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Jack had felt humiliated by his stepsisters tease of having her best friend Sara use him to get revenge, while having Christine herself pound on his hard cock, edging him till he was about to explode and leave him hanging.
Their little games of ‘tit-for-tat’ had been taken to new levels by each of them, and while they both appeared to also get off with their plans coming to fruition, they had to think of new ways to get back.
Jack had thought a way of upping the ante once more, he’d got a couple of guys to help him out this time.
Steve and Pete, two young studs who were happy to help out with his devious plan.
He’d set up a hidden web cam in Christine’s bedroom, which was wifi linked to his laptop in his room; so he could spy on her.
Later, Christine returned to an empty home.
As she was about to head upstairs, the doorbell rang.
Upon answering, she discovered two Police Officers stood at the door.
Unbeknown to her, the two Officers were Jack’s friends, who had hired costumes which looked real.
The Officers informed Christine that they had captured her on CCTV at a clothing store stealing an item.
Christine denied the allegation, as the Officers informed her they were there to search the property.
Despite better judgment, Christine allowed them inside to prove she was innocent as they began to search the house.
After looking downstairs, they turned their attention to her bedroom.
“What do we have here then?” one Officer spoke, as he pulled out a handbag with it’s tag still attached.
“What the .
that isn’t mine, I’ve never seen it before, I swear Officer!” Christine said.
“That’s what they all say, Ma’am,” he replied.
“I’m afraid you’ll have to come down to the station, we’ll have to charge you with theft!” he added.
Christine broke down, as she sat on the bed.
“No, please.
You can’t, my parents would kill me if they thought I’d done this, and I didn’t.
I swear to you Officers, I’m innocent!” She piled on the waterworks, it worked in the past with some male Police Officers to get her off with a warning or more when she’d broke the law.
“What do you say?” one asked his partner.
“Hmm, I say we take her down town, book her and throw her in with all the other trash that’s in the cells.
All those hookers and drug addicts!” he said, with an uncaring attitude.
Christine bawled hard, tears dripping off her cheek, as she held her face in her hands.
“Aww, have a heart partner.
Look at her!” he told him, as they looked at Christine.
“I don’t know, she looks guilty as hell of something!” he replied, more humble in his tone now.
“Come on partner, have a heart” he replied back.
“Oh God, please.
I swear to you, nothing like this will happen again!” Christine said, even though she was innocent of the crime she just wanted it over.
The two Officers, Steve and Pete, stepped over to one side and appeared to speak to one another for a moment, occasionally glancing over at Christine, who sat on the edge of the bed.
They returned finally, stood over Christine, whose tears had dried as she looked up at them both.
“Okay, I’ve spoken to my partner here and he’s agreed to let you off with a warning , Ma’am!” he said.
“Oh my God, thank you.
Thank you!” Christine said with sincerity in her tone.
“But, you can’t ever do it again.
And .
we want something in return!” he told Christine.
“Anything, just name it!” Christine said.
“You’re gonna blow the both of us!” he said with a wicked smile.
Christine’s eyes widened.
“What?” she questioned them, did she really hear right? “If you want us to go away and act like none of this happened, then you’re gonna give us both a blow job!” the other Officer said.
“I don’t know .
” she said with uncertainty and scared of what they were asking.
She loved sucking cock, but never given a blow job to a cop before, let alone two.
“Okay then, we’ll have to take you downtown!” one said, having heard enough.
“No, wait.
Okay, I’ll do it!” she finally gave in and said.
The two Officers, Pete and Steve, didn’t waste any time as they unzipped their pants and pulled out their dicks.
Both were a little limp, but they quickly grew hard at the sight of Christine and thought of getting sucked off.
Christine perched on the edge of the bed, glancing up at both Officers; one after the other.
Two hard dicks in front of her, pointing at her face.
“Come on then!” one demanded, tired of waiting.
Christine grabbed both cocks, one in each hand as she started jerking them both off at the same time.
Back and forth, sliding the foreskin back to reveal the large engorged heads.
She leaned in, opened her mouth, and took one cock inside–wrapping her lips around it as she started sucking him off.
Her head bobbed back and forth, slurping the thick hard cock between her lips.
Her other hand continued to jerk off his partner, stroking it back and forth, slow and then hard.
She pulled one cock from her mouth, as it plopped free and began to jerk it off.
Her head turned it’s attention to the other hard cock, as she plunged it into her mouth and began sucking his partner off next.
She used her tongue to lick, glide and slither around his cock between her lips.
Her eyes occasionally glanced up above, staring at the face of the Officer she was sucking off.
Her other hand jerking the previous cock off, lubricated by her saliva.
She’d take turns, jumping from one cock to the other.
