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His skin had turned pale, the whites of his eyes had turned red, and his body was set, about to hunt, his mouth opened wide in a silent snarl.
I had been in Louisiana for a week, before I decided that enough was enough.
I needed to get out and do something… anything! I needed to get my mind off things.
I left home a week ago.
Home was in England, Devon.
I left because things were too tough.
I hated myself for giving up, but I needed to do what was best for me, it may be selfish, but I was looking out for me and only me.
I left because of Paul, my abusive ex.
I left because I missed my parents, and nothing could ever bring them back.
I left because I kept dwelling on my past.
Paul never used to be abusive.
When we first started dating, he was such a good guy.
And so great in bed, it was like he knew exactly what I wanted, when I wanted it.
Then after a few months we were in a serious relationship, and we ended up moving in together.
I think what I was attracted to most about him was his image.
He projected being such a bad boy, which regrettably, I am a sucker for.
But beneath it all he was just a resentful lonely soul.
He was always protective over me, but I soon learned that he didn’t give a shit about me.
He just wanted ownership and rule over me.
The first time things started to go wrong was when I was going out to lunch one day with my girlfriends.
He kept asking questions, assuming I was going out with another guy.
When I finally convinced him that I wasn’t he still tried to keep me home by telling me that my friends were trying to keep us apart.
I told him that he was being paranoid and I stormed out of our place and went to lunch anyway.
When I got back he wouldn’t speak to me for hours.
Things just went downhill from there.
He began to get lazy, and was expecting too much from me.
We started having arguments more and more frequently.
And then he started to go out drinking.
Somewhere in the back of my mind it seemed to me like he couldn’t handle not controlling someone.
He turned violent, but he never hit me.
He just hit other things.
He did grab my face once, and I thought he would hit me, but he didn’t.
The turning point was when I found out that Paul had beaten up one of my closest friends, Mark.
I remember getting a call from one of my friends.
Paul had left to go drinking again, and I got a call from my friend, Rose.
I knew it was Paul before I even asked.
Then I packed all my things, got in my car, and left for the hospital.
I had felt a strange sense of déjà vu when I walked down the hallways.
Then I found his room, and looked through the window.
He looked even worse in the harsh bright lights.
His face was bruised, his head wounded, his arm broken, and it seemed like a few ribs were broken too.
Mark still managed a smile.
We didn’t exchange words.
I just laid my hands on his and cried silently, looking into his lively blue eyes every so often and crying some more.
“I don’t know why he would-,” I remember saying, and I remember my voice cracking.
“He found a text from me on your phone,” he whispered particularly silently.
“Leave, Ariana, otherwise you’ll never get out.
” I kissed him on his forehead, a place that wasn’t beaten, and left his room.
Now, a week later, here I am, in Monroe, Louisiana, and bored.
I don’t even know why I chose Louisiana.
It was sunny; the people were always so nice with their syrupy accents and homey can-do cheer.
Luckily my parents had left me everything they had, which turned out to be a big fortune.
I sighed.
Thinking about my mum and dad, the craving in my stomach just grew.
I hadn’t even sorted out any of their things in our old house yet, and the only other living relative I had was my grandmother Mary, who lived in Scotland.
I hadn’t even seen her since I was a child, and I missed her terribly.
She was wonderful.
I used my parent’s money to get here, and I was now using it to pay rent in this house.
It was fairly simple, an old farmhouse really, converted into a two story with a porch out front and back.
It reminded me of the house I grew up in.
The street I lived on was the posh area of town, a really nice neighbourhood, and I was somewhat grateful that the houses weren’t terraced.
I had been driving around town for the past week, getting familiar with my new home.
I found a nice family bar on my third day here, called Lazy Jacks.
I made up my mind, and decided that I would go and get dressed up and go there tonight.
* I got out of the shower, with my long golden-brown hair wrapped in a towel and steam dancing across my damp body.
I chose my outfit cautiously, opting for effortless and sexy.
I chose a virgin white macramé dress with jewelled sandals, and I wore my hair loose and curly.
