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At fourteen, I was far too young for my mom’s twenty-one year old server.
Jake and I knew this, and agreed friends was all that we were allowed to be for the time.
The friendship would end though, and we would lose touch.
Why did it end? Scribbling my name with his last name on my notebook was cute, until mom found out.
Just like that, my mom left her job to go to a new company, and deleted his number from my phone and told him not to call or text me again.
  Sadly, Jake knew he had no choice but to listen.
He couldn’t throw his life away for me, and I wouldn’t have let him.
I won’t lie, it hurt, a lot.
I never forgot him, and those feelings never left me.
I just had to see him again one day, hopefully I would get a chance one day.
I did understand that with seven years between us that when I did turn eighteen there was a chance he’d be married and had kids already, but I had to stay positive.
  Fast-forward eight years.
Craving salt and vinegar chips, I got in my car and drove to Walmart.
This was strange since I generally didn’t eat chips, and if I craved them, I would not indulge in it, but after a long day in a backroom processing a truck order, I decided I had earned it.
I walked down the chip aisle and saw the Frito-lay guy stocking the company shelves.
He looked familiar, and I took a double look.
He saw me and asked, “Ali?” Not a doubt in my mind, it was Jake! Even before I realized, it was him, I thought he was cute.
My feelings never faded.
We stood there five minutes playing catch up.
I looked down and told him I had to go.
As I turned to walk away, he called after me, “Hey, are you seeing anyone? If not can I take you out to do more catching up.
” he paused a moment before continuing, “Maybe, we can see if the feelings from before still exist?” I spun around, feeling like a truck had just hit me.
I wasted no time saying, “I’m single.
I’d like to go catch up, but I must warn you, the last guy I dated did a number on me, and because of him I have bad trust issues in men.
” “I understand, I can respect your pace.
I am still the same gentleman I was back then.
You will find I will protect you, you won’t be hurt.
I promise.
” We exchanged numbers, and agreed to meet at the local bar that night.
  I went home and I told my mom that I was going out that night.
My mom shot the, ‘Really? Someone convinced you to go out with them?’ look, and said, “About time, it’s been three years since you dated.
Do I know this guy?” I lit up with a huge smile on my face.
I wasn’t sure how she would react, after all, she’s the one who prevented Jake and me from talking all these years.
I took a deep breath in, and exhaled, “You do.
It’s Jake Mullins.
” I stood there, bracing for her comeback.
I was fully expecting her to tell me that if I go on this date, I wasn’t welcomed back.
She was surpringly willing to allow me to go.
All she had to say was, “I kept you apart because I didn’t want him to ruin his life.
Have fun, tell him I said hi.
” I did my hair and make up, and headed out the door.
I arrived at the bar just after eight, and scanned the room.
Sitting in the corner was Jake, and an empty seat.
I walked over and playfully asked, “Is this seat taken?” He smiled, getting up and holding the chair for me he said, “It is now.
” Jake and I ordered a round of drinks, and talked.
We had so much to talk about, from hunting, to family, to a range of other topics.
My heart was full, and I’m pretty sure it was skipping every few beats.
  Throughout the night, I couldn’t stop smiling.
I just couldn’t believe after all these years, this was my reality.
The night was winding down, but I didn’t want to leave.
Something was pulling me to him.
The bartender called last call, and Jake and I walked out the door.
He walked me to my car, and leaned into kiss me.
 ‘Oh my God! I have to be in heaven right now.
‘ All I was thinking was, this could very well be my last first kiss, and it was amazing.
Jake ended the kiss, and tried to apologize.
I shrugged it off, telling him that I enjoyed it.
Kissing him again.
Jake pulled away, saying, “Let’s go back to my place, okay?” I thought a moment, eventually agreeing to go back to his place.
I said, “I’ll follow you.
” He agreed and led the way back to his parents’ place.
We parked our cars and exited.
  “I didn’t know you still lived at home.
I’m dishing on it, just saying I didn’t know.
Please tell me Justin moved out so you at least have your own room.
After all, we don’t need an audience tonight.
” He laughed, “No worries, Justin got married and moved out.
” I was wrapped in his arms.
The crisp cool autumn air surrounded us.
