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  Until I was seventeen, I never noticed how attractive my step-sister, Kaylee, was.
Sure, she was pretty; straight, long blonde hair, innocent blue-green eyes, and a gorgeous smile, but I never noticed how perfect her breasts looked beneath her shirt, how long, lean, and tempting her legs were, or how her ass was plump, proportional, and perfect.
I guess I never really noticed before because we had been living together since I was four and she was three.
As we grew up, I was the one that matured quickly; having a womanly body at twelve while she still had a stick figure.
It wasn’t until she was sixteen that she really bloomed, and I definitely noticed.
I tried hard not to.
Sure, Kaylee was sixteen and I was only seventeen, but, c’mon, she was my step-sister.
Also, she was really innocent and childish.
Noticing her sexy figure felt wrong.
Kaylee and I had been sharing the same room since we were little.
It was okay, because of how close we are in age, and since we are both girls.
For a while, we even shared a bed; we were so close.
We loved each other.
We didn’t say it much, but we did.
And until recently, it had only been in a sisterly way.
It was a cold winter night.
Kaylee and I were on my bed, watching T.
together and painting each other’s toenails.
It was quiet in the rest of the house; our parents were gone for the evening on their weekly Date Night.
Our three-year-old brother was already tucked in to bed and in a deep slumber.
Our room was really drafty.
I always got hot in the middle of the night, so I kept the window cracked a little to let a breeze roll in.
Kaylee was quick to get cold, but she had enough blankets on her bed, and the window was on my side of the room.
Before long, I saw Kaylee start to shiver in her large T-shirt and short shorts.
“Are you alright, there?” I asked.
“I’m cold, Alenia.
” I laughed.
“I see.
Use this.
” I tossed her a blanket.
She frowned.
“But… my toes are still wet.
” I shrugged.
“So? Fuck it; we’ll do them over tomorrow.
” Kaylee sighed and threw the blanket over her, but left her toes sticking out.
I laughed at the sight of it.
About fifteen, twenty minutes went by, and Kaylee was still shaking, even worse than before.
“Alenia, I’m r-r-really, really c-c-cold…” she said, her teeth clattering.
I didn’t laugh this time.
“Damn! Here, I’ll go get you another blanket.
Lie down.
” I got up, dragged her comforter from her bed, and gently place it over her body.
I sat back down on my bed, my legs crossed over her legs, sharing a blanket with her.
“You’re r-r-really warm,” she stated.
“Really?” “Yeah… will y-y-you warm me?” I chuckled a little and laid down behind her beneath the blanket.
I felt her ass back in to my hips, and my cheeks grew hot.
I snuggled against her and wrapped one arm around her waist.
I caressed her stomach gently with my hand, you know, to warm her.
A shudder ran down her spine, and I couldn’t help but wonder if it was because she was cold, or because of my touch.
We laid like that for a while, and I felt her shiver and shaking subside.
She moved away a little and said, “Thank you, Alenia.
” I smiled.
” She rose from the bed slowly, claiming she should change into warmer clothing.
I told her that sounded like a great idea.
I couldn’t help but sneak peeks as she dressed.
Her shorts slid over her perfect ass, revealing a lazy thong and two plump cheeks.
I never would have guessed that she had a thong.
She was so innocent.
Her shirt was tossed off next, showing a perfect, tone back.
Her boobs were so big and perky that a little peek of them was showing from behind.
I was struck suddenly by a mad desire to kiss her.
Okay, I wanted to do more than kiss her, but I was trying to push those thoughts out of my mind.
She bent down to the bottom drawer where her sweats were kept, giving me an even better view of her amazing ass, and even a little hint of her vagina; covered up by her thong, of course.
I bit my bottom lip.
To hell with sneaking glances; I was staring at her full on.
I was a little disappointed watching those long legs go into the pants.
I wanted to sit there and keep staring at her.
Luckily for me, she took her own sweet time putting them on.
She turned around suddenly, and I snapped my head in the direction of the T.
, but made sure I watched her from my peripheral vision.
Jesus, her tits were stupendous.
They were round, perky, and big.
I knew she was at least a C-cup.
Average, I know, but on her frame, they looked huge.
Her nipples were perfect, too.
They were hard and suck out a lot, with little bumps all around her areola.
As she walked towards the closet, I watched as those perky tits jiggled and bounced slightly.
By then, I was getting totally aroused; I kept feeling my vagina get a heat wave and feel tingly.
Kaylee slipped a new shirt over her head, one that was tighter than the other.
