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Etan smiled as he pulled the edges of her robe apart.
Alexia sucked in a breath as the cool room air hit her now exposed body.
Etan looked at the woman laying open in front of him.
His eyes scanned the soft face, the full firm breasts, capped with nipples hard and erect with excitement.
His eyes then moved lower to her flat belly and finally the soft, dark, hair neatly trimmed into an upside down triangle pointing to her own heavenly entrance.
you-you’re beautiful!” he said, awestruck by the vision in front of him.
Alexia smiled shyly and held her arms out to him.
Etan moved up over the top of her and into her embrace.
His cock, hard as an iron rod since their first kiss, nestled up against her pussy laying lengthwise along her damp slick slit.
Alexia didn’t know what was happening to her, this was her experience with human feelings, but she knew she wanted this.
It felt right to her and she loved this man with all her heart.
“Etan, please.
make love to me.
Please, I want to love you,” she said softly.
He raised up to look her in the eyes.
He saw her desire, her need.
He raised his hips just enough to let his cock point the way and then slowly lowered himself back down.
Alexia gasped as she felt his cockhead part her swollen lips and nudge its way into her.
She clutched his upper arms as she felt him burrowing deeper, opening her up for the very first time ever.
Her eyes grew wide as this new experience overcame her.
“Etan please.
go slow.
This is my first time.
” It was then that he realized – Alexia was a virgin!  Of course, she’s a virgin dummy, she said she came down from heaven to be with him! She’s an angel! he thought to himself.
“It’s okay Alexia, I will take it nice and slow.
I want you to enjoy this.
I want this to be special for you.
” Alexia smiled.
“It already is special Etan – you are here with me and that makes it special.
” He leaned down and kissed her as he pushed again further into her.
She moaned into his mouth as she felt him tunneling into her virgin canal.
Suddenly he stopped and raised up, “Okay, I’m at your hymen – your cherry.
Are you sure you want to continue?” “Yes, Etan please.
make me yours.
Take my virginity and make me your woman.
” “This may hurt some.
” “I don’t care, Etan.
I came down here because I love you.
I want to be yours, I want to give everything to you, I want to belong to you.
Please, Etan, please take my gift and make me yours in every way!” she pleaded.
He looked at her and saw the sincerity, the desperate need she had.
He couldn’t refuse such a heartfelt and honest gift.
“Put your arms around my neck then,” he said.
Alexia did as he said and he kissed her once more.
As he did, he pushed forward the last inch, tearing her hymen in two with his gentle but firm thrust.
She whimpered her pain into his mouth and he accepted it, swallowing it down and making it his pain.
He pushed into her newly opened pussy and further down until he once again reached a barrier.
But he knew this one he couldn’t get past.
He was fully into her and pressing on her cervix.
He held himself still, fully inside her as she got used to him.
“Okay I going to start, but I will take it slow until you are used to me, all right?” Alexia nodded her head, her tear streaked face making him feel bad for hurting her, but he knew it had to be done to give her what she wanted.
With notification given, he slowly began to withdraw his cock from her.
But he didn’t pull completely out, leaving just the head and an inch or so of the shaft still inside.
Then he pushed back in, the whole time watching her and judging his speed from her reactions.
  On his withdrawal, he noticed her start to relax slightly.
But when he switched gears and began to move back in, her eyes got big and her mouth dropped open again.
It was nice to see he had such reactions from her, but he also knew this was all new as she wasn’t sure what to expect.
After a few repetitions, however, she had gotten the idea and she had loosened up to accommodate him more.
The pain had reduced and she was beginning to feel her arousal building.
“Oh, Etan! Oh yes, just like that! Oh, that feels so wonderful! Yes! Ohhh.
” Etan used her vocalizations as a roadmap to her buttons, making sure when he found them he marked them in his memory.
He hoped to be returning to this warm and inviting place again! With her getting accustomed to him now, he began to increase the speed and power of his thrusts.
Alexia was delighted with the increase and her moaning also confirmed her pleasure.
Soon she was humping back up at him her hips moving up as his moved down to drive his cock even deeper into her.
Her head began thrashing back and forth creating a flurry of inky black hair flying around.
“Oh, Etan, yes! Yes! Ohhhh, yes! Harder! Harder, please, Etan! Give it all to me! Ohhh!” Alexia’s passions had reached a fever pitch now and Etan could tell by her thrashing and moaning that she wasn’t going to last much longer.
He, himself, was getting close due in large part by watching her have so much pleasure.
It would be a real footrace to see who would reach their orgasm first! Suddenly and without warning to either of them, Alexia’s first ever orgasm slammed into her full force.
Etan just happened to look up at her the instant it occurred.
Alexia’s eyes got as big as dinner plates and her mouth dropped into an “O”.
Etan felt her pussy walls clamp down on him like he had stuck his cock in a vise and then she arched her back stiffly.
