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As she disembarked from the plane at JFK airport, Sara Manning couldn’t help thinking how relaxed this flight had been compared with two years ago.
Waiting to pass through security, she had time to focus on the reasons why that should be.
First, she knew exactly what to expect, and what her duties would be.
As head UK representative for one of the leading book publishing companies in the world, her last visit had given her confidence.
The boss on this side of the Atlantic was the charming Edward Blakey, in his late fifties, whose thoughtfulness on her first visit to the biennial book festival had been so helpful.
At that time, she had only been a minor representative, but since then her rise had been meteoric.
At just twenty-nine it was something she was quietly proud of.
Now, she was so looking forward to seeing Edward Blakey again in her new capacity.
But that wasn’t her only reason for being relaxed.
This time, having shaken off the shackles of two pointless years with Phil Rennet, there was a sense of freedom.
Eight months ago, she had discovered his so ardent desire for her was being shared out with at least two other women, the bastard.
He wasn’t that great a lover, anyway.
Too quick, too concerned about his own pleasures.
Before Phil, there had been Jack, who moved away to Italy, even his easy charm had left her feeling there should be more.
It always seemed that her choice of men was somehow flawed.
Maybe she succumbed too easily.
She had to admit that her libido was quite demanding, yet so often unfulfilled.
For sure, deep down inside her, was a slow burner, that just needed to be brought to full flame.
Despite the calls of her libido, she hadn’t been with a man since she’d ditched Phil.
Eight months! God, she was almost proud of herself.
Unlikely that New York would provide any opportunities, since she was only here for four nights.
This was longer than the first time, when it had been a quick overnight stay.
At last, clearing security, with the masses, she dragged her case out into the wide hectic foyer, where, almost immediately, she spotted a black man holding up her name.
He gave her a broad, friendly smile, grabbed her bag and told her that Mister Blakey had booked her into The Plaza hotel, near Central Park.
Within the hour she was being shown into a fifth-floor room, which was pure comfort, and had a wonderful view over the Park.
Edward Blakey rang to greet her, and he was so effusive, it made Sara glad to be there.
“Congratulations on your promotion.
” he said, in conclusion.
“A car will collect you at ten in the morning.
I’m looking forward to seeing you.
” Sara slept well, and the promised car was there at ten o’clock, again driven by the same black man, whose name, she learned was Sam.
By ten twenty she was heading up in a lift in the large building that was the main centre for her publishing company.
As soon as she was admitted to his lavish office, Edward Blakey, tall, silver haired and, as ever, distinguished looking, strode across to wrap his arms around her in a genuine hug.
“Sara, you look stunning.
Promotion has made you bloom.
I’d like to marry you—but, my wife, Dorothy, won’t let me.
” So typical of the light-hearted approach he had to life.
They laughed, and he asked, “You still with your young man?” When she told him, he nodded, “Good, I’m glad you’re being choosey.
I waited, and never regretted it.
Best be certain you’ve got the right one.
” Then, for a while they talked about the book festival, before Edward got to asking her questions about her new role in the UK.
For Sara, it felt as though she was being interviewed, in the sweetest possible way.
But what Edward said next, confirmed that she had been in a kind of interview.
“Sara, how would you feel about coming over to work for me, here, in this office? I admire your knowledge, your enthusiasm, and your open personality.
You’d be my extra support, which I do need.
Would you consider it?” Sara was just a little stunned.
To work in New York, was that not a latent dream she had? Both her parents were dead, she had a few friends, but there was nothing to hold her back.
She asked if she could think about it, and he gave her an understanding smile, “Of course, my dear, I’d expect nothing else.
” Then he said, “Of course, I’ll be seeing you this afternoon, but tonight I’ve had an invite to one of Stanley Grover’s occasional parties.
” “Stanley Grover, the movie director?” “The same.
Be warned, they can be pretty wild affairs.
He has a wicked sense of humour, but his style is a little too much for Dorothy.
You’re a lively youngster and could find it appealing.
Would you accompany me? I hate refusing influential people.
” Sara was thrilled by the idea, and happily accepted.
“Good, I’ll phone for Sam now, then we’ll collect you at about one thirty.
” For Sara, everything looked fine.
She had this offer of a new situation, plus the chance to visit the home of a renowned movie director.
Things just couldn’t be this good.
Edward’s mention of ‘getting the right one,’ had created a slight pang inside her as it brought recall of her late parents and the example they had set in ‘getting the right one’.
