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I’m home from college for what feels like the first time in years.
The house hasn’t changed much in my absence, it’s still huge, still empty and still quiet.
Last year my mum got married again, for the third time.
I’ve only met this husband a couple of times and I intend to keep it that way.
I know he only married her for her money, he doesn’t hide it well and I’m not even sure he tries.
I’ve been back a week and have managed to avoid them, it’s rather easy in a huge house.
I’m holed up in my bedroom trying to study.
When I return to college I have exams to sit.
I’m third year law so the work is extra heavy.
The noise of the lawn mower outside is distracting so I get up to close the window.
Once there, I happen to look down and notice that we have a new gardener.
I should have guessed with the way the garden looks, it’s never looked better, and to be honest the new gardener is pretty easy on the eye.
He looks fairly tall, has dark messy hair and some very impressive muscles.
I get a good look because he’s topless and I watch as they ripple and glisten in the sunlight.
I stand and watch him as he walks up and down the lawn, getting more and more impressed with him as time goes by.
When he suddenly stops and looks up in my direction I jump back from the window like a guilty teenager! I laugh at myself and peer through the window again.
He is back to mowing again and I sigh at the way his back muscles move.
I decide I want a closer look.
I change into my bikini and head down the stairs.
I cut through the kitchen, grabbing a bottle of water on my way, and ease out the back door.
In front of me is the pool and next to it, and more importantly in line with the lawn, are the sun loungers.
I walk to the one closest to the side of the house and sit down.
Sliding my sunglasses on I ease back on the lounger and pretend to sunbathe.
My complete focus is on the man pushing the lawn mower.
He’s an even more impressive specimen now that I’m closer.
He is indeed tall and the denims he is wearing are molded to his ass so finely that it’s like they were made especially for him.
I watch as his ass sways away from me, my heartbeat seeming to thump with every twitch of his cheeks.
My belly flips as a familiar sensation rolls over me making me realize that watching this man is turning me on! When he turns and heads back in my direction my heartbeat races faster.
His body is like a gift from the gods and the way it shines with sweat only makes it more appealing.
I slide my glasses to the top of my head and fix my eyes on his impressive torso.
I don’t really care if he sees me watching him, in fact: I hope he does.
My body tingles as he gets closer and when his eyes rise up and lock with mine, my breath catches in my throat.
He slows his pace as he watches me watching him.
I hold the eye contact for as long as I can before my eyes win out and lower to run over his body.
To stop him from turning away I hold up the bottle of water I brought with me and offer it to him.
He seems to hesitate, before turning the lawn mower off and walking towards me.
He takes the bottle and guzzles half of it down.
” he says.
“No problem.
” I reply, “You looked like you could do with it.
” He smiles a killer smile, “Is that why you were watching me? Concerned for my health?” I smile what I hope is a sexy smile, “Something like that.
” He raises an eyebrow and hands the bottle back.
As I reach out to take it our fingers touch and a zapping sensation races down my hand.
I can’t take my eyes off him.
He was impressive from a distance, now he’s just damn right stunning! His smokey grey eyes are amazing and make me think of a storm at sea.
I need to keep him close so I pull my legs up and wave my hand towards the bottom of the lounger.
“Would you like to sit for a moment?” I ask.
When he smiles and says “Yes.
” my heart thumps.
He sits and angles his body towards me.
“What’s your name?” I ask, suddenly dying to know.
” he replies, “And yours?” “Leah.
” I say with a tight throat.
Being so close to him is driving me wild.
The tingling I was experiencing earlier is roaming in waves up and down my whole body and all I want to do is reach out and run my hands over his.
I open the bottle and take a drink, spilling some of it down me.
It’s so cold I sit up sharply and begin to wipe it away from my breasts.
“God sake.
” I mutter.
I’m so clumsy and I’m sure I’m making a fool of myself but as I look over at him I realize that maybe I’m not.
His eyes have darkened and his mouth is slightly open as he stares at me wiping myself.
His eyes move up and down my body before coming to rest on my own.
They dart away when he realizes that I saw the roaming of his gaze.
I lay back down and sigh.
Stretching out I let my foot ‘accidentally’ rub along his leg.
I raise my arms above my head, giving him a good look at my body and hopefully signaling my desire.
