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After our romp in thewoods, we finally made it over to Stella’s.
My mom was at the front, hostessing.
She owns the joint, but when people can’t come in, she’s more than happy to step in and take over their spot.
She’s such a sweet person.
Her face and appearance just breathe sweet.
She has a petite frame, and light skin.
She doesn’t look her age, or even like she has two kids.
For 39, my mom is a babe.
 She smiled and hugged us both as we walked in, she scrunched her nose.
“You guys smell like animals.
” “Yeah, we had to walk here.
Mom, can we talk in private?” She read the seriousness on my face.
“Of course, let’s go to the back room.
” She took us there, and she shut and locked the door.
“Honey, are you pregnant?” She asked seriously.
Carl and I stammered out a series of no’s at the same time.
“Not at all, mom! No!” I told her.
She calmed down, and sighed in relief.
“Okay, thank God.
What did you need?” “My Dad kicked me out.
That’s why we walked here.
We were with him when everything happened.
” “Of course you can.
” “What?” “I know you’re going to ask for him to move in, and he can.
And in your room.
But I swear, let me catch you two in ANY compromising positions, and he’ll be on the couch.
In the basement.
Behind a locked door.
Got it?” “Yes ma’am! Thank you!” Carl attacked my mom.
He picked her up and spun with her in his arms.
She laughed.
“Okay, honey, put me down.
Figure out how you’ll be living.
I assume you’re going to need my truck?” “Oh yeah,” I said.
I took Carl’s hand, “Come on, let’s go move you in.
” We traveled back to his house and spent the whole afternoon packing his things and putting them in my mom’s truck.
His dad watched broken hearted as his son prepared to leave him.
When he looked at me, I could see flames in his eyes.
Like all he wanted to do was strangle me.
I had caused this, first by having sex with him, then by telling Carl.
But in my defense, you can’t exactly say “no” when a grown man has his hands on your ass.
But Carl’s dad just has to live with it.
“Babe, I’m all packed up.
Can you just go grab one thing while I close up and get the car ready?” “Sure, what is it?” “A rise out of my dad.
Just go in there and piss him off.
” “You sure?” “Yes.
Very sure.
Do it.
” “Alright,” I said reluctantly.
I walked inside.
Dames stood in the kitchen, drinking a beer.
I walked up to him.
Still think fucking me was a good idea?” “You’ve taken my son already.
What more do you want?” He asked, peeved.
“Oh nothing.
Just a little… revenge,” I heard someone coming down the stairs.
I turned.
“What the fuck are you doing?” “You’ll see.
” “Honey, why is Carl all packed up and moving? And why is Elise still here?” Rhonda isn’t too great with me, but she doesn’t hate me.
“Oh, didn’t he tell you?” I headed toward the door.
“What?” “We fucked.
” “You and Carl?” “Nope.
Your man likes teenage pussy,” I ran for it.
Dames chased after me, but I got in the truck and Carl sped off.
Online Now! Lush Cams betsxoxoxo “You’re gonna get me killed,” I laughed.
*********************************Later On***************************** We got most of Carl’s stuff inside, I rearranged my things to make room for his.
Daniel was confused, but really happy.
He liked Carl, and I guess he was much happier having another man in the house, since our dad is a scumbag that hasn’t been around since Daniel was eight.
But I digress, having Carl there was already great, seeing as he could fix things for us.
We’d had a wonky light in our kitchen, I gave him twenty minutes and he had the light shining like the sun.
We were in my room, cuddled up and making out, Daniel came in.
“Carl, wanna play X-box?” Daniel asked,it looked like I’d been booted from my position as his gaming buddy.
“I got Black-Ops!” Carl looked at me, and saw the need in my eyes, “Mmmm, not now lil buddy, your sis needs me, but if you’re still up later, I’ll come play.
Cool?” “Yeah,” He smiled and walked out.
“Feel like getting into any compromising positions?” I teased.
” He flipped me onto my back and climbed on top of me.
I started removing his clothes as he kissed me deeply.
His shirt was easy, a button down that I pulled off, and that allowed me to feel his toned arms.
I ran my nails down his abs and to the start of his jeans.
I unbuttoned them and he pulled away to take it all off.
I just sat and gazed at his glorious body.
“Condom?” “Bottom drawer of my jewelry box.
” As he got the condom and put it on, I undressed and sat back on the bed.
He turned.
“Promise you won’t break me?” “Baby, I’d never hurt you,” I leaned back, he got back on top of me.
The first thrust had my mouth watering already.
I gasped in quickly in his ear.
It took a lot not to moan, what with how big he was, and how tight I was.
But in any event, thank you kegels.
“For the love of God, be gentle!” I cautioned.
After a few minutes of awkward, Carl found his stride, to my dismay.
He started move faster.
It was halfway painful and halfway beautiful! I guided his hands to my breasts and he massaged them slowly, never losing deep eye contact with me.
His hands were big and warm.
He slowly began to go deeper every time.
He had the biggest grin on.
He really started to lose his gentle touch.
He began to pound me, which was a little bit difficult from my tightness and his massiveness.
I gripped his arms and held on for dear life as he went at me.
I was trying my hardest to stay quiet, but he was making it so beyond hard for me.
He was in pure bliss, so was I.
“You feel so amazing,” he swooned.
He leaned and kissed me passionately.
I hugged him close.
Holy damn, that was a bad idea! “Oh, fuck! Baby pull out a little bit.
It’s way too big!” He laughed a little and eased up.
I started to breathe again.
“Better?” I nodded, “Good, hope you enjoyed the comfort.
” He started fucking me hard as hell.
I had my face against his shoulder trying not to scream.
Pain was going to pleasure, so much so that I had a mind shattering climax.
Carl grunted like a caveman and forced in and stayed.
He kissed me tenderly.
“You…,” I narrowed my eyes.
“What?” “First night and you’re trying to get kicked out?” “Hey, there are no boundaries in this room.
” “Until my mom comes in, then you’ll be in the basement.
” “Yeah.
We’ll see.



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