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Latest stories Taboo Sex Diaries: After School

Eighteen year old Sonia Kay admired herself in the mirror.
She stood in front of the looking glass naked, her blonde hair still very damp and her skin slightly moist from her morning shower.
Sonia placed her hands over her D-cup breasts and squeezed.
She then ran her hands down her stomach, her fingers lightly touched her neatly trimmed pussy.
She turned around and admired her tight teen ass.
I look goooood, Sonia thought.
She quickly grabbed her pink panties and slowly put them on.
She watched her hips sway as she pulled her panties up.
She then grabbed her matching bra and put it on.
This was her morning ritual.
Every morning Sonia admired her naked form in the mirror, slowly put on her underwear and getting dressed for school.
All the male students in her high school watched her, leered at her.
She could almost read their thoughts.
Their dirty thoughts.
Sonia liked that.
To add some spice sometimes she’d stare back at them and wink or smile as if to acknowledge and approve of their thoughts.
She didn’t just have that affect with the male students; the male staff also found themselves catching a peek.
Sonia checked herself out in her white V neck tee-shirt and red skirt.
Sexy, Sonia thought and left her room.
As Sonia drove to school she thought about who she was going to tease.
Every day Sonia chose one person to focus on and tease them.
She’d find some way to bump into them, sit next to them and if the chance arose bend over to pick something up within their line of sight.
She normally picked the male students but once in a while she picked a male teacher.
As she drove her thoughts drifted towards Mr.
Nicholas Vargus.
He was the math teacher, newly hired.
Only been at the school for a year.
Vargus was in his mid-thirties, and quite good looking.
As luck would have it Mr.
Vargus was also her math teacher this semester.
Fourth period, right before lunch.
The thought of teasing Mr.
Vargus brought a huge smile to Sonia’s face.
She stepped on the gas pedal to get to school faster.
After second period was over Sonia walked down the hallway, taking the longer route to her next class.
She wanted to pass by Mr.
Vargus’ classroom.
“Hi Mr.
Vargus,” Sonia said in a cheery voice as she entered his classroom.
“Hello, Sonia.
How are you?” Nicholas Vargus replied.
He looked up and her smiled.
He always smiled at her.
“Good and you?” “Doing well.
Hope you studied for the quiz today.
” “We’ll see if I pass or not,” she replied.
She leaned over his desk.
Her V neck teeshirt dropped a little exposing a little more cleavage.
Nicholas lifted his head.
His eyes fell on her cleft.
His mind started to race quickly.
Just like all warm blooded men, Nicholas was not immune to Sonia’s sexuality.
After catching her pray Sonia leaned in more, revealing more cleavage.
“Maybe I need some extra attention,” Sonia said.
Her voice went from cheery to a suggestive overtone.
Nicholas sat back in his chair and simply said, “If you need my help, in any way.
I am here for you.
” Sonia stood up and fixed her shirt making a point to run her hands over her breasts.
She then pulled on her short skirt a little.
“Glad to hear you say that.
See you next period,” Sonia said and walked out.
Leaving Mr.
Vargus watching her ass.
Forty minutes later Sonia walked back into Nicholas Vargus’ classroom.
She walked past his desk to ensure he would get a glimpse of her ass again.
As Sonia sat down, Nicholas got up and started handing out the test paper.
“The quiz is twenty minutes, primarily focusing on chapter 2 and 3.
Show all work ladies and gentlemen.
No work, no points.
” As the students started taking the quiz Nicholas walked up and down the rows.
He walked past Sonia’s desk several times, all times getting a glimpse of her cleavage as her body leaned forward as she concentrated on the exam.
Sonia looked back at Nicholas and smiled at him every time he passed by.
As soon as the bell rang every student jumped up from their seats and headed out the door.
Except Sonia.
She took her sweet time packing up her books.
When the classroom was empty, save her and Nicholas, Sonia slowly got up and walked her way up to the front.
“Sonia, I think that paper fell out of your backpack,” Nicholas said.
Sonia turned around and saw a piece of paper on the floor.
“Thanks,” Sonia said, and bent over to pick it up.
Her short skirt rode up high, exposing her pink panties.
Nicholas watched intensively as Sonia picked up the paper and got up and faced him.
She waved her blonde hair away from her face, started at him and walked out of the classroom.
Nicholas sat for a few minutes at his desk, unable to move.