I put on little makeup with just a hint of blush and a slice of my favourite lip gloss, Berry Island.
I decided against mascara, since my lashes were so dark and heavy, I didn’t need it.
I sprayed a cherry apple scented body spray on my neck before taking a last look in the mirror.
I fluffed my hair, smiling indulgently.
I stood in front of the mirror, proud of my body.
I stood at 5”6; my long auburn hair always had a slight wave to it, my legs were toned and shapely, my butt high and firm, my waistline perfectly waspy, and my skin a milky translucent tone.
I would perhaps give myself slightly bigger breasts, as they were just a C cup.
But my eyes were my best asset.
Paul had always said it was the glimmer of fire in my eyes that reeled him in like a helpless fish.
They were hazel, with tones of ochre and bottle green in the light.
My cheekbones were prominent and could cut glass, and I had a generous mouth, with full pouty pink lips.
I raised perfectly arched eyebrows over heavy hooded eyelids.
I smiled, feeling instantly more confident in my skin.
I looked fine, and I sure as hell felt it.
I grabbed my bag and hopped down the stairs in excitement, jumping two at a time, and finally got outside into the humid summer night and locked the door behind me.
I was just unlocking my car when I felt a strange sensation creep from my lower back and travel up to my neck, raising the fine hairs that lay across my arms.
I was being watched.
I whirled around to face the woods that was settled in front of my house.
Easy, Arianna, just take a deep breath, there’s nothing there and you’re just being paranoid.
I still couldn’t shake the feeling as I got in my car and drove off.
* I arrived in the parking lot of Lazy Jacks, which was set beside the edge of the woods.
I thought back to earlier; when I’d felt something watching me from my own woods.
I felt a pang of unease; was this place just swarming with stupid woods? But as I looked around the parking lot, I felt nothing strange or sinister.
I chose a space slightly by the trees and got out of my car, taking a deep breath and holding my chin up.
As I walked I was aware that tonight I was beautiful, I was a different person than the pitiful old me who let a man walk all over her.
That would never happen again.
My shoulders relaxed into the position of a laidback, self-assured person.
The aroma of lager and smoke greeted me as I pushed open the double doors to the bar, and the jingle of music sang through me, soothing me.
This was a place where I belonged.
I looked around at all the people, drinking and joking, playing pool and dancing to the music.
I looked over at the bar, in the dim light, and saw that there were a few vacated seats.
A couple sat at one end, and another man was sat just in front of the bar.
I assessed him.
He looked about twenty-five, had a shock of silky messy black hair, a stocky build and was mouth-wateringly gorgeous.
His body was obviously well built and toned, I could see by the way his black shirt clung to him.
His jeans were dark blue denim, and his boots were black and heavy.
I dismissed this and went up to the bar, claiming a stool, a few seats away from the dark beauty of the young man who seemed to be drowning his sorrows with bourbon.
The barman came up to serve me then.
“What’ll it be darlin’?” he said in a luscious syrupy accent, a big smile plastered on his face.
“Southern comfort and lemonade please,” I smiled sweetly, ordering my favourite drink.
The barman was cute, with sandy messy hair, bright green eyes and scrubby stubble.
He was shorter than most men but stocky, well built, and had slightly tanned skin.
He brought me my drink and then disappeared.
I took a sip before observing the happenings all around me.
There seemed to be people of every calibre here, and they mostly seemed to know everyone else.
It was a small town, after all.
I looked around the bar, and my eyes landed on a couple in a booth at the very back.
She was maybe wearing a pound too much makeup, and she struck me as the kind of woman who smelled of cheap perfume.
She was wearing a tight, thin, stretchy fabric floral top and a denim mini skirt and strappy red heels.
And right now she was rubbing the groin of her companion.
He was slightly chunky and was in lumberjack wear, sporting a dark blue baseball hat and washed out work jeans and work boots.
He was in grave need of a shave and it looked as though he was about to burst out of his jeans he was so stiff.
I blushed and felt shame for the woman on her part in this.
They were obviously drunk, and she was rubbing her hand on the fly of his jeans.
