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Chapter 2: Our Whirlwind Affair About two months into the relationship, Lisa and I started to become serious.
  I didn’t know how serious until she asked me to meet her family.
  My family lived a thousand miles away so the logistics were a little tough on my end, but her family was still in the area except for her youngest sister, Erin who was at college in California.
Every year when she went back to Ohio, her Dad planned a family trip somewhere.
  This year he rented one of those big log cabins in the Smokey Mountains in Tennessee.
  These things are basically mansions but all rustic with real logs.
  The one he rented had five bedrooms and six bathrooms.
  Two of the rooms had a bunch of bunkbeds for kids and the others had queen size beds.
  Each bedroom had its own bathroom.
Lisa’s sister Nikki is one year younger than her and is married to Don.
  Erin is a single college student getting her master’s degree in social work and eleven  years younger than Lisa.
Nikki and Don have one kid, a girl the same age as my oldest, and Lisa brought her four kids as well.
  Lisa wanted me to  go down and stay for a night and meet the family.
  They were there for a ten-day vacation so I figured I would just go for the better part of the second weekend  to meet them while my kids were with my ex.
  That way it wouldn’t interfere with their plans for the week and I didn’t mind the drive.
  Before I met Lisa I had purchased a new Corvette.
  Call it a mid-life crisis car if you will, but it was really meant as a “fuck you” to my ex-wife.
  I used to take it whenever I had to pick up one of my kids from a school thing or other event.
  It was petty, but I couldn’t help but feel a little bit of joy every time I saw her seething with rage when I pulled up in it.
  Totally worth the investment just for that, but the car was also fun to drive, especially through the twists and turns in the Smokies.
The GPS had me turn onto a mountain road that was pretty steep and meandered along and around this particular mountain.
  I called Lisa and told her I was close.
I passed several other log cabins on the way and finally found the one her Dad had rented.
I pulled into the driveway and there she was, sitting on one of the stone retaining walls lining the driveway, just as gorgeous as ever.
  She was wearing a tank top with some cute shorts.
  Her shoulder-length chestnut hair was pulled back into a pony tail under a baseball cap.
  I parked and she came up and gave me an enthusiastic hug and a kiss.
  At this point it had been a week since we’d seen each other.
  Ever since we met, we were hooking up once or twice a week and then spending all our time together during the weekends our kids were with our exs.
For us, a week apart was a long time.
One of the things we discovered as our relationship grew was that we both loved sex and we were both deprived over the course of our marriages.
  My ex sucked in bed and we would fuck maybe once or twice a month.
  Lisa had about the same schedule with her ex but to add insult to injury, he had a small dick.
 “Oh my God I need to fuck you right now,” she said as I got out of the car.
  I whispered in her ear, “There are some bushes over there.
” We both laughed.
  I pulled my head back from her ear and gave her a long passionate kiss.
  After about a minute, we both heard this “Eeeewwwww!” sound.
  One of her triplets caught us kissing and made sure we knew how she felt about it.
With a laugh we brokb the embrace and I grabbed my overnight bag out of the tiny trunk.
It was a five-hour drive for me so I was a little stiff.
  The Vette was surprisingly comfortable for such a long drive, but I really needed to stretch my legs.
  The early afternoon sun was warm and the humidity was low for this time of year.
We  went into the cabin and everyone turned to look at us.
  Lisa made the introductions.
  I shook her father Jim’s hand and then met her mom Lilly, sister Nikki and her husband Don and then her sister Erin.
  I was introduced to all of the kids as well.
They had just comeback from the town with supplies.
After about an hour or so and a tour of the cabin and where I would be sleeping (In the basement on a pull-out couch) we all met up in the huge family room right off the kitchen.
“This place is amazing Jim,” I said.
“I didn’t know things like this existed down here.
  It’s a great idea being able to get the entire family under one roof.
” “There are some down here with twelve bedrooms higher up on the mountains,” he said.
  “Great views and amenities.
I stumbled across them a few years ago.
