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Latest stories Straight Sex Brad and Ashley, Part 5

Earlier that morning, while wearing only a worn dress shirt and panties, Ashley had sat down to breakfast with her stepbrother Brad.
From there, things had progressed rapidly.
Before the morning was over, the shirt was unbuttoned, the panties were gone and she had danced, nearly naked, with Brad and two other guys.
It was now almost noon and Ashley was alone in her room.
The way she had started the morning, wearing nothing more than a shirt and panties while having breakfast with Brad, was not really all that unusual.
She was eighteen and had pretty much gotten over the modesty issues she had had in earlier years.
With her preference for lounging around the house in her sleep wear, as well as the bikinis she wore at the backyard pool, it had become almost normal for Ashley not to be wearing a great deal when it was just the two of them at home.
But then Jarrad and his cousin had shown up, and instead of putting on something more suited to hanging out with three eighteen year old guys, Ashley had allowed herself to be talked into remaining as she was.
Sure, it was a bit on the naughty side, especially so since she had never before even met Jarrad’s friend from Cleveland, but after all, as she told herself, she was still wearing more than she would be on a public beach.
If it had stopped there she might have been able to chalk it up to expanding her horizons, but then they had gone into the den and once again, she had allowed herself to be talked into something she knew she shouldn’t be doing.
She danced for and with the guys, wearing only the panties and the worn dress shirt.
She loved the attention and encouragement she got, even from her stepbrother, and it wasn’t long before the panties were gone and the shirt was unbuttoned.
In hindsight, she realized how fortunate it had been, that Jarrad and his cousin got a phone call from home and had to leave before things went even further.
However, she had gone well beyond anything she had ever done before, and well beyond anything she thought she should be doing.
She really did need to slow things down.
It was nearly noon and Brad would be expecting her in the kitchen to help with lunch.
She couldn’t pretend that the morning hadn’t happened.
“My god,” she thought as she recalled dancing with him while wearing only an unbuttoned shirt.
There was no way she could allow him to think that would be the new ‘normal’.
Brad, guessing that Ashley was probably embarrassed over what had transpired earlier in the day, expected there to be a noticeable change in how she dressed and otherwise behaved.
At lunchtime he expected to find her dressed as modestly as she had been when he thought her to be so innocent.
When he got to the kitchen however, the sight that greeted him was a shocker.
Ashley was already there fixing soup to go with sandwiches, but.
she was not dressed as he had expected.
Instead, Ashley was dressed in only her underwear – a bra and panties.
Granted, it was probably the most conservative underwear she owned, but it was still her underwear.
Yes, Ashley had been embarrassed by the morning’s happenings, so much so that she had even considered not showing up for lunch.
She had instead chosen to pretend that what had happened that morning was okay, of her own choosing, and not something Brad and his friends had talked her into.
Besides, she wasn’t so sure that wasn’t the truth anyway.
Ashley turned to greet her stepbrother and saw that he had stopped in the doorway, staring in her direction.
She felt it necessary to say something about how she was dressed.
“You got to see plenty of me earlier in the day, without underwear, or much else either.
” Ashley smiled, painting a cheery mood over her embarrassment.
“I hope you don’t mind if I dressed up a little for lunch.
” “Uh no.
Of course not.
it’s very nice.
I was afraid you might be planning to join a nunnery.
” “Probably not a bad idea,” thought Ashley.
She was determined, however, to hide her discomfort.
“No way,” she responded cheerily, “I’m having too much fun to even think about that.
Now get the sandwich stuff out of the fridge.
” Ashley turned back to the stove where the soup was about to boil over.
“Oh yeah, right.
” Brad turned and opened the refrigerator.
He got out the tuna salad, cold cuts, mustard, mayo and cheese.
From the pantry, he retrieved a fresh loaf of bread and put all of it on the table, while Ashley busied herself ladling the soup into bowls, attempting to hide the self-consciousness she was feeling.
