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Let your tongue taste mine.
Run it over my lips and feel the sensual feeling I am emitting through them.
Run your tongue down my neck; find my nipples that are already pink and ready.
Suck on them and make them harder and pinch them with your fingers.
Cup my breasts as you fondle them with your mouth, tongue and hands.
Make me moan with desire and want.
Let your tongue run down my stomach to my belly button and play with my ring that is there.
Run your hands over my torso as my skin begins to move under your touch.
You feel the electricity and excitement course through my flesh.
Your excitement builds within you as you move across me.
Your hands reach my legs and you lightly caress them giving me goose bumps from your touch bringing me a new level of arousal.
Your tongue reaches my sweet spot as you lightly touch it and my lips and pussy are waiting for that touch.
You touch me with your wetness of your tongue and I feel it run up my spine like a bolt of lightning.
Giving me shivers of delight.
The wetness you bring me from your tongue excites you as your cock grows harder as you hear me moan with delight.
Your finger probing my pussy and the wetness flows from it as you continue to caress my clit with your tongue.
I climax as you continue to run your tongue across my lips to get every drop of my fluids from my pussy.
Enjoying it as much as I, as I push my hips onto your tongue and finger, knowing I want more than just your finger in me.
You make me wait and want for the big prize in the end.
Continually fondling my pussy with your tongue and finger as the wetness pours forth and you lap at my juices.
You stop on occasion to run your tongue along the inside of my thighs, making my skin crawl with desire.
I can’t take much more of this teasing of your finger and tongue, I want to feel your cock inside me, but you still make me wait.
You touch my pussy again with your lips and tongue caressing softly and listening to me cry with want.
You lightly suck on my clit which is throbbing and I climax again and your can feel the spasms on your finger as my pussy tightens on it.
You slowly continually fuck me with your finger as my pussy is now so wet, but still you won’t give me what I want.
My breathing is deep and fast as you continue to tantalize and tease me.
Feeling every muscle in my body move into yours, run my feet up your back as you have your lips buried into my pussy.
I want to feel all of you as you continue to bring me joy through your mouth.
Even through my feet I can feel the energy traverse through your body and into my soles.
Heightening all the passion and desire we share with each other.
You stop.
Removing your tongue and finger from my wetness and you just run your hands over my body.
Sending a constant tingling sensation through my muscles as they quiver under your touch and you can see the need in my face and eyes as I can’t take much more.
You watch me as I bite my lips and run my tongue over them.
Well aware that I am beyond need of you.
Wanting to feel your cock deep inside me, but you hesitate in providing me that pleasure.
Building the tension between the two of us and waiting for me to beg for you.
You find pleasure is teasing and making me want you.
Caressing my body again, you decide you aren’t ready to penetrate me, but you want me to suck you cock.
Online Now! Lush Cams betsxoxoxo To feel the warmth of my mouth surrounded around it as you kneel over me so I have to suck it.
Finding your own personal pleasure out of bringing me to a height of such arousal and than denying me of what I really desire.
You want me to provide you with pleasure by running my tongue over your cock and making it wet too.
Holding your cock in one hand you run the head across my lips as you look into my eyes knowing that this is just as worse as you teasing my pussy with your cock.
Placing your cock in my mouth as my tongue runs across the head of it and you watch it disappear into my orifice and I make it wet.
Circling your head with my tongue as I toy and suck on it and my lips tighten around the shaft.
I hold onto it as I move in and out of my opening making it wet with my saliva.
I pull it out of my mouth to run my tongue up and down the shaft as I stroke it and continue to toy with your cock with my lips.
Your cock throbs in my hand as I continue to tease it with my wet mouth and lips.
And I now watch you show the expression of want and desire as I bring you to a new level of pleasure.
Your cock grows harder in my mouth with each intrusion into my wet warm opening.
I know you can’t take much more and you will want to feel the warmth of my pussy.
You pull yourself away from my lips, and I know what you are in search of, as you move your body down in-between my legs and you now play with the lips of my pussy with the head of your cock.
Toying with it and you watch my face begin to twist and I moan with desire of wanting to feel your hard cock deep inside me.
You slowly press the head of your cock into my wetness and you insert your cock at a movement that is so slow that I feel every centimeter of your member as it begins its journey into my depths.
I moan and scream with pure pleasure of the feeling of your hardness inside me as I climax and cum once again.
Bringing you delight of what you can give me with your cock, you press it deeper inside me.
Placing your lips on mine as I run my tongue across yours and feel the warmth and desire exude from them and I pull you into me and you thrust your cock deeper inside.
Wrapping my body around yours and we entangle ourselves like a puzzle that can’t be pulled apart.
I match your movements with my body like a tug-o-war where there are no losers only winners of pleasure.
I feel your cock grow harder with each thrust as I continue to orgasm.
Breathing deeper and deeper, our lips never leave each other, like a completion of an electrical circuit that is continual energized by your cock inside my wet pussy.
You cum with an explosion of release of hot liquid inside me as I match each pulsating movement of your cock with a spasm of my pussy as it grips tighter around your member.
Our breathing is in unison as we climax together with a hot embrace of satisfaction and release.
Visions of the pure play of interchange run through my head.
I just want to start all over again from the beginning with one big lick of your cock.



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