” We continued with the small talk a little bit as Erin and Lilly were corralling the kids.
I started talking to Don and Nikki a little bit.
  Nikki was a business owner.
   She owned a salon and spa in Cincinnati.
  Really smart and driven lady.
  Lisa and Nikki didn’t look a lot alike, but she was still very pretty and her confidence just oozed sexiness.
Don was very handsome.
About 5’11” dark hair and brown eyes.
  He worked at a bar in Cincinnati.
Lisa and I caught up some more and walked out onto the deck.
  The view was amazing.
  You could see close by mountains, deep valleys and nothing but trees as far as the eye could see.
  Lisa was just staring out over the scene as the afternoon sun hit her sun-kissed face at just the right angle.
  A slight sparkle danced in her brown eyes and I felt this overwhelming urge to just take her right then and there.
  A scream and a laugh from one of the kids inside the house quickly put that fire out.
“I missed you,” I said.
She turned and looked at me with a smile.
“I missed you too,” she said as she moved closer to me.
She raised her hand to my face and moved in for a gentle kiss.
God I was falling hard for this girl.
“I really need to fuck,” I said with a smile.
“It’s been too long.
“ “I love being with my family and my kids but I really need some adult time… really soon,” she whispered as she wrapped her arms around my neck.
“So, what have you been thinking about while you have been away,” I teased.
“Oh God.
There is this hot tub up on the second deck that we have been spending time in after the kids go to bed.
  I get all wet thinking about fucking you in there,” she said with a sigh.
“I just can’t get enough of you.
” “I feel the same way,” I assured her.
  “I’m so horny it hurts.
” She reached down and lightly touched the outline of my hardening cock with the palm of her right hand.
  My tent was in full effect when we heard the door open and Lisa’s mom walked though.
We turned at the noise and I caught her glance down at Lisa’s hand.
She quickly dropped her hand and I turned hastily away pretending that I am suddenly very interested in the beautiful view.
“We’re going for a hike in the National Park,” said Lilly after a moment.
“We can probably all fit in the minivan and the Explorer.
” “ Okay, mom,” Lisa said.
  “We’ll be there in a minute.
” When Lilly closed the door we both burst out laughing.
Here we were, both thirty-eight years old and having just got caught feeling each other up by her mom.
h “This is going to be a tough weekend,” said Lisa.
“It is like the forbidden fruit.
Here you are right in front of me but I can’t touch you.
” she continued forming a cute little girl pout face.
It was her family so I was not going to make her feel bad about it.
“Look honey, I am down here to meet your family.
  Let’s have some fun with everyone and we will steal away some time when we can.
”  She agreed and when my cock was sufficiently deflated, we went inside and got ready for the hike.
When we got to the park we all looked at the trail maps.
  The kids were still little and Lisa’s folks, although active, were not going to be attempting some of the steeper trails.
  There was an easy climb to a basin with a waterfall that was pretty popular.
  There were several other trails that went up the mountain along different paths that converged at the basin.
We hiked for about an hour and got to the basin.
  Lisa, Nikki, Erin, Don and myself were urged on by Lisa’s parents to hit the more challenging trails.
“We’ll stay here and watch the kids,” said Jim.
  “You guys go off and have a good hike.
  Be back in a couple of hours before it gets too dark.
” Lisa got all the kids in their swimming gear and made sure their clothes were in an area that wouldn’t get wet and then we all headed off.
We walked for about another hour and came to a fork in the path.
  I took this as the perfect opportunity to have some alone time with Lisa and  she caught on to what I was thinking.
Online Now! Lush Cams Maximus_Diesel “Why don’t you guys head off on the left path while Steve and I take the right?” Lisa said.
“We’ll compare notes when we meet back at the basin.
” Nikki also knew what we were trying to do and made sure that Don and Erin followed her along the left path.
“We’ll see you guys in an hour or so,” said Nikki with a wink.
  “Don’t stray off the path too far, there are bears around here,” she added with a giggle.
