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I was shaken awake by the flight attendant, informing me we were going to land soon.
The guy sitting next to me frowned deep into his paperback, doing his best to pretend I didn’t exist.
I wondered if I had snored too loudly while I slept.
Soon, I felt the plane start to fall out of the sky.
It was the worst part of flying.
I clutched the arm rests and concentrated on the seat-back in front of me.
The guy next to me had turned his attention to what was going on outside the window.
The prospect of a fiery crash wasn’t the only thing making me nervous.
In fact, I thought maybe it would be preferable to what was waiting for me when we landed.
I had just traveled across the country on the Memorial Day weekend for my ten year university reunion.
That in itself wasn’t a problem.
The problem’s name was Kelly, a five-seven, gorgeous, athletic, blonde, with small but pert breasts, and a firm ass.
Let me explain how things were the last time I was here: Ever since Kelly had let me look off her notes in freshman history at Clinton State University, I had had a crush on her.
I was kind of a shy kid, and didn’t really know how to talk to women in those days, so I kept my distance always the friendly boy, secretly wishing I was the boyfriend.
We ended up moving into the same rented house together with four other guys: Jeff, Pete, Kevin, and Cab.
The six of us became really close, kind of like family.
You have no idea what kind of torture it was living with Kelly.
She’d come out of the shower still wet, dressed only in a towel.
I’d also be naked under my own thin bathrobe, heading towards the bathroom.
We’d squeeze past each other in the narrow hallway, briefly, awkwardly, smiling apologetically, as our bodies were forced to press together separated only by a couple of layers of terry cloth.
Each time this happened, my heart ached with longing.
But then, the moment passed.
She’d pad along in bare feet towards her bedroom, and I’d trudge on towards the shower in frustration to rub one out in salute to what might have been.
It was torture, but I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t time my showers for just that moment.
After we moved in together, I reached the conclusion that Kelly was simply out of bounds.
The magnanimous reason was that if I pursued my feelings with her, it could seriously throw off the dynamics of the house.
And if for some reason it didn’t work out, I didn’t know if we could we all still live together harmoniously.
It could be devastating to our friends, possibly forcing them to choose between me or her.
But of course, that was just the bullshit I told myself so I could tolerate being around her.
The truth of it is that I lacked, as Pete liked to say, the testicular fortitude to do anything about it.
This was painfully proven to me when Kevin and Kelly started dating.
And nothing bad happened.
At least not overtly.
I was completely miserable, of course.
Kelly and I were like best friends, but I knew it would never be anything more than that.
Kevin had made his move, and Kelly had chosen him.
There wasn’t a goddamn thing I could do about it.
What’s more, I couldn’t even hate him.
Kevin was one of those instantly likeable guys, who made friends easily wherever he went.
When he ‘took’ Kelly away from me, it wasn’t that he was being an asshole or anything, it was just a natural thing, two people falling in love.
They were really a great couple together.
They made each other happy.
And as much as I hated it, I was happy for them both, too.
Kelly and Kevin got married soon after we graduated.
Kevin got an internship at an accounting firm in Clinton City.
Kelly, who was always a tomboy, eager to play street hockey or football with the rest of the guys, went on to become an elementary gym teacher.
The rest of us gradually scattered across the country, each in pursuit of our own careers.
We kept in touch sporadically, over Facebook, but mostly we went our separate ways.
“Andy?” The voice from behind me stirred me out of my thoughts.
It was instantly familiar, and I spun around to find the smiling face that went with it standing a few feet away.
“Kelly!” I shouted.
She hardly seemed to have aged physically, though her fashion sense gave her a new aura of maturity.
She was wearing a dress made of some light summer material that came down to just above her knees, and showed a playful but not tasteless amount of cleavage.
Her blonde hair, which had been shoulder length and wild the last time I had seen her, was now cropped neatly to follow the line of her jaw.
The overall effect was very teacher-ish, in a hot kind of way.
