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I was so bored.
It seemed nothing was happening where I lived.
During the summer it hadn’t been so bad with lots of boat activity on the lake.
But, after that, nothing.
It’s a dull life.
    I was restless and knew I had to do something or I would scream and go mad.
A light came on.
I decided to take a vacation.
I had no idea where I would go but I knew I had to get away from this dead zone.
  So I packed a suitcase and, the next morning, I told my room-mate I was going on a vacation.
She asked where I was headed and I told her I didn’t really know or care.
I was just going to drive and when I found a nice place I would stop.
I simply needed out of here.
  I quickly took a shower.
After drying off, I found comfortable clothes that I wanted to wear for the drive.
I started with white lace panties and a matching bra that displayed my 36C breasts nicely.
Then came jeans plus a cute pink long sleeve t-shirt with a V neck.
It showed a bit of cleavage but, hey, I was on vacation.
I combed my short blonde hair, applied make up, loaded my car and I was on my way.
  It was a beautiful day.
A bit chilly but it felt great.
Fall had set in really nice, so the trees were changing colors.
I had the sun roof open and, when I passed the sign that said leaving Va, I was free.
I still didn’t have any idea where I was going but, you know what, I loved it.
It felt adventurous, I was alive!   I drove until it started to get dark and I decided to look for a hotel for the night.
Since I was alone, I wanted somewhere with security.
I saw what seemed to be a nice place with a diner attached.
I hadn’t eaten since morning and I was hungry.
  I pulled up to the front door and went into the office.
At the desk, a young man signed me in and told me checking out time was 11am.
I told him I would be on my way before then, thanked him, and went to find my room.
  I really liked this hotel.
It had security cameras everywhere and I felt quite safe.
I put my overnight bag in the room and decided I would go to the diner to eat.
  The diner wasn’t busy and I looked at my watch.
It was only seven.
A waitress came to my table and took my order of tea, a chicken sandwich and chips.
I pulled out my iPad and logged on to my favorite site, Lush Stories.
I thought I would find a story to read while I ate.
  After I signed on, a friend sent a message.
He asked what I was doing and I explained I was going on a short vacation, getting away for a few days.
I needed some new scenery.
He asked where I was headed and I told him that I was just driving and, when I found somewhere that I liked, I would stop.
I didn’t have a time limit, so it really didn’t matter where I went or when I would return home.
  We chatted for some time while I ate.
He asked which direction I was going and then added, “Why don’t you come this way, Shelly? We’ve talked many times about meeting.
Are you up for it?”   Truthfully, I wasn’t sure that I was ready.
I knew I wanted to meet him, sometime.
Was that time now? Was I really ready to meet him? I said I’d think about it overnight and would leave him a message in the morning.
He accepted that and we said goodnight.
I was tired from the drive, so I paid my bill and returned to my room.
  The on-line conversation with Sam went through my mind.
Was I ready for this? As much as I liked him, we were still getting to know each other.
I was wary about going to his house, since I didn’t know him that well.
Maybe we could meet on neutral ground.
What was I thinking? No, I wasn’t ready for this.
I was simply starting a vacation, aiming to please myself.
Ah, my inner voice said, why not enjoy meeting a new friend? What better time than now?   As I undressed and got into bed, I was still thinking about Sam.
He seemed really nice and we did have a lot of “fun” conversations on Lush.
Why not get together? We could meet at a hotel which would be neutral ground and, if we didn’t hit it off, we could go our own ways, no harm done.
  I slept well and, early next morning, I left Sam a message on Lush.
I told him where I was and that I wanted us to meet, but in a neutral place.
Would he be up to that? He messaged me back while I was in the diner eating breakfast.
He agreed to my suggestion and told me a place which, apparently, was about halfway from where we both were at this moment.
I would be able to get there in a few hours.
  We actually didn’t live that far apart.
But I had put more distance between us when I left home.
Driving back a little way was not really a big deal.
Anyway, the weather was still beautiful and I would enjoy the journey.
  About five hours later, I parked at the hotel where we’d agreed to meet.
I booked in and went to the room.
Sam had given me his phone number to text when I arrived and I let him know I was here.
He instantly replied that he was in the bar.
Would I like to meet him for a drink? I told Sam I would be down shortly.
  Although we had already exchanged pictures and knew what we looked like, I also told him what I was wearing.
I was a bit nervous and a little anxious about this first meeting.
Yet, we’d both been wanting to meet…   I walked into the bar and immediately spotted him.
His back was to me, but I just knew it was him.
I knew that was Sam.
I walked up and tapped him on his shoulder.
He turned, stood, and clasped me in a big hug.
I asked if the bar stool next to him was taken.