Lisa smiled and looked down as she quickly turned three shades of red.
  Nikki giggled again and lead the other two off to the left.
  Lisa and I walked at a fast pace up the right trail.
  As we walked I found exactly what I was looking for.
  several trees in a cluster with some thick Rhododendron bushes at the base of them.
You couldn’t see through them from the trail.
I grabbed Lisa’s hand and pulled her into the woods toward the little oasis I found.
  Once behind the bushes, I turned around and grabbed her and started kissing her with abandon.
We tore each other’s clothes off.
There was no teasing or slow peeling of clothes.
No, this was pure, animalistic fucking.
I literally ripped Lisa’s panties off her.
The side seam of the panties came apart with the force of my pull.
Lisa grabbed the sides of my boxer briefs and with one great push bent and slammed my shorts and underwear down to my ankles.
On her way back up, my rock-hard cock hit her on the back of the head.
  I spun her around still in the standing position and jammed my hard cock straight into her pussy.
  She was so wet that she took my shaft to the hilt on the first thrust.
As I pounded into her from the rear I reached up and grabbed a handful of her chestnut hair and yanked it back hard.
Her back arched and she groaned loudly.
With her head now in the right position, I let go of her hair and put my right hand around her throat and squeezed firmly but not to hurt.
  She immediately screamed and came in several waves.
Other loud moans continued with each wave of her orgasm.
  Her legs shook and her knees started to buckle.
I eased her down to the rocky ground with my cock still in her.
One, two, three thrusts were all I needed and I exploded into her.
  Jet after jet of hot cum bounced off her cervix and coated her already soaking wet pussy.
  My final squirt was preceded by a guttural moan that I had never uttered before.
I leaned forward and rested briefly with only some of my weight on her back.
A moment later while breathing hard, we both collapsed onto our sides on the rocky ground spent.
“Holy shit!” I said.
“That was fucking amazing.
” “That was the fastest I have ever cum.
The roughness of it… It was primal… it was….
perfect!” Lisa said with a sigh.
That wasn’t my first time being rough during sex, but the first time I got rough with Lisa.
It was clear she liked it.
After a little while we gathered our clothes (what was left of them) and got dressed.
  Lisa had to go commando because her panties were unsalvageable.
  With weak legs we both walked slowly back down the path toward the basin.
  “Was I too rough?” I asked.
“God, no,” she said.
“I love getting my hair pulled.
  The throat thing was a first.
  I just felt completely dominated.
  We will have to try that again!” We beat the others back to Lisa’s parents and her kids by about thirty minutes.
As the others entered the clearing by the basin, I saw Nikki with a huge smile on her face.
Erin looked a little upset and Don walked with a slight grin.
  Lisa noticed it too.
“Uh oh,” she said, “looks like Nikki pissed Erin off about something.
” We asked how their hike was.
  “There was an amazing view not too far up the path,” said Nikki with a smile.
  Erin just grunted and walked past us in a huff not making eye contact with Lisa or me.
“What was that about?” asked Lisa.
“We’ll tell you later,” said Don with another smile.
Lilly got all the kids together and came over to where we were standing.
“Lisa, what happened to your knees?” Lilly asked with some alarm.
  We both looked down.
  Lisa’s knees were all scraped up and bleeding.
Nikki let out a guffaw.
“I must have cut them up climbing some rocks,” said Lisa as I saw the redness return to her face.
We packed everything up and headed back to the cabin.
  A short drive later and we were unpacking.
I ordered some pizza for the kids.
  Jim and Lilly got some cheese and crackers out for the adults and then the wine bottles started opening.
We all continued the “getting to know you” conversations.
  I really liked Lisa’s family.
  They were nice with minimal drama.
  Nikki was hilarious, and Erin finally warmed up to me.
  Don and I got along pretty good as well.
  After dinner, we got all the kids settled in bed and went up to the second deck and all got into the hot tub.
  If you have not done this, you must.
  The hot tub was overlooking a valley below.