  Sara had always been so aware of how deeply they had loved each other.
Then, when Sara was twenty-four, her mother had been struck with abdominal cancer, and within a year she had passed away.
Sara remembered the utter devastation of her father.
He had been inconsolable, and she had been so worried about him.
Despite her subsequent grief, she was almost relieved for him, when a massive heart attack took him, just nine months after her mother.
But that love she’d seen in them, had always stood as a goal for her.
That afternoon, the festival went well enough.
Good contacts were made, interest in their books was enhanced, and Edward had given her more insight into what her position would entail if she up his offer.
That evening she had a quick nap, a shower, and then considered what she would wear for the evening.
“Smart casual” is what Edward had advised, “Nothing’s formal about Stanley.
” For smart casual, Sara chose a close fitting dark blue, bare shouldered summer dress, with two thin straps.
  Prompt eight pm she found herself alongside Edward in the back of the car driven by Sam, out to a district called Windsor.
“Not where the Queen lives,” Edward joked.
The house they finally approached was massive.
A huge entrance hall sparkled with a myriad of lights, not just from the great crystal chandeliers overhead.
A tall man, late sixties Sara estimated, round bellied, with a mass of silver hair, came to greet them.
“Ed, great to see you.
No Dorothy? But who is this beauty you have on your arm?” Edward introduced Sara to the great Stanley Grover, and she felt quite cowed under his gaze.
“Sara? I thought it was Audrey Hepburn, reincarnated in that little dress.
” He winked at Edward as he passed a hand in front of, but very close to, Sara’s breasts, and laughed, “Just a touch overdeveloped to be the divine Miss Hepburn.
But they’re just right for you, my dear.
” Sara felt her face reddening as she searched for a response, Edward leaned in to her to whisper, “I warned you.
” “Just enjoy.
Get a champagne, food everywhere.
” And Grover shuffled away to greet others.
He, being a film director, had all kinds of wannabe’s among the guests, handsome young men casually dressed, and hopeful actresses, in sparkling gowns, that made Sara feel quite plain.
As well as that there were several business men, all portly and rich looking, with their blue rinsed ladies, wishing they were younger.
It was quite an affair, with a sumptuous buffet to be found wherever she wandered.
Armed with a glass of champagne, Sara, advised by Edward to take a look around, did just that.
She strolled, completely relaxed, by a large bathing pool, where some young ladies were sitting giggling and paddling their feet in the water.
Just beyond the pool was a dance area where a few couples were moving rather sleepily to the soft rhythm of the six piece band.
Just walking, and viewing the beautiful people would have been experience enough.
At the end of the pool she found an empty table and sat down, watching men and women making early overtures to each other.
No prude, she was just a little surprised at how blatant some of it was.
Female buttocks were stroked; skirts were surreptitiously lifted.
Female hands touched at bulging pants.
And there was kissing, lots and lots of kissing.
“Exciting, isn’t it?” A female voice said, and Sara found a young lady in a green dress, sitting near her.
“Are you an actress?” A little taken aback, Sara shook her head, “No, are you?” “I’m trying to be.
” She was a very pretty young woman, and Sara could see why she might have such ambition.
“What do you do?” When Sara told her, she asked, “You write books?” “Nothing that glamorous.
I sell them.
” They exchanged names.
She was Fiona, and she was looking around the crowded pool area keenly.
“Do you know many of these people?” she asked.
“Only him over there,” Sara said, pointing out Edward.
“He’s my boss.
” “I don’t know many,” Fiona admitted,” but you see him.
” And she pointed out a tall, very handsome blond haired young man.
“He’s just had his first starring role in a Stanley Grover movie.
Not released yet.
” A waiter came, picked up Sara’s empty glass and replaced it with a full one.
“Building yourself up for later?” Fiona asked.
“What happens later?” “At Stanley Grover parties, anything can happen.
” After a while Sara excused herself, saying she wanted a further look around.
She walked through what looked like a library, and there was even food available there.
Back on the other side of the pool, she took a bite to eat from the sumptuous array of foods.
She was onto her third champagne, when an announcement was made introducing the Trinidad Dancers.
A group of six loincloth clad men flexed their way onto the dance floor, followed by six young women, in long skirts which were split completely up the front, with a tiny bra covering their breasts.
The dance that followed, to a raw West Indian drum rhythm, had to be the most erotic Sara had ever seen.
As a climax one of the women was lifted high by four of the men, her arms and legs held wide, while the other women twitched and humped around them, and the two spare men nuzzled their faces, one after the other between the parted thighs.
