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I ran down the hallway as fast as I could, determined to outrun the entity that was quickly gaining ground, before he caught up to me and trapped me in this place for all of eternity.
This was the last place I wanted to be stuck in, especially to be held captive by Him.
I know I didn’t lead a very exemplary life when I was alive, but did it really warrant this kind of punishment? A punishment that will ultimately lead to me being trapped and punished in this hell hole for the rest of eternity? And especially by him? I kept running down the endless hallway, hoping and praying that there would be an end to it that would allow me to break through and escape the tormenting future that almost seemed to be destined for me to have.
I could feel his presence getting closer and closer the further I kept running.
I could feel his finger tips reaching out, trying to grasp my flowing hair, as it blew in the wind behind me as I tried to outrun my inevitable capture.
I kept running and running until finally… “You will never be able to run from me.
You will worship me, you must…” he hissed, causing me to stop dead in my tracks.
*** “These dreams are getting fucking ridiculous, Bethany!” Max said after I woke up screaming.
“I’m so sorry, baby.
I can’t help it!” I said, on the verge of tears before he pulled me to him.
“I know and I’m sorry.
I just hate seeing you like this, all shook up and scared because of these dreams,” he said, gently rubbing my back, trying to coax me back to sleep.
“The dreams just seem so…real.
And each time, He gets closer and closer.
This time, it was like I could actually feel his fingers grazing my hair and the back of my neck.
But when he spoke,” chills ran through my spine as I recalled how creepy his booming voice sounded just behind me, “That was the worst part.
It literally felt like he was right behind me.
” “I really don’t know what to say.
I just wish you’d quit having these dreams because they are really fucking up our sleep,” Max said before he pulled me tighter to him.
“I know and I hate it.
” “Me too.
” I’m not too sure how these dreams even started, but they were getting old.
Every night was the same, but each time he’d get closer and closer to me before I would wake up.
I still haven’t figured out what his intentions are if he’s ever to catch me and, frankly, I don’t think I want to know.
But replaying the sound of his voice had me up for the rest of the night.
If that’s how it’s going to be from here on out, I need to be prepared for a lot of sleepless nights.
*** I had always been intrigued by the paranormal and the unexplainable things that tend to happen from time to time.
I’m not really sure as to what brought on these interests, but I knew that they were there.
Even my favorite movies were of the horror theme, and the gorier they were, the more I was going to be interested in it.
My boyfriend couldn’t really grasp the idea of a chick loving horror films, but hey, he went with it.
“This is why I fucking love you,” Max said as we walked back to his car, hand in hand, after the movie let out.
“Aww, you mean it, baby?” I asked, gushing over the way he was being ‘sentimental’.
“Of course I do, baby doll.
Why wouldn’t I?” “I don’t know.
Most guys want their girl to at least act like they want to watch the movie, only to act like the damsel-in-distress,” I replied before hugging his arm.
“That’s what I love about you.
This movie was your idea.
How many girls in this world would suggest seeing a scary movie on a date?” We reached his car before he opened my door for me like a true gentlemen.
“Well, I love that you love me for loving scary movies.
And, most of all, I love you!” I said in the most cheesiest, yet sincere way.
I truly loved Max and he knew that.
“You can be so pathetic sometimes, you know that?” “Yeah, but you like it.
” “Yeah, maybe,” he said with a wink before we headed home for the night.
*** Max had a trip with his friends planned for a few weeks, which left me feeling sad and excited at the same time.
I loved spending time with him, but I also enjoyed my own solitude and down time.
I really had no plans while he was gone, more like just going with the flow of things.
Of course that meant I’d end up sitting in front of the TV in my pajamas with a big bowl of ice cream while watching a hopelessly romantic story involving the game of cat and mouse.
You know, the girl trying to get away from the bad guy before something happens to her.
“I’m gonna miss you, but have fun and stay safe!” I said, clinging to him like a child clings to it’s parent on the first day of school.
“You know I will, baby.
Be good, I’ll be back in a few days,” he replied before kissing my forehead.
“Oh shut up! You know I’ll be good,” I winked as I discretely reached down and rubbed his dick through his pants, his friends more than oblivious to it.
“Watch it, Ms.
Sharp, or you may get what you wish for,” he whispered, making sure his friends didn’t hear any of our banter.
“I think I’ll survive a few days,” I shot back as I spun on my heels, swaying my ass as I walked towards the couch and plopped down.