Seated at the table, she buried her concerns in the business of eating lunch, nervously noting however that her stepbrother’s gaze was fixed on her near naked body.
Her embarrassment was waning however.
She was just beginning to enjoy his attention when he said, “The uh.
bra and panties.
I like it.
Am I going to be seeing more of them?” Ashley stopped abruptly with a spoonful of soup in mid-air.
She turned bright red as she stammered to find the words she hoped would be the right ones.
since you like it.
” She strained to show a confidence she did not feel, pausing long enough to shovel the soup into her mouth and get it swallowed.
She doubted quite seriously if she’d ever have the nerve to dress this way again but she didn’t want Brad to know that.
“Well,” she continued, “uh, not every day, but yes, maybe, once in a while.
” “And uh.
this morning then.
you sort of enjoyed yourself.
It wasn’t just something we talked you into.
” Brad put the glass of milk to his lips.
Ashley choked on her sandwich.
How was she going to respond to that? What she had done that morning – well it certainly wasn’t the way a “good” girl was supposed to behave.
On the other hand, they hadn’t exactly forced her into it either.
“Uh, yeah.
” she allowed sheepishly, “I guess that’s right.
” Ashley had a strained look about her.
“But I was also scared,” she added quickly.
“It was all like way too much, and I don’t think I want to talk about it anymore.
” “Sorry,” Brad said, returning his glass to the table, “but let me at least say, that whatever, I am still your stepbrother and I uh.
well, I do love you.
” Ashley had finished her lunch and was looking at Brad as he spoke.
She was genuinely relieved by his apparent acceptance of the morning’s events.
But she was also quite taken back by his profession of love, even if it was, as she was quite sure, of the familial type.
“I am so glad that I have a stepbrother like you,” she said, then added hurriedly, “and I love you too.
” “So what are you going to do for the rest of the day?” Brad asked, perusing Ashley’s delectable form as they began clearing the table.
Ashley admitted to herself that she liked the way Brad was looking her over, but after this morning she needed to put a little distance between them, at least for a while.
“Your mother brought me a new Cosmo from the city.
I thought I might spend the afternoon in my room, reading that.
” With Ashley’s body covered by only a bra and panties, Brad was disappointed that she was going to hide in her room.
Still, he had promised Morgan, Ashley’s father, that he’d help clean up the garage this week.
Maybe he could get started on that.
As Ashley headed for her room, Brad quipped, “You might want to change before our parents get home.
I doubt they would like seeing you in your underwear as much as I do.
” Ashley flashed bright red at the remark but wanted her response to sound confident.
“I’ll keep that in mind,” she said cheerily.
Then grinning she added, “Especially the part about you liking it.
” ***** Although Brad and Ashley each had a TV in their room, it had become the custom after dinner each night, unless they were going out, that they joined their parents in the den.
There the family watched television together or otherwise engaged in some common activity.
It was also customary that the family’s together time ended between ten and eleven when they drifted off to their own rooms.
This evening, Ashley was wearing a tight pair of jeans and a button-up blouse over the underwear she had worn at lunch.
Over dinner, and later while watching television, she noticed Brad sneaking peeks in her direction.
She took it as a compliment that even when dressed for a family gathering, she still looked good enough to get his attention.
Tonight, the folks were the first to leave.
After the news, they said their good-nights and departed, leaving Brad and Ashley alone to watch the late night talk show.
“You wanna go for a swim?” she asked after their parents were out of the room.
Brad was surprised by Ashley’s suggestion but hastily replied, “Well yeah, sure, of course.
” Ashley sensed that Brad had probably been miffed at her spending the afternoon in her room.
She had offered an olive branch but was afraid he might be reading too much into it.
“With suits,” she clarified.
She was right, Brad had assumed she meant skinny-dipping, but he knew he couldn’t let her know that he had been thinking that.
He pretended that that was understood.
“Oh sure,” he responded, “With the grownups home, that’s a must.
” “See you in ten,” Ashley said cheerily, as she got up from her seat.
