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Traveling around the world for my work, spending endless nights in hotels, from the absolutely beautiful and impressive to low-end shit holes, I have encountered many people.
One of my encounters went like this.
I had been in Warsaw a number of times.
I had set up a company there and as I always do, had changed hotels on each trip.
I want to get the feel of a city, especially important in a city like Warsaw as there is no real city center.
The Old City, or Stare Miasto in Polish, was totally rebuilt after the war.
The rest of city center was built like many other ex-Communist cities.
Broad streets full of potholes and lots of awful grey high rises.
The bars and restaurants scattered around the city.
A city in which you can walk around for hours and not find a nice place to eat or have a drink.
On one of my previous trips I had stayed in the Sobieski Hotel.
The Sobieski is an okay four star hotel, not too far from the railway station.
Although it would hardly get a ranking on the most beautiful hotels of the world listing, great for my purposes and surprisingly affordable.
I decided to book the Sobieski again.
After arriving in my room I did the usual after trip routine; connect to the internet, unpack my bags, take a quick shower, check out the mini bar and take a well-deserved beer.
After finishing my beer, I went down to the lobby and asked the concierge for a nice place to eat and bar in walking distance of the hotel.
He pointed me to a local steak house, just down the road called Amigo.
A small place but the steak was surprisingly good.
I had another couple of beers and started to relax.
I had heard from my employees in my local office that women tend to marry young in Poland.
They have kids in their early twenties and are divorced by the time they are thirty.
It is a milf paradise so to speak, especially for foreigners like me.
Not that they were looking to get married to a foreigner and leave the country.
These days were long gone mainly because they felt foreigners treat women better than local men.
I had no way to check if true or not, and did not really care.
I am confident enough to play my game and accept both failures as well as successes.
In any case, the restaurant had its fair share of typical Polish women, most of them pretty and well dressed.
They were eating and chatting with their friends in a language which was totally incomprehensible to me at that time.
With some I tried to make eye contact, mostly failing miserably.
I got the occasional very tiny smile back, which I took as an encouraging sign for the rest of the evening.
After finishing dinner I walked back past the hotel to Klub Dekada, another tip from the friendly concierge.
Dekada is a music club; each evening has a different theme.
It being a Monday it was jazz night, which suited me fine.
It was still relatively early when I arrived.
The club was half empty and was slowly filling up.
I sat at the bar, ordered a rum and coke and looked at the crowd, listened to the music the DJ was playing and waited for the life music to begin.
At 10.
00 pm the band started playing.
Judging by the enthusiasm of the crowd, the lady singer was apparently world famous in Poland.
She was, in contrast with most other women in the club, on the larger side, voluptuous.
She was wearing a very low cut dress and her large breasts were very visible.
She was hot and sexy, and could sing as well which was a nice bonus.
But just looking at her would have been sufficient for me.
After playing a couple of sets, and a few encores, the band stopped playing and the DJ started again.
The dance floor quickly filled up and the party really started.
Besides couples or groups of couples there were a large number of women who were with their female friends, dancing together.
Others were sitting at the tables surrounding the dance floor.
After a while I noticed a pretty woman, in her thirties I guess.
She was dancing with a couple of her girlfriends.
By that time I had ordered quite a few rum and cokes and I was really relaxed and pretty horny.
I walked down the steps from the bar to the dance floor and half danced my way to the pretty blond woman I had spotted before.
She was still dancing with her friends, and even though I think she noticed me, she did not react at all to my presence.
I smiled a few times at her and danced so close to her that it must have been obvious I wanted her to dance with me, but again no reaction whatsoever.
After a while I started to feel silly, gave her a last smile and went back to the bar.
I ordered another drink.
It did not feel as if this evening was going to end with hot steamy sex, at least not with her.
I saw her go back to the bar, and decided to give it one last shot.
I asked the barman for a pen and paper and wrote her a note saying that she had traumatized me by not wanting to dance and that she could only make it right by buying me a drink.
I added a couple of smileys, just in case she had no sense of humor.
I asked the bartender to deliver the note to her, which he did with a big smile on his face.
I am still not sure if he was laughing at me, or if he thought it was an excellent move.
I did not expect any reaction, besides maybe an angry look from her, and another pitiful smile from the bartender.
I was very surprised when a few minutes later she walked over and in broken English told me that the note had made her and her friends laugh.
She added she would not buy me a drink, but that I could buy her one if I wanted to.
Obviously I happily obliged and bought her one of those terribly sweet lady drinks with lots of ice and a small umbrella.
We started to talk and she told me her name was Ella.
She was born in a small city a couple of hours drive from Warsaw.
She had been married and divorced and had a small son.
She was out with her friends, a typical ladies night.
This was why she didn’t want to dance with me earlier she explained.
However because of my note she had decided to come over to me.
Standing really close, I noticed she was about 5.
She was very slim with small breasts and pretty brown eyes and long blond hair.
She had a small nose and thin lips and a pretty face.
The communication was not easy.
Her English was not very good, and she had to search a lot for words.
So lots of hand movements, laughs and me deliberately misunderstanding her from time to time, which made her punch my arms a few times, laughing whilst she did it.
We had a great time, and after a while I asked her to dance.
The DJ was playing typical non-descript disco music.
We danced and smiled at each other without touching or any close contact.
A few songs later, the DJ switched to much slower music.
I smiled at her and opened my arms as an invitation to come closer.
She stepped forward and I had her in my arms.
I am 6 feet tall and broad-shouldered and she fitted nicely in my arms.
I pulled her a bit closer during the song.
Feeling no resistance, I moved my hands up and down her back.
Online Now! Lush Cams EmilySense She responded by nestling her head against my chest, apparently feeling relaxed and comfortable.
