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She walked out of the elevator onto the tenth floor of the building with the address she received a little over an hour ago.
The message that proceeded was simple.
“I want you, come to me.
” Her heart was pounding in her throat and she could feel a mix of excitement and fear surge from the warm wetness between her thighs all the way up through her chest to the base of her spine.
The thrill of the unknown seemed to flush her face with warmth and she could almost feel her anticipation on her skin like sweat.
As she took her first steps forward, she noticed the clean woody smell of the hallway.
Was it cedar? Walking past several doors, she reached her destination, 1012.
She knocked.
Through her teen years, and into her twenties Mandy had dated guys that were mostly her age.
It was fun, and entertaining, but they just never seemed to get it.
They were rude, over-competitive, and seemed to squabble over simple things.
The sex, for the most part was good –god knows they could fuck fast– but it never seemed to last long enough.
Sure, they could get her off, but so could her hitachi, and it didn’t tell penis jokes minutes before trying to seduce her.
Then she met Mark and everything changed.
Mark was different in almost every way.
He was older, confident, stable and in control of himself all the time.
He seemed to naturally command the attention of everyone around him but it was hard to pinpoint why.
He was attractive and he was fit but that wasn’t why.
It was almost like he had an aura that put anyone around him under a spell.
When Mandy introduced Mark to her friends, it was strange.
Her girlfriends were sucked in by his presence the same way she was when she first met him.
The boys’ reaction was completely unexpected though.
They didn’t squabble, they didn’t act overly competitive, they didn’t seem to challenge him at all.
It was almost like they knew better, like they could feel this man’s dominance reign over all of them.
The door opened revealing Mark and instantly she knew she was his, knew she was safe.
He reached for her left hand, lifted it gently and kissed it hard while staring into her eyes.
A surge of pleasure ripped through her hand, up her arm.
His touch and kiss was like pleasure on fire.
“Please, come in Mandy,” he said, while gently guiding her in.
“Thank you.
” “Put your bag on the table there and let me hang up your coat.
” She put her purse down and felt him gently lift her coat off her shoulders.
She let him take it and turned to watch him hang it in the closet.
She heard the soft sound of music she recognized, but didn’t know from where.
She turned to find its source.
The room was spacious and efficiently furnished.
There was a white leather sofa, a matching white leather ottoman, and stereo with a fancy looking record player slowly spinning away.
Behind that was a series of floor to ceiling windows overlooking downtown and the water.
She walked over, pressed her hands against the glass and watched in awe as the sun’s last rays poured red and orange around the clouds.
She felt him press against her and looked down as his hands pressed against the glass.
He smelled wonderful.
“Do you like the view?” he asked.
“It’s unbelievable, you can see everything from up.
” she stopped short as she felt him kiss the back of her neck.
“And now that it’s getting dark, everyone can see us.
” He pulled off the glass and and put his hands on her stomach, gently pulling her into him.
She let her head fall back to his shoulder and felt him kiss her neck, then her ear.
“It’s good that you came,” he whispered in her ear.
Suddenly, his hands surged from her abdomen to her chest, and he bit down on her neck while grabbing her chest from behind.
Normally it would have hurt, but she wanted to be taken.
She wanted to be used, wanted to be his.
She felt his hands drop across and behind to her hips and he spun her around to face him.
His mouth came to hers and he kissed her deep pressing her to the glass, his tongue intertwining with hers.
He pulled away.
“You’re mine tonight!” he almost growled as he stared into her eyes.
His hands came up and pulled down at her blouse, snapping the buttons off and exposing her braless chest.
He grabbed her arms above the elbows and pressed her against the glass as he engulfed her left breast in his mouth, sucking it in then releasing it.
Mark then kissed her hard in the middle of the chest, then drew his tongue up her chest to the right side of her neck.
He pressed her harder against the glass and bit into her neck.
His right hand fell from her arm and was quickly lifting her skirt and under her panties before she could take a breath.
her head fell back to the glass as his hand rubbed her saturated pussy.
“Fuck yes!” she moaned.
“You’re like a bitch in heat aren’t you? Do you want to be daddy’s little slut tonight?” he asked as he bit her left earlobe.
“Yes!” she moaned.
His left hand came up and slapped her right breast.
“Tell Daddy you want to be his slut tonight!” he almost whispered into her ear as he slipped a finger into her, rubbing her g-spot.
“I want to be your slut tonight!” she moaned.