“It’s so great to see you,” she exclaimed, throwing her arms around me.
“Yeah, it’s been a long time,” I agreed, returning the hug.
“You look great.
” “You too,” she responded.
I had never really been the most physically fit guy, but I’d quit smoking a couple of years ago, and started getting regular exercise.
I never thought it had really been that effective, but I guess maybe those hours at the gym had paid off after all.
Still, I knew I’d changed since the last time I’d set foot in Clinton City.
My hair was shorter, my face older, and I’d traded vintage band T-shirts for button-downs.
In the past ten years, I’d somehow turned into an adult.
“Come on,” she said.
“Let’s get your bags.
” “So, where’s Kevin? Working?” I asked as we walked to the baggage claim carousel.
“Uh, yeah,” she answered a little awkwardly.
“Kevin’s been really busy lately.
He’s the regional manager now, you know.
” “Wow, that’s great!” “Yeah, but it means he has to travel a lot.
They sent him to, uh, Darlund this weekend.
” “Shit!” I said.
“So he’s gonna miss the whole reunion?” “‘fraid so.
” She said, and gave me a cute little frown.
I imagined it was the same sort of frown she gave to her students when they fell down and skinned their knees in her phys-ed class.
“That sucks.
” When we first started planning this reunion, months ago, Kelly and Kevin insisted that I should stay with them.
They had extra room, and there was no reason I should be stuck in a hotel, they argued.
I finally relented.
I figured that we were all older, and more mature.
At least having Kevin around would remind me that Kelly was a married to one of my best college friends.
We picked up my suitcase, made our way to the parking lot, and began driving back from the airport into Clinton City.
All along the way we made easy small talk, catching up on each others’ lives, gossiping about friends.
Apparently, most of our friends attending the reunion had already arrived the day before.
Some of them brought husbands and wives.
Some had kids, even.
It was hard to imagine.
As we drove, I made an effort not to notice that Kelly’s skirt had been gradually riding up, revealing her well toned thighs.
I told myself I was acting like a stupid teenager, and just imagining things.
However, as we neared her house, I began to worry about arriving and having to get out of the car sporting more than the beginnings of a hard-on.
I strategically moved my hands to my lap to cover it.
If Kelly noticed anything was strange, she didn’t indicate it.
When we finally arrived at her house, she simply got out of the car, straightened her skirt and announced, “We’re here.
” I’d managed to will the boner away by meditating on a boring documentary about bridge construction I’d seen a couple of nights ago.
Still, if this was any sign of what my visit would be like, I knew I was in for a nightmare of a weekend.
Kelly showed me around the house, telling me to consider it like my own home while I was there.
As we toured the place, I couldn’t help but smirk at the thought wondering what that might entitle me to.
“What are you smiling about?” Kelly asked.
“Nothing,” I answered.
She shrugged, and continued the tour.
The house was a modest two-story place, tastefully decorated.
It was a far cry from the movie posters, lava lamps, and mismatched furniture of our school days.
“Looks like you’ve really developed a relationship with Pier 1,” I said as we concluded the tour in their bedroom, and jokingly added, “Sellout.
” “Shut up,” She retorted.
Well, I’m sure if you saw my place, you’d probably wonder about my new-found fondness for Swedish furniture.
” “You? Weren’t you the guy who laid a plywood board across a couple of stereo speakers instead of buying a proper coffee table?” “Yeah, well.
” I laughed.
“After you get to a certain age, the chicks just don’t dig improvised furniture like they used to.
” “I thought it was pretty smart, actually,” Kelly said, smiling flirtatiously.
“Lazy, but smart.
” For a minute no one said anything, and we just stood there considering each other, sizing each other up.
We had ended the tour in their bedroom.
Her bedroom.
I felt like if something didn’t happen to break the tension between us, I was likely to go crazy and do something drastic.
But I could think of nothing but the impossibility of throwing Kelly on the bed and kissing her hard.
