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With the house lights down and only a small spotlight on me, I bent down to pick up my few discarded clothes from the stage floor.
From the reaction of the audience with shouts of: “Encore, encore,” “Show us more of your pussy,” and “Let me fuck you,” I knew that they saw my raised tush and my exposed pussy.
Wiggling my naked bottom at the audience, I drew more reaction.
Flattered and breathing hard, I blew a few kisses to the patrons.
Someone threw a wad of money onto the floor.
Thanking the guy, I wiped my black G-string through my wet, naked pussy and tossed it to him.
He was obviously very delighted because he sniffed and licked the little piece of lace.
As I picked up the money, I saw a young man drooling over my naked body.
I walked over to him, squatted, and with the spotlight still on me, I opened my legs to his gaze and handed him my bra.
He nearly fainted, poor chap.
He must have blown his load in his pants because I saw a dark spot growing at the groin of his khaki trousers.
That was my last of three shows of the evening, and I had a very important client waiting in my dressing room.
Walking passed the girls who were getting ready for the next floor show, I was still on a high.
My body tingled and glowed, my nipples erect and my pussy leaking down my legs.
I realized the power I could generate with the slit between my legs.
Not only to make men do silly things, but also the effect it had on me.
The pleasure I received from my pussy, not just from the power it had over men, was mind-blowing.
I was on an aroused mental and physical state that took me time to get off it.
It didn’t help that I had a client waiting.
Big Shot” wasn’t what I expected.
I thought she would be a young trophy wife, blond, beautiful and full of cheap class.
Instead, sitting on a chair with her knees firmly locked, was an early forty-something demure woman, hiding her beauty behind a long-suffering housewife image dressed in a drab grey dress.
The shock in her eyes when she saw me standing naked in front of her, brought me down a notch or two from the ecstasy of the men’s adulation.
She quickly averted her eyes to find something safe to look at.
Unlucky for her, my fellow entertainers were also naked or semi-naked.
She stood up and looked me in the eyes.
My five foot eleven inches strong frame towered above her five four.
“Don’t you have any shame?” she asked me, hands on her hips and afraid to look anywhere else but into my blue eyes.
“Parading naked in front of those filthy men, lusting after your body.
” She had to strain her neck not to look at my full, firm tits.
“Listen, Darling,” I said, moving closer to her, pressing my boobs into her face.
“It is because of stuck up women like you that those ‘filthy men,’ as you called them, come here to worship womanhood.
” I have had this conversation with too many frigid women like this poor housewife, to get caught up in another argument that would go nowhere.
“Women are not sex objects to be lusted after, you know,” she shot back, retreating away from me, only to fall back onto the chair.
I quickly moved closer.
Putting my hands on the armrests of the chair, my tits swinging in front of her, I looked into her eyes.
“Then why are you here?” “I… I… my husband… eh…” “Is hubby cheating on you, lusting after another woman?” “Ye….
, yes.
” “And you want me to get the proof?” “Please.
” “Why?” I was enjoying our little tit for tat show.
Leaving her, I removed my red wig and moved to the dressing table to clean off my make-up.
She didn’t say anything, she just stared at me, looking at my naked body.
I walked to shower in the clubs communal showers for the girls.
The club was a 19th century church converted into an upper market gentleman’s club.
I was the star attraction and I also moonlight as a private investigator, or what I liked to call it: Janine for Discreet Investigations.
The showers had no doors.
I pulled her chair closer to the showers.
Big Shot sat wide-eyed, as stiff as a stripper’s pole.
Getting under the warm water of the shower, I rinsed off all the hard work of the day.
“Who’s the cheating bastard?” I asked her.
Washing between my legs, I inadvertently touched my still engorged clit, sending pleasure waves through my pussy.
My knees wobbled as I increased the friction on my pleasure knob and sticking my fingers into my wet cunny.
Then she told me.
“Jesus H Christ!” I stammered, two fingers frozen in my cunt.
This was no ordinary big shot.
This was Mr.
Big himself.
“Pardon my French,” I apologized to her.
“You can’t be serious?” “I am deadly serious,” she said.
“This is Hollywood, lady.
Everybody screws everybody else,” But she didn’t look like she was kidding.
I was beginning to feel sorry for her.
I started to stimulate my clit again.
Masturbating was one of my habits that helped me to think better.