I flushed again and turned away, not wanting to see any more.
Hopefully soon they would leave and continue their five minutes somewhere else.
I turned back to my drink, taking a long gulp, and licking away the excess alcohol on my lips.
I caught something out of my peripheral vision; I turned and met the eyes of the young, gorgeous man who was drowning his sorrows.
I felt a thrill of pleasure from the crown of my head to the heels of my feet.
His eyes were an astonishing shade of blue; lighter on the outer edges and turning darker near the iris.
His full, opulent mouth was quirked in an arrogant, wry grin, and he was lounging in his seat, his body turned my way.
He was definitely more gorgeous from the front.
I flushed, unable to take my eyes away from his beautiful face.
With that one look he was giving me, my legs quivered with the thoughts of what he could do to me.
Out of my periphery vision, I saw his hand slide across the bar and slip into something red and white.
I looked down just in time to see his hand delve into the bowl of cherries and pluck out a juicy ruby red bulb.
He pulled the stem from the cherry, and set the cherry on to the bar table, before bringing the stem up to his alluring mouth.
He set it in his gorgeous mouth and for a few seconds I watched him abstractedly, before his sexy pink tongue protruded from that delectable mouth of his, the stem of the cherry newly notted.
Another rush of blood to my cheeks, and for a moment I stared at him, my eyes wide and dilated, like orbs.
Then I took a shuddering breath, and completely hooted with mirth.
I doubled up, covering my mouth with my hand and laughing almost silently, with crystal tears leaking from the corners of my eyes.
“Oh–” I choked.
“Oh my!” Clearly my reaction wasn’t what he expected.
“I’m sorry, sir,” I tried to catch my breath, still giggling slightly.
“But I’m afraid I’m not as easy as the girls you must be adapted to.
” I smiled widely again, before pressing my lips together to stop myself from laughing, all to no avail.
Online Now! Lush Cams Drago_Pervert You had to give me some credit, I hadn’t laughed in a while; it felt good.
I looked back at him, and saw that he was looking me up and down like I was some kind of trophy he was considering to buy.
He absently licked his lips.
“Hmm,” his voice was just as sexy as the rest of him.
“Well, you could have fooled me… princess.
Was that an English accent I picked up on just then?” My face fell, and I scoffed turning back to my drink and downing the rest in one hit.
I stood up to leave.
“Well, I would just love to stay and see how far you get tonight by being a massive dick, but I got places to be.
” I turned and stalked out of the bar, not giving him the satisfaction of a last glance, although I could feel his eyes burning holes on my back.
At last I reached the seclusion of the car park, and the calm summer night’s breeze drifted around me, and I inhaled deeply and thankfully.
I dug my car keys out of my small bag and began walking to the opposite end of the car park.
My step faltered when I heard quick footsteps behind me.
“Hey – wait!” I heard the man from the bar’s voice coming closer.
I reached my car just as I felt his hand grab my shoulder.
I spun round and smacked his hand away.
“I’m sorry about what I said,” he tilted his head and his wide blue eyes looked truthfully sincere.
I narrowed my eyes at him.
“I’m sorry,” He said again, coming closer.
“I didn’t mean to offend you, truly.
” “Fine,” I said in a no-nonsense tone.
“You’re sorry.
” “Are you new here?” He smiled.
“Yeah,” I cleared my throat.
“I moved here a week ago.
” “From England?” His smile became more pronounced.
“Yeah,” I sighed, smiling back at him apprehensively.
“I bet you don’t know your way around properly yet,” He said softly.
“Maybe I can show you sometime?” “I don’t even know you,” I frowned, mystified, and narrowed my eyes at him again.
“Then you can get to know me,” he smiled his cocky, bad-boy smile and moved closer to me.
I backed up against my car.
He cocked his head to the side, and brushed a strand of hair away from my face.
His fingers trailing against my silky skin tingled and cracked with electricity.
I let out my breath shakily.
“I’m sorry I made you angry,” he murmured, pressing against me hungrily, his fingertips still stroking my face, his gorgeous, sculpted mouth was mere millimetres from mine.