“I want to be your slutty little bitch tonight so bad!” He pulled away from her all together, then she felt a gentle but firm and wet slap to her left cheek.
Startled she pulled her head away from the glass and opened her eyes, his staring right into hers.
“Tell Daddy you want to be his slut tonight!” he said with authority.
“I want too be your slut tonight Daddy!” she whimpered, biting her lip.
He grabbed her and spun her around before pressing her warm chest against the cold glass.
He pulled her skirt and panties down as he dropped to his knees.
He pulled on her hips and she obeyed, backing up.
His hand came up to the middle of her back and pressed her chest forward against the glass.
She felt his face press against her, and felt his tongue greedily push between her swollen lips and lick her from her clit to the tender spot between her ass and her pussy.
His tongue slipped just inside her and begin to message.
Good god he had a long tongue! His left hand pulled her against him and slid down from her hip to the opening of her wetness.
It started to circle around her clit as his tongue slid in and out of her.
She could feel the fire starting to grow inside her and quickly it started to pour through her as she reached climax.
“Holy fuck! Holy shit!” she screamed out again and again as her body started to shake in ecstasy.
She opened her eyes and saw the world drop away in front of her.
She watched briefly as the sun’s last rays disappeared behind the horizon.
She could feel Mark kissing the right side of her butt, his hands on the small of her back, and her hip.
“Does my little slut want more?” he asked.
“Oh my god.
Please more!” He pulled back a little more on her hips again.
She backed up a bit more, keeping her chest against the cold glass.
The cold felt so good against her that she didn’t want to let it go.
He pressed against her again and she could feel him push into her slightly as his tongue found her tender swollen clit.
It was too much and she slightly pulled away.
He seemed to understand and quickly started messaging left and right with his tongue, moving back to her saturated opening.
His tongue slipped in and she could hear him moan with pleasure, but he didn’t stay there long.
She felt him move further back and slip past her perineum to her ass.
She clenched with the suddenness of it, but quickly relaxed.
He began to message side to side with his tongue and she pushed back into him hard.
It felt so good.
Why did it feel so good? His hands fell from her hips and she continued to press against his tongue.
His left hand came up and pushed between his chin and her vulva.
Online Now! Lush Cams Choco_dessert It started to message, then gently two fingers slipped into her and started to move gently in and out, stimulating her g-spot.
“Oh wow,” she moaned.
His right hand moved up around her suddenly and gently started circling around her clit, while his left hand massaged in and out against her g-spot and his tongue messaged her ass.
This felt amazing.
It made her feel dirty and she loved it.
She pressed against him harder and felt the warmth build from all three.
It started slowly as he messaged steady.
she pushed back against him again and again, unable to control her movements.
she could feel her climax building in her belly like she had never felt before.
She pressed again and again, with every stroke of his tongue, every circle of his fingers every thrust of his fingers it built in her until she couldn’t contain it any more.
“Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh Fuck!” she screamed.
She felt the heat explode through flushing her skin and making her knees almost give out.
Like a machine he kept stimulating her as her body burned in the longest orgasm she had ever experienced, but she wanted more, she needed more, she needed to feel him inside her.
She desperately needed to please him like he had pleased her.
“Fuck me! Fuck your dirty little slut! Fuck your dirty little slut now, Daddy!” she moaned out.
He stopped, raised up behind her and pulled her close to him.
She could smell herself on him and it made her crazy with passion.
She arched her back and pressed her ass against him.
“I’ll fuck my little slut when I’m ready, princess!” He pushed her away slightly and turned her around.
He pulled her close and kissed her hard.
She knew where he had been, knew that the wetness on his face was hers, and could smell it.
It made her feel even more dirty.
She kissed him back hard, not caring where he had been, letting the passion overwhelm her.
He pulled away from her kiss and they locked eyes.
“Get down on your knees!” She felt a grin spread across her face and she began to lower into a squat.
She unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned his pants.
She pulled the zipper down and pulled his pants away with his boxers.
She knelt down with her right knee between his legs and he stepped out of his pants.
She kissed his thigh, then is other thigh.
Her hands reached up and found his swollen member and she grabbed it firmly with both hands.
It was heavy and thick in her hands as she began to stroke.
She looked up and saw him raise his hands and put them on his head as she stroked.
She rose up and took him in her mouth, the salt of his excitement on the tip.
She began to suck and started to move in and out along his shaft.