“I love you, baby!” he said as he opened the front door.
“I love you too! Have a fun trip!” “I will, babe! I’ll let you know when we get there,” he said before walking out.
I kicked back and turned on the TV to see what was on that may pique my interest since I was going to be on my own for the next few days.
I began scrolling through the channels, looking for something to watch, but to no avail.
One of my biggest problems is that I get bored way to easily and need something to keep me going.
I knew it was going to be difficult with Max away because he’s always around and keeps me on my toes and, a lot of the time, on my back.
or my knees.
But that’s not the point.
Point is, he’s not around to keep me from being bored off my gore.
I spent the next few hours watching whatever sitcom that would hold my interest for longer than the alloted time before it would break for commercial.
I ended up settling for The Big Bang Theory as it happened to be one of my favorite shows, as well as Dexter, so I figured I really couldn’t do a lot wrong with that choice.
Besides, I kind of found their genius to be a bit sexy on a weird, yet nerdy level.
Nothing wrong with that, right? Hmm, I wonder what kind of alcohol he left here? I left my perch before flying into the kitchen to check the state of the alcohol cabinet so I knew what I was dealing with while he was gone.
He knew I’d drink while he was away – I usually drank when he was home anyways, so it didn’t really matter how much or how little I drank because he didn’t give a shit regardless.
Besides, some of the liquor in that cabinet belonged to me.
I pulled out a bottle of Jack Daniels before rummaging around the cabinets to find a plastic cup to pour my drink into.
I knew we had plenty of Coke considering that’s the ultimate mixer for Jack, but I could only drink my drinks out of plastic cups because, that way, I was able to break up the ice that would always stick together in the glass without it splashing it’s contents all over my face like any whore would allow.
Sorry, I’m not the type of girl to just take anything to her face.
No, believe it or not, I have a bit of class working with me, contrary to popular belief.
You’re gonna be my best friend for the next few days.
I poured a healthy amount of Jack into my cup before topping it off with a splash of Coke.
I figured if I were to do things, I better do them right.
I planned to get drunk off my ass the same way he was getting drunk on his way to the lake with his buddies.
Fuck, I wish you were here right now.
I could surely use the attention.
The more I drank, the more lonely I felt.
I was used to having Max around, so I really didn’t like being home alone.
Granted it had been a few nights since I’d had the recurring nightmare about Him, but I wasn’t sure how night one without Max would go.
Would the nightmare return? And, if it did, would it finally have it’s inevitable ending that seems to get closer and closer each night? Not having Max around if the nightmare happened gave me a bit of an anxiety attack, almost as if He happened to be around at that moment, feeding off my nervous energy.
“No, you can’t hurt me, you can’t touch me and I will not worship you!” I drunkenly yelled out, making myself feel more brave than I really was.
But then.
“Hahahahaha!” I heard the most evil and sinister laugh, like it was mocking me or something, coming from the opposite end of the house.
At first I thought I was just hearing things since I had been drinking, but then I heard it again.
I didn’t know what to do.
I sat there frozen on the couch as the laughing continued from what sounded like the master bedroom.
No, this isn’t fucking happening.
I’m not hearing this right now.
“Yes, my dear, this really is happening,” He said right into my ear with a laugh, causing the hair on the back of my neck to stand on end.
I jumped off the couch, spilling the last of my drink on the floor, before screaming at the sound of his voice right behind me.
I turned to face him, only to be greeted by the most unruly sight you could possibly imagine.
He stood about six foot, six inches tall, cloaked in a black robe with a hood that covered his face.
Two red lights emitted from the slots that should be his eyes.
The room immediately went ice cold with his presence in it, making me shiver and see my breath.
why do you keep following and tormenting me?” I asked, trying to hold back the tears that were threatening to pour out of my eyes.
“My dear,” He hissed before lowering his hood to reveal a Voldemort-like face, “You have something I want, something I need.
And you will give it to me.
” “What is it?” He stepped towards me with great swiftness and ease, causing me step back and into the wall.
I looked toward the hallway and had a weird epiphany, like I had been in the same situation before.
Then it hit me – my dreams had always begun with him coming after me for something and then running from him down a hallway.
But my hallway wasn’t lit and wasn’t nearly as long as the hallway in my dreams.
“Don’t think of trying to run from me, my dear.
It’ll only make things worse on you,” He said, dropping his robe to show off the most chiseled, well defined body I had ever seen.
