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Latest stories Straight Sex Girls’ Night Out – Chapter 4

I was beside Tina like a rocket, scooping her into my arms, Diane was behind her looking both concerned and nervous.
I nodded for her to come, she waved at someone outside and closed the door behind her.
Carrying Tina into the front room I asked if she wanted a drink.
Through her sniffles she said, “A hot chocolate please,” I looked at Diane who just nodded and disappeared into the kitchen.
“Want to tell me or wait for Diane?” I asked, Tina started a fresh bout of sobbing.
I just sat with her in my lap, holding her tight, stroking her hair and reassuring her while Diane busied herself in the kitchen.
About five minutes later she walked into the front room with a tray of drinks, a hot chocolate for Tina and coffee for us.
“What’s she said?” Diane had been a friend of Tina’s since they were at school together, that friendship had developed into best friends over the years.
She and James, her husband, had been good friends to both of us over the years, both professionally and personally.
She was a solicitor and we had employed her to do the conveyancing on our few house moves and I had used her for my legal requirements and obligations running a company.
This along with recommendations and a little financial support from us had helped her and James, a barrister, set up their own law firm.
It’s always useful to have a legal team on call, especially on mate’s rates.
They were however a little bit on the wild side, lots of money, no kids and a free and open attitude to all experiences in life.
“Other than the outburst at the door, nothing, she’s just cried.
What the fuck happened?” “I’m really sorry Luke, I feel responsible, I shouldn’t have booked,” Diane started I cut her off, saying “Recriminations later, just get to the fucking point.
” “Yes, right sorry.
We’d gone as arranged and signed in, Tina and Bev, from up the road?” I nodded and she continued, “got the ‘not interested’ wristband, the most any of us got was for touching with hands.
Anyway, we got some drinks and found a table.
Three women we didn’t know joined our table and there was another group of, well, girls at the next one that we didn’t know.
I thought I’d seen some familiar faces while we were going in but couldn’t name names.
“The show started and we were having a good time.
We’d all had a few of drinks, but nothing over the top and Tina was still only on her second.
You’ve got a busy day tomorrow?” she digressed and I just nodded guessing that was Tina’s excuse to make sure she didn’t drink too much.
“So, it was all pretty tacky to tell the truth, the set ups were obvious as they started blowing the strippers on only the second round.
Then some of the other groups started getting carried away, including the table next to us and we saw them go down on a couple of them.
” She paused and took a drink; Tina had stopped bawling and was sniffling.
“The strippers had been around a few times and it was amusing in a silly way, they would wave their dicks at us or put a foot on the chair and a hand on our head as if we were going to go down.
Well one was doing it to Tina and he wasn’t swinging, he was pointing, she was pulling back, but smiling when the silly bitch from the table behind said ‘stop being a teasing cunt’ and pushed her head forward.
Tina screamed ‘No!’, but it all combined that his dick went in her mouth.
He had been too busy looking around showing off and hadn’t seen what had happened and the music too loud to register what was said and thought he had got lucky so kept his hand on her head and started pumping.
Next thing he’s on the floor holding his balls and the girl behind is clutching her face, Tina then collapsed on her chair bawling her eyes out.
” Diane looked like she was about to burst into tears and stopped to take another drink, Tina was now looking up at me totally lost.
I stroked her cheek and went to kiss her, but she turned her face away, so I kissed her head.
Diane continued “Sorry, I just feel so awful, but it all happened so fast.
I was sat right next to her and it was all over before I could react.
I think he can’t have thrust more than twice before Tina punched straight up into his balls, then she spun around and smashed her forearm into the face of the girl behind who had pushed her head.
It stopped her smirking, that’s for sure.
The bouncers came over, of course and they took her to the manager’s office.
” There was a subtle change in Diane’s face and posture at this point and I could see she was slipping into professional mode.
“I insisted on going in with her but the bouncers tried to stop me, so I got my phone out and started recording, then said ‘If your manager insists on interviewing my client, then it is also his obligation to allow her to have representation’.
That sort of shut them up and I was allowed to enter with Tina, the other girls had wanted to come in to support her but were kept in the hallway.
Before he said anything I said ‘Here’s my card, I’d like your details please, my client will be reporting this incident to the local council’s health and safety and licencing departments, so I will be needing your name and details and the details of the person or organisations hiring the venue for this evening.
You may also want my husband’s card, as your barrister may need to contact him should my client decide to sue you and the venue for not protecting her health, safety and well-being.