It looked too small, but I didn’t mind that her belly was playing peek-a-boo and that her breasts were practically falling out of it.
I had never seen innocent Kaylee wear something so revealing.
She came back over to the bed and sat down next to me, so close that our thighs were touching.
I acted like I didn’t notice, though her being so close was burning me.
I knew what I was feeling was wrong.
It was so wrong, yet I felt it, and the forbiddance of it turned me on even more.
I felt naughty.
I wanted her so much… I turned off the T.
and looked at her.
“Hey, Kaylee, wanna play a game or something?” I asked, forming an idea in my head.
She giggled.
But no board games.
Those are lame.
” I laughed.
“No, I was thinking more…truth or dare?” Her eyes got wide.
“Ooo, yes!” “Okay, I’ll start.
” She asked truth first, as did I.
The questions were simple and sort of stupid, like, “Who do you have a crush on”, “Who was the first guy you kissed”, etc.
The whole time I was staring at her breasts, though I tried hard (not as hard as I could have) not to.
“Truth or dare?” I asked.
” By now, after seeing her beautiful breasts, I was rather horny.
I risked it and asked, “What was the naughtiest thing you have done? You can use detail, too.
” She blushed.
“Well, one time, my friend, Sarah, and I touched each other.
Sarah’s a lesbian…and I’m a bit curious,” More blushing.
“So we got naked in front of each other and she began stroking down my body.
She sucked on my boobs a little and played with my vagina.
It felt so good.
Then I did the same to her, until she told me to stop because she was getting too horny and didn’t want to put me in any wrong position.
” I gaped at her.
I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.
Sweet, innocent Kaylee was curious about women, AND she had an experience with one.
“You liked it?” I questioned.
She nodded, oblivious to the fact that it was her turn to ask me.
I saw her blush some more and turn away from me.
“What is it?” I asked softly.
“There’s no need to be embarrassed.
” “Thinking about it now… I-I suddenly wanna do it again…” She buried her face in her hands shyly.
Rational thinking flew out the window at that moment.
Online Now! Lush Cams GwenBerr “Kaylee, look at me.
” She uncovered her face slowly and turned toward my direction.
I leaned over and kissed her on the mouth, forceful and lustful, showing her how much I wanted her.
She was shocked at first, but soon, she returned the kiss, slipping her tongue in my mouth.
She was an amazing kisser.
She knew just how to suck on my tongue and explore my mouth.
She knew the proper amount of tongue to use and how gentle or rough to be.
I was moaning into her mouth.
She broke away suddenly, her face redder than a tomato.
“Alenia, t-this is wrong.
We’re sisters.
” I whimpered.
“We’re step-sisters, Kaylee.
” She bowed her head.
“It’s still wrong.
” I sighed and gently placed my hand on her thigh.
I began stroking it softly, applying pressure on her inner thigh, inching my way towards her vagina.
“C’mon, Kaylee, don’t you like this?” She bit her lip.
I kept rubbing her thigh.
My fingers grazed over her vagina softly, and she shivered.
“You’ll love it, Kaylee.
” “Mmm… I do, Alenia.
” I grinned and pushed her on the bed, getting on top of her.
We began kissing again, but softly this time.
I slipped her shirt off and stared full-on at her breasts.
I cupped my hands under them and grazed her nipples with my thumbs.
They hardened at my touch, and I felt another rush of heat go through my body.
Slowly, I lowered my head and put my mouth over one of her nipples, still grazing the other one.
Her body shivered and I heard a small moan escape her mouth.
I grinned and pinched one nipple while rolling my tongue around the other one.
Her moan grew louder.
I began to suck softly on her breast, slurping on her nipple.
Her hands traveled through my hair.
Her soft noises encouraged me.
I rolled her nipple around with my teeth, growing hotter at her reaction to tug at my hair.
With my hand, I pulled and twisted on her nipples, relishing in her groans.
“You’re so much better than Sarah, Alenia,” she whispered.
Her voice was shaky.
I couldn’t believe how turned on I was making my little sister.
I pulled my mouth off her breast with a pop! and kissed my way to the other one.
I wanted to give my sweet sister fair treatment.
After chewing, sucking, pinching, and twisting, Kaylee’s nipples were hard enough to cut glass.
Her body was shivering again, but I knew it wasn’t because she was cold this time.
“Let me see yours,” she whispered.
I happily obliged and threw off my shirt.
“They’re bigger than mine… and so perfect.
” I laughed.
“No, yours are perfect.