He said it was and a smile spread across his face.
He was gorgeous.
His picture didn’t lie!   We decided to get a booth.
Sam ordered drinks and we walked over to a corner booth where, hopefully, we could chat without a lot of interruptions.
  We chatted for hours.
Sam was such a gentleman and it was like we’d known each other for years.
But now it was getting late.
I stifled a yawn, Sam smiled, and we decided to go to our rooms and meet for breakfast in the morning.
  Sam paid the tab and walked me to my room.
We said goodnight at the door and Sam kissed me on the cheek and waited until I’d safely entered my room.
As I shut my door, I was smiling, knowing everything I thought about Sam was true.
He was a sweet man.
I had already begun to care about him on Lush but who can tell how those affairs turn out?   As I undressed, I couldn’t stop thinking about him.
We’d ‘cybered’ a couple times but meeting in person was different.
I wondered, what now? What happens next?   I climbed into bed remembering some of our cyber chats.
I chuckled.
I was thinking about our sexy cyber chats and yet he was here in this very same hotel.
What were we both thinking? The more I thought about our chats, the more excited I became.
  My hands drifted to my breasts.
My nipples were already hard.
I continued thinking about various sexy conversations and found myself doing things we’d discussed.
I slid one hand down between my legs.
Oh my, I was already so wet.
  I rubbed fingers along my slit and parted my puffy, swollen lips.
I was leaking, just like I always did during our cyber chats.
As I probed among swollen lips, my clit became hard between my fingers.
I slid two fingers into my pussy.
Oh how I wished they were Sam’s fingers.
  I rubbed my clit some more; it was so big and red.
I needed to cum and I increased the pace of my finger-fucking, in and out, faster and deeper inside of me.
I parted my thighs wide, moaned, and stopped teasing my nipples.
I moved that hand down my panting body and fingered my clit.
With my fingers pushing in and out of my hot pussy I was so close to cumming.
  I spread my legs even wider, as far as I could open them, and started to buck, rocking and rolling my hips as two fingers pounded my juicy pussy.
I now used the thumb of that hand to press and rub my clit while my other hand returned to my breasts.
I pulled and tweaked my hard nipples.
  I was so close, my climax rising with every thrust of my fingers, and my legs started to tremble and shake.
I rubbed faster, harder and frantically pulled and pinched my nipples until… yesss, god yesssss…   As I came down from my orgasm, collapsing back into the mattress, I heard the “bleep, bleep” of a text arriving on my phone.
Sucking my fingers clean, I looked at the message: ”I hope it was a good one.
”   I laughed and, with shaking fingers, sent a text back.
“You know me too well.
And yes, it was.
Good night X.
”   With that, I relaxed and drifted off to sleep.
I doubt the smile ever left my face.
  I woke early, excited about the day ahead with Sam.
I had a shower and when I got out, I saw I’d received a text from Sam: “Good morning, meet you in the restaurant or pick you up from your room?”   I messaged back that I would meet him in the restaurant.
I dressed in a jeans skirt and low-cut pullover.
Underneath, I wore a black thong and black lace bra.
I fixed my hair and makeup and I was ready to go, already excited.
  Sam was already at a table and I stood in the doorway looking at him.
He was six foot four or thereabouts with hazel eyes and a goatee.
He was very nicely built and certainly a handsome piece of eye candy.
But, I thought, his heart and personality really made him who he was.
  He looked up and saw me.
Immediately, he stood and came to me.
He placed a hand on my elbow, kissed me on the cheek and we walked to the table, where he pulled out my chair and I sat.
No-one had done that for me in a very long time.
We ordered breakfast and talked… for a long time.
  Our conversation flowed like we’d known each other for ever.
We decided to walk around the hotel.
It had a garden with very nice flower beds and we found a bench and sat and talked some more.
We shared facts about our lives and really got to know each other quite well.
  It got chilly so we decided to go in.
I hadn’t realized how long we’d been chatting: it was past lunch.
Sam suggested we go to one of our rooms and order a room service snack to sustain us until dinner.
  We decided on my room as it had a nice view out of the window.
When we entered, the door had not shut completely before Sam pulled me to him.
We looked into each other’s eyes, took deep breaths and our lips met.
I melted in his arms, my legs quivering.
  Sam picked me up and lay me on the bed.
He stretched out beside me and we kissed for a long time.
He rolled onto his back and slipped an arm beneath my neck.
I’d wondered what it would feel like to have my head on his chest and now I finally had my chance.
It was everything I imagined it to be.
I worked a hand under his shirt and the hairs on his chest were so soft and his nipples became hard nubs at my touch.
That I liked.