His eyes drink me in, not afraid of me seeing it this time and I decide to chance my luck.
I run my foot along the bottom of his back making sure he doesn’t see it as an accident this time.
I dare him to touch me with my eyes and feel a thrill when his hand touches my ankle.
A smile creeps over my face as his hand slowly, shakingly, moves up my leg.
I’m not sure if it’s his hand shaking or my leg and I don’t really care.
I just want him to touch me.
I sigh with pleasure as it snakes further up and comes to rest on my knee.
My body is quivering at the chance to have him and when he looks at me with a question in his eyes, I flutter my eyelashes.
“Don’t stop.
” I croak.
He says nothing as he swings a leg over the chair and grabs both my ankles, placing one at each side of him.
“I saw you watching me earlier.
” he says as his hands slide up my legs, “I know what you want.
” I say nothing as my body trembles under his touch, I just stare at him intently.
Once his hands reach my hips he takes a deep breath, “Tell me you want it.
” he rasps.
“I want it.
” I whisper.
His smile is wicked as his fingers curl around the side of the bikini bottoms, “Tell me you need it.
” My breaths come in heavy pants as I whisper, “I need it.
” With one quick tug he pulls the bottoms over my hips and down my legs.
I raise and close them as he pulls the bottoms further down.
With a flick of his hands he wraps them around my ankles, trapping them together.
He shifts closer to me and slides between my legs, leaving my trapped ankles resting behind his back.
Leaning forward he runs his hands up my rib cage and behind my back.
He expertly unhooks my top and very slowly runs his hands down my arms, taking the straps of the top with him.
Once they reach my wrists he twists the straps tying my hands together.
A look of uncertainty passes across my face.
How has he managed to turn this around so quickly? I thought I was the one seducing him.
“Don’t worry, Leah, I won’t hurt you.
” he drawls looking me over, “Unless you ask me to.
” “I’m not worried.
” I croak.
His laugh is easy as he raises my hands above my head, “Sure you’re not.
” I grip the top of the lounger as his eyes roam over me.
I’m completely exposed to him, every inch of me is on display.
Online Now! Lush Cams Anahy I suddenly feel very shy and very aroused.
A weird combination.
He pulls me lower on the lounger and I feel for the first time that he is as aroused as I am.
His dick is straining against his denims and I slowly cast my eyes down to have a look.
He follows my gaze and smiles.
“All in good time.
” he says with a chuckle.
His finger runs down my body from my neck to my naval, missing all the places I want him to touch me.
I hold my breath as he sets about teasing me with feather light touches that make my skin burn.
They roam over my breasts but miss my nipples and down my stomach to tease the top of my thighs.
They move along the side of my throbbing pussy but make no attempt to move any closer.
My breath is coming in pants as I beg him with my eyes to stop the torture, just touch me! He seems to read my thoughts as his hands come up and mold my breasts.
His grip is soft until I arch my back thrusting them into his hands.
He squeezes tighter and pinches my nipples.
My sigh is long and deep as he rolls them between his thumb and finger.
My body aches to have more, to have everything he can give me.
” I beg.
“Is this what you want?” he asks as he pulls on my nipples.
” I rasp.
“Or maybe it’s this.
” he adds as his hands run down my body to touch my soaking wet pussy.
“Oh god, yes!” I cry, “That’s what I want.
” He smiles as his fingers pry open my lips and begin to explore.
They run up and down my opening teasing my clit with the faintest of touches.
He slips a finger tip inside me as I gasp for air.
I arch my hips up to push his finger deeper inside me but he pulls it away, denying me.
A sigh of frustration escapes my throat.
I begin to move my hands down from above my head but he catches them and raises them back up.
” he says firmly, “Stay as you are.
” I make a sound that is somewhere between a groan and a growl as his teeth clamp around my nipple.
I clamp my legs around his waist and grind myself against him as he pushes me closer to the edge with his nipping and sucking.
His hand slides down and finally his fingers push inside me.
First one, then another, moving in slow deep circles.
I concentrate and suck on them with my pussy, trying to get him in deeper.
A third finger joins the other two as he picks up a rhythm, in and out, in and out.
His thumb pushes down on my clit and with the pressure and movement I begin to lose control.
