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I was dreaming; I had to be.
I was sure no place like this ever existed.
Golden sand stretched toward the horizon in every direction.
The sun was high in the sky, but I couldn’t feel the heat that was coming off it.
The sand didn’t burn my bare feet.
I wiggled my toes, making sure I could feel them, making sure that I could feel at all in this mysterious dream world.
The sand didn’t even feel like sand! It felt like the finest silk was swaddling my feet, reminding me of the costumes I made for work, even though the materials I worked with were nowhere near as luxurious.
As a theater costume designer, I only worked with the cheapest versions of all the finest fabrics.
An unfelt wind swept across the terrain, not ruffling a hair on my head, but picking up and twisting the sand into the most amazing shapes.
I’ve never seen wind and sand do this before.
The sand shifted into trees, palm trees.
I could make out each of the leaves, and the scratches on the bark of the tree.
The trees fell apart and the sand formed a new scene.
A woman lying in a bed… me! The detail was exquisite.
I could see my eyelashes, and I swear that I could see my breathing.
After a minute this scene disappeared too.
The sand then began to move on the ground, twisting into hypnotic abstract patterns.
It was at this moment it occurred to me that I might have actually gone crazy.
It was the stress from work; it must be.
I’d been working hard the past month to create costumes for a new show.
It also didn’t help that all everyone at work would ever talk about was their relationships.
Betty had a new boyfriend, Carl just broke up with his fiancé, and Joyce is getting a divorce… blah, blah, blah.
All that just made me feel depressed.
At least other people had a relationship to have problems with! I hadn’t had a boyfriend for five years, and let me tell you that living alone with your cat and always using your hand or a toy makes you feel very lonely very quickly.
So it goes for a woman of my size.
I wasn’t huge, but I definitely wasn’t small.
It was hard to find clothes in my size in either the normal section, or the plus sized section.
Men usually just glanced the other way.
I was unappealing, uninteresting, but I was used to that by now.
All of a sudden the sand began to flow out from under my feet.
Beneath me, what I can only describe as a whirlpool of sand began to pull me under the surface.
I should have been panicking, but as my knees were pulled beneath the sand, I felt an overwhelming sense of calm wash over me.
The silky feeling of the sand swept up to my mid-thigh before reaching the fabric of my nightgown.
I reached my fingertips down to touch the sand, and I could still feel the individual grains.
It was such an odd feeling.
It shouldn’t be.
I figured that once I completely fell through the hole I would wake up, just like the other strange dreams I’d had lately.
In one, I was at work alone with the overwhelming desire to try on the costumes.
I wasn’t worried at all that even the smallest one wouldn’t fit.
They all looked more beautiful on me than I’d ever seen them on anyone else.
In another dream I was in a green park, lying in the shade of an old oak tree, completely at peace.
When each of these dreams ended I was sucked through the ground, and each time it felt like I was being watched.
I closed my eyes, surrendering myself to the end of the dream.
Suddenly I was falling, but not for very long.
After a few seconds I landed in a soft plush chair.
Was I still dreaming? I pinched myself, but I didn’t wake up.
However, I remembered that I’d fallen asleep in bed, and I didn’t own a chair like this.
It was purple, and the material was similar to suede, but softer.
I fit in it perfectly, as if it were made specifically for me.
“You are still dreaming, and you aren’t at the same time” a voice said from across the room.
I’d been so wrapped up in what happened and where I was that I had failed to notice the man standing across the room.
“I brought you here.
Actually, I’ve given you all of your dreams lately.
” He was tall and around my age.
His hair was golden blond and shaggy, falling just below his ears.
Amber eyes flashed at me, accentuating his pale skin.
He was wearing a plain black t-shirt and jeans.
He looked like any man off the street, except for those flashing eyes.
His voice was soft, and sounded like sand running through an hourglass.
“This is the place between places, the time between times,” he smiled at me.
“Welcome to my home.
” He gestured to the room, his arms wide.
The space was small and cozy.
A king bed lay in one corner.
In another corner a small kitchen, a bathroom in the other, and then there was my corner, which was the chair surrounded by full bookshelves.
I didn’t see anything that resembled an exit at all.
I looked back at him, confused.
“Who are you? Where am I?” “You are in my home, as I told you.
I,” he started with a smile, “am the Sandman, bringer of dreams!” Finishing with a flourish, he disappeared in a puff of sand, and reappeared on the arm of my chair.
“The Sandman?!” I squeaked.