“OHHH, EEETAAANNN!” she screamed as the floodgates opened.
She began writhing like a snake on a hot skillet, her arms stretched out and her hands gripping the sheets as if to keep from falling off the earth.
Etan continued to pump into her harder and faster than ever, trying to extend her orgasm longer.
He didn’t know if he would get another chance with her and wanted to impress her as much as he could.
She clawed at the bedsheets, then gripped his arms almost painfully.
she tried scooting back away from him trying to dislodge the tormenting cock but she was already up against the headboard and couldn’t go anywhere.
Mercifully Etan was at his limit as well and only moments after she came it was his turn.
  With a great groan that felt like it came from his toes he erupted, shooting thick, gooey, wads of sizzling hot cum splashing against her pussy walls.
He pumped out seven or eight enormous jets of his seed before he had finally emptied his balls of their load.
He collapsed on top of her then slowly rolled off, lying next to her and both panting like dogs on a hot day.
incredible!” Alexia said between breaths.
“Thanks, you.
weren’t too bad.
yourself!” he replied equally spent.
With his last ounce of strength, he pulled her close and put his arm around her, Holding her as they regained themselves again.
They lay together in each other’s arms for about a half hour until Alexia finally spoke.
“I should get cleaned up.
I’m all sweaty and smelly!” “You smell wonderful to me!” “Thanks, honey, but I feel all icky.
Let me take a shower and get all fresh for you again.
” And she got out of bed and walked to the shower.
  Etan meantime got up and put on his shorts, then went into the kitchen to get a glass of water.
He was standing there in the kitchen when he heard the water shut off in the bathroom.
He dumped the last of the water into the sink and went back to the bedroom to wait for Alexia.
Alexia came in a couple minutes later looking fresh and beautiful as ever.
Her hair was still a bit damp but it had been brushed out and she looked radiant.
“I feel much better now but I hope I didn’t use up all the hot water!” “No problem.
This place is on a boiler system so we have all the hot water we could possibly use! Now don’t go anywhere, I’ll be out in a few minutes!”  “I’m not going anywhere, Etan.
” She smiled as he left for the bathroom and his shower.
It was about ten minutes later when he came out of the bathroom and Alexia was sitting up in bed waiting for him.
He came over to her side of the bed to give her a kiss when he stood up she quickly snatched the towel from around his waist.
She giggled when she saw his cock was semi-erect again and she took hold of it, leaning down to give it a kiss as well.
“Thank both of you for giving me such a wonderful experience and for being so sweet to me.
” Online Now! Lush Cams AntonellaLombard “Well, I think I speak for both of us when I say you have given us a pretty good time to so I think we are even on that score!” Etan said playing along with her.
“Now, why don’t you get dressed and we will take you shopping – I’m sure you don’t want to wear that dress, pretty as you are in it, forever! You didn’t have any luggage or even a makeup case with you.
You will need some different clothes and things!” “You are taking me clothes shopping? Oh, Etan you don’t have to do that!” “Don’t worry, I have a couple credit cards just itching to buy pretty clothes with! And now I have someone to buy for – trust me I don’t look good in a dress!” So Alexia got dressed in the only thing she had and they headed for the mall.
After an afternoon of clothes shopping in which Etan was extremely patient, they were both worn out.
Alexia had gotten outfits that she had some variety to her wardrobe now.
They also stopped at the makeup counter so she could get a few necessary items there “to make her look more presentable” – although to Etan she didn’t need anything for that.
Finally, they had finished their day of shopping and Etan turned to Alexia, “You know you have had such a busy day today, I don’t think it’s right that you have to go home and cook.
Why don’t we just grab some dinner before we go home?” “You are so thoughtful, Etan.
I would love to.
I am pretty tired, and I wasn’t looking forward to cooking on top of everything else.
”  “That’s what I figured.
What are you in the mood for?” “I don’t care.
I don’t know the restaurants here so you pick.
” “Okay, there’s a nice family type restaurant not too far away.
And it’s on the way home too!” “That sounds wonderful, Etan.
” So they went to Mom’s Cafe and ate a nice dinner.
Etan had chicken-friend steak and mashed potatoes with green beans.
Alexia wanted to try out meatloaf with mashed potatoes and brown gravy.
Etan had to keep reminding himself she had come from heaven and wasn’t used to the way things were on earth.
Sure she had been down here as a guardian angel for him but she had never experienced life as a human.
So every experience was new to her.
  Etan smiled as he watched her eating.
sniffing her food, touching her tongue to it, then putting a small bite in her mouth to examine the taste and texture.
When she found something she liked, like the meatloaf, her face lit up and she took a bigger bite.
But she wasn’t so fond of the brussels sprouts and Etan about choked on his food when he saw her wrinkle her nose at the tiny green cabbages.
At last, their dinner was done and Etan paid the check with his card and they headed for home.
