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There she was, waiting for me.
Her blonde hair flowing loose framing her face as she waited for me outside of her hotel.
Damn, she looks perfect, I thought as I watched her from the limo.
I looked at her in the crimson dress and my heart melted.
It was armless, form-fitting right down to her hips where it billowed out and was loose around her legs.
The deep crimson suited her perfectly and on her shoulders, she had a black shawl that just truly highlighted her beauty.
I looked in the mirrored partition between me and the driver.
This may have been my night but she is the one that deserves it, I thought as I readjusted my crimson bow tie and cumber band, smoothing my white shirt as I nervously waited for the limo to stop moving.
I poured two glasses of Glenfiddich as the limo stopped.
Slowly I opened the door and wolf whistled.
“Jolene, this is going to be a perfect evening.
” I walked to her wrapping my arms around her and kissing her neck and cheek.
I took her hand and walked her to the limo and held the door to let her in.
“I’ve been helping this director and cast get the characters right and I truly believe they will do it perfectly, but they will still be imperfect compared to your beauty,” I whispered to her as I sat by her, handing her a glass of Glenfiddich.
She blushed and kissed me, not wanting me to talk anymore.
I moved a hand to behind her head as we kissed passionately, my other hand resting on a thigh.
I broke the kiss and downed my glass as we arrived at the theatre.
The red carpet was out because there was a rumor that a prince of England and his wife were going to be coming tonight.
I got out first as the paparazzi looked at the limo.
I held the door open and took Jolene’s hand helping her out of the car.
One reporter asked me who I was and who my companion was.
“I am the playwright of this piece, Gregory Townsend; my companion is the simply stunning Miss Liza Jolene Timmins.
I hope you all enjoy watching this play,” I declared proudly before kissing her cheek.
I ignored the paparazzi as I led Jolene to the bar ordering a bottle of Rosé with two glasses, and taking her to our private box.
As I kissed her cheek with my left arm around her, the box next to us filled with three men in black suits and earpieces.
One of them I recognised from a briefly vetting meeting, I nodded to him briefly before turning my attention away from the well-built men, kissing Jolene’s neck.
She gasped as the men left and the Ginger prince entered with his wife.
“We are on equal terms with royalty tonight, my princess,” I whispered to Jolene as the lights faded.
I barely watched the first act of my play, my attention split between Jolene and the Royals.
I was more nervous about Jolene enjoying it than the Royals.
My heart raced as my breathing became shallow and rapid.
I shut my eyes scared of how my play was being received.
My hands gripped the armrests tightly.
Jolene reached across and took my hand, squeezing softly.
Opening my eyes, I looked at her.
In the darkness, I could make out a sly grin on her face as she looked at me.
She leaned across and kissed me before looking back to the stage.
My heart slowed as time seemed to freeze.
I noticed the royals were sat, fascinated by the play.
I watched the stage knowing that the big scene before the interval was about to happen.
I scanned the audience picking out where the actors were sat for the surprise.
Suddenly there were screams of shock and surprise from the audience as the actors started to move out of the audience aggressively.
Jolene and the Royals jumped too as the twist and surprise I had worked into my play did its job.
I left the box before the lights came up and brought another two bottles of Rosé and two more glasses of wine.
I topped up mine and Jolene’s glasses before offering the royals a glass each that they accepted.
During the interval, we got talking discussing the play, neither of the royals realising that I was the playwright until Jolene said about how great my play was so far.
I blushed as they congratulated me.
During the second act, I found myself mouthing along with the male leads lines, each heartbreaking line, I muttered along with the male lead, each knife twist in the romance story line I followed knowing this act was the one that would make or break the play.
I watched as the sad ending unfolded and looked around briefly, noticing that the princess and Jolene had tears in their eyes.
As the curtain fell, I waited for the crowd’s reaction.
The prince was the first to start clapping as he stood.
Slowly but surely the entire audience stood clapping leaving me as the only person sat down.
My first play received a standing ovation.
I took Jolene’s hand and pulled her down to me kissing her passionately.
As we stood, I bid the royals a fond farewell and led Jolene by her hand towards the waiting limo.
Online Now! Lush Cams PrettyBumm I sat opposite Jolene, not trusting myself to sit next to her, wanting to savour what was to come.