Finally, Kelly asked, “Are you tired from your flight?” “Huh?” The question was on such a totally different track from what I’d been thinking about that it took me a minute to realize what she meant.
She gave me a look that seemed to say, ‘you’re not seriously being this stupid are you?’ Finally the gears clicked into place, “Uh, yeah.
I mean, no.
I’m good.
I slept on the plane.
” “Alright, cool,” she said.
“A bunch of people were planning on hanging out at Kingswood park, this afternoon.
Why don’t you let me get changed, and we can go meet up with them for a bit.
” “Sure,” I said.
I’d always gone where ever she wanted me to go.
Led around like a little loyal puppy dog.
Even after ten years, I guess she still had that power over me.
“Okay, so, um, go now, and let me change,” She said a little impatiently after I had stood there in her bedroom being idiotically agreeable for a minute.
” I said, feeling embarrassed.
What the hell was wrong with me? “Sorry.
” “Why don’t you wait for me in the kitchen?” she suggested.
I stepped out of the room, closing the door behind me, and went downstairs to the kitchen.
I grabbed myself a can of Coke from the fridge.
Waiting, I gazed around at the clean counters, the shelf of cook books, the wine rack with more than a few bottles of wine just sitting there.
They never would have survived long in the old days.
But then again in the old days, we’d never have bought wine anyway.
I began looking around to see what else they had stocked in the kitchen.
Call it snooping if you want, but I was bored with nothing else to do.
I opened one drawer after another, until I came across something that made me stop in my tracks.
Half buried under a pair of oven mitts was a dildo.
It wasn’t huge like some of the billy-clubs you see in porn videos, but slapping it against the palm of my hand, it did look and feel realistic.
Not that I’m a dildo expert or anything, but it seemed like it was obviously of a much higher quality than your average plastic dong.
As I was admiring the craftsmanship of the thing, I heard Kelly’s footsteps coming down the stairs.
Quickly, I tossed the dildo back into the drawer and slammed it shut.
I spun around, just as she entered the kitchen.
“Hey,” she said.
“Whatcha doing?” “Just looking for a glass,” I lied.
“Oh, they’re over here.
” Kelly had changed out of her dress and into an old Pearl Jam concert T-shirt and a pair of very short shorts.
As she crossed the floor, opened a cupboard, and reached up to grab a glass, I got a good look at how those tight shorts firmly cupped the round cheeks of her little ass.
There was no sense of teacher left in her now.
She was back to being the old carefree Kelly I remembered from ten years ago.
“Here you go,” she said, turning with a glass in her hand.
I quickly averted my eyes from her bottom and pretended to be interested in the detail of the ceramic back-splash above the counter.
I was sure that she’d caught me, but she didn’t give any indication that she had, so I just played it cool.
I promised myself to be more self-disciplined in the future.
She was married, and nothing was going to happen, so why torture myself? I finished the drink quickly while we made small talk, and then we headed out to the park.
Kingswood was just like I remembered it, but also a little different too.
It was small things, like a new bench, or a fresh paving job in the parking.
Jeff, Pete and Cab were all there, as were several other people I knew from school, along with assorted partners and children.
We all shook hands, and commented on what a beautiful summer day it was, and so on.
Jeff suggested a game of touch football, and went to grab a ball while the rest of us figured out the teams.
I would have just observed from the sidelines if Kelly hadn’t specifically picked me for her team Quarter Back.
Unluckily (or luckily depending on your point of view) Kelly decided to play center, and snap the ball to me.
Each play, I watched her bend over in front of me in those short jean shorts.
It seemed like I could just make out the beginning incline of her mons pubis around that thin piece of fabric running between her legs, but I probably just imagined it.
Then I would have to put my own hands between her legs, so close to that little mound of denim, waiting for her to pass the ball through them to me.
Once or twice I may have nervously brushed my hand against her inner thighs – not purposefully, but accidentally – only for a split second.
