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Becky had come to our office from the corporate headquarters in St.
Louis, where she had just completed her training.
She was to join our group and learn the ropes of becoming a realtor here in Topeka.
From what I had been told, she was very good at her job and after meeting her, I could see why–she had the “qualities” that could sell water to a sailor! With long dishwater blonde hair, a hot figure with firm full breasts, and a winning, pleasant personality that just made you glad to be near her, I could see that Becky had picked the perfect career for her.
As one of the more senior and experienced realtors in the office, it was determined that I would be the one to take her under my wing and show her the business.
My boss recognized her performance and potential and couldn’t say enough about her.
The company likes to showboat it’s best and brightest and it was up to me to bring our newest star to a high shine! I was at my desk that day, going through the listings and seeing what the market was doing when my boss brought our newest associate to meet her “mentor”.
“Daniel, this is Becky Williams, she is going to be joining us here at Maddux Realty as our newest associate.
She is preparing to take her Real Estate Exam.
Becky, this is Daniel Baker,” my boss said, introducing us.
I turned around to see who he was talking about and that’s when I met Becky.
I rose from my seat and stood there for a moment unable to speak.
“Hello Daniel, it’s a pleasure to meet you.
I’m glad you are going to be my coach… I want to learn everything you can teach me and I will do anything I can to learn this business!” she said.
The last part of that statement was to prove more prophetic than she realized! Because I would be teaching her as well as working closely with her, she was given a desk close to my own.
That way if she had questions or ran into something she wasn’t familiar with, I was nearby to help her out.
But somehow, I didn’t think Becky would run up against much that she couldn’t handle.
After meeting Becky, we spent the next couple hours just talking and getting familiar with each other.
There wasn’t much going on that day and so I thought it would be a good chance for us to see how we meshed with each other.
We decided to get together on a regular basis and set aside Friday afternoons so we could review her progress over the week and sort out anything she needed to know while it was fresh in her mind.
We got along well and often would be the last ones to leave work on Friday evenings as our discussions would almost invariably stray from work to, well, just about anything either of us had on our minds.
If neither of us had anything planned that night, we’d occasionally adjourn the meeting to a local bar or restaurant and then spend the whole evening in each other’s company.
It was of course very proper, we became good friends leaning on each other when things weren’t going well or congratulating each other when we had success.
Becky and I had a lot in common we learned, despite the difference in our age.
Becky was almost ten years my junior but she was remarkably mature and I found she could talk intelligently on subjects that were beyond her years.
It was quite refreshing to be able to relate so well with someone of her younger age.
We got to know each other on a personal basis.
I told her about my marriage and its subsequent failure.
She told me she didn’t have a boyfriend currently, that she’d had an argument with the last guy she was with and now she was enjoying the single and free life.
She told me she’d had the odd date once in a while, but despite the fact she was the most beautiful creature I’d ever laid eyes on, she didn’t seem to be able to hold down a boyfriend for very long–most no longer than a couple of dates.
She never really went into a lot of detail about her failed romances, just that “he wasn’t what she was looking for”.
About six months passed and Becky was scheduled to take her Real Estate Exam one Saturday.
We got together the day before as we usually did and we went over what would probably be on the test.
I wanted to make sure she was not only prepped to take the test, but prepped for the test itself–a lot of times what is taught in the class doesn’t necessarily appear on the test and I wanted to make sure my “protégé” passed her class with flying colors! I was sitting at home that Saturday just enjoying a nice quiet evening.
I had planned on making a little dinner and watching some TV… just chilling at home.
All of a sudden there was a knock on my door.
Now who could that be? I thought.
I got up and answered the door.
It was Becky.
“Hi Becky, come on in.
How did your test go?” I asked.
She came inside and as soon as I shut the door, she turned to me with the biggest smile I ever saw on a person.
“I passed! I passed! And not only that, I got an almost perfect score! I only missed one question!” she said excitedly.
“That’s wonderful! Congratulations, Becky! See, I knew you could do it!” I said.
“Thank you, but I owe it all to my fabulous teacher and coach! Without your help, I would never have made it.
Thank you, Dan.
Thank you for all your help and for being such a good friend,” she said.
“Well, it’s been my pleasure, Becky.
I’m so proud of you!” I said.
“Have you had dinner yet?” Becky asked.
“No, I was just about to fix something why?” “Let me take you out to dinner! Please? I want to thank you for all you’ve done.
Please say yes!” she said.
Dinner out with a beautiful young woman and she’s paying, how could I say no? “Okay, let me get my jacket.