Steadying myself by holding onto the taps of the shower with one hand, I snuck a finger into my pussy and continued to rub my clit with my thumb.
How would I get close to Mr.
Big without attracting suspicion? I asked myself.
I just had to use Mrs.
Big to get to Mr.
Big, or maybe seduce him as the proof she needed.
I first had to make sure that she was Mrs.
Big herself….
I turned to her to tell her my plan and there she was: Mrs.
Big had her dull grey dress pulled up to her hips, her white panties around her ankles and her right hand rubbing her exposed pussy as if her life depended on it.
Her left hand clasped the armrest of the chair so hard I thought she might break it.
“What the fuck?” I was shocked, to say the least, but she didn’t seemed to care what I saw.
I knew that she was passed the point of no return.
She had to climax and maybe I was just the one to help.
I quickly dried myself and dropped between her spread legs.
Removing her hand from her clit, I inspected her beautiful bald wet pussy.
I used my fingers to open her labia to give me access to her clit.
Flicking my tongue over the pleasure knob I snuck a finger into her wet canal.
I finger fucked her while I sucked on her clit, bringing her to a strong orgasm.
Spent, she dropped lower on the chair, hanging on her outstretched arms, her legs splayed obscenely.
I pulled up her white cotton panties and made her presentable.
There was something about this whole setup that smelled fishy to me, and it wasn’t her pussy.
This woman wasn’t the conservative type, just pretending to be one.
And Mr.
Big, was she really his wife? I had to find out.
Dressed in my short black dress, with a low cut in front and back leaving little to the imagination, I was ready to tackle this case.
As I put on my high heels, I showed my naked pussy to Laura.
This time, she didn’t bat an eyelid.
After I’ve put on my blond wig over my short raven black hair, I made a few calls from my iPhone to check out her story.
Taking a picture of the demure Mrs.
Big, I also texted it to a previous client in the film industry.
My contacts assured me that she was who she said she was.
Then I hit the jackpot.
My cintact at the LAPD informed me that Mr.
Big was spotted at an inconspicuous swinger’s club in Beverley Hills.
This contact emailed me an invitation for two plus the password.
I told Mrs.
Big my plan.
She wasn’t keen to do it.
“Listen, Mrs.
” “Please, call me Laura.
” “Well, Laura,” I said with an attitude.
“If you want to find out with whom your hubby is cheating on you, this is the time and place.
” “Can’t you just go and take some photos?” she pleaded.
“Maybe you need to learn something too,” I said.
“And what would that be?” “Honesty, for one.
” I knew she couldn’t go to a swinger’s party dressed like an old maid.
I borrowed a glitter dress from one of my stripper colleagues and a pair of high heels.
I stripped Laura naked.
Her body was divine, with droopy but still succulent tits, a little bulge on her tummy and a smooth vulva and sexy legs.
She was all natural in a land of fake make-believe.
I started to really care about her.
Applying make-up for the night to her beautiful mature face, I wondered what I got myself into.
I knew she would be able to pay my usual outrageous fee, but why couldn’t she hire professional gumshoes.
I shook off the feelings and looked at her again.
Her short, slightly grey hair would be a dead giveaway.
I had her put on one of my other blond wigs and also left out her underwear.
“I can’t go without my panties,” she begged me.
“I feel so naked, exposed.
” “That’s the whole idea,” I said as we walked to my small Toyota.
“Tonight, you are a pussy on the prowl.
” “I’m not like you….
” She said, pointing at my lack of underwear.
“You’re a woman, right?” She nodded her head.
“You love your husband, right?” “Yes.
” “You want him back?” Another nod.
“And, you love to fuck women?” “Yes, god, yes,” she said.
“When you licked my pussy, I died and gone to heaven.
I love the soft touch of a woman, her soft tits, and her sensual lips.
When you danced on that stage earlier, I fell in love with you, with all women over and over again.
” “Then why do you want your husband back,” I needed to know.
“Why not get a divorce?” “I love a man’s erection pumping in me.
I love his cum in my mouth.
A dildo or a vibrator is no match for a throbbing cock.
” She was on a high.
Online Now! Lush Cams Antuan_Deep “Why didn’t you share this with Mr.
Big?” I had to ask.
She hung her head as if in shame.
She didn’t answer me as we arrived at the gate of a Beverley Hills mansion.