  I reached up, fingers on his jaw, and kissed him again.
He turned towards me and placed a hand on my face, so gentle and kind and loving.
He kissed me long and passionately, his tongue sliding between my lips.
I opened my mouth to accept him and our tongues played together.
  My hands brushed up and down his muscular back and Sam eased a hand under my shirt and cupped a breast and squeezed it.
I knew I had to have him, right then, no delay.
My breathing was already shallow.
I wanted him and Sam surely knew it.
He peeled my shirt over my head as I was fumbling urgently to unbutton his shirt.
  We’d delightfully teased each other for so long in chats, it was almost impossible to believe that I was, right now, here in his arms.
But, as we removed each other’s tops, I gazed into his eyes, trying to see what he was feeling.
Sam smiled and placed his hands on my cheeks.
He kissed me softly, just a brief meeting of our lips, and lay me on my back.
  My body was on fire from his touch and I closed my eyes when he kissed me, ardently, and then moved from my lips to nuzzle my neck.
I wanted him to fuck me right then and there but I also wanted to savor these moments.
I also needed to go slow, to at least be sure.
  I desperately wanted to enjoy it all but I still had all manner of thoughts reverberating around in my head.
It was complicated.
The truth was my sex life had never been much to talk about.
Before my divorce, I’d been married for too long to a man who wanted nothing to do with sex, let alone “making love.
” My sexual experiences really were close to zero.
  Yes, I’d read stories and used my vivid imagination in cyber chats, but that’s not the real thing.
Sadly, it had been many years since I’d taken a hard, throbbing cock inside of me and, as frustrating as that was, it also left me a little apprehensive.
  But, as Sam’s hands continued to roam my body, caressing my breasts and nipples, I gradually relaxed back into the bed, enjoying his attentions.
He rolled a nipple between his thumb and forefinger, pulling it slightly.
God, how good it felt, different from my own tugging of last night.
Yes, I’d definitely missed a man’s touch and already I felt I was on the verge of orgasm.
  I was panting, gasping, arching my back off the bed and now I knew, without any doubt, that I wanted to feel Sam inside of me.
Yes, I was ready.
I needed his cock, I wanted to be fucked.
  My writhing body and deep sighs must have told Sam that I was aroused and wanted him but he surprised me.
“Not just yet, Shelly,” he said.
“I told you what I would do if we ever met.
I want you to feel everything that you’ve been missing.
” Online Now! Lush Cams ArinFleu   His hands and lips continued weaving down my body.
He left a trail of kisses on my breasts, my tummy and sucked and licked my belly button.
Oh my, that had never been done to me before.
I felt like a virgin, as if this really was my very first time with a man.
I automatically bucked my hips and I was so wet my juices leaked out down my taut thighs.
Sam was driving me nuts.
  He continued to my pelvic area and I lifted my hips to greet him and give him room to pull down my skirt and thong.
That done, he kissed my shaven mound and I heard him groan.
His hands spread my legs and he nestled between them.
I’d had very little experience of oral sex and I was both nervous and excited, anticipating his next move.
I felt his lips on my inner thighs and I moaned loudly, surprising myself.
  Sam kissed his way up to my engorged lips.
They glistened with my juices.
I grabbed at the sheets, twisting them in my fingers and sweaty palms.
I’d never felt anything so amazing as his broad tongue licking and lapping at my sopping slit.
  Then my whole world was sent spinning.
He brought his fingers into play, gently parting my petals like a blossoming flower.
With my pussy open and so wet, he smoothly inserted a finger and curved it to find my G-spot.
While he massaged that explosive zone, he put his mouth over my clit and sucked.
  I tumbled over the edge.
Pushing my pussy into his face, I hollered, “I’m cumming! Oh my god, please… don’t stop… I’’m cumming.
Please, ooh… Sam, please, don’t stop.
Never!”   Sam had no intentions of easing off, let alone stopping.
He continued sucking and nibbling on my clit as his finger massaged my G-spot.
Then, unbelievably, he slid a finger into my ass.
I twitched a little but the sensation sent me in free-fall over the edge yet again.
I came harder than I’d ever cum in my life.
I felt my juices gushing, drenching my thighs.
  Sam withdrew his fingers and rested his head on my soft, undulating tummy.
My chest heaved and my shaking legs spasmed as I tried to relax them at full stretch.
My toes were still curled but I released the damp bedsheets and placed my hands on Sam’s hair.
  Eventually, I got my breathing under control and Sam wriggled up the bed alongside me and held me until I stopped shaking.
Pulling me tight against his bare chest, I then realised he still wore his jeans.
And I hadn’t seen or felt his cock.