“Right,” said Brad as he picked up the remote and turned off the television.
In his room, Brad shucked his clothes in favor of a pair of jams.
“I don’t know what she is afraid of,” he mumbled to himself, “As long as we don’t turn on the pool lights or make too much noise, there is no way our parents are ever going to go to the window and look out at the pool.
” He continued talking to himself as he opened the sliding glass door and headed for the pool.
“And even if they did, there wouldn’t be enough light for them to see anything.
” Brad was first to arrive.
He lowered himself slowly down the pool ladder, careful not to make unnecessary noise.
In her room, Ashley picked out a bikini she was sure her dad would approve of, if he happened to discover her taking a late night swim with her stepbrother.
Ashley arrived at the pool with a towel wrapped around the bikini, or at least Brad assumed she was wearing one.
Although Ashley had been skinny-dipping with Brad before and had even found it fun, she was glad that tonight she wouldn’t have to deal with the temptations that a sans-suit situation produced.
She loosened the towel, letting it drop, forcing both of them to accept reality.
Brad noted that the bikini Ashley wore was not as revealing as some she owned, but neither was it terribly conservative.
The bottom was more on the full side than she had been wearing since graduation.
The top however was a bit more daring, a string type, but she had it tied in such a way as to provide maximum coverage.
Ashley climbed cautiously down the ladder to the pool.
At the bottom she paused, her feet on the bottom of the pool but her hands still gripping the ladder.
She looked over her shoulder at Brad.
“I need you to help me,” she said.
“Sure, what is it?” Brad responded as he waded toward her.
“I need you to retie my top,” she explained, “I couldn’t get it tied right by myself.
” Brad took the last couple of steps necessary to reach Ashley’s backside.
He grasped hold of the string holding her top in place and undid the knot.
Holding the ends of the strings in his hands he suggested, “You know, you don’t really need this.
” “Yeah right,” Ashley said, as if he had been joking, “Now quit fooling around and retie it.
” “No I’m serious.
You don’t need it.
” “Uh huh, sure, and how do I explain being topless if Daddy decides to come out here?” “There is no way he’s ever going to come out,” Brad rebutted, “He and Mom are sound asleep and don’t even know we’re out here.
” Ashley really did want to be talked out of her top.
She had even deliberately mis-tied it to give Brad the opportunity to suggest it.
Nevertheless, she wanted it to sound like his idea, not hers.
“You’re pretty sure they won’t come out here?” “No way.
Like I said they’re most likely already asleep.
” “Promise me you won’t tell Jarrad.
” “I promise.
” “Oh.
and of course we’ll abide by the rule.
” “The rule? What rule? Oh.
You mean the one that says I can’t do this?” He dropped the ends of the string and reached his hands around to cup Ashley’s breasts.
She gasped, taking in a lungful of air, and exhaling it noisily.
“Uh, yeah.
That’s the uh.
,” Ashley sucked in another deep breath, tilted her head back and gripped the ladder tightly.
Continuing to hold her breath she pleaded, “Please, Brad, please.
” He toyed with her nipples.
“Oh jesus.
” Her voice went up an octave, “Please Brad, we shouldn’t be doing this.
” Brad abruptly turned loose of Ashley’s breasts and swam away.
“Oh my god,” Ashley exclaimed as she exhaled the air from her lungs, “Promise me please, we can’t be doing that.
” From the other side of the pool Brad declared, “I promise.
” Still breathing heavily, Ashley turned loose of the ladder, lifted the loose top over her head and tied it to the ladder, just below the water line.
“I’m leaving it tied here in case some one shows up.
” She turned to face Brad, her bare breasts jutting out proudly, but almost immediately, let herself sink into the water until they were hidden from view.
With her arms over her head, she once again clung to the ladder.
“You alright,” Brad asked from the other side of the pool.
“Uh yeah.
However, for a few seconds there, when you had hold of me, I wasn’t so sure.
You just have no idea what having your hands on my breasts was doing to me.
” “I’ve got a little idea.