Sara, despite being initially shocked, felt a long-withheld spasm low in her body.
She reached for another champagne.
Shortly after that Edward came to say, with a knowing smile, that Dorothy didn’t like him being too long at a Stanley Grover party.
“You stay, my dear.
See how the other half really lives.
” And his smile widened, “It’ll certainly be an education.
Sam will be back with the car for whenever you need him.
” Sara, already very relaxed on champagne, was curious about what might follow later.
She gave Edward a peck on the cheek and thanked him for his thoughtfulness.
Shortly before midnight, with a few older couples drifting away, Stanley Grover called for order, and announced that it was time for a little game.
He smiled slyly around the remaining guests, and told them that he required eight lady volunteers.
Several hands immediately shot up, but, most intriguingly he went on to warn that there could be sexual activity, and any lady uncertain about that would perhaps wish to remain at the poolside where food, drink and happy chat would still be available.
One or two of the younger actress types looked uncertain, and some shook their heads before turning away.
Sara was curious enough, and, probably, drink bolstered enough, to take part.
For sure, eight months’ celibacy lay heavily in her lower body.
In the end, she was standing in a line with eight other ladies, only two of whom, she guessed, would be over forty.
Fiona stood alongside her.
“I’m hoping I might get the blonde star,” she told Sara.
“Did you notice how some of the young men disappeared?” Sara hadn’t noticed that, and wondered just what she had let herself in for.
Stanley Grover looked along the line, a lustful gleam in his eye, as he joked, that he wished he had put himself in for the game.
Then he stated that there were a few rules.
“Please listen carefully.
” he advised them.
“On the next floor, there are eight bedrooms, all numbered.
A man will be found in each bedroom.
” A few nervous glances were exchanged, a few excited nods.
Sara felt only curiosity, Grover held up a bundle of white cards, before going on.
“You will each get two cards.
One will indicate which room you will enter.
A second card will hold one word either, ‘lead’ or ‘obey’.
The men already know what their role is, it will be the opposite of whatever you receive.
” Now, Sara became just a little uneasy, as Stanley Grover went on, “A lead card gives the right to dictate what takes place between the two people in that room.
If you have it and just want to talk, that’s the way it must be.
Apart from that, the obey card holder must stay silent, through the whole session, and must do whatever their partner asks “.
With a wide smile Grover gave his last piece of information, “Here’s the clincher.
You will never see the man you are with, nor will he see you.
The rooms are totally blacked out.
No source of light at all.
You better not have darkness phobia.
” One or two of the women chatted nervously, and one raised her hand, and asked, “If we have the obey card and are told to do something utterly disgusting, and refuse, what happens?” Glover nodded, “Good question.
A recording machine is connected to each room.
So, if you were being abused, a high pitched scream will register as just that, and your activity will be stopped.
” He paused and tapped his nose, “But, be advised, if such a stoppage is considered trivial, some interesting forfeits will follow.
Does anyone wish to withdraw?” There were no further responses, and Grover moved along the line handing out the cards.
Two to each woman.
Sara was just praying that she didn’t end up with an obey card and find some corpulent individual behind her door, wanting to have his way with her.
For the first time, she had doubts.
Then Glover was smiling at her, as he handed over her cards.
One told her she had room four.
Nervously she turned over the other one, and breathed deeply as she saw ‘obey’.
In theory, she had a man behind door four who could get her to do whatever he wanted.
As they mounted the stairs, Fiona crowed, “I’ve got the lead.
I can have a man do exactly what I want.
Nice change.
” Sara was trembling as she came to room four, where a waiter was standing.
He gave Sara a slight smile as he said, “When I open the door step quickly inside.
You will find a black curtain all around you.
Don’t part the curtain until I close the door.
” He opened the door allowing sufficient space for Sara.
A quick glimpse of black curtain and then the door closed.
Sara found herself in absolute darkness.
She moved the curtain aside, and there was no change.
Solid blackness pressed on her eyeballs.
A voice came from across the room “If you’re afraid of the dark, don’t worry.
So am I.
” A deep brown voice, American, and at least he sounded interesting.
His voice came again, with what Sara reckoned was his first request.
“Take off your shoes, you’ll find it easier with just small steps.
” She did as ordered, and waited for the next bit of advice, “Damned inconvenient, isn’t it, being in the dark? Now, while I talk, move in the direction of my voice.
