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I lived in a student house with eight other people.
Half of them were girls, which was one of my favorite things about the house; but the fact that everyone seemed to go home for the weekend was even better.
It was a quaint house where many of the rooms were not originally built for bedrooms, but the landlord had worked around that.
Because of this, almost none of the rooms had locks on them.
This gave me free reign of the house when the weekend hit and no one was home.
Regardless of this, I was always extremely nervous whenever I snooped through someone’s room.
Getting caught was a quick way to getting evicted.
Most of the girls lived in the basement, but I had little reason to be down there unless I was doing laundry.
I had just done so days before, so instead, I was snooping through dirty laundry in the room across from mine.
Christina and I shared a bathroom, and our doors were mere feet apart, but we had only spoken on a handful of occasions.
She was a real party girl and I rarely saw her at nights, and on the weekends she was usually at home, I can only imagine, visiting her family or partying with friends from high school.
Despite sleeping so close to each other, I barley knew her at all.
So, I had taken it on myself to knock on her door that night to make sure she wasn’t home.
When I heard no answer with my ear pressed up against the door, I slowly opened it and turned on the light.
I kept the door open for safety reasons and slowly walked around her room, taking everything in.
She had an overflowing bookshelf with all sorts of titles for leisure reading as well as interesting non-fiction.
She seemed like a cool girl.
A copy of the Kama Sutra even sat on her bookshelf, the thought of which got me excited at first glance.
Pictures of her and friends were all over a bulletin board, most seemingly taken at parties.
Most were equally attractive girls, but several were guys.
She seemed to have a tomboy side to her.
Every couple minutes I would quickly leave the room and quietly stand at the top of the stairs, making sure I was still alone.
Finally I opened the top drawer of her dresser and admired the colourful variety of undergarments she owned.
It was mostly red and black, but there was a generous spread of pink, blue, orange, yellow and even green panties.
I closed the drawer and ventured into the closet beside her dresser; in it hung dresses and all sorts of club clothing.
But at the bottom of the closet was a mesh bag full of dirty laundry.
As I ruffled through the bag, I stopped at the first red lacy thong I saw.
I peeled it out of a pair of yoga pants and held it in my hand, admiring the stains from what was probably a yoga work out.
Before I could bring the treasured item to my nose for appraisal, I heard the stubborn twist of a locked doorknob.
Panicking, I quickly closed the closet door and ran out of her room, almost too terrified to remember the light.
I quickly doubled back to hit the switch and closed her door as quickly and quietly as I could.
I ran into my room as I heard the familiar turning of a key and swiftly shut the door before running to my bed for safety.
It was at this point that I realized I was still holding her used thong.
I quickly hid it under my pile of pillows before I was frozen at the sound of a knock on my door.
She knows.
I forgot something.
She knows.
I mustered what little courage I had left and ignored the sinking feeling in my stomach.
“Come in.
” She stumbled drunkenly into my room wearing a black skirt and a shiny silver top.
Her d-cup breasts stuck out in this ensemble and accentuated her curves.
She looked super sexy.
She was also super drunk.
“How come we don’t hang out?” I laughed a little at such a ridiculous statement and the relief of her not finding me sneaking around in her room washed over me.
“I don’t know.
No time like the present to repair that though.
” She smiled and gave me a flirty look.
“Let’s drink.
I have vodka in my room.
” She stumbled out of my room and into hers as suddenly as she had entered.
I followed her and watched her skirt hike dangerously high as she bent over to retrieve a bottle of Grey Goose and some shot glasses from the bottom of another closet.
She turned around and giggled a little, her dark hair and bright eyes shining at me.
She had darker skin, but I had no idea what her ethnicity was, but whatever it was, I was immediately attracted to it.
“Look what I found!” We sat on her futon and played a couple drinking games.
I threw most of them so I could catch up, she was already sufficiently drunk, but the few shots she did take pretty much eliminated her inhibitions.
“Don’t look.
I’m going to change.
” She wandered over to the same closet that her dirty laundry was in and turned back at me, shooting another flirty look.
“I said don’t look!” I covered my eyes with my hands and waited until I heard the shuffling of clothes against her tanned skin.
I slowly opened a gap between two fingers and peeked as her skirt came off.
She kicked it into the closet.
She was wearing a black and white thong with a lace back to it.
Next came the top and her bra, which both landed in the closet.
I saw her breasts from the side, her nipple just out of view.
I quickly closed the gap in my fingers before she turned around to check on me again.
Her breasts might actually have been double D’s, it was hard to tell.
“Ok, I’m done.
