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I work at a convenience store.
One night a couple of years ago, it got brutally cold.
About -30˚ with the wind chill.
My shift ended at 8:00 pm.
I rushed out to my car to warm it up, but my heart dropped when the damn thing wouldn’t start! It wouldn’t even turn over.
My roommate, Annette, was out of the state, my parents and my brother live over twenty miles away, and no one at the store could take me home until the store closed.
I thought I might have to be there until midnight.
You know the saying every cloud has silver lining? George is a regular customer.
He’s an older guy who comes in at least every other day.
He saw me down in the dumps and said hello and asked me if I was alright.
I told him my problem.
Right away, George offered to take me home.
He’s a super-sweet man and I trust him, so I said yes.
Well, we started driving the six miles to my apartment and wouldn’t you know it? We got less than a mile from my apartment and it started raining.
In seconds, the streets looked like hockey rinks! George crept about five miles per hour to my complex.
The rain kept up and even worsened a little, and the county declared a level three emergency, which meant that only emergency vehicles could be on the roads.
So George was stuck at my place until the ice melted.
I felt awful for the guy.
Here he was trying to be nice and help a girl out of a jam and he ended up stuck in her apartment all night.
George promised he wouldn’t try anything.
I was halfway wishing he would though.
I think I would’ve let him.
Instead, I gave him a blanket and a pillow and a kiss on the cheek.
After a half hour or so after lights out, I began feeling horny.
It had been maybe two weeks for me.
I’d dumped my loser boyfriend, Jordan, when I learned that he’d been fucking a complete skank named Melody.
She’d done a few amateur pornos, including one where she was taking on two guys! Now, I love sex, but I don’t sleep around.
I’d been with just three guys and two girls in my life.
I’m bi.
Annette’s the first woman I was with.
I definitely prefer guys, but a beautiful woman gets me going, too.
Annette awakened up some pent-up feelings about women I’d had for a long time and assured me it was nothing to be ashamed of.
My first sexual experience was fun, albeit awkward.
But it was freeing being with someone who truly understood me.
I could be myself and express myself with Annette.
Now, as far as guys go age-wise, the oldest guy, boyfriend number two, Chris, had been about four years older than me.
George was twenty years older than me.
Like I said, he was a great guy, but the age difference concerned me.
But as I rubbed my clit, I thought to hell with it.
I’ve got a few toys.
They’re okay, but nothing beats a real hard dick, no pun intended.
I pulled on a pair of my very sheer thong panties and a cutoff T-shirt.
The lips of my shaved pussy were very visible.
My tits aren’t super big.
But they’re firm and I like how they look in the cutoff tees without a bra.
I hate bras.
I took a deep, shuddering breath and walked out of my bedroom to the dark living room.
“Hey, George? You awake?” I whispered loudly.
“Yeah, Chrissy,” he said.
“Wide awake actually.
” “Yeah.
Me, too,” I said.
“Hey, listen.
I was just kinda wondering if you were lonely.
” “Lonely? Eh.
” he said.
“I guess I’m sort of used to it.
” “Oh?” I said sympathetically.
It sounded like there was a story behind it, but I didn’t want to pry.
I’m lonely, too.
I was thinking that we could.
You know?” I said.
“Young lady, are you coming onto me?” George asked, bemused.
“A little, I guess.
I’m not just lonely, George.
I’m horny, too,” I said with a giggle.
He probably heard me blushing.
“Oh?” he said.
Besides, I know you didn’t ask for this bullshit with the weather.
So I guess I kinda owe you something,” I said.
I heard him chuckle and get off the sofa.
I reached over for the dimmer switch and turned up the lights a little.
He looked me up and down and smiled.
“Oh, wow! Chrissy, you look amazing.
You sure about this? I don’t want you to think that you’re obliged or anything,” he asked suspiciously.
I’m sure,” I said, pulling off my T-shirt.
George’s jaw dropped.
Really nice,” he said.
He walked up to me and kissed me and felt my tits.
“Wanted to do that for a long time.
God, you are so beautiful, Chrissy,” George said.
I smiled and said ,“Thank you,” and kissed him back.
And without another word, George slipped his hands into my panties, and rubbed my clit and stuck a finger in me.
My legs damned near gave out on me.
Oh, fuck,” I whimpered as I held onto his shoulders to stay upright.
“Jeez, girl,” George chuckled in a teasing tone as he fingered my wet pussy.
“You are horny, aren’t you?” “Uh-huh,” I sighed as another jolt of pleasure hit me.
“Damn! Let’s go.
” I led him to my bedroom.
“Now, I don’t have any cond.
Hey!” I yelled as George picked me up and put me on my knees on my bed.
I giggled though.
I like it a little rough.
George forced my legs apart and I felt my panties being jerked aside and his coarse tongue on my clit.
“Ohhh, fuck!” I yelled involuntarily as a shiver of electricity coursed through me causing me to gasp.
