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John had now left the army, but every evening seemed to follow the same routine, home, shower, cook, watch TV and pub.
He wanted something different, something more exciting.
After all, he had joined the army straight from school, got in the special forces and was trained to kill, so his life had been full of danger and excitement.
He wanted something to get his pulse racing again.
Some nights, just to break the monotony of everything, in between going to the pub and the TV, he went on his computer.
He loved the porn sites.
They say a sailor has a woman in every port, well he had a woman in every country, or to be more accurate, women.
He could not remember the last time he had had a woman in bed.
What he would do now for a good blowjob, never mind some good blonde dropping her panties and bending for him.
,, His job now was so mundane and boring, but then what was he qualified to do? He had left school with no GCSEs to speak of and had gone straight into the armed forces.
He only got this job, as a security guard because of his background in the special forces.
As normal, he could not find much to watch on the TV and the porn sites were becoming boring, so he went off to the pub.
As he sat there nursing his beer, bored, a lovely blonde came up to him and asked if she could share his table as the pub was a bit crowded that night.
John said yes straight away.
As it turned out, this lovely woman, whose name was Jackie, was only too happy to talk.
It seemed she had a bit of a boring life and job as well.
She told him about everything, how her long-time boyfriend had dumped her a year ago and she had had no fun since then, she also mentioned what she termed as fun as well, that was fun sexually.
“This place is too noisy and crowded, let’s go elsewhere,” she suggested.
“Sure,” answered John.
As they got outside, Jackie turned to John and pushed him behind the pub up against a wall, out of sight of everybody.
She then proceeded to feel him through his bulging trousers.
“What I wouldn’t do for a nice hard cock in my mouth now, the feel of it and then all the lovely cum going down my throat.
I mean, we can’t let it go to waste can we, by spitting it out,” as she proceeded to undo his zip, get onto her knees, looking him seductively in his eyes all the time,  then up between my legs, ” I haven’t had either for over a year now.
” John couldn’t believe he was hearing this, just having her lovely boobs pressed against him was making him hard.
“Undo my bra, will you, so while I have your lovely cock in my mouth, you can play with my tits.
I would love that,” said Jackie.
John happily did as he was asked and proceeded to slip his hands down the front of Jackie’s top and played with her tits as he did so, he felt he felt the nipples getting very hard.
His zip was undone, slowly Jackie took his hard cock in her mouth, rolling her tongue around the head, then proceed to move her mouth up and down the shaft, John threw his head back in ecstasy, he had dreamt of this since he had left the army and now it was happening.
Her nipples just seemed to be getting harder, then he felt himself wanting to cum.
“I am cumming,” John screamed.
Jackie took no notice, except to carry on and all the time it just seemed to get better and better.
‘This woman gives the best blowjob I have ever had and I have had a lot over the world,’ thought John as he shot his load into her mouth.
“Oh, your cock tasted so good and your cum very sweet,” remarked Jackie.
“What about going back to my place now to relax with a nice cup of coffee or something else, if you prefer,” she added.
“Yes, sounds like a great idea to me,” answered John.
‘I know what I would like to relax with, and it is not a cup of coffee,’ he thought to himself.
“I enjoyed doing that.
Now, I haven’t had anything up between my legs for over a year, so I only got that to do,” Jackie said looking at John with a naughty smile.
” I suppose I have been a bit naughty, what with picking up strange men in a pub, giving them a blowjob behind the pub and then asking them back to my place.
Maybe I get the second thing I have been missing for over a year now, very soon,” she added looking at John with a naughty smile.
When they arrived back at Jackie’s place, she told him to sit down, while she got changed out of her pub clothes, as she called them.
When she came back, all she had on was a see-through negligee, with no bra and tiny panties.
He could see her tits properly now, and they were great, he would love to get his hands around them.
She poured two glasses of wine and came to sit next to John, but very close.
He put his arm around her and then she slowly guided his hand under the negligee onto her boobs.
Now her nipples were in his hands, and he could feel his cock and Jackie’s nipples getting hard.
“Now, I have been a very naughty girl and deserve to be punished, I think I should go and bend over that chair and get a good spanking and whatever else you decide,” she said like a scolded schoolgirl.
“Do you know what I would really like to do?” asked John.
“No, what is that?”, Jackie asked.
“Okay, let me tell you, but please don’t take offence to it.
I would love to bend you over that chair, spank you and fuck you.
” Thinking, ‘What have I got to lose now?’ “Oh, you would, would you, well, go for it I would love that, make my dreams come true,” answered Jackie.