I’m sure you know it was having some effect on me too.
” “That’s why we need the rule.
I mean like, this is nice.
I could do this every night, but we’ve got to be careful.
After-all, we do still have to live together.
” “So you don’t have a problem with us being naked then, just so long as we’re not touching.
” “Yeah, well, something like that.
” “So it won’t bother you if I take my suit off.
I mean as long as I stay on my side of the pool.
” “No.
I guess not.
But I’m keeping my bottoms on.
” Brad dropped his jams and deposited them on the pool deck.
“And tomorrow night?” “You mean about the bottoms?” “Uh huh.
” “Well.
Daddy and your mother will be gone, so maybe.
we’ll have to see.
no promises.
” “They’ll be gone? But it’s the middle of the week.
” “Right, but they’ve got some fund-raiser or something they’ve got to go to.
They’re leaving first thing in the morning and won’t be back until after dinner the next night.
” “Holy shit.
That sure creates some possibilities.
Hey, how about if I ask Jarrad to spend the night? How would you like that?” “Uh, yeah.
I was kinda hoping you might come up with that one.
” “So, then.
Does he sleep in my room? … Or with you?” “In your room of course, doofus.
I’ve only been on one date with him and I’m certainly not ready to sleep with him.
In fact I might never be ready.
” “Well after this morning, I wasn’t so sure.
But I guess we’re not supposed to talk about that.
” Ashley stood briefly, exposing her bare breasts, but immediately crouched down, enough to cover them again, and duck-walked her way toward Brad as she talked, “Yeah, well I guess I did kinda lose it this morning.
no thanks to you.
but if Jarrad stays over, you’ve got to make sure nothing happens.
Nothing like this morning for sure.
” “Right,” Brad replied, “I think I can be protective if I need to be.
” Ashley was half way across the pool.
He spoke again, his eyes glued to the waterline in front of her, hoping she would straighten up a bit and bare her tits, “I guess that means we won’t be doing any late night swimming.
” Ashley came close enough to put her hands on either side of Brad’s face, but not close enough to feel the erection she was sure he had.
“That probably wouldn’t be a good idea.
” Ashley responded.
Then, after a short pause, as if she had been in deep thought, “On the other hand.
if I thought you guys would behave yourselves.
I might be persuaded.
We’ll just have to see.
” She pressed her lips to his, and forced her tongue into his mouth.
Brad reached to encircle Ashley’s waist but she broke the kiss and slipped away.
From the other side of the pool she said, “Thanks for understanding me.
” Brad looked on in stunned silence as Ashley reacquired the top to her bikini, climbed out of the pool, picked up her towel and headed for the house.
***** The next morning Brad was awakened by the garage door opening and closing.
He brushed his teeth, pulled on a t-shirt and shorts and headed for the kitchen.
He saw from the kitchen clock that it was only seven-thirty, not the usual time of eight, when he and Ashley normally met.
He had arrived a half hour early, probably because his parents had also left a half hour earlier than usual.
Alone, he fixed himself a cup a coffee and sat down to wait for his stepsister.
The freshest thing in his mind was the events of the previous night with Ashley at the pool.
She had suggested that he invite Jarrad to stay with them, and then tongue-kissed him while the only thing being worn by either of them was her bikini bottom.
Online Now! Lush Cams LuciRaven He wondered how she reconciled that with the ‘look but don’t touch’ rule.
“I guess you were awakened by the garage door too,” Ashley said as she came into the kitchen and took the chair opposite him.
“I see there isn’t any leftover breakfast, so I guess we’ll have to make our own.
The folks must be planning to stop for something on the road.
” “I made some coffee,” Brad said while surveying Ashley’s dress for the day.
She was wearing a camisole and panties, both made of black lace.
Although he couldn’t tell for sure, he supposed that was all she was wearing.
After yesterday morning, he had expected Ashley to retreat to more modest apparel, but a bra and panties for lunch yesterday, a topless swim last night, and what she was wearing this morning – well it wasn’t much of a retreat – it might even be a slight escalation.