But in that instant I admired how smooth and silky the skin there was.
How I wished to feel it as I ran my fingers, my tongue, the head of my cock over and between her legs.
“Jesus, Andy!” Kelly shouted at me.
She’d caught me daydreaming again.
“What the hell’s the matter with you?!” I thought I had maybe let my hand linger a little too long, during the last play.
This was exactly what I had wanted to avoid.
I didn’t want to cross these lines.
I didn’t want to make things awkward and complicated between us.
I sure as hell didn’t want to do it in a public park with all our friends watching us.
Why couldn’t I just control myself? I braced for the inevitable humiliation of being publicly called a pervert.
“You just threw the worst interception in the history of amateur pick-up touch football,” she continued.
I hadn’t even noticed that I’d thrown the ball to the wrong player.
I was all at once relieved.
I’d forgotten how competitive Kelly could get.
“I could dig up my dead grandmother, and she’d throw better than you,” Kelly continued.
“What’s going on? You used to be pretty good.
” “I don’t know, I guess I’m just a bit tired from the flight is all.
” I lied.
“Maybe, I’ll sit out the rest of the game.
” “Nah, forget it,” Kelly said checking her watch.
“We should probably get going anyway.
We’re going out to Rudolpho’s in a couple of hours, and I probably shouldn’t show up looking like a hot mess.
” She was sweating and grubby, and her hair was disheveled, none of which made me want to fuck her brains out any less (maybe even more so), but I could see her point.
We might be welcome at the Burger King drive-thru, but Rudolpho’s would probably turn us away.
We said our ‘see-ya-laters’ to everyone and headed back to Kelly’s place.
Kelly offered me the shower, but being a gentleman, I insisted that she shower first.
From the sofa in the living room, I watched her walk up the stairs to the second floor of the house, with her firm ass all but exploding out of those tiny jean shorts.
As soon as I heard the water running, I unzipped my pants and pulled out my already half-hard cock.
I couldn’t help it, I needed to do something to relieve myself or I would go fucking crazy.
I began stroking rapidly, with my eyes closed, thinking of all those times my hand had brushed against the warm skin of her thighs, and fantasizing about the treasure buried beneath the frayed edges of that blue strip of denim between her legs.
What if my hand had slipped, just a little higher, rubbing against that small piece of fabric until it was soaking wet, then- The sound of the shower cut out.
Fuck! I was so close to cumming, but the last thing I needed was for Kelly to come down stairs and see me there with my cock out, jacking off on her sofa.
Reluctantly, I tucked my frustrated cock and swelling balls back into my pants, and zipped them up.
I picked up a magazine from the table, Sports Illustrated, thumbed through it, and tried to regain my composure.
“Andy!” Kelly called from upstairs.
“Yeah?” I answered nervously.
I moved to the bottom of the stairs.
“I need a favour.
” “What?” For a split second I thought she might ask me to fuck her, but I did my best to banish the thought from my head.
“I was washing the towels before you got here, and I forgot to take them out of the dryer.
Would you mind bringing one up here?” “Sure, okay,” I agreed.
“Where’s the dryer?” “It’s in the closet in the kitchen by the door.
” I found the laundry machines, and opened the dryer.
As I pulled out a yellow towel, a pair of light blue panties fell out onto the floor.
I picked them up, and looked at them.
They were small, and cottony.
I rubbed the crotch of them between my fingers, imaging how they’d feel like damp with Kelly’s pussy juices.
Quickly, I raised them to my nostrils and inhaled, fantasizing that some of her sweet scent still lingered there after the washing.
It was probably as close as I’d ever get to actually burying my face in her pussy.
“Andy, did you find it?” she called again from upstairs.
“Uh, yeah,” I answered, tossing her underwear back in the dryer.
” I grabbed the towel, and headed towards the stairs.