I’d just had an amazing experience and I was totally sated, exhausted even from this man’s expert loving.
Sam kissed my forehead and we lay for some time until sleep finally claimed us both.
  When we woke, we were still in each other’s arms, a position we had often talked about.
We kissed, decided we needed to shower and get some dinner.
  Sam got off the bed, put on his shirt and was ready to go to his room.
  “Sam?”   “Yes, Shelly.
”   “Do you think there’s a need for two rooms?”   He came and kissed me.
“No, I don’t see any reason for that.
I’ll let the desk know I don’t need my room.
”   Walking to the door again, he stopped and turned around.
“How about if I get my things and come back to join you in the shower?”   I smiled and pointed to the door key on the bedside cabinet.
“Hurry,” I said, “if we don’t get a move on, we could miss dinner.
”   Sam left and I got out of bed and went to the shower.
I thought about what had happened and how great I felt and how great Sam was; what a lover! I was definitely lost in thought because I never heard the door open and suddenly Sam’s strong hands were on my shoulders, pulling me to him.
  “Mmmm, baby, your body feels so good next to mine.
”   Sam began to soap my body.
I’d never had anyone wash me before.
He took extra care in the most delicate places.
His fingers circled my nipples, as he kissed my neck.
His other hand moved down my body and he gently washed my inner thighs and my mound but never actually touched my pussy.
He used a washcloth on my back and my ass, wiping between my cheeks.
I was so turned on.
My moans were getting louder and I needed him.
I turned to face him and kissed his lips with fiery passion.
Then, for the first time, I felt his hard cock squashed against my tummy.
  I took the cloth from him and hissed through my teeth as I glimpsed his huge erection.
I washed his beautiful chest and hurried down to take his cock in my hand.
He was long and thick and I slowly stroked him and felt him expand in my hand.
Oh yes, I looked forward to having this cock in my pussy.
But, for now, I let go and washed down his legs, both feet, and every toe, all the time looking up at his face… and his hefty cock.
I planted kisses on his thighs and his eyes were closed when I reached his erection.
  He was stiff and proud, veins bulging along his length, and I began by licking over his beautiful huge mushroom head.
My tongue slid all around this magnificent dome, under the brim and I took the time to dart my tongue over his perfect slit.
I licked his pre-cum as it weeped out over his tip.
He tasted so good.
  The warm shower water cascaded onto and down my back as I took him between my lips and into my mouth.
I slowly sucked the head of his cock while I stroked his pulsating shaft and held his sac in the other hand, fingering his balls.
  I took his mushroom head out of my mouth and kissed down the underside of his shaft and then licked and sucked each ball.
His moans got louder and I realised how natural this all came to me.
When had I ever done anything like this? Ever? Never? I couldn’t remember but now I delved even further, lifting his cock and sac so that I could lick along the crack of his ass.
  All that time I’d spent reading stories on Lush was really paying off – for both of us.
I circled his brown hole with the tip of my tongue and went back to his balls.
My tongue trailed his large, hard shaft again, before I took his cock into my mouth.
  I wanted all of him in there.
Sam grabbed my head and thrust into me.
I opened up my throat and I felt him slide in.
I took his whole length and his balls slapped against my chin as he made long, rhythmic strokes.
It wasn’t long before I felt his rod get even harder and thicker, heralding his climax.
Sam thrust one last time and pulled my head to him as he spurted cum down my throat.
I swallowed and gulped as fast as I could, not wanting to spill any of his sticky juice.
  When he finished pumping the last of his cum, I slowly withdrew my mouth along his shaft, stopping to suck on his fat dome, milking his last drops of cream, wanting all of it.
He reached down and pulled me up.
We kissed long and hard and he must have tasted his own semen.
  “We’d better get dressed,” I said, “or we can forget dinner.
”   We laughed, rapidly rinsed under the shower, dried each other, brushed our teeth and dressed.
  We walked into the restaurant and got the same corner booth.
We ordered a light dinner and a bottle of wine.
We again enjoyed revealing more details about our lives and families but Sam also said he would have to leave tomorrow to prepare for work the next day.
  I hated that our meeting was rapidly coming to an end, but we still had tonight.
And, who knows, maybe we would meet again.
  Back in my room, Sam grabbed me and kissed me.
“I’ve wanted to do that all through dinner.
”   “Why didn’t you, Sam?”   “I didn’t know how you would react to affection in public.
”   I threw my arms around him.
“Babe, I don’t care where we are, if you want to kiss me, please do.
”   With that our lips met, and the night began.
  Sam walked me to the bed and, taking hold of my shirt hem, he lifted it up and over my head.