We can take my car,” I said.
“That’s fine but can we stop by my place before we go, I want to put on something a little nicer than these blue jeans and this t-shirt.
Besides the test room was an oven and I think I sweated through everything!” she said.
“Sure no problem, let’s go,” I said.
We got in my car and drove over to her place.
She took me inside her small apartment, “Make yourself comfortable and I’ll be out in just a couple minutes, then we can go,” she said.
I sat down on the couch and gave the place the typical scan to see how she lived.
She had eclectic tastes in furnishings and decor, just the type of things a young person just starting out might have.
An old coffee table here a put it together shelving unit there, a mismatched set of dishes and a random selection of pictures and artwork, nothing fancy or pricey but each piece having a meaning to her I was certain.
As she promised she had only been gone for a few moments when she came back into the living room.
“I’m ready to go, Dan,” she said.
She looked stunning.
Wearing a little black dress and black, strappy CFM heels she was definitely putting my slacks and shirt to shame! Her makeup was perfection as well and my jaw dropped when I saw her.
The idea of spending the evening in the company of this gorgeous woman was more than a little appealing.
“Do I look all right?” she asked innocently.
“You look… wow!” was all I could say.
I was at a loss for words.
Becky giggled, “I’ll take that!” she said, smiling her beautiful smile.
We went on to dinner and had a great meal, Italian food with a good few drinks! We talked and she told me how nervous she was but how easy the test turned out to be “thanks to your coaching, Dan” she said.
After dinner, we decided that it was still early and Becky was in such a good mood that we didn’t want to go home just yet.
I suggested this little “bodega” or wine bar that had opened up about a year ago.
They serve wine by the bottle or by the glass instead of liquor and it was a comfortable place with nice tables, a fireplace, and it is quieter and classier than your average bar.
When we got there Becky admitted she knew nothing about wines so I ordered us a nice bottle of Chardonnay and we took a table near the fireplace.
With our table being one of the smaller ones we sat facing each other so close that her right knee rested against my left one.
I didn’t mind at all though, her perfume smelled wonderful and her smile lit the place up like a welcome beacon.
The first glass of wine went quickly and we were talking fairly easily, although her body was grabbing too much of my attention.
I’d never actually seen Becky dressed up like this–ordinarily she’s in work clothes or maybe casual weekend wear.
She looked stunning.
The wine was having its effect on my mind, lowering my natural inhibitions more than a little.
With a pleasant little buzz going, I was finding it more and more difficult to concentrate on the conversation and easier and easier to focus on the beauty at arm’s length of me.
I was so enraptured with her that she had to repeat something twice and still it didn’t register.
“Dan… are you all right?” she asked.
Suddenly, I realized she must be waiting for some kind of response “Oh, umm, sorry Becky.
Guess I must have been daydreaming!” “You were? Hmm, well with the way you’ve been staring I’d give a dollar to know what was in those dreams.
Or maybe I don’t want to know!” My face flushed.
She laughed.
“It’s okay Dan.
” She leaned forward mischievously, looked into my eyes, and ran her hand up my leg while she continued to whisper “I’ve seen you staring before, I’ve just never said anything.
I kind of like it though, it’s nice that you think I’m that pretty, so stare all you want.
Maybe you’d like to see a little more later?” Now, I’m no film star.
I work out and I look after my body, after all, I am a salesman and I need to look in good shape if I want to impress potential buyers.
Looking professional is a big part of the job.
But come on, here I am sitting in a bar with the most gorgeous twenty-something girl I’ve ever set my eyes on and she is running her hand over my knee and giving me if I’m not very much mistaken, a very clear signal.
So what do I do… I just froze! I think Becky realized what she’d said, or she was worried she’d offended me.
Maybe she’d misread me.
I’m sure she was afraid she’d crossed some kind of line, what with me being her mentor at work and all.
It was her turn to blush now, tensing up and sliding her hand back from my leg.
But I put my hand on top of hers, pinning it to my leg.
“Becky?” I said, pausing for a moment.
I needed to say something.
I was on the brink of a wonderful experience.
But I didn’t want to say something and make a mistake, blowing it.
“Becky… umm, about that seeing a little more later idea…” She smiled, relaxing again.
She didn’t say anything, just stood up, and held out her hand.
I got the message.
I quickly paid the bill and we walked back out to the car.
As soon as we got to the car and I opened her door, she turned to me and put her arms around my neck pulling me into a kiss.
I didn’t resist and instead wrapped my arms around her tiny waist and pulled her closer, pressing her amazing tits into my chest and offering her a bulge of my own in return.