He smelled so good.
“What?” I whispered, confused.
I wished he’d stop talking and kiss me already.
“That wasn’t my intention,” he continued his stroking of my face, but this time he pushed against me harder.
I stared into his striking blue eyes, and I felt his hand slip onto my waist and continue exploring down to my thigh.
My breathing became heavy, even more so when he widened my legs with his knee and pressed against my most private area.
I bit my lip, my loins burning, and the pulse between my legs budding.
I let out a soft whimper when I felt his sweet damp lips press softly against mine.
Seconds passed, and he still continued his terribly slow exploration of my mouth, his fingers stroking across my skin making me shiver and dance inside.
I couldn’t take it any more, warm flickering heat snaked through my entire body.
My fingers clenched the cotton of his shirt and he kissed me more fiercely, forcing my mouth into a hot open mouthed kiss.
I felt like I was flying, soon I couldn’t tell where he ended and where I began.
All of a sudden I felt his strong hand grab my legs and lift me up, my hands wound around his neck and trapped in his silky smooth black hair, and I tightened my legs around him, causing the hem of my dress to shove against my hips.
He released a satisfying groan and walked around to the hood of my car, with me still in his arms, and with me still kissing him avidly.
He set me down lightly on the bonnet, and ran his strong hands through my soft hair, pulling away from my mouth by an inch or so and staring intently into my eyes.
My hands held on to his wrists as he swept his thumb across my damp lips.
I noticed that his mouth looked slightly swollen and his eyes were wildly dilated.
He turned his head to the side ever so slightly and his startling eyes landed to gaze at my lips.
He licked his lips absently.
I stayed still, paralysed, my heart jumping around in my chest frantically.
I didn’t know what was going to happen next.
I could already feel my knees begin to shake.
Intoxicated with desire, my hands loosened from his wrists and I scooted closer to him.
I released a trembling breath I hadn’t realized I’d been holding, and I leaned my face closer to his, letting my eyes drift to a close.
Fireworks and dizzy noise sounded in my head when he hit me with his alluring kiss.
My hands pressed into his back, pulling him closer, and he leaned into me, pushing me down so that my back and head rested on the hood of my car.
He followed me, climbing up my body and bearing his weight on me.
I gasped aloud when I felt his hard sex press into me through his jeans, my dress now tickling my hips.
His hand left my hair and traced a vein in my neck, and I could feel my pulse thumping against his thumb.
His lush tongue swept across my lower lips, begging entrance, and I let him in with no inhibition.
Our tongues danced to their own rhythm as his hand travelled past my collar bone to grab my breast roughly.
I moaned deeply and tightened my legs around him, and I could feel his erection jerk against my upper thigh and hip.
He wrenched his mouth from mine and nuzzled into my neck, breathing heavily in my ear.
The burning embers deep in the pit of my stomach threatened to burst forth into a blazing fire, and I wanted to dance around the sparks.
In some very small part of my mind, I knew that I shouldn’t be doing this.
That part shut the hell up as soon as he started to grind into me.
I arched my back, moaning even more deeply when he started to bite and lick my neck softly.
It was sheer bliss and torture, what this stranger was doing to me.
Soon my hips were meeting his and I was moaning like a mad woman.
I dug my hands into his ass as he began to rub against me violently.
We were practically fucking with clothes on.
He brushed my hair soothingly away from my face and began whispering into my ear, a language I couldn’t understand.
His mouth locked on mine again, and I revelled in the feeling he was giving me.
My entire body was ignited with passion and flame, and each time he thrust against me I moaned into his mouth, the friction of his denim clad hot member chafing against my wet silky panties pushing me to the edge of lunacy.
I felt safe with him, here in the parking lot, by the trees where no one could see us.
His body was pressed against mine heavily, his mouth hot on my skin and lips.
Intent manipulated his body, and I pressed my hands harder against his back, pushing him harder against me.
I began to take in my surroundings.
It was a wild and fierce thing.
