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Latest stories Straight Sex Lily’s Awakening, part 1

Lily was a good girl.
The type of girl who during school years had been punctual and well behaved, during college had not experimented with sex and drugs like many of her friends had, and as an adult, always paid her bills on time and worked her butt off for little recognition.
At twenty four years old, Lily worked at small, local pharmacy.
She handed out prescriptions and restocked shelves full of nappy creams, cough medicines, and an array of typical household necessities.
It didn’t excite her, but it paid the bills, and she had some good friends there.
Jack was a little older than Lily at twenty eight and was quite the chalk to her cheese.
Jack’s school life had been punctuated with detentions and truancy.
Not a bad boy, just a cheeky kid really.
His cheeky chappy shenanigans continued through to college where he would sleep around and smoke the weekends away with his mates.
As an adult, Jack loved nothing more than the thrill of chasing pretty girls and the bigger thrill of succeeding in bedding them.
When he’d settled into the working world as a delivery driver for the various pharmacies in the area, he’d begun to desire Lily.
Her dark blonde hair and smooth creamy skin enticed him, though she left a lot to the imagination with sensible clothing and her pharmacy coat over the top.
When her eyes met his each time he’d visit, they’d sparkle, and on the odd occasion his hand would brush hers, the creamy white skin of her neck and cheeks would flush the most beautiful shade of pink.
It drove him crazy.
He’d never had problems getting women he wanted, but this girl baffled him.
He’d joked, teased, flirted and charmed but hadn’t been able to entice Lily to join him for a drink.
Lily was definitely attracted to him, and would feel her skin heat as he walked in through the door, delivery boxes in hand, clipboard balanced on top.
He had a strong looking body, not too worked out and hard but well maintained and healthy looking.
Short, dark hair, shaved close to his head and a sexy amount of stubble across his lower face.
She’d always blush when meeting his deep brown eyes, and hated herself for it.
She couldn’t understand why a man like Jack would be interested in a girl like her.
She imagined he could find a willing bed partner just by smiling in the direction of most girls.
The last thing she wanted was to be a notch on his bedpost and feel awkward at work forever after.
She was a girl who had never had satisfying sex, and although she craved a warm body in her bed, she had never had sex outside of a relationship before.
The upcoming wedding of a mutual friend would be when the two of them would see each other outside work for the first time, and she was beginning to hope that Jack would try to ask her out again, and resolved to say yes.
– After searching the shops for something suitable to wear for the evening, Lily decided on a pretty, dusky pink, fitted dress.
The neckline swept in a long semicircle from shoulder to shoulder, just low enough to hint at the swell of her cleavage.
The dress was long enough to be considered appropriate wedding attire but shorter than she’d normally wear, and when paired with new heels that felt foreign to her, even Lily marvelled at her long toned legs in the dressing room mirror.
She decided right then that she would let her inhibitions relax at the party, enjoy a cheeky flute of champagne and try her hand at flirting back with the man who had been flirting with her for so long.
Maybe she could let go a little, throw caution to the wind and see what happened.
– Jack arrived a little late to the reception, of course, fashionably late to social functions as usual.
He strode confidently into the hotel ballroom and scanned around for Lily.
As he made his way towards the bar, Jack was greeted by the bride and groom, Penny and Graham.
After hugging Penny, he took his friend Graham to the bar to buy him a congratulatory drink.
It was then that Jack noticed the gorgeous red headed bridesmaid stood across the room with her friends.
She was staring straight at him, a sly smile on her lips.
Jack raised his bottle to the ladies and smiled, turning back to the bar.
He’d definitely be up for some fun with her, but was really hoping to get his hands on Lily.
Taking a long swig of his beer he decided tonight was going to be a lot of fun, one way or another.
Lily had arrived on time, greeted everyone along the bridal party line and spent some time mingling with other guests.
Now, in the luxurious hotel bathroom, she checked over her reflection.
Her simple make up accentuated her natural beauty, and the knowledge that she was wearing a sexy, pink, strapless bra and matching thong made her skin flush.
She didn’t intend to let Jack get her out of her dress tonight, but the pretty lingerie made her feel confident, and there’s a first time for everything.
Willing her nerves into the back of her mind, Lily re-entered the ballroom and immediately spotted Jack saluting the gorgeous bridesmaids with his drink.
Her confidence wavered but when he turned his back on them she decided to follow through with her decision to approach him.
Lily had been stood admiring Jack for a minute when someone bumped into her from the side.
“Oh gosh, I’m sorry” Lily apologised although she had been simply standing still.
She looked up into the face of the man who’d walked into her.