He unbuttoned my jeans and, with his hand brushing my pussy, he started to push them down.
I stepped out of my jeans at the same time as I removed Sam’s shirt.
Gosh, how I loved his chest.
I tickled my fingers through the hair and leaned to kiss each of his nipples.
I loved how his nipples hardened immediately.
  Sam reached around to unfasten my bra and free my breasts.
His mouth went straight for a nipple, sucking and nibbling while he kneaded my other breast.
My nipples, too, responded immediately.
  I undid his jeans and removed them.
We were down to only panties and boxers.
Sam kissed me again and felt between my legs, rubbing my pussy through my panties.
They were already soaked.
I slipped off my panties and tossed them aside as he removed his boxers.
He picked me up and again lay me on the bed.
  He began kissing me as he climbed on top of me.
I felt his mighty cock head at my entrance.
My legs were spread and I wanted him inside of me.
  I raised my hips, letting him know I wanted him and trying to move his cock into my entrance.
But he grabbed me and we flipped over.
I was now straddling him and I reached back to grasp his rock hard cock.
I was poised to slide down his pole.
  Slowly, I lowered myself on to his cock.
His mushroom head brushed aside my lips and he pierced my entrance, stretching me and making me gasp.
His cock was truly large.
It had been a long time since a man’s cock had been inside of me and this was my biggest.
I was tight but I gradually fed more of him into my wet tunnel.
  We intertwined fingers and I began to move up and down.
Sam responded, lifting and thrusting to match my movement as we stared into each other’s eyes.
Our rhythm got faster, his cock filled me and sent spasms through my whole body.
Gosh how I needed him.
  He pulled me forward until I was laying on his chest.
He kissed me and massaged my breasts.
I sat up again, pushing, grinding down on him, taking all of his length.
His hands were on my breasts, pulling and pinching my nipples.
  I rocked my hips from side to side, front to back, getting my clit to rub against him.
His cock got harder, his veins popping out, and we were both really close to eruption.
He reached around and penetrated my ass with one finger – and that was it.
I came, gushing and shouting, rocking and bouncing hard on his rigid rod.
  When my orgasm slowed, he again flipped me over, this time onto hands and knees.
He smeared my juices over my brown hole and placed his cock head right there.
I felt him nudging into my tight hole.
At first it was a bit painful, but it quickly faded.
I felt comfortable within a few moments and I started to push back against him.
It was my first anal experience but I wanted all of his cock in me.
  Our movements were synchronized and Sam rammed harder and deeper into my ass.
It wouldn’t be long before we were both cumming.
He fingered my clit and rubbed it hard and fast as I pushed my ass back into him.
  “I’m cumming,” I screamed and I heard a loud moan from Sam.
  “Oh fuck, I’m cumming!”   We came at the same time.
I felt his seed spurting into my ass and we continued fucking hard and fast and, amazingly, I began to cum again.
Sam pumped away in my depths and he, too, came again but not in floods this time.
  We collapsed onto the bed.
It was some time before either of us moved.
  Sam rolled off and put his arms around me and held me tight.
It felt so good to be in his arms.
Why did this have to come to an end? We talked and then got cleaned up.
Curled up in each other’s arms, we slept.
  The morning sun, peering through the window, woke us and we stayed there and talked.
Sam kissed me softly and gentle.
Neither of us wanted this to end but he had to return for work.
We got up and went to the shower.
  We bathed each other, loving and tender and taking extra care around the special places which, for me, were quite sensitive.
Suddenly, Sam turned me around and placed my hands on the wall.
I felt him enter my pussy and he was gentle, slowly feeding his length into me but I backed into him and he quickened his long strokes.
It didn’t take long for both of us to cum again.
  I turned and snuggled into his arms.
We stood for a long time letting the water run over our bodies, hugging each other.
We didn’t know where we were going from here.
But we knew we would never forget this moment, this weekend we shared.
  We left the shower and dressed.
In the restaurant we had coffee and breakfast and talked about what we had to do when we got home.
I wasn’t sure if I was going straight home or would continue my vacation.
I had no reason to rush home.
  We turned in the room keys and walked to my car.
Parting was more difficult than I thought it would be.
Sam pulled me in his arms and kissed me again.
He wiped a tear from my face and held me tight.
  We looked at each other.
He held my hand.
“I’ll talk to you on Lush later tonight,” he said.
  We didn’t know what this meant for us.
Was it just a quick meeting? Or would there be more?   Sam released my hand and I got into my car and tried to decided what I was going to do: go home or continue driving? I watched Sam walk away, climb into his car and drive towards the exit.
A hand appeared out of his window and he waved.
  I couldn’t wait to talk to him later on Lush.



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