’ He gave me his details and told me to contact him Monday and then asked me and my party to leave with threats that counter suits may happen.
The phrase he used was ‘sue your arse right back’, I’m not sure of the legality of that term though.
When we got back here and you said I could come in, I waved to the rest of the girls who had insisted on leaving with us.
It was only meant to be a bit of fun, but that bitch behind ruined it all.
” After the ‘professional’ part of the tale, Diane slumped and looked really down.
While she was one of the more adventurous, for want of a better word, of the group, she was possibly the most switched on when it hit the fan.
It was at times like this that despite all her quirks, that more than once had made me question her appropriateness, made me appreciate Tina’s best friend and her husband.
Their legal minds that had served us so well in other areas knew how to talk in tight situations that immediately got people on their back foot.
I sat dumbfounded for a second, pulling Tina in tighter and kissing her again, “It’s not your fault Diane and really I feel a little sorry for the stripper, he just reacted as any man would, but it’s tough shit, he should have paid attention to what was happening.
Would you recognise the bitch again?” They both nodded, “Without a bandage on her nose?” This got the first half chuckle out of Tina, who then jumped out of her chair and ran to the loo sounding like she was crying again.
I went after and asked if she was okay and got a muffled response, she opened the door when I pressed for an answer and she was cleaning her teeth.
I hugged her and went and sat down.
“Thanks for your help Diane, she was really nervous about going, thinking I might get jealous or something if for some reason known to the gods only, something happened.
Do you think my wife is psychic and her nerves were due to a premonition?” “She’s so special, I wouldn’t put it past her, but there is no need to thank me, Tina’s done far more for me over the years, you both have for both of us.
She’s an incredible woman, to see her crack like that both the lashing out and the sobbing, shook all of us, she’s actually a little scary.
” I laughed, “It’s like cuddling a stick of dynamite.
Though I’ve never seen her use any of the moves I’ve seen her use at Tae kwon do, it gives her the speed, power and accuracy for simple things like shots to the balls or nose.
” As I said this, she plonked herself back down in my lap, resting her head on my chest while sipping her drink.
“That was daddy, ‘to stop bullies punch them on the nose, when it comes to men always the balls, whether you love him or hate him, you will control him’.
I think daddy would have found it easier with a boy.
” Tina said, finally sounding like she was settling down.
“I knew I liked your dad, now I know why.
” “I’m sorry.
” She said and I could hear her voice cracking again.
“Hey, you have nothing to be sorry about! You did nothing wrong!” “But I had another man in my mouth and then I hurt two people and…” “You said it yourself, ‘they made you do it’, you did nothing wrong.
It sounds like at least one of those people deserved hurting, as for the other, he should be grateful I wasn’t there, I’d have cut his dick off before thinking.
” She finished her drink and put it on the table and snuggled into me again, within a few minutes she was asleep.
I looked at Diane who smiled for the first time since they had been back.
“It’s wiped her out.
Do you want me to call you a cab or you can crash in the guest room if you want, it’s all made up and I can run you home or to get your car tomorrow?” “Thank you, you are a doll, it would be much easier to crash here if that’s okay.
I’d like to speak with Tina in the morning, make sure she’s okay and see if there’s anything I can do.
I’ll just let him indoors know.
” After Diane let James know what had happened and that she was staying, she went off to the spare room and I carried Tina to bed.
She half roused as I undressed her, I lay her under the duvet, then went and got a warm washcloth and gave her a mini bed bath so she wouldn’t feel totally shit in the morning.
I went back downstairs and had a quick tidy and made sure the doors and windows were locked, before stripping down and sliding in behind Tina.
We were both soon fast asleep.
Like so many mornings before, Tina had turned in my embrace during the night and was cuddled up against my chest, her breathing calm and relaxed.
I slipped my arm from under her and myself out from under the duvet, a quick splash and dash to freshen up and I put on my robe and went down to put the coffee on.
While I was in the kitchen, Diane came in with the guest robe on, “Hi honey, how are you? How’s Tina?” “She didn’t wake that I know of and was still sleeping peacefully when I came down.
I’m fine, I’d like something to happen to that stupid cow from last night, but I guess that’s moot.
“I’m brewing, would you like one or would you prefer tea?” “Coffee’s fine, thanks.
I’d like to have a chat with her before I go.
” “Of course! You can go see her now, if she’s awake.
I was going to bring her a coffee when I was done.