Online Now! Lush Cams Lessa She was immediately struck by how attractive he was, he was older than her, perhaps in his mid thirties, and had incredibly dark hair and eyes.
The eyes were so dark it intimidated her, and she blushed while mumbling her apology again and shifting her eyes down to her hands.
The man tucked his fingertips under Lily’s chin and tilted her head up to look into her eyes.
Lily was shocked but didn’t pull away, his soft fingers touched her so gently and sweetly but the darkness of his eyes put her on edge.
“My mistake, excuse me,” he replied, letting go of her chin and stepping around her towards the bathrooms.
Lily was left speechless at the interaction and more than a little confused but with him out of sight she took a deep breath and moved towards Jack at the bar.
Lily greeted the guys, and blushed as she felt Jack look over her outfit.
Sitting next to him at the bar she tried to remain calm and collected.
She sipped her champagne and giggled at his silly jokes until Jack pulled her up to dance with him.
The evening went by quickly, dancing and drinking together.
Lily was sure Jack would ask her out again.
Jack was sure he’d finally get Lily into bed.
If he was honest with himself, he wasn’t sure the sex would be worth all the effort he’d had to put in, and the appeal of seducing the quiet, shy girl was waning to the idea of the red headed wild cat he suspected awaited him.
After a little while, Lily could feel the champagne’s effect, she began to spin a little so decided to head outside for some fresh air.
As soon as Lily had stepped outside, Jack turned to see the red head had slid onto the bar stool next to him.
Not a single word was spoken between them, but as she finished her drink and began to walk away, Jack found himself following her out of the ballroom and towards the grand bathroom in the main hallway.
Upon finding the bathroom deserted, she pulled Jack into a cubicle by his tie and quickly locked the stall door.
Their lips crushed together and their breathing came fast and hard as their tongues entwined.
Her fingers made short work of unfastening Jack’s suit trousers and he leaned back against the wall as she pulled them down enough to get to his semi hard cock.
Jack watched as she lifted her bridesmaids dress up around her waist and pulled her pretty lace panties to the side, exposing herself to him.
His cock grew harder and bounced reflexively as her fingers stroked through her short bush down to her smooth slit and rubbed in quick little circles around her clit.
She brought her fingers to her mouth and coated them in saliva before slipping a couple into her exposed pussy.
Jack felt precum begin to bead on the tip of his cock and moaned quietly, eyes fixed on her.
She stopped fingering herself and took hold of Jack’s swollen dick, bending at the waist and pushing her face close to him.
He closed his eyes and awaited the feel of her tongue sliding over him, and groaned at the need to be sucked off burning in him.
Her fingers wrapped around him, too gently, he needed more.
He looked down at her and watched as she held his cock straight out and noisily spat on it before working her hand along his length for a couple of quick strokes.
She pushed him to sit on the toilet lid and turned away from him, positioning her pussy above his spit slicked cock, then quickly sunk onto him, taking his entire length deep inside her in one move.
They groaned as one and their breathing came in short gasps as she rode him hard, bouncing on his throbbing prick over and over again, grinding her hips when he was fully inside her.
Jack watched from behind as her hand disappeared between her legs, he felt her warm pussy squeeze tight around him as she rubbed her clit and he held her hips as she came hard on him, her tightness clenched every inch of him and her cum dripped onto his balls.
Her breathing had barely slowed when Jack lifted her off of him, turned and bent her over the toilet in one fluid moment.
He pulled her wet panties further aside, held her in place with one hand and guided his cock between her slick pussy lips.
He was close, and needed release.
He drove himself into her hard, his fingers dug into her hips as he fucked her deep and fast.
He felt his balls tighten and thrust hard into her a couple more times, not caring about the way it made her shriek in a place they should be discreet.
His cock exploded, cum shot thickly deep inside her, and he steadied himself against the close cubicle walls, breathing hard.
Slowly, Jack pulled his softening cock from her satisfied pussy, tucked himself back into his fancy wedding attire and watched her pull her panties back in place, balancing on shaking legs as she adjusted her dress.
The bathroom smelled of sex as they unlocked the cubicle door and stepped out together.
Jack took a quick glance in the mirror and made his way to the door, stopping to look back at the freshly fucked, red headed beauty.
She wasn’t bothered by his hasty retreat, she’d got what she wanted and was busy checking her hair and make up in the large mirrors.
He walked out and snaked his way to the bar, surprised but glad that no one had walked in on them.
Little did they know that they hadn’t been alone in that bathroom.
Lily sat in the cubicle at the end in shocked silence.
To be continued.



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