The tease had made her mark and left something growing.
A few minutes later Nicholas subsided and finally got up and left the classroom.
He took the back stairs to the teachers lounge too cool off.
As he made his way down he pictured Sonia bending over.
Her pink panties, so delicate and smooth.
He wanted to reach over and slide those panties down and.
Vargus,” a voice called out to him.
Nicholas turned around and saw the little devil bouncing her way down the stairs.
“Sonia,” Nicholas said.
She stood a few feet away from him.
He smelled her perfume.
“I think I failed the test,” Sonia said with a little sad face.
She exhaled heavily from her mouth, causing her chest to heave up and down.
Her breasts rose and fell.
Nicholas did not miss a beat.
“Well that would be bad.
” “I was hoping maybe you can grade my paper and tell me? If I did fail, maybe you can help me?” “I would love to help you.
Tell you what, after school come by my office.
I’ll grade the paper and we can discuss your situation.
” “Deal,” Sonia said and quickly turned around headed back up the stairs.
Once again, Nicholas caught a glimpse of her pink panties as she went up the stairs.
He felt a little stir in his pants and quickly turned around and ran down the stairs.
Middle of seventh period, Sonia was walking down the halls back to her classroom when she spotted Nicholas Vargus heading her way.
Nicholas saw her too.
Nicholas was only a few inches away when Sonia tripped.
She fell and her skirt lifted all the way up.
Sonia fell on her back as Nicholas ran up to her.
He looked down and saw the temptress with her skirt around her waist.
Her Hello Kitty pink was panties completely exposed.
He could see a faint line of her landing strip from under the thin pink fabric.
Nicholas knelt down and asked if she was OK.
Sonia, slowly moved her hands to lower her skirt and said was fine.
Nicholas grabbed her hand and pulled her up.
Sonia thanked him and walked away.
Nicholas sat in his office at his desk, his mind filled with images of Sonia and her pink panties.
He hadn’t realized when someone walked in and closed the door.
“Hi Mr.
Vargus,” Sonia said and walked up to his desk.
“Sonia,” was all he said.
He checked his watch and saw it was a little after five o’clock.
Online Now! Lush Cams ElektraBlack By now majority of the whole school was gone, save some teachers marking papers in their offices and some after school clubs a few floors above his office.
“I graded your paper,” Nicholas continued, “you did indeed fail.
” “What? Badly?” “Terribly.
You scored 30.
In fact you got the lowest grade.
You’re going to pull the grade curve down quite a bit for this test.
” “Fuck that sucks!” Sonia said.
She knew she had failed, but by this much? “Mind your language, Ms.
Kay,” Nicholas said.
but that does fucking suck! How the fuck did I fucking fail this fucking much??” “Ms.
Your language.
” “Man, how am I going to fucking explain this,” Sonia said.
She was so upset she was ignoring Nicholas.
“Alright, that’s enough.
Stop using the word ‘fuck’ now.
”   “I’m sorry,” Sonia said.
Then she smiled, leaned over his desk and continued, “I just need some private tutoring.
” “I think tutoring is a good idea.
” Sonia sat on his desk, crossed her legs.
Her skirt rose up a little.
“Teach me.
” Nicholas grabbed some paper and started working one of the problems on paper.
Sonia leaned in, showing her cleavage.
Nicholas tried to concentrate but it became difficult.
Her perfume, her cleavage, the vision of her pink panties all filled his head.
after you carry the X, the breast is solvable.
” “Breast?” “What?” “You said breast.
” “No, I didn’t.
I said REST is solvable.
” “No, no.
You said breast,” Sonia insisted and sat up.
“Uhm, I don’t recall.
Sorry if I made you uncomfortable.
” “I’m fine with breast.
I have breasts.
Their D cup.
See,” Sonia said and extended her chest forward.
“And they look marvelous,” Nicholas said.
Realizing he said this out loud and not in his mind, he quickly apologized.
Sonia just laughed it off, and got off his desk.
Sonia bent over to fix her boots, once again exposing her panties to Nicholas.
This time he had enough.
His cock was teased all day.
Without thinking of the consequences, he got up and charged at Sonia.
He grabbed her by the arm and swung her around.
Vargus! What the fuck are you doing?” “You have been teasing me all day.
Bending over exposing your panties, leaning forward showing me glimpses of your tits, flirting and teasing.