I pressed my lips to hers and she let out a soft sigh throwing a leg around mine so she could feel my hardness even more.
She felt just as good as I’d imagined and if it were up to me, I would have taken her right there in the parking lot! But Becky wasn’t some back alley whore and I didn’t want her to feel that way.
So I gathered up what little restraint I had left and I seated her and then got in and started the car up.
“Your place or mine?” I asked her.
“Whichever you prefer… just let’s get there!” she said.
Not a problem! I took off and headed to my place since it was closer.
It was about fifteen minutes from the bodega to my home although, in the excited state I was in, it seemed a lot longer.
But Becky made the time go by quickly as while I was driving, she occupied herself by rubbing my leg between my knee and my crotch, her hand getting a fraction of an inch higher with each pass.
About halfway home she had reached my crotch and she rubbed across a now very hard and throbbing bulge there.
“Mmmm…” she moaned as she ran her fingertips lightly over the hard protuberance.
She gripped it as best she could given that it was still under wraps and tried to stroke it.
“Hmm, this won’t do… do you mind?” she asked.
At first, I didn’t know what she was asking but as soon as she had unzipped my fly and thrust her hand in the opening, I caught on.
“Oh, yesss!” she hissed “That’s much better.
” Becky slowly stroked my eager cock as I tried to concentrate on my driving–not an easy feat.
I had already had a few drinks (not enough to get me in trouble with the law, however) and now I had this gorgeous knockout working her magic on my cock, prepping me for what I could only imagine being the greatest time of my life as soon as I got her home! Somehow we made it home without incident and I walked arm in arm with my prize up the sidewalk and into my house.
As soon as my shaky, fumbling, excited fingers could get the door opened, she took my hand and led me seductively inside.
She let go of my hand, took a couple of steps back and facing me dropped her dress.
She was naked underneath, how hadn’t I noticed that? Online Now! Lush Cams CHANELLBLUU “Okay Dan, how do I match up to your day-dreams?” she giggled, and once more I was at a loss for words “Hmm… I guess I’ll have to take that silence as a compliment instead!” Since I wasn’t able to answer her question verbally, I decided to give her a more physical reply with my mouth.
I stepped forward and pulled her body against mine, one of her hands sliding down to give my cock a squeeze.
“Mmm, I can’t even remember those dreams now,” I finally whispered.
Becky kissed me before sinking down to her knees.
“This doesn’t seem fair… here I am naked in front of you and you can see everything, but you’re fully clothed.
When do I get to see my present?” she said, looking to the obvious bulge now pushing at my trousers.
“Be my guest,” I said.
She smiled up at me and her hands slid down the zipper and unfastened my pants releasing some of the pressure on my cock.
She reached around to my hips and tugged my pants and boxers down in one long pull, freeing my throbbing hard shaft.
“God Dan, if I’d know you were hiding this big, fat, delicious-looking cock in here, I’d have had it a long time ago!” With one hand gently cradling my balls and the other wrapped around my cock, she leaned forward, kissing the tip softly.
Lifting her face up to mine, her deep eyes locked with mine and she let the tip of her tongue slide over the velvety head.
My hands slid through her blonde tresses, her soft blue eyes looking up and glued to mine.
Lust shone in her eyes as she slowly sank her mouth down over my cock.
The main thing running through my head at that moment was how little it was going to take to shoot my cream right down her throat, and I didn’t want that just yet–so I pulled her to her feet, sliding out of the remainder of my clothes.
“Okay, my turn!” I said, pushing her back onto the bed.
Becky giggled, falling backward and spreading her legs apart revealing a glistening wet pussy.
I slid between her legs and into heaven.
Her sweet, wet, young slit was dripping with her nectar and my tongue slid slowly the length of her.
Her hands ran through my hair and her hips gently rocked as I explored her swollen lips and her sensitive little clit.
“Oh, fuck Dan! Yeah, that’s it! Oh, you don’t know how long I’ve wanted you to do this to me.
Lick my hot wet cunt for me… feel it burning for you, ahhh! Yesss, right there baby, that’s it!” My fingers spread her lips, my tongue pushed in deeper as I listened to her moaning commentary.
My ex-wife, Debbie, hardly made a sound in bed when we would make love, so hearing this language from her angelic lips just served to stoke the passion that was building up inside me.
“Oh, fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Oh God, wait! Oh, Dan please!” she said, as she tried squirming away from my voracious mouth.