” I opened my eyes and saw her in PJ pants and a beige top that her nipples were poking out of.
Online Now! Lush Cams LuciRaven She skipped towards me with a smile on her face, her boobs slowly bouncing as she did.
She landed on the futon next to me and laid on her side with her head on my lap.
“Tell me a story.
” I laughed again at such a ridiculous statement and wracked my brain for something interesting to say.
“Well, once there was a very beautiful girl who lived next to a very handsome guy.
She drunkenly entered his room one night and totally started flirting with him and tried to get him drunk.
” She lightly slapped my thigh.
“Excuse me!” I chuckled.
“Well, you did change in front of me and asked for me to keep my eyes closed.
That’s the oldest trick in the book.
” At this point, with the thought of her naked and the proximity between the two of us, I was quickly becoming rock hard underneath my jeans.
Her hand rubbing on my leg wasn’t helping matters.
She laughed and slapped my thigh again.
This time it slapped up against my dick and she gave a quick gasp and looked up at me expectantly.
“What is this?” She never broke eye contact with me as she slowly sat up on one arm and started undoing the fly of my jeans.
She looked down finally, pulled my rock hard cock out of my boxers and stroked it a few times before looking back up at me.
That’s what I thought this was.
” Without another word, she put her mouth over my dick and started pushing up and down on me, rubbing my balls and legs with her free hands.
She went up and down at an increasing speed, deep throating and almost gagging on my cock at all the appropriate times.
Having this girl who had been, just a couple hours ago, more or less a stranger to me suddenly going down on me was a huge turn on.
I ran my hand along her back as she orally pleased me, making sounds of pleasure to let her know how good it felt.
My hand slowly moved to the top of her pajama pants and I smoothly slid them down over her ass.
She didn’t miss a beat while sucking my dick.
I then ran my fingers down her asscrack and slid them underneath her thong into her pussy.
She was so wet.
I began to slowly pleasure her with two fingers as she went down on me.
After several moans she looked up at me with slobber still on her lips and said, “Do you have a condom?” I nodded.
“In my room.
” She stood up and shook off her thong and PJ’s as she grabbed my hand and led me across the hall into my room.
I closed the door behind us and watched her jump on my bed and get on all fours, rubbing herself in between her legs while looking at me anxiously.
“Fuck me.
” I quickly ran over to my dresser and pulled out a condom.
I ripped nervously at the wrapper and slowly pushed the condom over my shaft.
I rushed over the the bed and hopped on it and then mounted her from behind.
I grabbed her by the hips and slowly pushed my cock inside of her.
She was tight, but so wet that I slid right in.
She moaned immensely as I entered her.
“Fuck, you’re so thick.
” I slapped her ass as I pushed in and out of her, she responded with a gleeful yell.
I penetrated her at a fast pace as she moved her ass up against my hips, riding against me almost as much as she was riding me.
Her moans became more generous as I pounded into her again and again.
Eventually she got to a fairly loud level as the legs of the bed started scraping against the floor and the bed frame knocked into the wall.
“Oh fuck.
Fuck me like that, yea! Harder! Harder!” I pushed her head down and lifted her hips up a little, pounding into her as fast and as hard as I could.
“Bite the pillow!” She started screaming with pleasure into my pile of pillows as I started getting closer and closer to coming.
The bed was rocking uncontrollably as the pillows started to shift and the thong I’d stolen from her room peeked out from under the pile.
The sight of it made me completely lose it.
“I’m gonna cum.
” She quickly pulled me out of her and flipped on her back as her boobs bounced back and forth.
“Cum on my face!” If the stolen thong hadn’t done it for me, that line definitely did.
I quickly ripped the condom off and flung it halfway across the room as I leaned over her and the first few shots of sperm gently landed on her breasts.
This sight just made me cum harder and I shot a huge load all over her face.
The first shot landed on her right eye and the rest all over her face and a giant amount in her open mouth.
With hot semen all over her face, she grabbed at my dick and collected all of it in her mouth as I felt my head pressing up against the back of her throat.
She licked me clean as I watched.
I reached my hands out to quickly hide the thong back under the pillow but then used my hands to control her head and the rhythm of her deepthroating me.
She pulled my penis out of her mouth with a pop and smiled at me intensely.
“That was really fucking hot.
” I laughed again.
“And unexpected.
” She pulled her sweaty naked body off of my bed and jumped up toward the door.
“Be right back, going to grab a pair of panties.
” I laughed once more, wondering what her reaction would be if I said I had a pair of hers she could borrow.
I quickly grabbed the thong and threw it under my bed before I could find out.
To be continued.



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