Even with her clothes on, her body felt wonderful.
My hands were slowly stroking her back and waist.
I felt her small breasts pressing against my chest.
We moved in perfect harmony and everything was great in the world.
The song stopped and we stepped apart slightly and looked each other in the eyes.
For a moment I was worried she wanted to stop dancing and return to the bar.
But the moment the next song started playing, she came closer again and we resumed our dancing.
By that time I had a very warm feeling in my stomach, and felt my dick grow harder.
Not fully erect thankfully, but harder.
I had no idea if she noticed or that it was a coincidence, but I felt her pushing her hips closer to me, against my still hardening cock.
She looked up, smiled at me, confirming to me she had noticed my erection.
I took my chance and kissed her on her lips, a small kiss at first.
She did not move her head, so I kissed her again, a bit harder this time.
I saw her close her eyes, open her mouth and we really kissed, softly at first, but harder and more intensely as our mouths and tongues started to get to know each other.
She was still pushing her hips to my body and by this time my erection started to worry me.
If she had stepped away it would surely have been visible to the other people on the dance floor.
I moved my body back a little, looked her in the eyes and asked if she wanted to come with me to my hotel.
I saw a flicker of doubt in her face, but after a few seconds she relaxed and told me she would love to.
I paid my bill at the bar, whilst she said goodbye to her friends and we walked out of the club and turned right to my hotel.
I held her closely to me, my arm around her back, and my hand on her waist.
We tried to kiss whilst walking side by side, which did not work out well and we both smiled to each other and continued the 10-minute walk to my hotel.
We walked in the hotel and got in the elevator.
This was the first time we were alone.
We immediately started kissing, much more passionate than in the club.
Our hands were exploring each other’s body.
I had one hand on her ass, the other holding her tightly behind her back.
She was holding me, one hand on the back of my head, which I love.
I opened the door of my room and we almost fell in, kissing and by now groping.
It was clear that she was as turned on as I was.
I could not wait to get into bed.
I had not switched on the lights and the curtains were still open.
We undressed with the moonlight shining into the room.
But even with this light, I could see her naked body clearly.
She had a nice round ass, and a completely shaven pussy.
Her breasts were firm with nice brown nipples.
We were still standing as I moved my lips to her breasts, licking them first, putting a nipple in my mouth and gently sucking her.
Her hand had found my very hard eight-inch cock and was slowly stroking my shaft and my balls.
I moved us over to the bed and we lay down together, she on her back and me half over her.
My hands went over her flat stomach, moving up to her breasts, looking at her in the moonlight.
We started kissing again.
I embraced her forcefully and moved my hand to her ass and squeezed it.
She groaned softly and I moved my hand to her pussy.
Softly stroking the outside at first, I noticed she was very wet.
I moved my finger inside her which made her open her legs a bit further and push her hips upwards.
I touched her clit and moved my finger in small circles around it.
She groaned, clearly liking what I was doing.
My mouth and lips moved downward on her soft body.
I kissed her neck and both breasts.
I licked my way down her stomach, arriving at her smooth pussy.
With my tongue I opened her pussy lips a bit further, moving up to her clit.
She grabbed my head and pushed me closer.
What I had started with my finger I continued with my tongue.
I circled her clit, sometimes touching it with the tip of my tongue.
I was trying to figure out what she liked.
It seemed she preferred the soft approach and I slowly worked her to her orgasm.
After a while I felt her body tense, she pushed her hips up and had a strong orgasm.
I felt the wetness in her pussy increasing and drank it all, swallowing a number of times as my mouth filled up.
After she relaxed I moved up, kissed her again and made her taste her own cum which she enjoyed.
She held me tightly and I asked her if she preferred soft sex.
She told me no, only with oral.
What she really liked to be fucked hard and long.
By that time my dick was hard and screaming for release.
I rolled over on top of her and guided myself into her warm and very wet pussy.
After a few soft strokes I moved up the speed and force of my thrusts, giving her a good hard fuck just the way she liked it.
Each time I pushed myself fully into her a soft sound escaped from her throat, which excited me to no end.
I can fuck long and hard.
I have no problem restraining myself and making sure I do not come too fast, but with her it was difficult.
To make it last longer I pulled out and rolled her on her stomach.
Her nice round ass was clearly visible.
I started to kiss and lick it, slowly moving my tongue between her cheeks.
She pushed up her ass a bit more, indicating that she liked what I was doing.
I stuck my tongue in more, now licking her nice hole.
I pulled her up by her waist until she was on her knees and hands, giving me even better access to her nice ass and pussy.
I licked both until she was wet from her pussy to her ass.
I got on my knees behind her and entered her.
She buckled and almost fell back on the bed, but her arms straightened and she stayed in position.
I fucked her in her pussy, hard and deep with my hands moving from her ass to her hips and back.
At a certain moment I put my finger in my mouth to make it wet, and pushed it in her ass, carefully at first, but as she seemed to be okay with it, I fingered her ass whilst fucking her hard in her pussy.
We were both breathing heavily.
I felt my balls tighten.
I tried to wait as long as I could, but after a short while exploded fully in her pussy.
She must have waited for me to come.
The moment I filled her up with my cum, she came as well, groaning and clutching the sheets with her hands.
I felt my dick soften and moved back.
Her and my cum were dripping out of her pussy, glistening in the moonlight.
She lay down on her stomach, and I collapsed beside her.
We did not talk much anymore.
We kissed lightly, our hands moving, stroking, caressing.
After a while we fell asleep.
We were still in the same position when we woke up the next day.
We both had to go to work and after a quick breakfast in the room, we left together after exchanging our phone numbers.
We did meet again, not during this trip, but my next.
Another trip, another story.
Maybe one day I will tell it.



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