Arms out ahead of you, like sleepwalking.
I’ve moved all the obstructions that I hit.
But just in case, slide your feet.
” Relieved to hear a friendly voice, Sara held up her arms, and slid her bare feet over the carpet, towards where it was coming from.
“Your breathing sounds nervous.
Don’t be.
Very close now.
” Within seconds her outstretched fingers touched bare skin.
A man’s chest, and she took an involuntary step back.
I’m going to reach out for your hand.
If you put your arm up again, I’ll show a simple way of communicating.
” Sara jerked again as a hand bumped against her left breast.
“Sorry, I’m not trying to rush anything.
” Damn, he really did sound caring.
A hand, a strong hand, touched her left arm and moved down find her hand.
Such, long broad fingers, she thought.
“Good smooth skin,” the man commented.
“Now here’s the plan.
A crazy idea, not being allowed to talk, by the way.
I’ll ask you a question, which can only have a yes/no answer.
For yes, you give one squeeze, and for no you give two.
Is that clear?” His hand in hers was enough to release some of the tension she had been feeling.
“Well? You haven’t responded.
” Stupidly, she had nodded her head.
She gave his hand a quick squeeze, and his voice came with a little chuckle, “That’s it.
You’ll soon get the hang of it.
Being blind must be like this all the time.
Pure hell, don’t you think?” Sara was ready and squeezed.
Now it became more serious, “I suppose you’ve guessed that we’re going to be intimate?” She gave one squeeze, thinking about the bare chest she had briefly touched, and wondering if he was totally naked.
“You okay with that?” A slight hesitation, but she gave one squeeze, and his next question although logical was also surprising.
“How many men have you –” Sara sensed him seeking a delicate way of putting it.
“—slept with.
Is it more than five?” It was four, so Sara gave two squeezes.
“More than three?” One squeeze, and he said, “That’s interesting.
I know this is indelicate but is your age over thirty?” Two squeezes before he said, “Thank you for that.
My mother told me it was wrong to ask a lady’s age.
” How maddening was this, having a voice coming out of a void? “Now, to get to why we’re here.
I’m going to touch you.
Don’t be nervous.
Just raise your arms slightly sideways.
” His hands wafted onto her shoulders, lingered there for a moment, before moving down to cover both of her breasts, and, as she took a quick intake of breath at his touch, on her clothed shape.
Sara was sure an appreciative ‘Mmm’ issued from his lips.
His hands moved to trace her hips, before trailing down over her waist and the outer region of her upper thighs “Oh, yes, very promising.
You have good shape, it seems.
Now the clothes.
I am down to my boxer shorts.
Would you allow me to remove your garments?” My God, how respectful, how formal.
Was it all going to be like this? But Sara felt a rising excitement at the prospect of being stripped naked by a stranger, especially since he would not be seeing anything.
That thought almost made her giggle, no doubt an effect of the champagne, but she moved her fingers down a muscular arm to locate his hand and accomplish the positive signal.
His hands were on  her shoulders again, slipping both straps off, before, turning her.
She shivered slightly as his fingers slid down her back to locate her dress zip.
There was a zing as it was lowered, and then the dress was falling down over her hips.
Sara wriggled to allow it to fall at her feet.
As the dress dropped, Sara sensed her breasts being freed.
He had expertly undone her strapless bra.
He turned her back to face him, if you could call it facing in such darkness.
“Now, your final defence,” he said, and Sara could not prevent a little gasp, as his blind fingers trickled over her belly to push at the waist band of her panties, which readily dropped away.
Completely naked, with a strange man, and she wasn’t, up to this point, feeling at all vulnerable.
Would that change? “If you bend, and stretch your hand out to the right, you’ll find the bed there.
” The bed was indeed there, a duvet cover under her fingers as he spoke again.
“I would like you to climb onto the bed, lie on your back, with your arms out at right angles, and your legs parted.
” Trembling a little now, but retaining that tremor of excitement, Sara did exactly as requested.
Crazily, she was also thinking how comfortable the bed felt.
The mattress wobbled, as he moved alongside her, and from where his voice was coming, she guessed he was kneeling over her.
“I’m about to let my hands get to know you now.
With sight, I would know you well enough.
You mustn’t move yourself.
I’m hoping my explorations might be pleasant.
” His broad hands were on her throat, then immediately moving, one on either side, over her shoulders.
They lingered there a moment as though admiring the curvature, before moving down each arm, and back again.