Ashley had gotten up to get herself a cup of coffee, but was again taking a seat at the table as she said with a smirk, “So this is a repeater too.
” “Huh?” Brad grunted with a puzzled look at her.
“It’s a repeater.
You haven’t taken your eyes off me since I came into the kitchen.
so this outfit, it must be a repeater.
I should wear it again.
” “Oh yeah, definitely.
A repeater.
for sure,” he murmured as his eyes roamed over the flesh being exposed by the ‘repeater’.
“You call Jarrad yet?” Ashley asked.
?” Brad was still looking.
“Jarrad, no, still too early for him.
” He looked up.
“Let’s have breakfast.
I’ll call him when we’re done.
” “Okay,” said Ashley, “I’ll make sausage and eggs.
You make the toast and get out the juice.
Unless you want more, this is plenty of coffee.
” Each jumped up to begin the effort and collided with the other at the refrigerator, he to fetch the juice and she for eggs and sausage.
From no more than a foot away, Ashley looked into Brad’s eyes but they weren’t looking back into hers.
They were fixated on where her nipples were pushing against the lace.
“Oh yes,” Ashley remarked, “A repeater for sure.
” Brad finally looked up, managing to eke out a “Huh?” once more.
“With the way you’re staring I should be embarrassed, but I’m not.
After all, you are family, well sort of anyway.
Still, I wish you didn’t stare quite so much.
Makes me think like maybe I don’t have enough on.
” She smiled.
Brad’s face turned crimson and it wasn’t from the cold air coming out of the open refrigerator.
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry.
” he repeated.
“I’ll stop looking.
” “Oh no, don’t do that,” Ashley protested, “I did wear this because I wanted you to look.
” Ashley paused while the last sunk in.
“Just not stare.
” “I’ll try to be more careful.
” “Well, not too careful,” Ashley said as she took the eggs and sausage from the refrigerator.
Brad pressed on, “You like me looking then.
” “Okay, I admit it,” Ashley snapped, “Now get the juice out and make the toast.
I’m starving.
” Neither said much of anything more until they were done eating.
“I’ll clean up,” Ashley offered, “You call Jarrad.
” “You’re sure anxious for me to get him over here,” Brad teased.
“I seem to remember it wasn’t so long ago you were pushing me to invite a certain girl for a sleepover.
” “That was different.
” “Different? How?” “Okay already, I’ll call him,” Brad responded, knowing he had lost.
He tapped a button on his phone, the one reserved for Jarrad.
Jarrad was jolted out of a deep sleep by the ringing of his phone.
He looked at the caller-ID and saw it was Brad.
“Good morning, Brad,” he said sleepily, “To what do I owe this pleasure?” “Sounds like I woke you,” Brad said apologetically.
“Oh no,” Jarrad snapped back, “I had to get up to answer the phone.
” “Very funny, ha, ha.
” rebounded Brad, “You aren’t supposed to be sleeping this time of day anyway.
” “Apparently not, but you still haven’t told me why you had to spoil a perfectly good dream.
” Ashley could only hear Brad’s end of the conversation.
She guessed from what was said, Jarrad had been awakened.
Now she heard her stepbrother say, “Dream? Anybody I know?” “Yeah, that hot chick you live with.
” “Hot chick I live with?” Ashley heard.
Brad looked in her direction as he added, “You were dreaming about Ashley?” “Uh huh.
” Ashley heard Brad ask, “Was she wearing clothes?” She rolled her eyes back and slid down in her chair, pretending to not like them talking about her.
Ashley didn’t hear Jarrad’s response, which was, “Way more than yesterday morning.
” Brad ignored the response and said, “A black lace camisole and panties?” He looked at Ashley while he waited for Jarrad’s response.
“Huh, black lace what? I didn’t say anything about black lace.
” Brad pretended amazement.
“And that’s the way she was dressed in your dream?” Ashley turned crimson.