I felt primal, animalistic… I wanted to be animal with him.
What if someone caught us? I was safe with him.
Why was I letting him do this to me? Didn’t I make a promise to myself that I would never let a guy break me down ever again? My body was saying something else entirely.
Why wasn’t I angry? I should be.
But he said that wasn’t his intention… He didn’t mean to make me angry.
I was angry.
My eyes snapped open and I felt sense drain through me.
I wrenched my mouth away from his and pushed him up and off of me.
“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” I snapped at him, getting of my car and adjusting my dress.
I felt like cold water had been thrown over my mind.
Why was I letting this stranger do this to me? What manipulated me? He looked bewildered and there was an odd look of respect in his eyes.
I wiped my mouth and combed my hands through my hair, catching my breath.
I looked at him, throwing him a nasty look.
“Well!?” I huffed.
“Did you think you could just come out here and try to fuck me on my car?” “You’re angry,” He pressed his lips together, but failed in trying not to grin.
I noticed his mouth was swollen from our kiss.
Those things he was doing with his mouth… I turned away.
“Screw you,” I said reaching in my bag for my keys.
“I am so outta here.
” “I guess I’ll see you around…” he said very quietly, as I was still rifling through my bag for my damn keys.
” When I turned around, he was gone.
* On the drive home I felt sketchy and irritated.
I felt like there were eyes on me.
And how did that guy know my name? That dangerous, desirable man who kissed me so passionately I couldn’t even remember my own self.
And where did he go? I didn’t see him when I turned around, didn’t hear any footsteps.
When I finally got into the sanctuary of my bedroom I plonked myself down on the bed and pressed my hands into my eyes.
I shook off my sandals and stood up to take off my dress.
I stood in just my red silk panties in front of the mirror.
I could see the evidence of my night at the bar.
My lips were a darker shade and slightly swollen, my hair unkempt and sexy.
My nipples were as hard and erect, and the pulsing heat between my legs wet.
My cheeks were flushed with excitement and I blushed even harder.
I padded barefoot into my en suite bathroom, and cleaned my face of what little makeup I had on, and then I brushed my hair into a loose ponytail and brushed my teeth.
I was yawning, my pouty mouth a perfect ‘O’ whilst I pulled on a floral nightdress.
I climbed into my high bed and settled into the fresh white sheets.
I turned on my side like I always do but I couldn’t get comfortable, I was frustrated and irritated when I started thinking about him some more.
How did he know my name? I rolled onto my back and sighed.
I wonder how it would have been if I didn’t stop him from kissing me, I thought reluctantly.
His strong, balmy hands had felt so wonderful against my body.
And that mouth; I bit down on my bottom lip, imagining the perfect sculpted curve of his mouth kissing my lips hard, planting soft coaxing kisses on my neck, my collarbone and my full, bloated breasts.
I felt my hands cup my supple breasts, and I arched my head back into the pillow.
I pinched my erect nipples through my nightdress, imagining him biting softly, and then soothing the sensitive bud with his agile tongue.
I moaned a low and deep sound, thinking of his lithe, flat-muscled body moving with mine in perfect sync.
I shuddered as I remembered how he rocked into me, his breath hot and heavy in my ear, as we both gave in to our most basic, primitive urges like animals.
My hand delved between my thighs, stroking the hot wetness, and I whimpered and shuddered.
It was just so bad, practically fucking I guy I didn’t even know in public… on my car.
I subconsciously wished I knew his name.
I was getting hot, panting now, and I sat bolt upright in bed, pulling off my nightdress.
I flumped back down against my pillows, the crisp, cool sheets feeling so great rubbing against my hard nipples.
I bent my legs and spread them wide apart, sinking my fingers into my hot channel, imagining his fingers replacing mine, to continue our wicked lust-fuelled adventure.
I clamped my legs together hard, as I came, seemingly flying up and out of my body.
I shuddered with pleasurable little aftershocks for a while, before rolling over and getting comfortable.
I asked myself again before my eyes drifted closed and stayed that way; how did he know my name? Part Two: Coming Soon



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