I shook my head in disbelief, I said, “Wow, I knew it had been eight years, but I didn’t realize so much could happen in eight years.
” He kissed my forehead, reassuring me he understood just how I felt.
Online Now! Lush Cams NezukoJapan We stood in silence a few minutes before he spoke, “Let’s go inside, it’s getting chilly.
” I agreed, and he led me inside.
We entered the dark and quiet house, his parents and sister were all asleep in their rooms.
He showed me down the hall to his room.
His room was almost comforting.
It wasn’t spotless, leading me to believe he wasn’t expecting for the night to end this way, but it wasn’t dirty either, it was a nice balance.
Looking around, a picture caught my eye, it was the two of us on the back of his motorcycle.
I smiled remembering that fundraising night.
One of the last nights I saw him before my mom banned us from seeing each other.
“I can’t believe you still have that picture.
Even more impressive that you remembered me from that picture, I don’t look anything like that.
” “It was your lip.
I have the same two freckles on my lip, and you’re the only one I know that also has two freckles on their lip.
” “Oh, so you were just staring at my lips all day?” Jake laughed, that kind of laugh that one does when they’re guilty, but trying to find a way to sound innocent.
He responded with the truth, “Who could blame me? Certainly not you, you’ve been wanting the same kiss all these years too.
” I said, “You’re right, and now that I have kissed you, I don’t want to stop kissing you.
” My arms wrapped around his neck as I was speaking, and as soon as I finished, I leaned in for a kiss.
  His hands were on my hips waist, and mine were around his neck.
He walked me back to his bed.
He was on top of me, still kissing me.
 I unbuttoned his shirt, and he tossed it to the floor.
My phone started to ring.
 Who was possibly calling me at one in the morning? I reached to see, of course, my mother.
I showed Jake, and he took it from me and answered.
To this day, I don’t know what my mom said to him, but I do remember him telling her he was busy with her daughter, but he’d have me call her back, which I didn’t call back until the next morning on my way home.
I can only imagine what she was thinking, but I laughed, knowing she had kept me from him, and knowing she had no choice but let us be now that we were adults.
As soon as he had hung up, we went right back to kissing.
His mouth soon left mine, and started kissing and nibbling my neck.
My breathing was heavier now, and I was moaning slightly.
My fingers ran through his curly ginger hair.
His hand slowly wandered up my shirt, squeezing my breasts.
He kissed me quickly on the lips, and pulled my shirt off.
  My perfect, medium sized, firm breasts, seemed to excite him even more.
He dove straight in between my breasts.
He was licking and sucking different spots, and having my response.
I pushed him off me.
He instantly apologized as he laid on his side next to me.
I smiled, and leaned in for a kiss.
I was now on top of him, and we started to make out once again.
  I stopped, and said, “I didn’t push you off because I felt we were going to fast.
” I paused, sliding down his body, and undoing his pants, I continued, “I did it because, I really wanted to taste your cock.
” The biggest grin came across his face as I pulled his cock out and started stroking it in my hand.
He stroked my hair back, and tucked it to the side.
I placed his large, thick cock inside my mouth, and started to bob up and down on his shaft.
I took his balls into my hand and started to rub and massage them.
 I was swallowing as much of the precum that I could.
  I slowly slid him out of my mouth.
Sliding up his body, and removing my pants and panties in one swift move.
He wrapped me back up into his arms, and we continued to make out.
Eventually, he guided himself inside me.
  I rode his cock, making long and slow strokes.
My moans were audible, but I was trying to stay as quiet as possible, knowing his parents were right across the hall.
Eventually, the long and slow strokes, frustrated him, and he took control.
He rolled me onto my back and started to pound me.
  My moans were louder than before, and I was moments from orgasm.
I grabbed a pillow that was nearby, placing it over my face to muffle the sound.
Jake and I both came together that night.
  We lay there in bed, holding each other close.
It was quiet, it was one of those times that silence was everything.
We shared a few kisses, and spent time just in each other’s eyes.
I broke the silence when I said, “This moment was well worth the eight years of waiting we had to do.
” Jake smiled and said, “I couldn’t agree more.
”  Something about that night had me thinking.
I couldn’t tell what, but I was thinking about the future, and what my life was going to be with Jake back in it.
Jake was making everything feel right.



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