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Annette was good at it.
George loudly lapped at my pussy and tugged on my clit.
I gripped the sheets and yowled like a cat, but just as I felt a glorious orgasm coming on, George stopped.
“Aw, c’mon! Don’t stop, dammit!” I pleaded.
I heard the rustling of clothing and looked behind me.
George was rock hard and big.
Probably seven inches.
I got off the bed and went to my knees.
“Hey, Chrissy.
If you d.
” George began to say.
But I cut him off.
He didn’t know how much I loved sucking dick.
I tongued him and spit on it and began rubbing my clit and fingering myself at the same time.
George forced his dick deeper in my mouth.
I was okay at deep throating, I guess, and I liked it.
But none the guys had been really big.
I gagged as I tried to find a way to get it all past my gag reflex.
I felt my pussy juices running down the inside of my thighs.
Finally I got it all in comfortably.
Oh, fuck, Chrissy,” George groaned as he shuddered.
“God, Chrissy.
Unh!” I pulled away and gasped for breath.
I was smiling though.
“Goddamn!” I panted and wiped off the excess saliva.
I tried it again and found I’d improved now that I’d figured out how to do it.
“Okay, girl,” George said.
I got back on the bed on my knees and stuck my ass way out.
I felt him grab my hips and penetrate me fully, stretching my pussy and filling me like I’d never been filled before.
Damn!” I yelled with a squeal as I clutched the sheets.
“Fuck!” “Unh.
Oh, God that’s fucking tight!” George groaned.
“It hurt?” “Uh-uh,” I gasped with a breathy laugh.
“Oh, damn! Just a little bigger than I’m used to.
But it feels great.
” After several long, slow wonderful strokes, George began giving me a good fucking.
I buried my head on the bed and grunted with every glorious thrust.
I felt and heard him slamming against my ass.
How long did it go on? I don’t know.
It was a long time.
I rubbed my clit like crazy and finally I felt a huge cum coming on.
stop! Oh, Gawd! Fuck me! Make.
there,!” I rambled.
George fucked me hard.
And I loved every damn second of it.
“Oh, fuuuck! I’m.
Aghhh!” I yelled when it hit.
I felt lightheaded and tingly all over and began shaking.
“Fuck!” “Oh, Chrissy! Oh fuck! I’m gonna cum!” George panted.
“Oh, shit! Not in me!” I yelled back.
I was on the pill, but I wasn’t risking getting pregnant.
Still in the throes of the orgasm, I wrenched myself away and turned around and put George’s dick, covered in pussy juice, in my mouth.
In a few minutes, he yelled, “Oh.
comes!” He grabbed the back of my head to force me to swallow and began shaking.
“Ohmigod, Chrissy! Ohmigod!” George grunted through his teeth as squirt after of hot delicious cum shot in my mouth.
I tried like hell to get all of it.
What a fucking load! I milked him and cleaned his dick off with my tongue and collapsed face first onto the bed.
“Oh, damn!” I exhaled.
“Oh, Chrissy,” George panted.
He leaned down and kissed the back of my neck.
“Oh, that was great!” He took a deep breath and exhaled and sat down on the edge of the bed.
“Hey, Chrissy? Can I ask you something?” he asked.
What is it?” I replied.
“Do I still have to sleep on that couch?” he asked with a chuckle.
I snickered and giggled, and leaned up and playfully punched his shoulder.
After catching our breath, we cleaned ourselves up and talked about our lives and sports and work and other things.
I rested my head on his shoulder and he held me close.
It felt good.
We fell asleep like that.
The next morning, we made love again.
And we began seeing each other.
So what if some people didn’t like it? Annette wasn’t thrilled, but it’s not her business.
She came to like George though.
We even have the occasional threesome.
I’d never had one before.
It’s another story for another time.
But I will tell you that it was a blast.
Annette said she’d been in a couple.
I’d told her how good George was and her curiosity got the best of her.
Seeing her beautiful face buried in my pussy and contorting in sexual pleasure as she got pounded doggie style made me a little jealous.
And it turned me on.
But I told Annette in no uncertain terms that George was my man.
I told George if he and Annette or another woman got it on on occasion it was alright, but I just wanted to know first.
It’s never happened.
George just says he’s okay with threesomes, but doesn’t want to be with another woman one-on-one.
Well, it’s been two years since the level three.
George and I are happily married.
It’s not an open marriage, per se.
I see a beautiful Latina named Jamie on occasion, and she’s joined us a few times.
Annette found a guy and said she’s given up on women.
And I’m Michelle Obama.
Our sex life is off the chart.
I bought a buttplug a while back, and we began experimenting with anal.
Now I love it.
Even if we don’t do anal, a lot of times George fucks me with it in.
I can see where there might be problems in a marriage where the partners are twenty years apart in age, but in our case, it’s worked.



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