” Diane thanked me again and went back upstairs.
When the coffee was ready, I poured three cups putting them on a tray I carried them upstairs.
As I pushed the door open gently with my foot, I saw that Diane was in my side lying behind Tina.
Her robe was on the end of the bed, so she was probably in her underwear cuddling up behind my naked wife, quietly stroking her hair.
As I put the tray down, Diane looked over her shoulder and smiled at me and then nudged Tina a little who turned and sat up, not worrying about the covers.
I gave her a cup and put Diane’s on my bedside cabinet, then sat on the end of the bed with my back against the footboard and put a hand under the covers to stroke Tina’s foot.
She smiled at me, it wasn’t her full eye lighting smile and I could see she had been crying again, but there was less sadness than there had been last night which could only be a good thing.
When Diane sat up to drink her coffee, I discovered that she didn’t have bra on and that she didn’t care about me seeing her nudity.
“Err, sorry, I’ll…” I stammered.
“Oh, don’t be daft Luke, how long have we known each other? You saw my tits years before James did.
He wouldn’t worry if he were here, I don’t, do you mind Tina?” Tina looked at her, then down at her boobs and over to me and smiled and shrugged.
“There you go, not an issue then, is it?” she asked, though I knew it was rhetorical.
Glancing between her and my wife, both sat unashamedly without worrying about covering themselves with the duvet, with such a perfect display, I could feel a stirring in my robe but tried to ignore it as I shrugged too.
The trouble was, Diane had a wonderful pair of boobs, a large C or small D and perky with slightly upturned nipples.
I would guess she had them lifted a little, as they looked as good as when I first saw them, over quarter of a century earlier.
Turning to Tina I asked, “Have you two had a chat, do want me to give you a minute?” “We’ve had a quick chat.
I’m okay, I think a lot of last night was shock.
I couldn’t believe after all our talk something like that would happen, it was almost as if Clotho was laughing at me.
” Her mentioning one of the Fates was a good sign she was thinking clearly, but I could also see her filling up again and squeezed her ankle to show my support, so she went on.
“I panicked when it happened, lashed out, then the quick rush of adrenalin subsided and I collapsed back into my seat, my worst nightmare had happened, someone put their dick into my mouth what would you think, you said it would be okay if I was forced, but was I? And what had I done in reaction? Two people were hurt holding themselves where I had struck out.
My mind was racing at a hundred miles per hour and I could not see any good outcome from what had happened, what I had done? All I could see was my life falling apart.
” Tears were now pouring down her face.
I saw Diane’s hand move under the covers, it looked like she had put her hand on Tina’s leg, I moved up the bed and hugged her.
We sat like this for a few minutes before Diane spoke again, more to me.
“The chances are the police will be involved, there is no issue with that, the event was being recorded, we had to sign releases, their disclaimers are a joke designed to put off people that don’t know what is required.
Tina has agreed to me filing a complaint with the local authority, personally I think we should also sue them, if nothing else to help protect other women.
She’s going to think about it.
Of course, if you want me, I’ll represent you and as it was my fault it will be the nominal charge.
” “Okay, the pair of you, stop with the bloody guilt!” I said sternly “Tina, if someone was holding your head and pushing you, how can you be to blame? It’s not like you acquiesced when it happened, you fought back to stop it.
And don’t feel guilty about hurting people, you only did what you had to do to stop it, it’s not like you went and stomped on him after.
Did you? “Diane, you said it yourself, it happened so fast you couldn’t stop it.
You had only meant it as a fun night for the girls and if it wasn’t for that stupid girl you would have had a great time.
When it happened, you stepped in and took charge and controlled the situation, if not for you the chances are, they would have been able to get Tina to accept full responsibility, especially given how fragile she was when you got home.
So, thank you for that.
“Now, if I hear anymore beating yourselves up, I’ll be tempted to put you both over my knee and do it myself, is that understood?” Diane looked a little shocked and looked at Tina, she finally smiled and nodded at her friend.
“He just might.
” A strange look came over Diane’s face and she shook her head and gave Tina and me a kiss on the cheek and got out of bed.
“I’m going to grab a shower then call a cab,” she cut off my protest, “you stay with Tina.
I’ll give you a call over the weekend.
” I looked up as she put her robe on, she had been totally nude.
She saw me looking and smiled, I mouthed “thank you” to her and she blew me a kiss.
I had meant for her support, not the view, I trust that’s what she was responding to.
