Mmmm.
That feels so good.
’ I reached forward and rubbed my hands up Jill’s back as I heard her husband tell her how turned on he was as he watched her with another man’s cock in her.
He also told her that she loved the feel of another man inside her as he watched.
Jill just smiled up at him and agreed as she arched her back and pushed back even harder against me.
My cock throbbed inside Jill as I listened to them talk.
I must admit that Jay and I feel the same way.
I just get so horny as I watch her with another man, woman or both.
And she has told me how hot she gets when I’m with another woman.
With this thought still in my head, I encouraged Jay to move around so that Dan could savour the delights of her tight, hot and very wet pussy.
Only fair, I thought, as he’s been watching me fuck his wife.
Jill and I moved aside to let Jay lie back on the bed in front of Dan.
Once she was in position with her legs open I leaned down to kiss her full on the lips.
As we kissed, Jill also leaned in and we ended up with a smouldering three way kiss which lasted until Dan positioned himself between Jay’s open legs.
Jill rested her head on Jay’s stomach and took her husband’s cock in her hand and teased Jay’s wet pussy with the head.
Once Dan’s cock was covered in Jay’s juices, Jill took Dan into her mouth and sucked him clean before putting him back against Jay’s pussy lips.
Once again she teased Jay’s pussy with her husband’s cock.
When Jill finished her teasing, she held Dan’s rock hard rod against my wife’s love tunnel and gently kissed both cock and pussy at the same time.
Jay moaned in anticipation as Dan slowly eased his stiff rod past his wife’s mouth to rest just between her pussy lips.
Jill’s face was inches from her husband’s cock as we both watched it disappear into my wife’s hot, wet pussy.
Jill’s head was still resting on my Jay’s stomach as Dan began to fuck my wife harder.
At the same time, I fucked his wife from behind.
The eroticism of watching another man fuck my wife as I fucked his was so deeply gratifying and with the look on our wives’ faces it was obvious they felt the same.
Dan and I just looked at each other and listened to the moans and groans of our wives as we fucked them harder and faster.
The scene was one of pure lust.
There was my wife lying on her back with another man between her wide open legs slamming hard into her hot, welcoming pussy.
Right next to them on the bed was his wife on her knees with her backside up in the air and her head pressed into a pillow as I rammed my rock-hard cock deep inside her.
You wouldn’t believe we’d only just met a few hours ago.
It wasn’t too long before my wife moaned loudly and her breathing came in short, sharp gasps.
Dan also started to fuck her harder and faster and I watched as Jay’s body tensed.
She raised her hips to meet Dan’s powerful thrusts and I knew she had reached a very intense orgasm as she pulled Dan down onto her and wrapped her legs tightly around him.
As Jill and I watched our other halves both come together it was the moment that pushed us over the edge also.
I grabbed Jill’s hips and rammed my cock harder and deeper into her and watched my hips slam against her gorgeous round backside.
Jill practically screamed as she reached a shuddering climax.
Her body pushed back hard against me as I shot my load deep inside her clenching pussy.
This time it was Jay and Dan’s turn to watch us as their husband and wife fucked each other to a very intense mutual orgasm.
My hands slid up Jill’s back as I tensed and shuddered with the intensity of my orgasm.
I turned around to see my wife watching me with a big satisfied smile on her face and another man lying on top of her and between her raised open legs.
His cock was still inside her as they both lay in contentment.
Slowly, Jill lay flat on the bed and I just collapsed on top of her, my cock still buried deep inside her as we relaxed to enjoy the satisfaction of a wonderful moment.
After a little while of just enjoying the pleasure of simply lying together, we started talking about what had just happened and the immense pleasure of it all.
We all agreed that we would love to make it happen again soon and we left for home that night having made a couple of very good friends.
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