I felt her right on the brink of her climax and had no intention of stopping until I brought her all the way to completion.
Her hips were thrusting while at the same time she was trying to push me away, but if she’d wanted to stop then she made that decision too late.
With my mouth clamped on her hot wet cunt, she started to explode, writhing and pulling my face back against her.
She screamed as the intensity of her orgasm filled her body and then I felt it, a sudden powerful rush of liquid shooting from her spasming slit, flooding my mouth.
Gulping it down as fast as I could I quickly realized I was no match for this firehose of her fluids.
I couldn’t swallow it all, but I did my best.
My face, chest, and hair get thoroughly soaked.
Slowly she’s coming down from her peak, her stream reducing to a trickle, her legs clamped on my head, blocking any sound.
I feel her body shudder, slowly I pull back and realize she’s sobbing.
“Becky, what’s wrong, honey?” I’m mortified that I’ve upset her, or that I’d done something wrong.
Fifteen years of marriage doesn’t always leave one best prepared for a new experience! “Oh Dan, I didn’t mean that to happen! Fuck! It’s just that, sometimes… (sniff)… sometimes, when a guy is really good, well, I kind of lose control and I… I squirt.
It usually doesn’t happen the first time, I really didn’t think… oh, God what must you think of me now!” I hold her in my arms as she sobs, pressing her head against my shoulder.
“It’s okay Becky, I think that’s kind of a compliment, isn’t it? I mean Debbie never came that hard for me, ever–much less squirted like that.
For an old guy like me to get a hot sexy young woman like you to cum that hard and even squirt must say something doesn’t it?” She laughed and pulled back to look at me, an uncertain smile turning up the corners of her lips.
“Yes, Dan… it means you are one hell of a fine fuck! Oh, look at the mess I made–I’ve completely soaked you!” she ran a finger over my cheek and I brought it to my lips to kiss the tip.
We lay there for a while, I held her until slowly she started to open up and tell me about her squirting.
She explained again how it just happens sometimes, not with everyone, not all the time.
She told me how it had happened the first time, with only the second ever guy she’d been with.
How at first, it scared her–she’d never even heard that such a thing existed.
A woman squirting? Whodathunk.
And the guy she was with was just as bewildered.
Once she learned that it was possible in certain cases for a woman to ejaculate, she was so embarrassed, she avoided any kind of dates for months afterward.
Even after that, she’d found herself too tense to enjoy sex much.
She would break it off with most guys when, after a few dates, they wanted more of her.
A few of them she’d let a bit closer, but the sex was never great, she was just too tense.
She couldn’t really let go.
Those relationships also ended after just a little while.
“I am so sorry Dan, you’ve just been so good to me over the last few months, a real friend.
And to be honest, tonight I was as horny as hell.
“Like I said, it’s never happened the first time with a guy before, I’m usually just too nervous, or he doesn’t know how to push the right buttons.
I guess you did.
I am so sorry and so fucking embarrassed! Please, you won’t tell anyone, will you? I would just die if anyone else found out about this!” she pleaded with me.
How could anyone hold this against her? In answer to her question, I leaned forward and kissed her sweetly.
Relaxing further, she allowed herself to return the kiss, before standing and pulling me toward the bathroom, laughing “Now, you need a shower, buddy, and this time I mean a real shower!” She followed me into the shower and once the water had soaked us both, she lathered me up, paying particular attention to my cock, balls, and ass.
I washed her as well, lathering her gorgeous body, her nipples are hard and her pussy wet as I soap her.
With no release yet, my cock stood proudly at attention and she knelt in front of me, my back to the showerhead so the water wouldn’t hit her in the face and used her mouth for a bit to get me even harder.
Standing back up, she slid her soapy body along mine, her tits rubbing against my chest and her rock-hard nipples carving a trail in my skin.
When she was fully upright, the head of my cock nudged against her hot wet slit as if it knew it belonged there.
She looked up into my eyes and pressed down on my raging hard shaft forcing a groan from my lips.
Now that I was at the right angle (Becky was a good bit shorter than my six-foot stature), I pressed her against the wall as I reached and shut off the water.
Pressing hard into her she moaned, her legs lifting from the floor, and her tight wet hole opened for my cock as she sank down onto my waiting shaft.
“Oh God, Dan, fuck me! Oh, it’s been so long, FUCK me, baby! Harder!” My cock rammed into her again and again, savagely in my need for her.
Again and again, I rammed my achingly hard cock into her tight wet cunt.
Her lips all over my neck, I felt her writhing against me, squeezing my cock with her muscles as I impaled her.