“Why’d you bring me here?” “You are overworked and underappreciated,” he mumbled.
“I see it in your dreams.
You dream of failing at work and being alone.
You dream all these awful things night after night.
” He pushed his bottom lip out in a pout.
“I rarely interfere with people’s dreams anymore.
I just make sure they happen.
But with you, I had to intervene.
I couldn’t just sit back and watch you be miserable.
You’re a good person and a beautiful woman.
” I gasped a little bit when he said that.
“So I sent you good dreams.
Dreams that made you feel beautiful or peaceful.
But that wasn’t enough.
You were still sad, still insecure, so I brought you here.
” He looked up at me through his thick golden lashes.
“I’ve never brought anyone here before.
It’s always just been me.
I don’t know why I did it.
I guess I just wanted to talk to you.
” I couldn’t be mad at him.
Not when he was as lonely or lonelier than I was.
“Why me?” I asked, thoroughly confused.
“You’re lonely.
You’re smart, but you don’t think so.
You’re sweet and caring and oh so beautiful.
” He trailed a finger up my bare arm to my covered shoulder.
His touch felt almost like a cat tongue, soft but rough.
I shivered and blushed.
Not sure how to react, I reached out and caressed the side of his face.
He sighed, his eyes closing.
“So long,” he whispered.
“It’s been so long since anyone has touched me.
” He placed his hand over mine, bringing my palm to his lips, pressing them against the soft skin there.
My heart melted, watching this gentle lonely man.
He really cared for me, and that’s all he wanted in return.
I tilted his chin up so I could look in his eyes.
He looked sad and happy at the same time, which I could understand.
But he also looked scared.
Then I realized he was scared I was going to be upset and angry.
He was scared that I was going to leave him lonely.
I couldn’t do that to him.
Before I could lose my nerve, I leaned in and kissed him.
His lips felt soft and warm beneath mine, and he responded immediately.
He placed his hand on the back of my head, pulling me closer to him.
His lips were both commanding and yielding.
He broke the kiss, both of us panting.
Online Now! Lush Cams IngaPowelll I was so attracted to him; my body was coming alive.
He pulled me to my feet, took my face in his hands, and kissed me again, rougher this time.
His tongue flicked out, swiping my lower lip, asking for entrance.
I parted my lips and he plunged in his tongue, drawing a moan out of me.
I felt of gush of wetness between my legs.
Oh, how I wanted him.
Judging by the large bulge in his jeans, he wanted me too.
He ran his hands down my sides to my hips, gripping tightly.
I brought my hands up behind his neck.
He pulled me closer, grinding my hips against his bulge.
I let out another moan in to his mouth, my hips moving involuntarily with his.
His hands ran down my hips and upper thighs, coming to rest at the hem of my nightgown.
“Can I?” he asked, breaking the kiss.
I nodded, raising my arms to let him slide the nightgown over my head.
He discarded the nightgown and took a step back to look me over.
“So beautiful,” he murmured.
“Such a full figure, such wide hips and pert breasts.
The epitome of femininity.
” His eyes roved over me with a lustful gaze I wasn’t anywhere near used to.
“Can I touch you, please?” he practically begged.
I smirked and walked over to him, swinging my hips.
He stood transfixed as I took both of his hands and placed them on my pert DD breasts.
He groaned in appreciation and began kneading them.
I responded almost immediately, moaning as he squeezed and pinched my nipples.
It had been too long since a man had touched me, and the sensations were almost too pleasurable to bear.
After a few minutes of those ministrations he leaned down and took my left breast in his mouth.
I cried out in pleasure, tangling my hands in his shaggy blond hair.
He swirled his tongue around my nipple, making me whimper with desire.
After a moment he switched to my other breast and gave it the same treatment.
He then kissed up between my breasts, up my neck to my lips.
He devoured my skin like a starving man and I loved it.
He bit my lower lip while we kissed, making me gasp.
I needed to feel him.
I reached over to tug off his shirt.
He broke the kiss for a second, helped me pull it off, and threw it to the floor.
I raked my fingernails down his bare chest, causing him to groan.
Suddenly I was in the air.
He picked me up bridal style, and threw me on the bed, which was very soft.
He was much stronger than he looked.
Before climbing in to bed with me he slid off his jeans.
He went commando.
His cock popped out, hard and thick.
It was beautiful.
It was eight inches long and very thick, the biggest cock I’d ever seen before by far.
It was also slightly curved and he was uncircumcised.