His skin had a reddish hint to it, emanating the fact that he was a demon.
Not to mention, the cock he was sporting was rather impressive.
“Then what do you want?” I asked, not able to break my gaze from the magnificent rod that bobbed up and down in front of me, moisture building deep within my loins.
Flicking out his snake-like tongue, “Your sweet little cunt which smells so fucking nice when you’re good and wet.
I know that you’re wet for me right now, my dear.
” How the fuck do you.
“Know that you’re wet? I can smell your sweet little cunt, my dear.
I can smell that you’re wet for me, wet for this big.
” He was right that my pussy was wet, but I wasn’t going to let him have me so easily.
No, the demonic mother-fucker was going to have to work for what he wants.
I know I should’ve been scared out of my mind and been running around my house screaming like a little girl, but I really wasn’t.
For some reason, the situation I was presented with seemed rather.
enticing once I got to thinking about it.
Maybe it was my drunken state.
Maybe it was my love for the unknown shit.
Or maybe it was a mixture of both.
Max was out of town for a few days so he wasn’t going to know about this.
Unless I tell him it happened in a dream.
“So what makes you think I’m wet for you?” I asked, trying to show my defiance.
“And what the fuck is your name so I can quit referring to you as He or Him?” “I know you more than you think,” He began before moving towards me, “I watch you sleep every night, I’m in your head more than you know, I create the dreams you have about me, about Xaphan.
” His cock grew in size and stood straight up as he toward over my five foot, four inch frame, making me feel so small and inferior to his large demonic presence that I saw for the first time.
A sense of self pride over took me as I saw how large his hard rod was for me, that he chose me to take the one thing that he needs.
I stared at his magnificent fuck stick, curious to know what it would feel like to have that thing impale me over and over again.
I had always wondered if Xaphan had plans for my body whenever he caught me, but at that moment, I finally had my answer.
Online Now! Lush Cams babbyhornny I never shared that with Max because I was afraid that he may judge me for my sick and twisted thoughts but, then again, he knew that I was into dark shit.
I looked into Xaphan’s red, glowing eyes before my resolve and defiant attitude quickly melted into a messy drip on the inside of my thighs that were slowly spreading apart.
I was slowly becoming his even though I really didn’t want him to take me any way he wanted to, yet I definitely knew that it was inevitable.
A part of me knew that if I gave in to him, that he would set me free and leave me alone.
” I began, trying to find my words as I slowly sank to my knees, “What do I need to do to get you to leave me alone for good?” I asked, gripping his cock before carrying my gaze from his impressive appendage, up his hard body, to his inhumane face to get my answer.
“You will worship me.
you must!” Xaphan’s voice boomed throughout my house before a blinding red light accompanied it.
I gripped his massive pole with both of my tiny hands before stroking it with all I had.
I wanted to show him that I knew how to worship a dick, how to worship a man, in hopes that he would stick to his word and let me be.
But fuck, I wanted that dick to fuck me in the process, to show me who I belonged to that night.
I felt all of my defiance and self restraint leave at that moment, and it was topped off by the way I quickly let my clothes turn to shreds as he removed them in one swipe, revealing my naked form to him for the first time.
“Keep worshiping me, my dear,” he said as his skin burned a darker red.
I continued stroking his dick with my hands as it’s head split my lips and made contact with my nimble tongue.
I took everything that I had ever learned from past experiences and did my best to implement them at that moment.
It was my goal to show him what a good cock sucker I could be for the right man.
And – in his case, since he was a demon, I wanted to show him what I could do for him.
I worked my tongue on the underside of his dick, collecting his pre-cum in the process, before taking the head and wrapping my lips around it and sucking for all I was worth.
I didn’t care if he blasted his load down my throat or all over me, I was going to get what I wanted as well.
I knew that with a dick his size, he was going to have a lot of batter to offer.
It was all up to me to see how and where I could extract it from him.
And heaven forbid that I was going to get it out of his heavy, red ball sack.
How’s this for worshiping your cock, you red bastard? Have you ever had.
“My dick sucked like this? No, I haven’t, but you still have a lot to prove,” he said, further freaking me out that he could hear my thoughts.
Oh? And how so? All I heard was a throaty laugh before he gripped my hair and fed more of his cock into my waiting mouth.
Mmmmm, you want to see how much of your dick I can handle.
Challenge accepted, sir.