She understood she was being talked about.
Jarrad on the other hand had not caught on yet.
“What? What are you talking about? You’re not making any sense.
” The picture suddenly got clear.
“Hold it a second.
Where is Ashley?” “Across the table from me.
” “And you’re describing what she’s wearing?” “Right,” Brad replied as Ashley leaned across the table, struggling unsuccessfully to hear what Jarrad was saying.
“Can she hear me?” he asked.
“No, I don’t think so,” Brad replied, looking at Ashley.
“And what did you say she was wearing?” “Uh.
I think you call it a camisole,” Brad said looking at Ashley with eyebrows raised.
She nodded.
“Yeah a camisole and panties.
in black lace.
” Ashley covered her face with her hands.
“Are you shitting me? I hope you called to invite me over.
” Jarrad said.
“As a matter of fact, Ashley wants.
” Brad stopped in mid-sentence.
Ashley was waving her arms furiously and shaking her head.
“Uh, I.
was wondering if you wanted to come over and spend the night.
The folks have gone to the city.
” There was silence on the line while Jarrad tried to piece it all together.
“So I’m supposed to spend the night at your house.
probably in your room.
Am I understanding correctly?” “Yeah, that’s the plan.
Can you do it?” Ashley spread her hands on the table, her fingers crossed.
“Yeah, that sounds cool, but not till early afternoon.
I’m still finishing stuff for Mom.
That okay?” “Yeah, fine.
You’ll probably have to settle for a bikini by then though.
I doubt the black lace thing will last past noon.
” Brad ducked and raised his elbow in defense as Ashley faked a wind-up to slug him.
“But maybe you can go back to sleep and dream it.
” “Bastard,” Jarrad mumbled as he tapped the off button.
“You son of a bitch,” Ashley shouted as Brad set the phone down.
“You didn’t have to tell him what I was wearing.
” Staring into a wide toothy grin, Brad knew Ashley was actually pleased and only faking anger.
Two could play at that game.
“You’ve got to understand, it’s not your mind he’s interested in.
” “Yeah well.
” Ashley dropped the angry act.
“But he is coming?” “Uh huh, said it’d be early afternoon.
” “Not till after lunch?” Ashley had expected that the phone call, particularly the part about how she was dressed, would put Jarrad at their door in a few minutes.
“So that’s what you meant about the black lace not lasting.
I guess he had something else to do.
” “Yeah, helping his mother.
” “Oh,” Ashley said, with relief at knowing it was a parent that had more priority than she.
” So what do we do till then?” “Well,” Brad beamed, “We could go to your room and make mad passionate love.
” “I like the sound of that,” Ashley replied jokingly, “But I was thinking that you and I were somehow related.
Oh yeah, now I remember, we’re brother and sister.
” “Not really,” Brad fired back, “just stepbrother and stepsister.
” “Yeah, well, that’s still kind of a no-no.
” Brad’s tone became a tinge more serious sounding.
With his eyes scanning the lace camisole and panties, he said, “Yeah, well with the way you’re dressed I was thinking I might be willing to ignore that.
” Ashley, realizing that Brad might actually mean what he was saying, quipped, “That’s nice to know.
I’ll keep it in mind in case I get really desperate.
” “Well then, I guess I can forget about that ever happening.
” Brad hoped his comment would relegate the whole conversation to the ‘joke’ category.
Ashley got up from the table and headed for her room, wondering how much of what had just been said was really a joke.
Brad looked after her wondering the same.
***** By noon, Ashley had changed into a bikini, but before heading to the kitchen for lunch, she added a modest cover-up.
She didn’t want Jarrad, or Brad, to think there was going to be a repeat of the previous morning.
Nervous and excited about Jarrad coming over, she didn’t feel like eating much and finished well ahead of Brad.
As she got up from the table, trying to sound disinterested, she announced, “I’ll be out at the pool if you and Jarrad want to join me.
” Jarrad arrived as Brad was finishing lunch.