Once they got back home, Alexia took her new clothes to the bedroom and began putting them away.
Etan plopped down on the sofa to let her do her work and turned on the evening news.
About fifteen minutes later Alexia came out and walked up to where he was sitting.
She knelt on the sofa straddling him and facing him.
She put her arms around his neck and sat in his lap.
“Did you get everything put away?” “I did.
And I want to thank you for taking me shopping.
You have been so wonderful to me Etan.
I knew you were a good man – I have seen you grow up and I couldn’t be happier how you have turned out.
And it’s because you are such a good man that I have fallen in love with you and come down here to be with you.
” “Well, I don’t know how good a man I am but I am falling for you as well Alexia.
I mean how could I not – you are everything I could hope for in a woman.
And after what you gave up to be with me.
let’s face it, no man has ever had his girl give up heaven to be with him! A lot of guys say their girl is an angel, but I really do have one!” “Oh Etan, you are the most incredible, wonderful, amazing man ever!” she said, pulling him into a deep, passionate kiss.
They sat there on the sofa watching TV until it was bedtime.
Alexia had moved down and was laying on the sofa with her head in his lap.
Etan stroked and played in her hair, enjoying the soft purring and mewling sounds of happiness she made.
That night as they got ready for bed, Alexia went into the bathroom to do whatever it is that women do to get ready for bed and Etan got undressed down to his boxers and climbed into bed, pulling the sheet back for her.
Alexia came out of the bathroom, but instead of getting into bed on her side she crawled up and sat on his lap straddling him again, this time as he lay in bed.
“Etan can I talk to you?” “Sure what is it?” he said as he propped himself up with his pillow.
“You told me earlier this evening that I am everything you could hope for in a woman.
” “That’s right, you are Alexia.
More than I could hope for.
Why? What’s wrong?” “Well, that’s not exactly true, Etan.
You see I have seen what you watched online.
I have seen the things you like and the places you go.
I have seen everything you have ever done but more importantly, I see how you like those other girls.
the ones in bondage and the ones kneeling in front of their men.
” “You mean the BDSM pictures? I-I didn’t know.
” Etan turned bright red with embarrassment.
“I don’t mean to embarrass you, Etan.
It’s just that I know how much you like that and I want to be what you want.
Would you teach me.
this BDSM?” “You want me to teach you how to be submissive and serve me?” “Yes.
I want to learn all the ways to please you, Etan.
You have already given of yourself more than anyone could ask.
Now I want to serve and pleasure you.
After all isn’t that what the woman is supposed to do? Doesn’t it say in the Bible ‘Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, for the husband is the head of the wife’? I would assume that goes for girlfriends too, for aren’t girlfriends just a step towards becoming a wife? I may as well learn how to submit to you now and get a jump on things!” “Well, this is a bit of a sticky situation! I mean here I have an angel, one of the heavenly hosts, wanting me to teach them how to serve me, a mere human.
An angel who wants to learn all the sexual ways to pleasure me and to receive pleasure in return.
How am I supposed to teach an angel about sex?” She leaned forward a bit and put her hands on either side of his face.
“Ethan, I am completely human.
It is true I was once an angel.
But God has made me totally human, with human wants and needs and desires.
He did this because I came to Him and asked for Him to transform me.
So I could come down here and be with you.
  “When you saw me on that park bench I had just arrived and it was a shock, to be honest, to see the world through as you see it, with all the crime, sadness and struggle.
That is why I was crying – I had just left heaven and its perfection.
But I did this for a reason.
for you.
You showed me through your life that there is still some goodness down here, and I was so touched that I had to meet you.
And when I did, I knew I would fall in love with you which I have.
“So you see you aren’t teaching an angel about sex, you are teaching a woman who has not known sex or much of anything else familiar to you.
I want to learn how to make you happy.
How to please you and yes, how to pleasure you.
I want to be whatever you want me to be.
I just want to be yours, Etan, and whatever it takes for that I am willing to do.
I know who you are and I know that you are not wicked or maleficent.
You have a good heart – I have seen it.
Please show me how to be your submissive, Etan.
Show me how you wish me to please you.
” Etan listened to her and looked at her as she spoke.
The sincerity and honesty in her face proved beyond a doubt that she meant every word she had said.
He still wasn’t sure what he did to deserve this, but the woman in front of him loved him and wanted nothing more than to make him happy in every way.
Finally, after several long minutes of contemplation, he spoke again.
“I’ll tell you what Alexia, let me think about how I can do this and I will talk to you about it then.
You caught me completely off guard and out of the blue with this, and I need some time to wrap my head around everything that has happened.
I’m not saying no, I just need to plan out how to accomplish this properly, okay?” “Okay, Etan.
I know this must seem a little strange and bizarre to you and I understand you need time to digest it all.
Just know that I love you and want to make you happy, whatever form that happiness takes.



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