Plunging each of them into her mouth as if she desperately needed them inside, and sucked them hard and deep, while jerking the other cock at the same time.
Christine appeared to be good at multi-tasking from all appearances.
What she didn’t know though, was that someone was watching it all unfold.
Jack had returned home, crept into the house and up to his bedroom where he sat at his desk.
His laptop turned on, which showed everything going on in Christine’s bedroom.
His eyes glued to the screen, watching his stepsister give a blow job to both of his friends.
Watching her suck their cocks reminded him of how much he enjoyed her sucking him off.
He was growing hard watching the screen, as he pulled his cock out and began jerking off over the free porn he had acquired for himself.
He sat in his chair, leaning back with cock in hand, as he stroked himself off.
Inside Christine’s bedroom, she continued to suck on each of the two cocks in front of her.
Taking turns, one after the other, while jerking the one that wasn’t in her mouth.
“Take off your clothes!” one of the Officers told Christine, who stopped mid-sucking a cock.
“What!” she mumbled with a thick cock deep in her mouth.
“Get naked.
I wanna fuck you!” he told her in a demanding tone.
Christine pulled the cock out from her lips, it parted with a loud slurp of a pop.
“I don’t know .
?” Christine began to say.
“You either let me fuck that sweet cunt of yours, or we head downtown.
Your choice sweetheart, I don’t care either way!” he informed her.
She stood up and began to undress.
She felt weird doing this, but she also was quite wet from sucking cock and the thought of the two Officers fucking her made her horny as hell.
She removed her clothing, down to her bra and panties as she stood there.
She then unclasped her bra from behind.
As the straps fell, she pulled it off to reveal her perky breasts and hard nipples.
She slid her fingers under the hem of her panties; dropped them to her ankles, and stepped out of them.
The two Officers looked her up and down, casing her body like a suspect with concealed weapons.
“Mmm, nice body.
Now, get on the bed! On all fours, I’m gonna fuck you doggie style, I’m sure you love it that way!” he told her.
She moved over to the bed and crawled upon it on her hands and knees.
She waited, her ass in the air and head glancing over her shoulder, waiting.
The two Officers stripped naked.
As Pete stepped behind her, he crouched down and planted his face deep into her ass.
His tongue began licking her dripping cunt.
“Oh fuck.
oh God yes!” she called out as she could feel his head buried into her ass.
His tongue lapping at her wet cunt, licking her pussy lips and tasting her sweet honey.
Steve stepped around to the front side of her, as she turned to face him.
Before she could utter a single word through her lips, he’d plunged his cock back into her mouth.
“Suck it bitch!” he told her, as he grabbed her hair and held her face steady in position.
Christine began sucking his cock, thrashing back and forth inside her mouth.
It glided over her tongue, in and out, as it touched the back of her throat and she gagged slightly.
At the same time, Pete was eating her cunt out, his tongue had forced it’s way between her pussy lips and inside.
He could taste her honey, slithering down her inner walls.
His tongue flicked and lapped inside of her cunt, causing Christine to moan and groan as she tried to grunt her way through with a thick, hard cock deep in her mouth.
Pete pulled his face away, as he looked over to see Steve getting another blow job from her.
“Fuck, she tastes so sweet partner.
Her cunt is dripping wet!” he told his friend.
He slapped her ass, both cheeks; it echoed around the room and left an imprint on her.
Pete stood upright, as he positioned himself behind Christine, who was unaware of what was coming next.
Online Now! Lush Cams Baco_Sousa He placed the tip of his large rounded head at her opening.
With one large thrust, he pushed in.
His cock forced it’s way deep into her cunt hard.
!” is all Christine could mutter with a cock in her mouth, as she felt the thick cock penetrate into her cunt, and spread her tight inner walls apart to push it’s way inside.
Pete grabbed her hips, as he pulled his cock out a little, then slammed it back in hard.
It forced Steve’s cock the other end to go deeper into Christine’s mouth as her body shuddered forward.
Christine appeared to be accepting, almost now enjoying, this little threesome she was having with these two Officers—still unaware who they really were.
She knelt there, on hands and knees upon her bed.
A cock slamming in and out of her mouth.
Another cock plunging deeper in and out of her tight, young and dripping wet cunt.
Her body rocking back and forth.
Steve used his grip on her hair to help force his cock deeper into her mouth, thrusting her head back and forth as he pushed his cock in and out.
Christine didn’t complain, she liked it rough.
The room was filled with sex.
The slapping of Pete’s body as it slammed into her cunt from behind, to the slurping sounds of Christine sucking cock the other end.
Christine was getting used, holes on either end, and appeared to be enjoying every moment of her sexual encounter with these two Officers.