“Oh fuck Dan! Shit, I’m cumming… I’M CUUUMMMINGGGGG,” she screamed.
Becky was an animal, her head thrown back against the wall, whipping her wet hair around as she twisted and writhed and fucked towards me, bucking on my shaft, her slight body spasming as I drove hard into her again and again.
Once more this horny little sex animal I unleashed let go a stream of hot pussy juice at the height of her orgasm, this time running down my legs as she didn’t attempt this time to control it.
The feel of her squirting and her writhing body was too much for me and I roared out my own orgasm as my balls tightened and I erupted deep in her belly.
Thrust after thrust, spurt after spurt.
The feeling was so intense it was almost impossible to keep her pinned to the wall.
We stayed quiet the shower for a few moments, both of us catching our breaths.
I eased her down so she could stand with me bracing her… I was afraid if I didn’t my arms would give out and I would drop her! She clung to me, looking at me, then glancing down at the water and cum slowly draining from the shower, then back at me.
The animal now gone, she kissed me tenderly, “Thank you, Dan,” she whispered.
The shower once more cleansed us and I carried her to the bed afterward where I held her gorgeous body, cuddling and gently rocking her.
She fell asleep as I watched over her and then my own heavy eyes closed.
I don’t remember dreaming but found myself waking to her warm wet mouth on my cock.
Her magic had worked and it was throbbing all by itself.
“Hello sleepyhead,” she giggled as she noticed me awake and slid up my body.
I wanted her then more than I could have thought possible, but instead, she wanted to talk.
She was nervous.
What seemed all right in her passion only a few hours back was once more troubling her.
“Dan, are you sure you aren’t freaked out by what happened? I wouldn’t blame you if you were, it freaks me out sometimes still and I know about it.
I just don’t want anything to ruin our friendship.
You’ve been so wonderful to me, helping me at work and being my friend.
I just don’t want… “It’s okay, Becky,” I said, putting my finger on her lips and cutting her off.
“Want to know a secret? I’ve always had a fascination about what it would be like to make a woman squirt like that.
“I have seen Internet clips and porn movies where it happened and the woman seems to really cum hard and enjoy it.
I always wanted to see it in person.
I’ll admit, it did surprise me at first, but as soon as I knew what was going on, I was fine and even excited about it.
” “You were?” she asked.
The thought of making a girl squirt has been the subject of several fantasies that I never thought I’d live to experience, and here I am with just about the most beautiful girl in the world, half my age, helping me out!” She moved her head back from my shoulder and looked me in the eye, a slight frown creasing her otherwise smooth face “You’re not just saying that to make me feel better are you, Dan? You’re not making fun of me?” she asked.
“No! I’m serious.
It’s been a fantasy for a long time,” I reassured her.
And it was the truth.
I always want my partner to enjoy herself and having a girl squirt for you, well that doesn’t need a lot of interpretation! “So, I guess you got to live out your fantasy a little.
You got more than a mouthful of my, umm, of me last night! Now be honest with me, please… did the taste disgust you?” she asked.
“No, Becky, far from being disgusted, it made me so fucking hot for you.
So hot, that I have half a mind to fuck you senseless right now and then drink you up!” I said.
“Careful or you might just get what you wish for!” she said, smiling broadly.
“What about you? Don’t you find it erotic? Or is it just something that you’re ashamed of? That you wish didn’t happen?” “Oh Dan, I don’t know how I feel about it really.
I guess you’re being honest with me so… it’s complicated.
All these years I’ve been worried about what others would think, what their reaction would be if they found out.
“I was always afraid of relaxing enough to let myself go–afraid I would scare others off and they would think I’m a freak or something, I can’t help it.
“But at the same time, I love it when I touch myself and make myself cum so hard I squirt, soaking my hands–the smell of it drives me wild and I cum so fucking hard you wouldn’t believe.
In fact, my pussy is dripping right now just thinking about it!” she said, blushing.
“I see.
Well, I have seen you and it is definitely hot!” I said.
“Dan, can I ask you a favor?” she asked as that uncertain look came over her face again, “You can say no, of course, and we’ll pretend I didn’t ask.
” I just nodded and leaned forward to plant a reassuring kiss on her lips, “Well, would you fuck me again, but this time would you cum on me? I’ve never seen a guy cum, they always cum in me or in a condom.
Like I said after the first time I squirted, my love life was pretty sparse.
I want to see properly! Please?” Yeah, I think this is going to work out just fine! I thought as I pushed her onto her back and moved over top of her…



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