I pressed the intercom, said the password and were buzzed in.
Only a few cars were parked at the house.
My contact told me that this was a small intimate affair.
“What if he recognizes me?” asked Laura.
“Your own mother couldn’t identify you under all that make-up and in that slutty dress,” I assured her.
“I’m scared,” said Laura.
“I don’t know what to do.
” “Just follow my lead.
Remember, we’re lovers.
” That was technically true.
I did lick her pussy.
But we had to convince Mr.
Big that his wife was an insatiable hussy that loved him.
We got out the car, showing more pussy than necessary and walked up to the door.
The host, Alice, a dear friend of my mother, opened it, as she was expecting us.
She was already naked and fucking beautiful.
She gave me a naked hug, her bare breasts pressed against my tits under the flimsy dress.
“And who’s your friend?” asked Alice.
“This is Margaret,” I introduced Laura.
“Margaret, this is our host, Alice.
” I winked at Laura, hoping that she would catch on.
“Just call me Marge,” said Laura without skipping a beat and hugged the naked Alice who accepted her without question.
“Come through to where the party is,” said Alice as she led us to a small intimate room with scattered loveseats where people were busy making love.
With the dimmed light I couldn’t make out all the faces at first, but I did recognize Mr.
Big and so had Laura.
I gripped her hand, trying to calm her down.
He was sitting on his own, a handsome mature man with a well-kept body.
His cock was semi-erect.
“Everyone, this is Janine and her friend Marge,” introduced Alice to the seven people in the room.
Taking us to the middle of the room she asked us to strip.
I turned to Laura, kissed her on those sensual lips, unzipped her dress and slowly lifted it up her body.
I dropped to my knees, my hands moving above me holding onto her dress.
I started kissing her naked pussy, then moved up to her belly button, to her tits, all the while lifting her dress over her head.
She stood there naked and trembling in her high heels.
I lusted after her.
“Your turn to undress me,” I whispered as I nibbled on her ear.
Laura hesitated and threw a glance in her husband’s direction.
He was mesmerized by the action taking place right in front of him.
She took the straps of my flimsy dress and moved it over my shoulders.
In one smooth action, my dress fell to the floor leaving me also naked in my high heels.
I was shocked when Laura pulled my face closer to hers and kissed me softly on my lips, her tongue seeking entrance.
I opened my mouth to suck in her darting tongue.
She tongue fucked my mouth as if preparing for the moment when she could do that to the lips between my legs.
My pussy tingled as she dropped her hand to cover my vulva and then insert her middle finger into my wet vagina.
Laura was not a virgin when it came to making love to a woman.
The way she expertly used her fingers in my pussy, her thumb on my clit, her mouth on my nipples convinced me that this woman did this before.
I felt used.
The problem was that I enjoyed her attention to my body too much to really care.
As my legs wobbled, I heard Alice saying: “That was a great performance, darlings.
Now you two can go and entertain Mr.
” Disengaging myself from this wanton woman, I looked around at the swingers.
X sat on Mr.
Y’s cock reverse cowgirl style while his right hand played on her pussy.
Alice’s husband fucked Mrs.
Y doggy style and Alice was on her knees in front of Mr.
X with his cock in her hand.
Then I realized they were all beautiful A-List actors, directors or producers.
Only Mr.
Big was on his own, his dick now fully erect.
I could faintly see precum leaking from his cock slit.
Big came over to us, took our hands and led us to his loveseat.
He kissed me first, gently covered my tit with his one hand while with his other hand rubbed my pussy.
He then swiped his fingers through my wet slit and brought it to his mouth.
The way he licked my juices from his fingers looked like a kid enjoying an ice-cream cone.
Turning to Laura, he let her lick off the rest.
He repeated the same action but this time he moved his fingers through Laura’s wet pussy and let me taste her essence from his finger.
Big laid me down on my back on the loveseat, with my feet on the thick soft carpeted floor and my legs wide open.
He directed Laura on her hands and knees between my legs, her face close to my pussy.
“Lick her cunt, you slut,” he ordered Mrs.
Big and pushed her face to my pussy.
Laura put both her hands on my thighs, forced my legs wider before she introduced her tongue to my vulva.
Flattening her tongue like a spatula, she licked me from my asshole, over the perineum, through my wet engorged lips to my clit.
She did a few time before she settled on my clit, sucking it into her mouth.
