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It’s the wee small hours of a hot humid night.
One of those times when the air-con doesn’t seem to do very much to make things better.
I’m lying naked on top of the bed, trying to sleep with a zero chance of it happening.
I love the US, but temperatures when you’re from a small maritime-climated nation are a heck of a problem, and I sure as hell am not use to them! A shower, or a swim? In my current state the swim seems like a better bet.
What’s more it’s the dark of the moon, so there’s only star-light to illuminate the scene at your remote house.
Quietly opening the bedroom, patio window I amble out onto the pool-side and dip a toe in the water.
Bliss! It’s cool but not cold.
The previous day’s sun has seen to that.
Rather than dive in, as I can’t remember how deep this end is, I just ease myself off the side and slip in quietly, so as not to disturb anyone or anything.
Ducking my head under to completely wet myself, I ease off and swim gently and easily to the other end and back.
I climb out and decide to lie back on a lounger, let the water evaporate to cool me and think back over my stay.
I recall the welcome and the sex.
So long promised and now fact.
Closing my eyes to help me think back I can feel myself hardening, my erection stiffening as it returns.
He’s standing straight now in his hardness at the memory, it won’t be long before he starts to leak pre-cum.
I dream of you licking him, then it happens.
I feel your tongue touch me.
Or am I still half-asleep, dreaming, aching for your touch.
The warmth of your mouth and the feel of your tongue suggests otherwise.
I reach forward and my hand touches your head, your hair, as you bob up and down, giving pleasure to my aching, ready and willing cock.
Just before the inevitable, I stop you and ease you upward astride me.
You touch the lever and the top folds down so I’m laying on my back.
The starlight goes dark as you move right up so that your aromatic, slippery, sopping wet cunt comes down to meet my lips and tongue.
I try not to drown in your juices.
The taste, the smell, the feel of your slippery lips on my tongue, the sensations almost too much to take.
Then I hear your gentle, far-distant, almost silent keening as your levels of pleasure rise in turn.
Now you too have to stop me and you slide back down my chest, your wetness leaving a snail-trail as your cunt quests my rampant cock-head.
They meet and your wet slipperiness captures the end of my knob, the emotions almost too much to accept.
A little pull on your hips as I flex upwards and I’m deep inside your welcoming sheath, sliding quickly all the way in.
Online Now! Lush Cams Maddie_Luv The arousal we have reached almost tips us over the edge.
You roll your hips and then fuck me savagely, pounding me with your eagerness and intensity.
No love-making this, just a hard, quick, needy, dirty fuck.
We both are now trying to get to that place, that coming together, that Nirvana.
I arrived first, arching up, cock-head deep inside, spewing its seed-laden juice, high into your waiting womb.
You’re also rigid in that rictus of far-gone pleasure, our chests heaving as we struggled to contain our breathing and heart-rate.
You get off me and I slip, wetly and shrivelled out of that hot, wet place as you stand up.
We embrace, your tears from the passion of the moment wetting my shoulder.
Then you hold my hand as we walk round the corner by the back of the house and towards the pool.
You stopp to flick a switch and the pool-edge lights come on on their lowest setting as we walk down the steps into the shallow end.
I lay back with my head on the top step and you float gently up to lay your back on my chest, your head on my shoulder.
My hands one on each breast, I hold you close to me.
You giggle as you feel my half-hard cock against your bottom growing insatiably back, making it’s presence known.
You reach round to stroke and squeeze him, encouraging things to happen, then holding and squeezing my balls to make sure they do.
Carefully you sit up and half standing in the shallow water, spread your legs either side of mine and with a little difficulty manage to capture him again inside you as you sit on him.
Carefully you lay back on my chest.
Me still inside your gripping lips, I rub your hardening tits before moving my hand on down your belly to where I disappear inside you.
Gently I slowly rub your clit as you once again come, groaning and clamping down hard on me as you do.
We must have dozed a little before you stirred and sat up.
Then standing you turned and kneel in the water, worshipping my cock with your lips and tongue, before finally taking me deep in your throat as whatever was left from our earlier fuck was encouraged to rise and be swallowed.
Finally, with the first pinkness of a new day dawning we walk sleepily back to our bedroom to doze a little in each others arms before the new day.
©Sven the Elder



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