Jesus, why the fuck did I keep doing this to myself? I could feel the physical ache of horniness deep in my balls, but there wasn’t anything I could do about it.
At the top of the stairs, I saw that the door to the bathroom was slightly ajar.
I knocked on it.
“Do you want me to just leave the towel here?” I asked.
Trying my hardest to resist the urge to peek in to the room.
“No, I don’t want to get water everywhere.
Can you just bring it here?” “Um.
” “What’s the matter?” “Well, you’re naked.
” “That’s how most people shower,” she answered sarcastically.
“Look, it’s not like you can see anything.
I’m behind the glass here.
Don’t be such a little bitch.
” “Fine, I’m coming in,” I announced.
The air was thick with moisture from the steam, and the mirror was all fogged up.
As I entered, I could see that the shower was surrounded by a frosted glass that almost, but not quite obscured the body behind it.
You could make out the shape well enough, but not the finer details.
Still, I have to say, the shape was quite extraordinary.
Her breasts and ass were both nicely rounded without either being too large.
Her legs were long and firm, her stomach flat and toned.
It was obvious that she worked on keeping her figure.
But she didn’t overdo it.
She was fit, but not hard and muscular like a body builder.
Instead, she still looked soft in the right places.
And I thought I could barely make out a brown little triangle at the meeting of her legs.
“Come on, Andy,” she complained impatiently, “Towel?” She opened the shower door a crack, and poked her head out.
It woke me out of my reverie into a new world of blushing embarrassment.
I couldn’t help but notice that in order for her to reach out for the towel, she’d pressed a breast against the glass.
I could make out the flattened circle with a darker dot at the center.
“Here,” I said, looking away and thrusting the towel at her.
I was again certain she’d caught me, but she only laughed at my bashfulness.
“Jesus, Andy.
You haven’t changed much, have you?” She took the towel, and vanished again behind the glass.
“You were always so shy around women.
Even me.
” “Sorry,” I apologized.
“Don’t be.
It’s kind of cute.
” “Yeah?” “Yeah.
” “Thanks.
” “Andy?” “Hmm?” “Thanks for the towel, and I’m enjoying this chat, but I’d like to get out of the shower now and get dressed if you don’t mind.
” “Oh, yeah.
” Flustered, I hurried out the bathroom door and back down stairs, feeling like a total idiot.
A few minutes later, Kelly shouted down the stairs, “Okay, the shower’s all yours.
And don’t forget to grab a towel for yourself.
” “Thanks,” I shouted back.
Then there was a click as her bedroom door closed behind her.
I got myself another towel from the dryer, went back upstairs to the bathroom, and shut the door.
With the lock locked, I frantically, I tore off my clothes, and began beating off.
I breathed in the scent of Kelly deeply, still in the humid air from her shower.
I closed my eyes thinking of her body pressed against glass of the shower door.
That nipple, that brown patch of pubic hair dripping with water, and maybe another source of moisture.
Oh fuck! I came quickly, and I came hard.
It was all I could do to keep myself from shouting.
My body seized up, and I bent over, while shooting the biggest load I’d ever shot.
The first blast actually hit the glass shower door and began running down it.
The rest landed on the floor.
I felt all the tension from the day squeezed from my balls, through the shaft, and out the head of my cock, as I let go a long slow sigh.
When the orgasm subsided, I grabbed some toilet paper, and cleaned the mess.
Would it leave a streak on the glass? Too late to worry about that now.
Online Now! Lush Cams Maddie_Luv I flushed the used paper and got in the shower, letting the hot water wash over my body and deepen my sense of relaxation.
For the moment I felt good.
I used the shampoo, conditioner, and body wash – all infused with things like ‘Amazon Rain Water,’ and ‘Tibetan Lotus Blossoms.
‘ I knew I’d come out smelling like a fruit basket, but I didn’t mind.
After the shower, I dressed in a pair of grey slacks, and a blue button-down shirt.
I then headed back down to the living room to wait.