Wherever he touched Sara’s skin was left tingling, electrified by his hands.
She couldn’t help thrilling as his broad fingers, and moved smoothly on her skin.
His hands moved delicately over her breasts, kneading them gently, and fingers played with her nipples.
Sara’s trembling reaction was reminding her of how reactive her breasts could be, and already she could sense the familiar tugging they brought to her lower regions.
Eight months, no wonder she was so pent up for it.
He must have felt some reaction from her because the movement of his hands became more caressing, making her squirm.
“Your breasts are delightful,” he said, and she was sure his deep voice had taken on a gruffer tone.
“Are your nipples pink?” And one of his hands trailed over her arm to reach her hand, where he felt her double squeeze “Well,” he deduced, ” they must be brown—unless they’re vivid purple.
” He chuckled, and Sara suppressed her own laugh.
“Oh, I think you’re allowed to laugh,” he said, and she was liking him more and more, as his hands moved down over her flat belly, and rippled through her bush.
He had to be hearing her faster breathing, and she was sure, his wasn’t as steady as it had been.
His fingers still seemed to be enjoying her bush, and Sara was aware of that hair curling around his fingers, as he asked, “I assume not blonde?” His hand touched on hers to be given a squeeze, “Brunette?” Close enough, Sara thought, delivering another squeeze.
Her hair was brown, but   her bush was much darker, and since that was where he had reached it was an honest answer.
Trying desperately to control her breathing she wondered where his fingers would explore next.
Straight down and under? They didn’t go there, but he stroked her inner thighs before moving completely down her legs to fondle both feet briefly.
“You feel sensational,” he told her.
“Are you married?” Hand on hand, and a double squeeze.
“Have you ever been?” Again, a double squeeze.
“God, you must be bloody ugly.
Let me see.
” Sara was gently laughing with him, as an exploratory finger traced over her forehead, while his other hand stroked through her shoulder length hair.
The fingers moved around her eyes, over her retrousse nose, and tickled along her full lips, causing them to part slightly.
“No warts, no double chin, no hooky beak,” he joked, “very strange.
Now, here’s where we should have started.
” And the next second a warm firm mouth settled over hers in a gentle kiss.
Sara, her excitement already intensifying, felt her tongue almost automatically slide between his lips.
He instantly pulled away.
“I didn’t tell you to use your tongue.
” There was just a slight pause, while Sara wondered how annoyed he was.
Then he went on, “But it’s a good idea.
” And in the next instant their lips were together again, and their tongues were meshing, while his hand stroked her breast.
That touching of her breast along with his tongue around hers was so intoxicating, that it was automatic for Sara to wrap her arms around him.
Again he pulled away.
“No, I’m sorry but I haven’t told you to use your hands.
” Another pause, and then, “Don’t worry, that time will come, soon.
” His lips came back to hers, and the kissing and breast fondling continued.
Sara was enjoying it so much, but at the same time was finding it rather frustrating not to be touching him, when small fires were starting down below.
His lips suddenly pulled away, and she sensed him sitting up in a kneeling position.
“Time for a change.
Starting with you removing my boxers” Glad of this, Sara half sat up, and her right hand found his waist almost immediately.
With her hands on both sides of his boxers, she pulled down.
They slid easily until they appeared to hit an obstacle.
Sara was experienced enough to know exactly what the obstruction was, and how to overcome it.
Accordingly, she tugged the front of the elasticated waist outwards and down, but could only guess at the hardened cock that must be wafting quite close to her face.
“Get up on your knees, facing me.
Hands by your side.
” Sara struggled up and took up her position.
“Wriggle a little closer.
” Sara did that and instantly felt his manhood, bobbing at her lower belly.
She thought about moving closer to have it pressed hard between them.
Eight months, Sara.
And you want that in you already, don’t you? Sex from a stranger “I want you to stroke my body down as far as my waist.
My hands are going to be carrying out further examinations of your body at the same time.
” Willingly, Sara placed her hands up onto his shoulders.
They were broad and solid, as one hand moved on down a muscular hairless chest.
Simultaneously one of his hands was on her breast again, the other drifted down to rest on her waist.
His actions somehow prompted Sara to speed up her own, so that she was rubbing down over a stand out six pack.
“Your mouth on mine.
” And his head was there, as Sara dutifully presented hers.
Their kiss was a shade wilder, more demanding.
The hand he had placed on her waist, drifted across to her upper thigh, and one finger-tip tested the beginning of the cleft of her crease.