About twenty minutes later, I had crawled into bed and was sat with Tina leaning on me while we drank our drinks.
Diane poked her head around the door to say goodbye, we both said another thank you and off she went.
“What happens now?” asked Tina “Well, you could have a shower and then we can get some breakfast, or we could snuggle down here for a bit.
” “I want a shower, I feel grimy.
” I got up and started running the water to heat it up and then came back to get Tina.
Initially she didn’t want me to join her, but I insisted.
“I love you; I think I know some of what is going through your head and no, you’re not dirty, you’re not spoiled goods.
You’re my wife, my lover and my best friend, the mother of our kids and the woman I’m getting old with.
” Taking her head in my hands I kissed her full and hard on the mouth.
I didn’t force my tongue in as I could feel the resistance to the kiss as it was.
When we got into the shower, Tina turned the heat up a touch and after a few minutes of soaking in the stream with me holding her, she turned it off and went for the shower gel.
I took it out of her hands and squirted it on her sponge, I started with her shoulders and washed her arms ensuring there was plenty of lather, then putting the sponge down I massaged it in.
I did the same to her back and then over her bum (have I mentioned how lovely her bum is?), spreading her cheeks slightly and making her squirm as I rubbed around without touching her anus and finally down her legs.
I had her turn around and worked my way back up the front of her legs, when I got to her pussy, again I avoid all the sensitive parts as much as possible, when I got too close, she started to protest.
Online Now! Lush Cams CristalBlake “Shh, just let me do this for you.
Trust in our love.
” With the last words, Tina finally seemed to relax properly.
I washed over her belly and past but not over her boobs, finishing with her neck.
Her breathing was a little harder now and I don’t know if the flush over her chest was from me washing or some other cause.
I then got her shampoo and turned her around again and washed her hair, making sure to massage her scalp well and while I was doing this, she washed her face.
I squirted some gel over her boobs and starting at the top and massaging around in circles within circles.
Moving around, getting closer to her nipples until I could feel her Montgomery glands standing proud around her areola which told me she was very erect.
I pulled her close to me, my own erection pushing between her cheeks and slid one hand down across her belly, spreading my fingers like a Vulcan I ran them either side of her clitoris and lips, then closing them together, dragged them back between them.
As I got to her clitoris again, I gripped one of her nipples getting confirmation that they were erect, standing proud a good half inch.
I squeezed hard as I started to move my fingers around her clitoris, nibbling at her neck.
As she was shuddering, I eased back a little and whispered in her ear.
“You are mine, always.
” Squeezing both her nipples, “I will always want to have access to these,” moving down front and back I pressed on her anus and slid two fingers into her pussy, “I love you Tina Evans, I will always want these.
” As I curled my fingers forward and pushed onto her clitoris Tina gasped and shuddered, I had to grab her around her waist to support her as her legs gave way.
I turned the shower back on so we could rinse off.
Tina looked up at me and pulled my face down to hers and kissed me like there was no tomorrow, pushing her tongue into my mouth hard and aggressive, her eyes were closed because of the water running over her face, but she was more beautiful than I had seen her since she went out the previous night.
When she broke off the kiss, she opened her eyes against the stream, smiled a full face smile and said, “I love you so much Luke, thank you for being patient and helping me through my stupidity.
” “It wasn’t stupidity, it was shock, maybe with a little bit of not really believing what I said last week.
You never have to thank me for doing my duty to you.
Let’s get you dry and get some calories into you.
Though I am going to put a reminder into my phone.
” “Oh?” “Well, silliness and not trusting my reaction means you need me to remind you to trust me, had you forgotten so quickly?” “Oh!” she giggled again as she handed me a towel, “There you go, sir.
” After drying Tina off, she grabbed her robe and collected up the cups and tray, I told her I was going to quickly finish my shower and would be down in a few minutes.
I walked into the kitchen and Tina was frying some eggs and had some bread toasting, I strolled up behind and hugged her from behind, kissing her neck.
“Coffee?” I asked.
” I poured two cups and took them to the table.
“The girls were spending the night out, weren’t they?” “They won’t be back until mid-afternoon,” Tina confirmed and I set the table for two.
Tina joined me with our breakfast and we ate in silence.
Once finished I held my cup in my hands and looked at her carefully.
“How are you feeling now?” “Actually, much better.
I was really struggling with had happened and how you would react.
Yes, I know shut up.
It’s all very well what is said about theoretical situations, but when reality comes along and bites your butt, it’s a whole different story.