On the way I paused only briefly at the closed door of Kelly’s bedroom where I heard music, and behind it a faint buzzing noise, and maybe a little soft moan, but I couldn’t be sure.
It was probably just some kind of beauty-enhancing device – not a hair dryer, but maybe something like it.
I refused to let my imagination run away again.
Instead I carried on to the living room, where I flipped through channels on the TV, trying to find CNN, or ESPN, or something that wouldn’t get me worked up again.
Twenty minutes later, Kelly walked into the living room.
She was wearing a yellow dress.
I don’t know that there was anything special about it.
To me, it looked like just a nice little dress.
Nevertheless, Kelly looked stunning in it.
She could have dressed in garbage bags and still looked amazing, as far as I was concerned.
She seemed to be almost glowing.
“Beautiful,” I said as she sat on the sofa next to me.
“Yeah?” she asked.
“You’d be willing to be seen in public with me?” “I’d be honored,” I returned hoping the ironic delivery would mask the truth to the sentiment.
She just smiled.
“Reservations are at six,” she said.
“So, I guess we should get going.
” Rudolpho’s was an Italian place across town.
We were just about the last to arrive.
Dinner was nice.
We, talked, laughed, and shared a few bottles of wine.
I told people about my work as a human resources analyst (not much interesting to say about it, actually).
They told me about their careers and families.
We reminisced about the old times, ordered more wine, and after a couple of hours, it was like we were all twenty-two again.
After dinner, someone suggested a blues club they knew of a few blocks away, where we could keep having fun.
Some people had to go take care of kids.
Others complained about being tired.
But Kelly and I decided to tag along.
I couldn’t remember the last time I’d gone out drinking.
I didn’t actually get to spend much time with Kelly at the club.
She was doing her social thing, chatting with everyone, dancing, having a great time.
I stuck mostly by the pool table, playing doubles with Jeff, and talking shit about our competitors.
It wasn’t until around midnight that, Kelly wandered over.
“Hey, what’s happening?” She asked, clearly drunk.
She’d always been kind of a cheap drunk, but usually a cheerful one.
“We’re kicking these guys’ asses,” Jeff said.
“Awesome,” Kelly said.
“I’m gonna watch you play for a bit, alright?” She slouched into a lounge chair, and immediately started a conversation with the pair of guys we were playing.
I leaned over the table to sink the seven in the side pocket.
As I bent, I found I had a direct view of Kelly.
Her dress had ridden up again, and I could get a glimpse of the white lacy panties she was wearing.
It was just at an angle so only I could see them.
She seemed totally unaware, however, of the view she was giving me as laughed with our opponents.
Then, suddenly, she turned her head to watch my shot.
I tried to refocus my attention on the cue ball, but it was too late! I’d been caught.
I was sure of it, by the way she smiled a weird drunk smile, straightened her dress, and crossed her legs shutting off any further view almost to the knees.
I took my shot and missed.
After losing that game, but winning the next two, Kelly wanted to go home.
She was in no shape to drive, so she gave me the car keys.
While we were inside, it had started raining heavily.
By the time we reached the car, we were both soaking.
Her yellow dress had turned semi-see-through, and I could make out the outline of her panties.
I could also clearly see that her nipples had hardened and she wasn’t wearing a bra.
I turned on the ignition, and cranked the heat up as high as it would go, trying to keep control of myself.
On the drive back, we talked about how good it was to see everyone together, and compared notes on how successful or unsuccessful in life people had been; just general gossip, taking care to avoid the up-skirt incident.
When we exhausted that topic, there was silence except for rain, and in it, an elephant waiting to be acknowledged.
Kelly switched on the radio, playing some top-forty pop music.
“Listen,” I said, “I’m sorry about tonight.
You know.
looking up your dress.
” “Don’t be,” Kelly protested.
“It’s fine.
I mean, you saw more than that this afternoon in the washroom.
” “I know, but that was different.