  Outlines of the mountains were beautiful as the last glints of sunlight faded to bright stars.
The conversation continued in the hot tub and the wine kept flowing.
  Erin was the first to leave.
  She got a little tipsy and ended up passing out on the couch in the family room downstairs.
Jim and Lilly retired to their bed as well shortly after Erin.
“Okay, what did you guys do to Erin today?” asked Lisa.
“She looked pissed when you guys came back down the trail.
” Nikki and Don both laughed.
  Nikki stood up a little bit and slid over on Don’s lap as she began to talk.
“We made it up the path a few hundred yards when we thought we heard some animals in the bushes below,” Nikki said.
“We started looking around,” continued Don, “and moved toward the outer edge of the trail and looked down.
  That’s when we saw it.
” “Saw what?” asked Lisa.
“Steve fucking the hell out of my sister,” laughed Nikki.
Lisa immediately brought her hands up to her mouth with a huge intake of breath.
I started laughing as did Don.
“No you didn’t!” whispered Lisa urgently.
“Oh yeah we did,” Nikki said.
“Apparently the trail we were on travelled parallel to yours for a little while but about fifty feet higher up the mountain.
” “So, Erin is pissed at me?” asked Lisa.
“No, she’s pissed at Steve,” said Don.
  “She thought you were hurting Lisa.
Once you yanked her hair and grabbed her throat…” he trailed off.
By this time, I noticed Nikki was sliding up and down Don’s lap while she continued the story.
“I tried to explain it and asked her not to say anything,” Nikki continued to Lisa.
“She told me that if he really liked you that he wouldn’t treat you that way.
” We all kind of chuckled at that.
“Well that explains why she has a hard time keeping a boyfriend,” said Lisa.
  “I am so sorry you saw that Nikki.
I am so embarrassed.
” “Don’t be,” said Nikki accompanied by a moan.
  “It was one of the hottest things  I’ve ever seen.
” Lisa and I finally caught on to what was happening.
  Nikki was fucking Don right in front of us in the hot tub.
  Lisa sat back slowly and cuddled into me while we watched.
Nikki stood up and slipped off her bikini bottoms.
  Lisa and I could clearly see Don’s cock sticking up in the water.
  She lowered herself back down on his shaft and kept riding him.
Lisa was getting turned on and reached over to grab my cock.
  She reached into my shorts and pulled out my fully erect member.
  Nikki got a good look at my cock and caught her sister’s eye, nodded to my cock and mouthed “very nice” to Lisa.
  Lisa smiled, stood up and removed her bathing suit.
  She always wore a one-piece bathing suit.
  This worked out better for me because she has these amazing tits that I just love to play with.
  Lisa lowered herself onto my cock and both girls were riding their men reverse cowgirl facing each other.
  I couldn’t see Nikki but I could hear her.
  I just focused on Lisa’s ass bouncing up and down on my dick.
  After a minute of this, I raised Lisa up and I sat on the edge of the hot tub.
  I pulled out of her pussy and started pushing against her asshole.
  We had done anal before, but this situation was so hot it made me feel really naughty and a little dirty.
  Lisa went with it and moaned loudly as she gently slid her ass down my shaft.
  Lisa found her rhythm and both Don and Nikki had an excellent view of my cock sliding in and out of her asshole.
  Nikki was bouncing up and down with more force now and the water was splashing over everyone.
  A couple of grunts and a high pitched little screech and Nikki let loose with an orgasm.
Don soon followed with a loud grunt and a strong thrust that brought both of them out of the water.
  Lisa was vigorously rubbing her clit and came right behind them with her orgasm.
  I was in sexual overload mode now and it wasn’t long before I shot my load deep into Lisa’s ass.
“So, that just happened,” said Lisa looking at her sister Nikki while breathing heavily.
  Nikki smiled what could only be described as a devious, evil little grin.
“I think you finally found the boyfriend you deserve, big sister,” said Nikki.
  “I like him.



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