I didn’t want to just take her while in the limo.
I looked into her eyes, seeing the happiness and joy there.
My eyes trailed down studying her face, taking in all the minute details, the way she seemed to glow.
Her happiness glow was infectious, her smile causing me to smile too.
I shut my eyes intending to nap as I hadn’t been sleeping much, worrying about how my play would be received by the wider public.
I felt Jolene move and sit by me resting her head on my shoulder as she hugged me, as the sweet embrace of sleep enveloped me.
I woke to a soft kiss on my cheek, turning to see who was kissing me, having forgotten about the night as it felt like a damn good dream.
“We’re at my hotel, Greg; would you like to come in for a nightcap?” Her eyes sparkled with desire.
My mouth was dry, my heart pounding as all I could do was nod in the affirmative.
She took my hand opening the car door as she led me to her hotel room silently.
My hands were sweaty as I was extremely nervous.
The woman I loved was going to be mine for the night.
I looked around the modest hotel room, I moved to bed slowly stripping with my back to Jolene.
I turned around as I was fully naked and at the bed.
My mouth dropped open.
Jolene was stood naked by the door.
I stared for a second before shutting my mouth.
I sat on the edge of the bed as she slowly sauntered towards me.
As she reached me, she pushed me onto my back and straddled my lap, rubbing her wet pussy over my hard cock, coating it in her juices.
She smiled as she lent down and kissed me, shifting her position, she grabbed my cock and held it still as she slowly sat down onto my hard shaft.
I moaned as she slowly sank fully down on me, my cock filling her heavenly pussy.
She stayed still as she looked down at me.
A smile spread across her face as she started to gyrate on my cock.
I moved my hands onto her hips and slowly around to her ass as I caressed it.
I sat up and kissed her passionately as I rocked my hips.
She moaned into my mouth as I moved, loving my actions.
Slowly she started to move up and down riding my cock as she groaned.
“Feels like you were made for me.
Feels like your cock belongs in my pussy,” she whispered between her moans.
“Well, it feels like you were meant to be on me.
God, you feel like heaven,” I replied as I groaned.
I kissed her neck as she bounced faster on my cock, moving faster and faster.
I looked into her eyes before biting her neck hard causing her to gasp, shocked at first.
She grinned as I bit the other side; her movements became rapid and erratic as feeling my teeth on her flesh heightened her arousal.
Her pussy clamped down on my cock hard as she neared her orgasm.
Her tightness made my ball ache with desire to fill her with my cum.
Leaning back I looked into her eyes.
Her eyes closed in orgasmic bliss as she started to cum covering my cock with her juices.
I thrust harder up into her, kissing her as I started to cum filling her pussy as I did.
Slowly she climbed off of me and laid on the bed, panting slightly as she idly ran her fingers down her body, running them over her pussy lips.
Playing with the cum leaking out of her.
“If you carry on doing that, I will lose control and just take you again right now.
” I winked as I stroked my hardening cock letting her see the effect she was having on me.
“Maybe that’s what I want.
Have you considered that?” She grinned and winked back at me, spreading her pussy inviting me into her.
I stood and climbed on the bed crawling towards her, I kissed my way from her navel up to her perfect breasts.
I took each nipple into my mouth in turn and sucked softly as I pushed my hard cock into her pussy.
Slowly I sank into her loving the feel on my cum in her tight pussy.
I nibbled on her nipples softly as I started to thrust harder and faster into her.
She raked her nails down my back, loving how my cock was moving in her.
As her nails dug into me I started to get rougher, thrusting harder and deeper into her pussy, biting her nipples harder as one hand reached between us and started to rub her clit.
I rolled her clit between my fingers pinching it softly as I bit her lower lip and teasingly pulled.
Her pussy started to spasm wildly as I kept driving my cock deep into her.
Her orgasm rushing over her as she screamed my name in pleasure, I released her lip and sucked on her neck getting close to my own orgasm.
As her pussy grasped my cock tightly as if she didn’t want my cock to leave her.
With one last deep thrust, I started to cum again filling her pussy.
“Next time you come to see me bring Justin,” I whispered in her ear.



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