Their lips separated as he made some vocal response to her sharp intake of breath.
Her hands continued to work on him within the allocated confines.
There was no doubt that this was a man with an exquisite body, and it was just a little irritating to feel that erection bumping against her, when she so longed to grasp it.
Almost as though he was reading her mind he growled, “Take me in your hand.
” Sara allowed her hand to slide down very slowly.
His finger had made very little progress in touching her down there, so she could apply a little teasing herself.
Her own fingers ruffled his pubic hair.
Was it blonde? Probably black.
He fidgeted in irritation, and she allowed a slight smile.
Her hand slid down to bump on his hardness, but then went back into his hairs.
She repeated the action twice, but finally, and with a demanding action she clasped it completely.
It was massive, no doubt, long and wide, but it felt perfect.
She dropped her other hand, so that it was grasped in both hands.
Without any bother too, she noted.
Oh, to have that inside her.
His voice when it gave the next instruction had an edge to it, “Take it in your mouth, please.
” Sara was only slightly shocked by the order, but liked the respectful way he had asked.
She had to slide her body back to lie with her face close to this huge devil.
Online Now! Lush Cams ArinFleu “Tongue it first.
” His voice was hoarse.
Sara had enough experience to know exactly how to proceed.
Her tongue licked in circles around the head, and she wished she could see it.
But it would be purple.
She had never seen one that didn’t have a purple shade to it.
Mind, in her time, she supposed she hadn’t seen that many.
Slowly, deliberately, she passed her tongue from tip to hilt.
It was a long journey.
She lifted it to travel back on the underside vein.
Repeating the same action, her hand stroked over his scrotum, rubbing at the balls inside.
Then she closed her lips around his solid rod and had it slide, hot and immense, to the back of her throat.
Finding it balk just above her tonsils, she was able have her fingers circle the section denied entry.
She moved her lips up and down savouring his noticeable hip jerks.
God, it filled her mouth.
“Hell, you are good, lady.
But I don’t want to shoot yet.
” Obediently, Sara drew back her head, and as his cock came free, she delivered a final lick to the head.
“Have you ever done that, and swallowed?” Sara gave the single squeeze for an honest response.
 She hoped he wouldn’t ask how many times, because she wasn’t sure.
  Three at the most, she thought.
Other times she had suffered the indignity of her face, or her breasts, or even her dress spattered.
His question didn’t come in that form.
“Did you like having me in your mouth like that?”  Her response to the question was so easy that she found herself delivering a single squeeze which was much firmer than any she had given before.
“Lie back now,” he instructed, “just as you did at the start, with your legs well apart, but you may move your hands as you see fit.
” Wondering just what his intentions were here, but guessing, and God, yes, hoping that they would be approaching climax, she obeyed.
In moving her arms, she was aware that he was kneeling very close.
She could feel his knees pressing into her waist, just below her rib cage.
She was also able to detect that he was actually holding his cock in his hand.
Very soon she found out why.
Starting at her neck, Sara felt the head stroking over her skin.
Across her collar bone, and down onto her breasts.
Heaving in a shivering breath as it teased on her nipples, Sara stroked her hands over his chest, pinched his nipples, desperate to allay the heat gathering in her loins.
He lay his   hardness across her breasts, then, almost straddling her, he had it between her breasts.
“Squeeze your breasts over it.
” She did that, and he flexed his hips so that his iron hard organ slid between her breasts.
Raising her head, she found that on his upward push, she was able to extend her tongue and just lick at the tip as it came near.
“Oh, that’s good,” Came his sound of approval.
After a short spell he moved his hardness down, rubbing it over her belly, teasing it into her belly button.
On, down, to where? What was going to happen in that area? “You enjoy this?” Sara had no difficulty in finding his hand to give a single squeeze, while thinking how men always saw their cocks as the be-all and end-all of pleasure.
Rubbing it all over her body was, no doubt, highly erotic for him, and obviously he thought it was a big thrill for her.
But while it wasn’t unpleasant for her, Sara could think of better things to do with it It was at that point that he laid that hardness between her thighs, along the whole outer length of her slit.
Wow, that was a new sensation, and even as she savoured that, his fingers parted those lips, and he poked the head directly onto her clit.
She gave a gurgling squeak as a spasm hit her.
  He found her clitoris so accurately in the darkness.
How? If he did any more of that she’d be gone.
But at that point he brought his body up alongside her, and kissed her lips.
Sara found herself responding eagerly.
She was



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