Picture an eighteen year old me running down a hall screaming her head off, that’s what was going on in my head.
I just needed time to work through that and get back to forty-three year old me again.
” “And did Diane say anything surprising?” “No, she checked I was okay, eventually.
” I raised an eyebrow and she continued, “At first she just climbed in and hugged me, somehow she knew I was still processing.
I had a little cry, then she just held me while we talked, she was saying sorry, she feels so guilty about it.
Then asking how I was and what was going through my head, finally saying about the legal stuff she told you.
We had just stopped talking when you came in.
“Would you have done it?” Tina asked with an odd glint in her eye.
“What?” “If we’d carried on blaming ourselves, would you have spanked us?” She giggled as I spat my coffee back into my cup, “Us? You, yes, but you know that.
I’m not sure how James would feel about me spanking Diane.
That said, how would you feel watching me do that?” “Why would I be watching?” “A little thing about being beyond reproach.
If I spank you, there’s a good chance something else might happen.
There is no way I would expose myself to that with anyone else.
On the off chance the circumstances arose and all four of us were comfortable with it, you would have to be in the same room! I know I wouldn’t go beyond what was agreed, I’m comfortable you would trust me, but it stops any questions.
” “Thought about it have you?” Tina asked with a raised eyebrow.
Why did I feel like a gazelle being herded to the rest of pride just waiting to pounce and tear me apart? I put my hands up defensively, “No, you asked, I’m thinking on my feet here, I would want to make sure everyone was happy and I was beyond reproach.
As long as we are together, everything will be fine.
” “Ooh, smooth!” She laughed then turned deadly serious again, “Would you have spanked me in front of her?” “We really are going to have to explore this in more depth, but Missy, if I decided to, I would.
Not because you might enjoy it, but because I demanded it.
Okay?” “Yes, sir.
” She smiled as she got up to clear the plates.
I stood and walked behind her, she looked over her shoulder and looked like she was about to say something, so I put my finger on her lips to stop her.
I then placed a hand around her waist on her belly and the other on her back between her shoulder blades and bent her forward over the table.
Holding her in place, I ran a hand over her bum giving a gentle squeeze, then slipped it down to the hem of her robe, lifting it up to expose both her cheeks.
“So, you like the idea of being spanked in front of Diane?” Tina didn’t respond, I ran a finger up between her legs over her pussy, pushing gently to open her lips a little and felt the moisture there.
I dragged this up over her anus and between her cheeks.
“Hmm, sure feels like it.
Or is it just the idea of being spanked in front of anyone?” I heard her whimper.
I lent forward and told her to keep her eyes closed and stood up bringing my hand down on her left cheek.
“Thank you, sir, one” she whispered.
Leaning forward again I whispered in her ear “A bit louder next time, we want to make sure you can be heard.
” It took a second for the implication to sink in before she opened her eyes in a half panic, but she couldn’t move with my weight on her.
“Trust me.
” I said, she sighed softly and closed her eyes again.
I stood up again and struck her right cheek.
“Thank you, sir, two” she said clearly this time.
I repeated this on both cheeks, before feeling how aroused she was again.
“Hmm, so who do you think is watching?” I asked running my finger over her lips and clitoris.
“I don’t know sir.
” “Okay, do you know what the spanking was for, Missy?” “Being silly and feeling guilty, sir.
” “And just so you remember that you are mine and I am yours,” I slid my dick into her warm, welcoming folds, just a couple of inches.
“That this pussy is mine and the dick in it is yours,” I pushed forward a few more inches.
“That I love you and always will and will do everything to protect you and failing that avenge you!” I thrust the last couple of inches into her causing her to gasp.
I held still, after a minute Tina started to whine a little, but kept her eyes closed.
“Who are you imaging is watching?” She shook her head.
I withdrew and slowly pushed back in, “Whose are these?” “Ours…sir.
” Pulling out and pushing back in harder, “Who will trust you, love you and protect you?” “You will…’sigh’…sir.
” “And don’t forget it!” I started to thrust hard and building a rhythm, Tina started to moan out loud.
As I continued her moaning got hoarser and she was pushing back on me.
“Oh yes, don’t stop, I love you so much,” I paused and spanked her again “sir, sorry sir, than….
oh god!” her arms went out and gripped the side of the table, her head stretched forward, though she kept her eyes shut.
Pushing herself back onto me, her pussy clamped down on me as she shuddered through her orgasm.