“That’s a good girl,” he moaned.
She let go with her hands and tried to take as much of him as she could.
She pulled slightly away from him and grabbed him with one hand and began to stroke, spreading her saliva across his throbbing cock.
He looked down at her and smiled.
She looked back up at him and ran her tongue from the base of his cock a cross the tender under section to his salty tip.
He tasted like raw sex, and she loved it.
He gestured for her to stand, and she obeyed.
He took her by the hand and walked away from the window toward the couch and ottoman.
He stopped short of the both and gestured for her to get on the ottoman.
She got down on all fours, like she was supposed to and arched her back, lifting her ass up to him as far as she could.
She turned her head so she could watch him.
He locked eyes with her then she watched as he bent down.
As he bit down, pain and pleasure erupted from the left side of her butt.
She felt him release, then felt as his tongue entered her.
It felt amazing as she felt him taste every part of her hungry pussy.
She started to loose herself in his need to devour her again.
“You taste so sweet, now I think I’ll fuck my little slut,” he said as he pulled away.
She felt a hand on her left hip, then felt a burst of pleasure race through her three times as she felt him slap his heavy cock against her.
“Fuck me!” she moaned, wanting to feel herself stretch around his veiny manhood.
At first she felt the girth of his bare cock head spread her lips apart, and slowly she felt it start to enter, inch by blissful inch; she felt him press into her.
She felt as every vein entered her, the pleasure mixed with a little pain as she stretched to make room for him.
She clinched down involuntarily, her body not used to being filled so, but his iron like hardness gave nothing back until she took all of him.
He pressed a bit deeper and she could feel the head of his snake gently touching the deepest parts of her in pleasure.
“I want all of you inside me,” she moaned as she pushed back harder against him.
He reached forward with both hands and grabbed her left shoulder with one and took a hand full of her hair in the other.
He pulled her hair hard, pulling her head up.
pushing deeper.
She arched her back, raising her ass a little higher.
Then he started to withdraw, she felt every vein along his hardness exit, then she felt each vein slowly enter again as she felt him let go of her hair and pull on her shoulders.
Slowly, she felt him build up speed, felt him thrust in and out in pleasured amazement as he managed to hit all of her spots.
With each thrust feeling the heavy thud against her open vulva as his balls spread her wetness.
She didn’t feel herself getting taken over by the familiar warmth at first.
She was lost in his moans, aching to please him.
She wanted him to use her, wanted him to fill her with his pleasure, but she was losing ground.
She started to feel the the energy build inside her, felt it’s electric tentacles worm their way through her, from each of her pleasure spots inside.
They each radiated out slowly as the warm pleasure spread slowly through her.
She fought it back; she wanted him to enjoy himself, wanted to please him.
She wanted to be his, but the fight was too much.
She started to moan with each thrust, she could feel it starting the break through.
“Fill me!” she screamed, unable to contain herself anymore.
She felt him pick up his pace, felt his body take control and thrust in and out of her in uncontainable pleasure.
Her own pleasure responded to his and she could feel it crack through her walls until it exploded out of her belly and engulfed her in paralyzing warmth.
she pressed back against him hard as he thrust in and out of her.
She felt warmth pour down her thighs as the pleasure radiated out of her.
he let out a long moan as he thrust, filling her with warmth, knowing she was finally pleasing him as well.
He started to slow then, his movements more spasms than intentional thrusts.
“You are an amazing woman,” he softly whispered to her.
She could feel everything.
she could feel the sweat on her back, the wetness on her thighs, him starting to soften inside her.
she could smell the musk of their pleasure in the air.
She was in awe for a moment.
She felt him pull out and she sat back on her feet and turned and looked at him.
He came over and knelt in front of her.
She raised up to meet him and he kissed her hard.
she felt as his hands wrapped around her back and pressed her to him.
slowly he pulled away from her and took her by the hand and lead her to his bedroom.
He pulled her into bed with him and she laid down with her head on his chest.
He pulled a blanket over her, but she threw it off.
“I’m too hot for that,” she said.
“I hate that word,” he said.
“I think you are beautiful.
” She smiled at him.
“You should get some rest, Mandy.
” “Why?” “Because the night is still young and, like I said, you are mine tonight.
” She looked up at him and smiled.
She snuggled into his chest more, closed her eyes and fell asleep, still in her afterglow, hoping that she wouldn’t be asleep long.



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