” Kaylee blushed.
She fondled my breasts a little.
I was amazed at her expert touch.
Her fingers twisted my nipples and her hands knew just when to squeeze and when to rub.
With primal force, she pulled me close to her, latching her teeth around my left breast and sucking it hard.
Her tongue rolled across my nipple.
I let out a gasp and moaned loudly.
She did the same to my other breast, making my own body shake.
I wanted her even more.
I pulled away from her and kissed down her stomach, rubbing my hard nipples against her body.
She shivered.
I slipped off her sweats and kissed her over her thong.
My fingers trailed over the soft fabric and rubbed her wet lips softly.
She moaned and rocked slightly, so I rolled my fingers around and caressed her harder.
“Take my panties off,” she begged.
I giggled and kissed her lower stomach.
I grazed my thumb over her clit, feeling it erected through her thong.
“Not yet, dear sister.
” She groaned and rocked her hips harder.
I used my whole hand; rubbing her wet lips with my fingers, stroking her erected clit with my thumb, and kneading the bottom of her vagina with my palm.
I leaned over and began sucking on her tits again.
I switched constantly, never focusing on one, wanting her to feel all the different sensations.
“Mmm… Alenia… this feels so… good…” she sighed as she rocked harder into my hand.
Her thong was soaked.
I chuckled, her boob still in my mouth.
She shuddered again.
My hand got rougher.
Her moans got louder.
“Mmm…” she moaned, “I… think I’m gonna cum…” I smirked and moved my hand faster and harder, my body shaking with anticipation.
Her body started to spasm.
Her breasts bounced fiercely, and I tried to keep up with them; biting them softly.
Her hips were thrusting up and down, and I felt her thong get even wetter beneath my fingers.
I saw some of it slide down her ass, and I moaned.
“Oh, sis, you’re a naughty girl; cumming in your underwear.
” I teased.
She whimpered.
“B-but…Alenia…you’re so good at this.
” Her body was still shaking.
I pulled down her soaking thong with my teeth.
“Kaylee, we’re not done yet.
” She moaned and started thrusting her hips slightly again.
I licked between her lips, tasting her sweet cum and relishing it.
I licked inside her velvet lips, rolling my tongue around.
Her back arched slightly and she groaned.
I replaced my tongue with my middle finger, twisting it slowly to get it inside.
She was so tight.
I felt her vagina spasm against my finger, and I moaned.
I drew circles on her roof, trying to widen her.
Her body jerked and she grunted.
My tongue found her small, erect bud and flicked over it gently.
I heard her gasp.
I twisted her clit around with my tongue and teeth.
She inhaled sharply and let out a shuddering breath.
“Was that too rough, Kaylee?” “No… Keep doing that.
” So I did.
I rolled her clit around and twisted it gently.
I moved my finger in and out of her vagina, twisting it around as I did.
I circled my finger around, hitting every spot on her walls.
Soon, her hips were thrusting into me, and she was moaning loudly.
I sucked on her clit, kissing it gently and grazing my teeth over it.
Her body shook and shivered.
I heard her moan, groan, and whimper.
She loved this.
My finger was slipping and sliding in her vagina.
Her thrusts were causing me to pound the roof of her vagina, which she seemed to like, because she would arch her back more and more each time.
I held my finger on the roof and wiggled it around, hitting her G-spot.
I sucked on her clit harder.
Her hips bucked back and forth as she pounded her pussy in my mouth and on my finger.
Her head was back, her back was arched, and an “O” was formed on her mouth.
Her body was shaking and jerking.
I increased my speed and intensity.
With a final twist of her clit, I felt a rush of warmth as my sister came on my finger.
She came hard too, bucking and jerking her body about.
She was almost screaming with pleasure.
As her body spasms died down a little, I began slurping up her cum.
I loved the way she tasted; so sweet.
Between breaths, she asked softly, “C-can I taste myself, Alenia?” I grinned.
Damn this girl was sexy.
I inched my finger in her mouth, loving the way she sucked on it with such enthusiasm.
When she was done, she pushed me down with such primal dominance that I didn’t know was in her.
“Now it’s my turn to do that to you…” she whispered, her voice a low growl.
I whimpered and bit my bottom lip.
All of a sudden, we heard a door slam shut.
“Girls, we’re home!” our parents yelled.
Kaylee jumped up in shock and threw on her clothes.
I did the same.
On the way out the door, Kaylee winked at me and said, “I guess our sisterly fun will have to continue later.



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