I reached out to stroke it, and he shivered as my hand ran over the head.
He was so sensitive.
“Oh I have to taste you,” he growled.
He climbed between my legs, pushing them even farther apart with ease.
He leaned down, breathing warm air on my pussy lips.
I whimpered and writhed in anticipation.
He smirked and kissed my pelvic bone before diving straight in.
His tongue pressed hard on my clit and I let out a cry.
He sucked gently while his right hand glided up my left thigh.
It moved to the entrance to my wet hole, fingers probing.
I tilted my hips up, practically begging for him to finger me.
He pushed in two fingers while sucking hard on my clit.
I screamed.
He moved his fingers hard and fast, adding a third one.
I could feel it building at the base of my stomach.
I knew I wouldn’t last long.
Suddenly my back arched, cum squirting all over.
Sandman went down and swallowed some.
As I came down from my orgasm I heard him murmur, “so sweet.
” He then moved in between my legs, aligning his huge cock with my entrance.
“Are you ready?” he asked.
“Are you sure you want this?” I nodded vigorously, reaching out to pull his hips forward.
His head slid easily between my wet lips, probing the entrance to my hole.
I whimpered, pulling even more on his hips.
His head slid in to my pussy, and immediately I felt the stretching begin.
My pussy stretched wider and wider with each inch he inserted.
He was gentle and went slow, allowing me to adjust to his size.
Soon he was all the way in to the hilt, and I felt fuller than I ever had in my life.
He moaned loudly, his body shaking.
“Oh god,” he moaned.
“I never thought it’d feel like this.
” “You’re a virgin?” I asked, surprised.
“Well, I’ve seen it in dreams, but no, I’ve never done it myself.
I mean, who would have sex with the Sandman?” he inquired with a sigh.
I took his face in my hands and looking in his eyes I said “I would.
In fact I am, right now.
So please, make love to me.
” That did it for him.
He began to move, slowly at first to acclimate to the feeling.
Soon he was moving faster and harder as the feeling swept over him.
He was pounding me fast and hard, filling me in a way that I’d never known before.
All of a sudden, he hit my g spot, and I felt myself orgasm again, my back arching and my hips pushing his cock even deeper inside me.
He let out a growl as my pussy muscles tightened around his cock.
I settled back down in to the bed, trying to catch my breath.
“Ride me,” he whispered.
” With a nod, I pushed him off me and straddled him.
I guided his still rock hard cock in to my pussy, and started grinding my hips back and forth.
With every thrust my clit would brush against his stomach.
He started to moan loudly.
I squeezed my pussy muscles, causing him to moan again.
He reached up and grabbed my breasts while I was grinding on him, squeezing my nipples, sending the feeling straight down to my clit.
I could feel something building that felt like an orgasm, but different.
An intense heat rushed down to my clit, and all of a sudden I came.
I couldn’t control my noise or body.
My back arched, I screamed, my hips moved erratically.
I couldn’t breathe.
Euphoria flowed through my veins.
This is what an orgasm really was.
As I came down, I realized that the Sandman’s hands had moved to my hips, rapidly moving me on top of him.
I could tell by the screwed up look on his face and the high pitch moans he was making that he was close.
I started to flick my hips with each thrust forward and whispered, “Cum for me baby.
” That did it.
He exploded inside of me with a scream.
I felt his cum splash against the back of my womb, his cock pulsing inside me.
I collapsed on top of him, completely exhausted.
“Oh baby that was so amazing,” he whispered, stroking my hair and kissing my forehead.
“Mhm” I said, unable to say anything more, completely lost in the aftershock of the complete euphoria.
“Alright sweetheart, sleep now,” he said, in a voice as smooth as honey.
“Will I see you again?” I asked, looking up at him, eyebrows creased in worry.
“Only if you want to,” he said with a hopeful tone in his voice.
“Of course I want to,” I whispered, leaning in to give him another kiss.
“Alright then.
You’ll see me again,” he whispered.
“But sleep now.
” My eyes fluttered closed and I drifted off, my head resting on his warm chest.
One minute I’m sleeping on top of a man, and the next, my alarm is going off, my head resting on my pillow.
Was it only a dream? Had that not actually happened? I was on the brink of tears when I realized that there was something sitting on my dresser.
It was an hourglass, with the words “Until Next Time” engraved on the glass in gold plating.
As I stared at it, the first grain of sand fell, and I knew it wouldn’t be long, wouldn’t be long at all.



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