“Well, I did say I might get something up between my legs soon,” she added.
Online Now! Lush Cams MatureVivian “Right, girl, get your panties off, lift your negligee off and bend,” said John, acting like an angry headmaster.
“Then prepare to be spanked and fucked, hopefully then, you won’t pick up strange men in pubs anymore and then to top it all give them blowjobs behind the pub.
” Jackie looked downcast at John.
“Well, maybe I will learn my lesson then, but his cum did taste good,” she said as she slowly bent.
He dropped his trousers, gave her bum a good spank, and then put his hard cock inside her, she felt so good, as he moved in and out of her, he had not had a good fuck for so long now, he had almost forgotten what it was like.
As he thrust in and out of her, he alternately held her boobs and spanked her bum.
She was screaming now.
“John, don’t stop, please don’t stop, this is so good,” screamed Jackie.
Then his cum shot deep inside her, hitting the sides of her pussy as it came.
” That was so good.
What I would do for a repeat performance,” she added hopefully with a big smile.
“Well, I have not had a woman in bed, or as you were, bent over for me, for a while now, so I had lots of cum to give, even though you gave me a great blowjob earlier on.
” “Well, maybe you should share my bed tonight, then we can both get what we want,” she said seductively.
“That sounds like a great idea, sure beats a quicky in a cheap motel,” he said with a smile.
“I could do with something to eat now, all that sex has made me hungry, how about you? What do you fancy, fish and chips, pizza or what?” Jackie asked, “Fish and chips are fine with me,” answered John.
“Fine, I will get some fish and chips delivered.
While we wait, are you ready for round two?  This time, I want to sit on you and have your lovely hard cock down all the way up my pussy,” “Sounds good to me,” replied John.
He just could not believe that what he thought was going to be another normal boring evening, turned out like this.
Jackie proceeded to remove all her clothes and slowly sat on Johns’ lap, sliding his hard cock up inside her.
  As she moved up and down his cock, her tits moved, so John decided to hold them in place for her.
This made her nipples even harder.
“I love it when you have your hands around my tits, rub them a bit for me, that turns me on even more.
I must admit, you had some good practice when you were around the world because you are very good.
I haven’t had anybody from anywhere as good as you, and that includes my ex!” she exclaimed as his cum shot up into her making her gasp with pleasure.
~~~~~~ “What work do you do,” he asked? “Oh, I am just a boring shop assistant.
I know you were in the special forces, but what do do do now.
” Jackie asked, inquisitively.
“Oh, now I have a very boring job, I am a security guard, but having left school with nothing, gone straight into the army, what more can I expect,” he answered with a shrug of his shoulders.
‘I go down the pub as normal, expecting another boring night, nursing my beer but instead, I meet this lovely lady and have a great evening,’ he thought to himself.
“I think I might get round three tonight, John.
Wouldn’t you like to stay the night? It would save you the cold journey home?” “Well, I don’t have to work tomorrow, so I might just take you up on the offer,” he answered with a smile.
“Also, as I said before, it beats a cheap motel.
” ~~~~~~ The fish and chips came and Jackie set it out on the table, complete with cutlery, so they didn’t have to eat with their hands.
They started eating and then for a bit of fun, decided to feed each other.
A chip fell down Jackie’s negligee and John decided the best way to get it out, was with his fingers, which he knew she would like.
As he put his hand down her front he could feel that her nipples were rock hard.
“Oh John, you shouldn’t have done that,” she exclaimed.
“Right, that was the last of the fish and chips.
You did say you were staying tonight, right? Well, I see it is getting a bit late now,so let me make some nice coffee with a good measure of whiskey in it.
Then we can go off to bed.
” They had the coffee-laced whiskey and went off to Jackie’s bedroom.
She changed into her nightclothes and John noticed how little there was of them.
As she opened the wardrobe.
He saw a lot of sex toys.
“Wow, you have a lot of things there for a shop assistant.
” “Oh, these are all just things I get from work.
They are ex-display items, that the shop can’t sell, so they give them to staff.
I am a shop assistant in a sex shop.
It is boring ,though.
I prefer to have the real thing and lots of fun.
They carried on most of the night fucking in every position they could think of.
Eventually, in the early hours of the morning, they both fell asleep,  naked in each other’s arms.
Over breakfast, they had one final round, over the table, before John made his way home.
On his way home, he knew that that was a one-night stand, that Jackie would more than likely be in another pub that night and giving someone else the same or maybe a different story but what a one-night stand it had been.
He had enjoyed himself far more than anywhere in the world he had been.



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