My body shakes, violently and my breathing gasps from my throat in deep, husky breaths.
“Oh god, yes!” I cry out, over and over as his pace intensifies.
The sound of my pussy slurping on his fingers is drowned out by the cry that escapes as an orgasm explodes inside me.
My body twists and bucks and my back arches as I gasp for air and cry out for a god I don’t even believe in.
His fingers slow and he allows me to ride it out.
When he pulls them from me, my body slumps to the lounger.
I gasp for air as I hear him unzip his denims.
I feel him kneel up on the lounger and pull them down.
“Leah?” he says.
I open my eyes and look at him.
“Do you want me to fuck you?” he asks in a hoarse voice.
” I say softly.
“Beg me!” I look down at his dick and my eyes widen in anticipation.
It’s huge! No doubt the biggest dick I’ve ever seen before.
A smile spreads across my face, “Please, Matt.
Please fuck me.
” I beg.
He holds it and teases it against my opening, running it up and down in slow strokes.
He pushes the head in and then takes it back out.
My breathing gets heavy, “Please, Matt.
I need you to fuck me.
” I gasp.
He pushes the head in again and this time I’m ready.
I arch my hips and clamp my legs around his waist and take as much of it in as I can manage by myself.
A long growl escapes my mouth as he stretches me wider than I ever felt before.
It feels amazing and my pussy hums around him.
He grips my hips and thrusts into me, hard.
I swear he’s about to rupture my stomach lining but I don’t care.
I thrust against him making him go even deeper and as we build a good rhythm the only sound that can be heard is skin slapping against skin.
He lifts my hips and fucks the life out of me.
“Fuck, you’re so tight,” he gasps as he buries himself as deep as he can go.
My moans, my gasps and the sound of his hips smacking my ass are all drowned out by my blood rushing through my ears.
My body starts to vibrate as he drives me closer to the edge of sanity.
His moans groan in my ear as he leans down and uses my shoulders for traction.
His dick slides in and out me in deep, body wrecking thrusts.
When I begin to come it starts in my toes and races all the way to my head, making me dizzy.
I cry out his name as my pussy pulsates around him.
“Oh fuck!” he moans in my ear as I feel him quiver inside me, “Fuck, yes!” he cries as he shoots everything he has deep inside me.
He holds himself in place as I feel his dick dance.
I suck in grateful air as my blood and body begin to slow down.
I’m still shaking and probably will for a while to come.
I’ve never been fucked like that before.
He pulls out of me and sits up, reaching behind he unwinds my bottoms from my ankles and my legs drop to the side of the lounger.
I move my hands down and he untangles them too.
“I could use a drink.
” I say after a while.
His smile is sweet, “Me too.
” he stands and zips his denims back up.
I pull on my bikini and stand, my legs are still a bit wobbly but I manage to walk back into the kitchen.
I go to the fridge and take out two bottles of water, turning I hand him one.
” he says with a killer smile.
I smile back but it quickly fades as I hear my mum and her husband come through the front door.
“Leah?” she shouts, “Are you home?” I look at Matt pleading him to leave but he just shrugs.
Sighing I shout back, “Yeah, in here Mum.
” I skirt the counter putting as much distance between us as I can.
When my mum walks in the kitchen her smile is bright.
“Hey, honey.
How is your day going?” she asks.
“It’s good.
” I answer as I watch my step dad walk in behind her.
“What about you, Matt?” she asks him.
“Much the same.
” he replies.
I don’t think anything about their exchange, he is the gardener after all.
“Did you finish the grass?” my step dad asks.
“No, Dad.
Not yet.
” His eyes slide over to mine to see my reaction.
My eyes are wide and I can’t quite believe what I’m hearing.
Dad? Did he just call him Dad? Did I just fuck my step brother? How could I have not known? Thankfully my mum and step dad are already distracted by whatever the hell they are talking about as I stand there and stare at Matt.
The question is obviously plastered on my face.
His smile is shy and he at least has the decency to lower his eyes.
I’m so shocked that I have to leave before my mum notices.
Swinging round I mumble something about having work to do and rush out of the kitchen.
I have no idea what to do.
I had hoped to repeat the experience with him but that is out of the question now.
Isn’t it?



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