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Without warning his gray eyes flash to the brilliant vampire-light blue, his fangs sinking instep.
I gaze into those illuminated blue eyes, hypnotized.
Curiosity took over me, making me tilt my head slightly to invite him to drink from me.
But he didn’t bite.
With his vampire agility he penetrated my womanhood.
And before I could cry out in pain, Shadow sunk his teeth in my neck and began drinking my life force.
Shadow laps furiously at my neck, draining me further than I’d ever thought he would.
My blood to vampires, I knew, was intoxicating; drug-like.
I could feel more and more of my humanity slipping away the more he drank, thus increasing the bond.
Now that the link was no longer one sided I could now begin to taste what Shadow tasted and feel whatever he felt.
Not just physically, but emotionally as well.
The pain of Shadow’s deep and furious penetration quickly subsided the instant his fangs came sharply down on my neck, above the main artery.
Intense feelings of pleasure, desire, and ecstasy rolled through me in floods, and I loved every second of it.
Through our link, I now knew how addicted Shadow was becoming due to tasting my blood.
To him my blood was like a fine elixir; bittersweet, heavenly, magical, euphoria.
Behind his lids danced rainbows, like he were seeing the world through sunbeam-reflected crystal.
His hormones raged due to the fact.
A slight pain ripped through me where Shadow and I connected.
Aromas of iron and something else I couldn’t quite put a name to filled my nose.
The same smell was the very same Shadow both smelled and tasted.
My blood.
During the time in which Shadow buried himself inside me, he had torn through my walls and caused me to bleed.
With him being a vampire, the smell of my blood must’ve drove him to near madness.
So he bit me.
The pain would fade then flare back to life, and I both felt and knew that if only Shadow would begin to thrust in and out of me that the pain would dissipate.
But I had been calling out to him telepathically and verbally to move; instead he continued to drain me.
I knew I was well on the way of completing the transition, that part excited me than ever before, but I did want to keep some of my humanity while we made love, if we make love.
“Shadow,” his name came out as a low exhale of breath.
“Shadow, stop.
” He didn’t stop.
“Move your hips, dammit!” I cry.
A slow, barely there, motion of his hips sent the fire in my pussy to flare to life again.
Odd that it pleased rather than hurt, the slight action had me pushing my hips up to meet his.
As I did that I felt the length of his cock burrow deeper within my walls.
I kept that up, lifting and dropping and lifting my hips up over and over, moans roaring left and right.
Shadow continued to drink from me, allowing me to feel that I was almost dry of my human blood.
I grew stronger, yet, weaker at the same time.
The thirst for blood started a new blaze to ignite in my throat.
Once I felt that Shadow lifted his mouth up from my neck.
“Bite me,” he whispered.
The second he said that I could feel the sharpness of my canines; they didn’t grow out like Shadow’s did, only became razor sharp.
My vision also had a red tint to it so I knew I was bloodthirsty and ravenous.
“Bite me, Luna.
Drink from me.
” “Shit!” I moaned feeling the flood of both my blood and juices mix together as I lubricated Shadow’s cock.
“Fuck me!” I shout before sinking my teeth in the hallow base of Shadow’s neck.
A loud moan escaped from deep within his chest.
Instantaneously, Shadow began thrusting his hips in liquid motions.
He would slow the less I sucked then lashed out the harder I sucked.
Either way, the burning sensation in my throat wouldn’t allow me to slow my sucking and drinking, but the more I drank the more it dulled until it was sated.
Pulling back, Shadow smiled down at me.
“That was.
” he tried to speak, but the words came out in pants.
“You—are—fucking—amazing!” “Don’t stop!” my legs constrict tighter around his waist.
He cried out in pleasure.
Before given the chance to continue, I grabbed his shoulders and rolled him underneath me.
Need and pleasure took control then; with new vampire speed I pumped my hips up and down on his cock.
___ Shadow Luna’s bounced up and down on my throbbing cock in vampire speed movements.
Her cunt quivered and tightened around me as if though she were trying to cut off the circulation in my prick.
She gave no hint at slowing down or taking a break, and I was positive she wouldn’t—not with her new bursts energy.
Being inside of her had me feeling like the world was on fire.
The intensity of the pleasure was too much, even for me.
In addition, the smell of blood from me ripping her love hole open made the fire seem to spread.
Heat surged in my dick, making the organ grow and harden.
I felt Luna cum hard on my cock over and over and over again, nonstop.
She was swallowing me inside her pussy as far as she could until hitting the painful obstacle, but it only made me want to go deeper.
Her sopping wet, tight cunt would come down hard on five or six inches of my pole before lifting back up.
I wanted more.
Taking hold of her hips, I pull her down as I lift up and drive the last remaining inches deep into her pussy.
She moaned louder than ever each time I rapidly thrust my cock up in her.
Her legs fell weak so she forfeited all control to me.
Around the tenth time I hammered her Luna screamed as she felt her first real orgasm.
Every muscle in her body tightened while she continued to bust load after load of sticky, delicious, hot cum all over my dick.
Cumming hard on me, her hips bucked wildly against mine, further driving her to cum.