You needed a towel, and I brought you one.
But you’re married.
I mean I’d feel terrible if Kevin found out I was checking his wife out like that.
You’re not going to say anything to him are you?” “I wouldn’t worry about it.
” Kelly said with mysteriously sad eyes.
But she said nothing else on the subject, and I was just grateful to just let it drop.
We arrived back at her place, and went into our respective rooms to change out of our wet clothes into pyjamas.
I quickly put on a pair of gym shorts and an old t-shirt that I usually sleep in.
We rendezvoused back in the living room.
Kelly had dressed in a night gown which draped beautifully over her breasts.
It was sheer enough that when she stood in the doorway with the kitchen light behind her, I could see the exact silhouette of her body.
It didn’t look like she had anything else on under it.
She was carrying a bag of pretzels, an open bottle of merlot, and a couple of wine-glasses.
“How about a night cap?” She asked.
As she moved into the dimmer light of the living room, the nightgown became an opaque pink.
She poured a drink for each of us, and sat down.
Kevin still had an old working NES (the original Nintendo console).
I remembered how we used to get stoned and play Super Mario 3 all the time.
“You wanna play?” I asked, offering her a controller.
“No, you go ahead.
I’ll just watch.
” In 15 minutes, I’d gotten through the first 4 levels and the first castle, losing a couple of lives in the process.
“Do you mind if I lie down?” Kelly asked.
“Yeah, sure.
” She grabbed a throw pillow from the sofa, put it in my lap and then put her head on top of it.
I could feel the back of her head against my stomach.
I played for another twenty minutes, getting the second magic whistle and warping to level 7.
“Andy, I want to tell you something.
” “If it’s about tonight, really I’m sorry.
” “It kind of is, but it isn’t.
It’s about Kevin.
” “What do you mean?” I asked.
“You know how I said that Kevin was out of town working this weekend?” “Yeah, in Darlund, right?” “Right.
I mean, well, not exactly.
” she trailed off.
On the screen I landed in the jaws of one of the piranha plants and had to restart the level.
“The thing is.
Kevin and I are splitting up.
” “What?!” I lost another man down a hole.
“How? Why?” “Where? When?” Kelly mocked.
“No, I mean, what happened?” “Mostly nothing.
This has been coming for awhile.
It’s just that neither of us wanted to admit it.
We kind of just grew apart.
Kevin had his career, and I had my interests, and things just kind of fizzled out.
” “Jesus.
” “Last week, I found out he’d had an affair, or is having one – I don’t know – I guess that’s where he is now.
I mean, I know I should be angry, but if I’m to be honest, I’ve known this marriage was on life support for a couple of years.
It was just a matter of time.
” “Kelly, I’m so sorry.
” A tear had started running down her cheek.
I brushed it away with my hand.
“I didn’t know.
” “I didn’t want to ruin the reunion.
It seemed like everyone was really looking forward to it.
So we agreed not to tell anyone until after.
You’re the first person I’ve said anything to.
Not even my parents.
” “Is there anything I can do?” I asked, trying to make sense of everything.
Just be here with me, okay?”She was starting to tear up.
“Okay,” I agreed.
Kelly sat up, threw her arms around me and gave me a big hug.
I returned it, holding her tight to me.
After a minute, she kissed me on the mouth, quickly, and lay her head back in my lap.
“Thanks,” she said.
“You’re really a great guy, you know.
” I was so confused.
I wanted to kiss her again, more deeply, but I didn’t know how she’d react.
Her kiss was ambiguous.
It could have been a just friends peck.
It probably didn’t mean anything else.
The last thing she needed was for me to make the wrong move, not when she was dealing with so much else.
Not knowing what else to do, I picked up the controller again, and continued playing.
After a few minutes, Kelly moved her hand to my knee, and let it rest there innocently.
I tried not to think anything of it.
Just a friendly hand on the knee.
After a few more minutes,



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