I pushed as deep as I could while she came, then as she was coming down from her high, I leant over her again, kissing her gently on her neck and we lay like this for a few minutes.
When she had had a number of aftershocks, I whispered in her ear, “Who was watching us?” she shook her head again.
I kissed her again and stood up withdrawing, looking at her bum and noting that it only had the very faintest of tints to it.
I gave both her cheeks a quick rub, before patting them to indicate I was done.
Tina opened her eyes and looked at me fretfully “Is everything okay?” “Yes, perfect.
” “But you didn’t cum.
” “Yes, it was about you.
I’m the one to punish you and the one to make you cum.
You know I don’t always need to cum myself as seeing you orgasm is better than any feeling I know.
Knowing it’s me that does that for you enhances that feeling exponentially.
“Apart from anything else, it saves you having to clean up in here,” I glanced at the floor between her feet, “more than you need to.
”  “What?” Tina looked frantically at the floor as I burst out laughing and then ran out of the room.
“YOU BASTARD!” “THAT’S MR BASTARD, SIR!” I shouted back with a laugh.
I threw on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and went back downstairs, passing Tina in the hall, who made a show of turning her nose up and looking away.
She didn’t see my hand coming so when it landed on her behind it was a complete shock, “Owww!!” she cried as she scampered up the stairs.
Fortunately she didn’t see me shaking and rubbing my hand as I continued down.
I was flicking through the news when she came in and sat on the sofa, leaning against me looking through some sites on her tablet.
We passed the morning enjoying being close to each other but not doing much.
Around midday I got up and made us sandwiches and bought them in with a couple of cold lemonades.
“You were going to tell me about the set up of these things.
Fancy sharing or is it too much?” “No, that’s easy, in fact there’s some good come out of all of it, but we are going to need a ‘clear the attic’ session I think.
” “If you can do both, we can do it now” I said, hoping to encourage her.
“Okay, I’ll try.
There are two things I want to clear out, please try not to butt in too much, hopefully I’ll be able to make myself clear.
First one is that in a peculiar way, now that I’ve got it straight in my head, I glad last night happened.
” She must have seen my reaction as she smiled, “Yes, you’re right, I hated it, but up until last night your reassurances to that frightened little girl were all theory.
Then it all hit the fan and” she reached up and cupped my cheek, “you didn’t flinch, you didn’t question that it was my fault.
You just held me and waited until I was ready.
” “First book of Corinthians Chapter thirteen verse four.
I think quarter of a century until you finally believe me is pretty patient too.
” I responded with a smile.
“I know they say trust but verify, that was a bit of an extreme way to verify my trust.
” She sighed, “I know, I’m sorry Luke.
On the other side, if you hadn’t reassured me on several occasions, if we hadn’t had that good clear out last week, I honestly think it would have been so much worse for me, possibly even questioning your reaction.
As it was it came as no surprise and I immediately felt safe and protected in the warmth of your kindness.
Thank you.
” I squeezed her saying, “No need for thanks, as a wise man once said love is all you need.
Though I understand what you mean, so all the talking was ground work to help you heal quickly today, ready to take on the world again.
” “You always manage to find a good angle to look at things from,” Tina was smiling her full smile.
She then continued, “The other thing I wanted to tell you about is tied in with telling you about some specifics of last night.
Did you see that Diane had organised a limo for us?” I nodded.
“Well other than Abbie, I was the last one to be picked up.
Although I was still a little nervous, I was determined not to ruin Abbie’s night, so agreed to a bucks fizz when I got in the car.
After our chat on Sunday I thought it best to just take the drink slowly, as it was I had only had three glasses by the time I got home.
There were seven of us, two of Abbie’s friends, Debbie who works with Diane and Bev from four doors up.
“When we arrived, it was a bit like a meat market, I hate to sound a snob, but I’m not sure we were in company I could tolerate more than once, ever! And there was the sign up process that you guessed at with different coloured wristbands.
White for nothing, no touching anything, blue for touching, but nothing sexual, green sexual touching, yellow meant oral and red was no holds barred.
I’m not saying who signed up for what, but the highest our group went was green.
When we got in, I noticed some black wrist bands dotted about in twos and threes, I assumed they were the staff and they sort of confirmed it by being the first and most eager with both hand and mouth.
“I watched a women with a black wristband on a few tables up and this is the ‘clear the attic’ bit.
She had one of the strippers in her hands and I guess he was a bit longer than you from what I could make out.



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