With my eyes closed in pure ecstasy, I felt Mr.
Big’s fingers entering my pussy.
Looking between my tits to the action flanked by my legs, I saw Mr.
Big also on his hands and knees, licking his wife’s ear while she tongue-fucked me.
He never missed a beat with his fingers pumping in my cunt.
Something was amiss here.
They were working in tandem like a team.
Before I could analyze the problem any further, Mr.
Big stuck his face to my pussy, and tongue-fucked me more forcefully than his wife did.
With their face glistening wet from my juices, they kissed.
I was left out.
Propping myself on my elbows I looked at the lovebirds.
“Hey, you two.
What about me?” “Sorry,” apologized Laura.
She got up from her position, took Mr.
Big’s cock in her hand and had him move closer to my spread legs.
Laura sucked his cock before she pushed it into my pussy.
He began to fuck me while Laura positioned herself over my face.
As she sat on my face, I realized that it was my turn to lick her pussy, again.
Big slowly moved his pelvis forward and with deliberate even strokes, he prepared me for heaven.
I had a cock in my cunt and a pussy on my face.
What else could a girl ask for? When Laura’s pussy gushed nectar onto my tongue and face, she leaned forward, kissed Mr.
Big and worried my clit with her fingers.
Using the tip of my tongue, I flicked it over Laura’s joy buzzer before I twirled it at her entrance.
I grabbed her thighs, lifting my head up and pushed my long tongue deep into her wet cunt, my nose buried between her cheeks.
Breathing through my mouth I continued the assault of my tongue in her pussy.
I matched Mr.
Big’s strokes in me with my tongue in his wife.
We were close to our mutual orgasms when Laura stood up on wobbly legs.
“I want you to fuck me with that your beautiful cock yours, Darling,” she told her husband, as she got on her hands and knees between my legs.
Big knelt behind her and stuck his wet cock into her cunt.
Laura started licking my pussy.
Resting on my elbows, I looked at my two lovers and the other swingers.
They all seemed happy and full of lust and love.
I was the odd one out.
With Laura, sticking her fingers into my cunny and her thumb rubbing my clit, I started thinking.
Big make-over didn’t fool Mr.
Big for a second.
This was a setup if ever there was one.
I was the fool.
Big grabbed Laura’s wig and pulled to give him more thrust into her.
He pulled off not only the blond wig but also her greyish hair to reveal her long natural auburn hair.
With half her face obscured between my legs I couldn’t be sure, but when she lifted her face…… “You’re…….
” Laura was none other than one of the famous Oscar winning actresses.
I was flabbergasted.
I was taken for a ride by Mr.
and Mrs.
Really Big and getting screwed by them.
“Tell her, My Love,” said ‘Laura,’ and dropped her head back between my legs.
“My dear Janine,” said Mr.
“My wife and I have this betting game.
One of us would hide with our intimate friends while the other one must find him or her within two hours.
” I saw that he curled his arm around his wife’s lower body to reach her clit.
He kept fucking her while he explained their little game.
“You got here with 30 minutes to spare.
” “This was not the first time you played this joke?” I wanted to know.
“No,” said Mrs.
“This is actually the first time anyone of us was successful.
” Her face was wet with my pleasure.
I pushed her face back to my pussy.
“So, Mr.
Who wins what?” “We have to pay you $50,000,” said Mr.
“And the rest of the group will have to throw in another $40,000.
I think that will come to $90,000,”  said Alice standing naked next to Mr.
Big with her one arm around him.
The others have joined our conversation.
X was caressing Mrs.
Big’s tits and Mrs.
Y was standing next to Mr.
Big while Alice’s husband was fucking her from behind.
X and Mr.
Y stood next to me, their cocks touching my face.
“Why me?” I wanted to know.
“How many other private dicks did you try out before you got to me?” “I read about your previous case in the LA Times,” said Mrs.
Big, while Mrs.
X licked my wetness of Mrs.
Big’s beautiful radiant face.
“And when it mentioned that you are stripper, I just knew you would be the one.
” The ninety grand made that case my most successful job yet.
I could get used to this as I took the two cocks into my mouth.
I have moved up in the Hollywood society scene.
I wasn’t just a stripper or a discreet investigator anymore.
I, Janine, the 26-year old daughter of LA’s Police Chief, just became a big player in Hollywood.



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