Not allowing her to finish, I flip us over and pull out.
Online Now! Lush Cams HannahJonns “What the fu—” I don’t even allow her to finish speaking.
Wrestling her onto her stomach, closing her legs together, I push through her hymen again.
Crying out in pain her pussy convulses as she cums again.
I know I have to be quick to when I do this because the build up is agonizing.
I fully intend to fill her virgin womb to the brim with my hot seed.
So using full vampire strength I grip hard on her shoulders, pull her body down and, using full velocity, shove my full nine inch cock all the way.
Growls fight their way through ground teeth, moans stop coming from Luna.
Her hands are bone-white fists gripping sheets, body stiff.
Using the link to look through her eyes, I find that they are closed tight.
Open your eyes, I shout telepathically.
She obeys.
On the verge of shooting strings of thick cum deep in her womb, I push myself further.
Luna’s walls clamp down hard around my throbbing cock as a scream builds up deep in her throat.
“I’M CUMMMMMMMMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNG!!!!!!!!!!” She bellows at the opportune moment; I release my load of sperm, filling her womb.
Our juices mix together in a special blend of her juices, blood, and my fertilizer.
“How’s that for deflowering?” I give a shaky laugh.
Luna is unable to speak verbally.
Telepathically she releases a run-on of her inner thoughts: I love your cock—I only want you to fuck me—you’re all mine—it felt sooooooo fucking good—I want you to own me.
There were only three words she desperately wanted to say, but the fear of rejection held the words at bay.
She wanted to say ‘I love you’, so I voiced her one better.
“I’m in love with you.
” Her mortal heart stopped as her immortal life began.
___ I felt it before I fully knew what it meant: my heart stopped beating.
I was now immortal—I had completed the transition from half-blood to full-fledged vampire.
Opening my mouth to speak, but.
nothing would come out.
Bells rang in my ears, sobs threatened to break loose, and the urge to scream was well on its way of roaring out at any moment.
Excitement, fear, astounded, shock: all crashed down on me like a tide pool.
I had waited eighteen years of my life for this day, all the while everyone I knew dreaded what could come of it.
Not Shadow, though.
Connected physically, emotionally, including mentally I now knew saw his perspective.
The day he was informed of becoming a Guardian at such short notice he was furious; When we first met, he was baffled and irritated; By the end of the first week he was bombarded with emotions and urges that he feared, misunderstood, and didn’t want to have; After our first month together we grew closer and that’s around the time he accepted our whole ordeal.
tonight he gave into those needs and desires he’s held back from.
And ,right now, his emotions were unreadable, his thoughts consisted of denial, and though our bodies were still connected his whole body was chilled—all heat gone.
Finally, tears streaked down both sides of my face, sharp hiccup-sobs instantly bubbling over.
Shadow instantly thought I was hurt, scared, flat out devastated.
Why he couldn’t see the real reasons behind my random outburst I did not know.
Maybe because I was an emotional train wreck? Since he didn’t understand, nor bothered to read my thoughts (I didn’t even know how to tune anything out, and he’s had more practice), I was gathered up into the curve of Shadow’s chest where he cradled and caressed me in comfort.
“It’s okay, Luna.
Shhh,” he cooed.
Now that hearing was intensified to me his voice sounded like velvet, the deepness sending vibration tickling my ear.
“What?!” I shot forward out of his arms.
He was surprised by my unexpected mood swing confused for my hostile reaction.
“HOW CAN YOU EVEN SAY IT’S OKAY? NOTHING ABOUT THIS IS OKAY!” Shrinking back, wishing he knew how to fix how livid I was, Shadow stood his ground.
“I’m sorry!” he retorted.
“What can I do?” “What can you.
I don’t want you to fix this, I don’t want you to be sorry! Everything is just.
” I struggled to find the right word.
“Everything is just.
BLISS!” “Wait,” confused.
“You aren’t upset?” I laughed.
“No! And that’s what I’ve been trying to get you to see!” “Oh.
” Shadow shrugged.
His expression had me laughing because he looked so lost, but I felt bad for making him accuse himself of bringing about my bouts of madness.
So I tackled him.
Putting my new abilities to the test I pinned him down.
Shadow knew that this was just an experiment and fought back failing miserably.
“This is not right.
” “What?” I hover, a smile plastered on my face.
“That I’m stronger than you and have you right where I want you?” my lips brush over his seductively.
Easing up on the hold I had on him Shadow’s hands went to rest on my hips.
“Is that so?” he cocked a brow.
“Yes,” I giggle.
Overpowering me, I now lay pinned underneath Shadow, unable to move without possibly hurting him.
But careful wasn’t what he had in mind so the worry left my mind.
Animal-like his lips smashed down on mine.
This kiss bore no caution, no control, just emphasizing the point that we didn’t have to be careful with each other now; we could be completely open.
“Mine,” he growled, breaking the kiss.
“Yours,” I breathed.
“Yours,” he repeated.
” The kiss took back off from there.
This was it, this was who we were, this was us.
For forever, always.
For eternity.



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