In his bedroom, Jack was watching it all.
Cock thrusting in and out his tight grip.
His fingers wrapped around the length of his shaft, and stroking himself off.
Watching his own stepsister fucked and abused in such a way turned him on, more so than he could ever have imagined.
Seeing her like this made his cock so hard.
Back in Christine’s bedroom, she groaned as Pete slammed his thick, hard cock in and out of her tight cunt.
Juices dripped from within, down to the bed sheets on which she knelt.
Her body rocked as Pete continued fucking, while at the other end Steve was enjoying her wet lips wrapped around his big, thick cock.
It slipped in and out of her mouth.
Her tongue slithering like a snake inside, gliding around the thick length of shaft.
Gagging at her mouth with his cock throbbing in and out; drool seeped from her lips to where her hands were positioned on the bed.
“I think it’s my turn partner to get some of that sweet pussy!” Steve told Pete.
“Why not, let’s change it up a little!” Pete replied.
Both pulled their big cocks free from either end, her tight cunt and gaping mouth.
Both soaked of fluids, saliva and her sweet honey dripping out either end.
Christine was uncertain what was coming next.
Steve moved to the bed, and went to lay upon it; he called for her to climb on board.
Christine shuffled over, straddled his young body and positioned herself over his cock which was standing to attention.
She reached under and took hold of his cock in her hand, gave it several quick jerks.
“Ride it babe.
Ride my cock hard!” Steve told her.
Christine lowered her body down.
The tip of his cock plunged slowly between her soft pussy lips, spreading them apart as it delved within her inner walls.
She was so tight he thought to himself, as he felt inch after inch of his thick, hard cock slide in her wet cunt—tight and so fucking wet.
“Oh God!” Christine moaned as she slipped down upon Steve’s cock.
Her face grimaced, holding her breathe until he was all inside of her cunt.
Once he was fully inside, she steadied her position.
She then began to slowly rise and lower, his cock sliding in and out of her tight wet cunt.
In and out her hips rocked; her ass moved back and forth as his cock penetrated her cunt with each small thrust.
After a while, she began to pick up a rhythm.
Her hips rocked faster, her perky breasts gently jiggled with the motion.
Steve’s hands reached up and grabbed them, squeezed them and pulled on her hard nipples.
Christine didn’t complain.
Pete stepped around the side of the bed, where his cock pointed towards Christine.
He stepped forward, as Christine kept on riding Steve’s hard cock.
She saw his cock approach, turned her head and grabbed a hold of it.
Her fingers wrapped firmly around his thick shaft, as she began to jerk him off.
She could feel it still covered in her sweet honey juices.
“Suck it bitch!” Pete told her, waiting for her to submit to his request.
She leaned across, just a few inches, where she opened her mouth and began to suckle on the end, the engorged head.
She slurped and licked.
“Mmm, ohhh!” she moaned, as she rode Steve’s hard cock, all while sucking and jerking off his partner Pete at her side.
Christine was really getting into the sexual act now, and enjoying it even more.
She loved being used like this, loved being fucked and sucking cock at the same time.
The feel of a nice, thick cock slamming in and out of her tight cunt was irresistible.
She struggled through the best she could, as her body bounced harder on Steve’s cock.
Up and down her firm, young naked body rode him like a stallion.
She pulled Pete’s cock free from her mouth with a plopping sound as it exited.
She continued to jerk him off, as she concentrated more on riding Steve’s firm cock.
oh fuck yes.
oh my God!” Christine called out, feeling the rush of heat spreading through her body.
Her face and chest becoming flushed, she was reaching the stage of no return.
“That’s it bitch, ride him hard and cum for us!” Pete told her.
I’m gonna.
I’m gonna cum.
I’M CUMMING!” she screamed out.
Her body going like a steam train, bouncing hard up and down on Steve’s cock.
It thrashed in and out of her tight, young cunt.
Her hand still jerking Pete’s cock hard.
“Agh FUCK!” she called out as her whole body shook.
An orgasm ripped through every inch of her naked body, spreading like wildfire, as her whole body felt on fire.
Her hips shook violently to the rhythm of exploding inside, before finally she started to come down from this wonderful bliss of rush that she experienced.
She sat there exhausted.
Beads of sweat upon her naked body.
“I think it’s time we finished our duty, partner!” Steve told Pete who nodded.
Christine climbed off Steve, as she sat on the edge of the bed.
Pete and Steve made their way around to stand in front.
“Okay, finish us both off!” Pete demanded from Christine, who looked up at both.
They weren’t finished with her just yet.
She took hold of both their cocks, started stroking each of them.
Slowly at first, before she picked up a good rhythm of working in tandem.
Faster, faster her hands.



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