Brad pointed him toward the bedroom so he could divest himself of the few things he had brought.
Then Jarrad joined Brad in the kitchen.
“Where’s Ashley,” he asked.
“At the pool.
I’m sure she wants us to join her, but there is no way she is going to admit it.
” Brad and Jarrad found Ashley stretched out on a recliner near the pool, face down, reading some fashion magazine.
Although the guys had hoped she might be sunning topless, such was not the case.
As Brad and Jarrad approached, she turned over and sat up in greeting.
The guys pulled up chairs on either side of her.
Jarrad gave Ashley a quick once over then let out a long low whistle.
“Wow,” he said, “I think I’m in love.
” Ashley looked at Jarrad and broke a mile-wide smile.
“A little skin is all it takes, huh?” Ashley was wearing a top unlike any Brad or Jarrad had seen at the local beach.
Instead of having a triangle or bandeau type top, such as was usual with a bikini, this one was a flouncy crop top type of style, definitely unstructured, and offering an incredibly tempting sight.
The material, though opaque, was so brief that either the upper or the lower portion of the breasts was going to be exposed.
There was not enough material to cover both.
Ashley had chosen to keep the upper part covered and had adjusted the shoulder straps until the lower edge of the top was only an inch or so below her nipples, leaving the lower curvature of her breasts sexily exposed.
With nothing holding the bottom edge in place, a gust of wind might even expose a nipple.
The bottom was cut exceptionally low, even lower in front than it was in back.
While Jarrad’s eyes continued to roam over Ashley’s body, Brad was making his own inspection.
Speaking to Ashley he said, “I know I haven’t seen this outfit before, and I’m betting that your father hasn’t either.
” “And he never will,” Ashley said.
“If Daddy ever saw me in this, I’d be grounded for life.
” “So where did you get it?” Brad quizzed while Jarrad continued his detailed inspection.
“At Victoria’s Secret and before you ask, I bought it with cash.
I wouldn’t want Daddy to know I even go into that store, much less that I actually bought something there.
” “Do they have a lot of “hot” stuff like this?” Jarrad asked.
“You would probably think that everything they have is ‘hot’.
” Jarrad thought briefly about that remark, and then observed, “So, all I have to do when checking out a girl is ask her if she shops at Victoria’s Secret.
If she does, I’m bound to enjoy myself.
” He continued as if he were a lawyer examining a witness.
“Well, Miss Adams, you have admitted that you bought this suit at Victoria’s Secret.
Have you bought anything else there?” “I’ll say she has,” Brad blurted.
“You don’t know that,” Ashley challenged.
“I’ve seen some of the things you wear when your father is not around and they sure didn’t come from Penny’s.
” “I’ll have you know Penny’s has some very sexy stuff, especially in the underwear department.
” Jarrad lit up.
“You going to show us?” he asked.
“In your dreams,” Ashley snapped.
“Watch out,” warned Brad, “He’s been know to have some pretty vivid dreams.
” “Oh yeah, right,” Ashley said quietly, “I think you guys were talking about one this morning.
” Blood rushed to her face, giving it a reddish glow.
“Oh bro, you didn’t tell her about that now did you?” Jarrad asked, addressing his question to Brad.
“No, I promise.
But she was listening to my end of our conversation and might have guessed what we were talking about.
” Brad had started out offering his explanation to Jarrad but ended with an accusatory look in Ashley’s direction.
“Hey, I was just listening is all.
I can’t help it if I guessed what you were talking about.
” Ashley turned and looked at Jarrad.
“Was it really me you were dreaming about, or some other girl?” “After yesterday morning, you have to ask?” Brad responded with disbelief.
Ashley raised her knees protectively and wrapped her arms around them.
“Well, I hope I was being good,” she remarked sheepishly.
“Oh yes,” Jarrad replied in a confidential tone, “You were being good – very good in fact.
” Ashley turned loose of her legs and stretched them out on the recliner.
She clasped her hands behind the back of her head, tightening her stoma



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