I forced as much of his dick as I could take into my mouth until I felt the head snake it’s way into my throat.
I tried swallowing around the head, constricting the already tight confines in which his length was already trapped.
I did my best to fight my gag reflex as I forced what I could into my throat and kept swallowing.
“Oh, fuck,” he moaned out as I let go of his dick to come up for air before stuffing it back into my mouth to keep on sucking with plenty of gusto.
I was his to serve and please.
Xaphan took over and began railing my mouth and throat, causing me to gag and salivate down my chin and onto my breasts.
I felt like a used whore on my knees in front of him with his cock abusing my throat, but I didn’t care.
I enjoyed the feeling of being used solely for his own pleasure and that spurred me on to push the boundaries even further.
Without thinking – I wanted to surprise him, I removed my mouth from his hard on before diving lower.
If I’m going to do this with you, I better do this right.
I’m gonna be your dirty girl tonight.
“What the fuck?” I heard him sharply inhale as I began running running my tongue over his forbidden hole.
Mmmmm, you like? I began working his tight sphincter with my tongue while slowly working his hard shaft with my hand.
He began to relax, allowing my tongue to work into his orifice, as I pumped his dick harder and harder with each pull of my small hand.
I gripped his meat tighter the faster I jerked, hoping with enough persistent effort I could make him erupt his demonic seed all over my hand and face.
“Okay, okay,” he grunted as he pulled away, his dick swelling up in my hand.
“I’m not ready to cum just yet, my dear.
Not until I’ve had your tight little cunt.
” “Okay,” I pouted before standing up.
“How are you gonna take me?” I asked with a wink.
I didn’t fear him at all anymore and he knew it, which is why I think his attitude totally changed towards me.
“Like the little filthy whore that you really are,” he replied, his flesh burning a very deep shade of red that I hadn’t seen before.
I began to feel a little nervous about the prospect of things to come since the territory I was about to enter had been uncharted lands before Xaphan came along.
But, at the same time, it made my pussy ache to know that I was about to try something I’ve never experienced before and, more than likely, will never do again.
I’m still not sure what came over me to act the way I was acting, but oh well.
What was one night going to hurt? “And how’s that?” I asked, tempting my fate for the night.
He gave me that sinister smile before tightly gripping my hair, turning me around and forcefully bending me over the edge of the couch.
My pussy was an even bigger mess than it was before he forced me over the back of the couch.
I couldn’t help myself, I let out a loud moan for him, my signal that he had free reign over my body to do as he so pleased.
Xaphan kept his tight grip on my hair as he rubbed his spit soaked length up and down my sloppy cunt before pushing the head inside me, splitting my lips wide open to accommodate his size.
I winched in slight pain and discomfort as he brutally forced his engorged member as deep as my body would allow him to go.
Now, I will say this, he showed some mercy by letting my pussy adjust, but that didn’t last long like I had suspected.
I had never experienced a cock of this magnitude before and he knew it.
“I’m going to show you how a real cock feels unlike the one that your boyfriend walks around with,” he laughed before adding, “if you wanna call that thing a cock.
” “Hey, he has a decent sized dick.
Just nothing compared to the massive limb that you call a cock.
Oh fuckkkk!” I moaned out as he fed a little bit more of his dick into my womb.
“Exactly,” he hissed out before giving my little pussy the fucking of a life time.
He dug his hands into my hips as he punished my deepest depths with his massive tool, making me scream out my pleasure to him like the whore he wanted me to be.
GOD!” I screamed out over and over again as he pulled most of his length out before slamming it as deep as he could, bruising my fertile womb in the process.
“God won’t be helping you out, my dear,” he said with his evil, sinister laugh as he continued to wreck my tight pussy with reckless abandon.
“Fuck!” I shrieked as a violent orgasm ripped through my body while I listened to the way he was laughing, my cunt tightly squeezing his rigid meat pole.
He pulled out of my pussy, his dick making a wet ‘pop’, as he exited my gaping hole.
I suddenly felt wide open and empty, quickly wanting him back inside me to fill the massive void his gigantic fuck stick left behind.
But as quickly as he left my wanton hole, I was up in the air, wrapped around his red waist, before being impaled once again.
He held me in his strong arms while he moved me up and down his dick, making me cry out every time my cervix met the helmet of his unit.
“Oh, fuck! I’m gonna cum again!” Xaphan increased his efforts, making sure to use my cervix as a spring board to launch me back into the air with each and every violent stroke.