” “Yeah, and?” Nicholas didn’t respond.
Instead he leaned in and kissed his student.
His lips fell hard on her soft lips.
She didn’t hesitate or resist.
Sonia had stared the day with the intention of just teasing Nicholas Vargus.
But the incident during seventh period had changed things.
Sonia had gotten wet after she had fell, exposing her pussy to him.
She didn’t know why she came to see him after school hours but now that his lips were pressing against hers, she wasn’t going to fight it.
With Sonia kissing him back, Nicholas ran his hands up her smooth legs, and up her skirt.
His hands made their way around her backside and grabbed her plump ass.
he squeezed it hard.
He pushed her against his desk and raised her on top of it.
He stopped kissing her long enough to take her tee-shirt off.
He threw it on the floor and quickly moved to undo her bra claps.
Within seconds he unleashed her D cups.
One hand squeezed while his mouth sucked on the other tit.
His teeth clamped on her nipple and bit down, hard.
His lips fell on her surrounding tit and sucks.
His tongue moved across her erect nipples.
Sonia sat topless on his desk and closed her eyes.
She but her lower lip and moaned.
Nicholas moved between both tits and then started kissing and licking her downwards.
He pushed her down so she lay on her back on the desk.
Nicholas got down, lifted her skirt and moved the panties down her legs, down her ankles.
He held onto her panties while his lips kissed her inner thighs.
His tongue dragged between her legs and all around her cunt.
He stuck his tongue between the slit of her lips and Sonia jumped on the desk a little.
His tongue had made his way around her sensitive parts and it was making her tingle.
The intense feeling of his lips, his tongue made Sonia get wetter and wetter.
Nicholas continued to lick her sweet juices.
He felt his cock get too big to be kept restrained.
Nicholas got up, undid his pants and exposed his erect manhood to Sonia.
Her eyes went wide and quickly got off the desk, and on her knees.
She had sucked a few cocks but none were this thick or big.
All the blood had rushed to his penis and it was throbbing.
Sonia quickly grabbed his shaft and placed her warm mouth on his head.
She slid the thick monster down her throat, fitting half of it.
Her teeth grazed the shaft and she started sucking.
Her fingers lightly squeezed his balls.
Nicholas ordered Sonia to put her hands on her lap and not to move.
He placed his hands on the back of her head and started to fuck her mouth.
Nicholas moved one hand to her throat, while leaving the other behind her head.
he started jamming the cock in her mouth a little faster and harder.
Sonia made an attempt to grab his cock but Nicholas ordered her to not move her hands.
Nicholas moved his hips in an out fast and forced her head towards him faster.
He continued to fuck her mouth for a few minutes.
When he was ready, he pulled Sonia up, turned her around and bent her over his desk.
His lifted her skirt, and spread her legs.
With no pause Nicholas rammed his cock up her cunt.
He grabbed her hands and bend them so they were behind her back.
He held her wrists firmly while he pounded her.
Sonia started to moan and her voice got louder and louder.
With his free hand, Nicholas reached forward and stuffed her panties in her mouth.
To stifle her screams and loud moans.
Nicholas lifted one of her left legs higher so he had more leverage.
He shoved his cock in deep and fast.
He pounded her with such force that the desk began to rattle.
The table started to move and Nicholas moved with the desk.
Sonia continued to moan and she felt an orgasm coming on.
Nicholas felt his balls fill with pressure as well.
With Sonia’s leg on the desk, Nicholas reached up and grabbed her golden locks and yanked on them hard.
Sonia’s head jerked back with force, Nicholas shoved himself up her cunt deeper and held her wrists forcefully.
When he could no longer take it, he exploded inside her.
His cum oozed out him and filled her pussy, streams of cum started leak down her thighs.
Even as he was unloading his cum, Nicholas still found the energy to pump a few more times.
His cock went in and out a few more times, not wanting to leave her there.
When he was done, he let her go, stepped back and admired the view.
Sonia was still laying on the desk, skirt pulled up and ass in view.
Nicholas reached forward and slapped her ass, and pulled her off the desk.
“Good day Ms.
Kay,” Nicholas said as he pulled up his pants and walked out of his office.
Sonia spit her panties out of her mouth and looked down.
Her exam paper was stuck to her sweaty, cum crusted skin.
She peeled the paper and was shocked.
Her score was 87.
She had passed.



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