I was in fuck heaven with the demon of my dreams while my boyfriend was out getting plastered with his friends on their house boat roughly four hours’ drive away.
I had no worries about Max walking in to see the love of his life getting royally fucked by a red man while loving every second of it, loving it to the point of never wanting to dismount from the incredible ride that I was on.
In the midst of having the hell fucked into me, I hadn’t realized that we moved to the bedroom where I found myself face down with my ass up high, taking his massive stick in my most forbidden hole.
He stretched the fuck out of my ass, not giving a shit that his dick was possibly bigger than my little rose bud could handle.
I fucking loved it though, loved the way he made me feel as he stretched me to my limits as I laid there taking it all.
“Oh, Godddd!!” I cried out, another orgasm rocking my slender frame.
“Now for the finishing touches before I leave you, my dear,” Xaphan said before leaving my ass.
I was breathing heavily, still trying to calm down from my last orgasm, as he penetrated my well fucked pussy for the final time.
He kept me on my hands and knees as he began railing me with his dick, using me for his pleasure only.
I wanted him to cum for me, to cover me with his seed.
I needed the demon’s cum.
He fucked me for all he was worth, giving me all of what Hell had to offer through his beautiful cock.
I could feel him building up inside me, his cock swelling even more than it already had to that point.
I could tell he was on the verge of his pending release which got me going even more.
I wanted to cum with him, to have something to savor and remember him by anytime I needed to play or to have a quick orgasm.
I furiously rubbed my clit, frantically trying to time his release just right, as I felt myself quickly build up.
And then, finally, I felt him go rigid, praying to myself that he would pull out and coat me with his juices, but to no avail.
I came harder than ever as I felt the first of his potent seed crash against my cervix and into my fertile womb.
He filled me up like no other man had done ever.
And, before I could get out a coherent sentence, he pulled out of me.
With a bright flash of red, he was gone, just like that.
*** “Hey! Wake up! Bethany!” I could hear someone calling out my name, but I couldn’t tell where it was coming from.
I felt myself being shook by something, but I couldn’t tell what was causing it.
“Babe, this isn’t funny! Wake up!” I heard the voice again before realizing it was Max that was calling out to me.
But wasn’t he supposed to be gone with his friends? He shouldn’t be here, right? “Ugh!” I slowly opened my eyes to see Max looking at me with terror in his eyes.
I was confused as to why he was home so early.
“What’s wrong, baby?” I asked, trying to rub the sleep from my eyes.
“You scared the shit out of me!” he said before sitting up.
“How?” “You started screaming uncontrollably and sometimes you’d even moan out.
What kind of dream were you having?” he asked, clearly concerned about my well being.
“What do you mean? I thought you were out of town, anyways?” “What are you talking about? I haven’t even left the bed,” he said, further confusing the fuck out of me.
“You left yesterday to go with your friends to the lake, or did I dream that up all by myself?” I asked, trying to be sarcastic just to see if he was fucking with me or not.
“Babe, you woke me up a couple hours ago with another one of your dreams, remember? You were saying how real the dreams felt, and how he seemed so close to you that time and what not.
” What the fucking fuck is going on? Did I seriously just dream all of that up like it never even happened? There’s no way it didn’t happen, right? I mean, I feel like I’ve been freshly fucked, so what the hell? “Seriously? It’s only been a couple hours and not a couple days?” “Yeah.
You fell back to sleep almost immediately after telling me about the dream.
I promise I’m not fucking with you,” Max said with a concerned look on his face.
“What the fuck?” *** Three weeks had gone by since I had the dream about Xaphan and I was beginning to become a little worried.
I hadn’t started my period yet, which was unusual because Max and I always use a condom during sex.
And, most of the time, he still pulls out just to make sure.
I wasn’t sure how to proceed to tell him I was late, but I knew I’d eventually have to.
But first, I had to make sure I wasn’t freaking out over nothing.
I drove to the nearest store and picked up a box of pregnancy tests and took them home just to make sure.
I knew I couldn’t be pregnant since Max always wore a condom, but the doubt still lingered.
Alright, moment of truth.
I pissed on the stick before setting it down on the counter and waiting the usual two minutes for the results to pop up saying that I was.
What the fuck?! Wait, don’t tell me it happened because of.
I clutched the counter top and my stomach as I heard the same evil, sinister laugh that haunted my dreams until that fateful night.



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