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Over the next couple of months, Juice and I trained together several times a week.
She continued to critique my form and pushed me past boundaries that I never thought possible.
As a consequence of my massage sessions, Juice’s stiff back began to loosen up and she was seriously training for the first time in several months.
  One Thursday evening when I arrived at the gym, passing through the reception area, I saw Juice was finishing a training session with one of her clients.
“So, Juice, what are we working on today? Shoulders, back, arms, legs?” I have a different plan for today.
Do you have your car with you?” “Yes, why do you ask?” “I want to visit my old gym.
I think it’s time that you learned what a real bodybuilding gym looks like, feels like, and smells like.
It has been months since I’ve been there, but now it’s time.
After my injury, I just couldn’t go back there, but now that I’m feeling better, it is time to reacquaint with some old friends.
Is that OK with you?” “Sure thing, I’ll meet you downstairs.
” As Juice approached, I realized this was the first time I had seen her outside of the gym.
Taking a seat in my car, she seemed uncharacteristically nervous and began to ramble off the names of people we would likely meet this evening.
“Harriet is the owner and has been running the place by herself since her husband died a couple of years ago.
She is skinny as a twig but can do more chin-ups than both of us combined.
She’s like a mother hen taking care of all the cocks and chicks running around the place.
” Juice smiled and stopped talking for a minute, I assume drawing out older memories of interactions with Harriet.
“Little John is my best buddy.
He is neither little nor named John — the pet name is based on the Robin Hood story about the two meeting at the bridge.
” “If I remember the story, after a jousting match on a bridge, Robin Hood ended up in the water and they became good friends after that,” I recounted.
“That’s right, Jay,” Juice continued.
“I would tell you about Bear, but I think you will know him when you see him.
In his case, the name suits him to a ‘T’.
There are also several ladies.
I would be careful about meeting Cougar.
She was a multi-win champion for many years, but the years have not been graceful to her.
With the amount of plastic surgery she has done, she could buy a small condo, and she has an eye for younger men.
Consider yourself warned.
” Juice was about to continue when she said, “Pull over here.
” We were in an older part of town with rows of brownstone industrial buildings.
It was an area where I might have been concerned about walking around after dark.
I followed Juice into a building and down a flight of stairs into the basement.
I didn’t notice much signage as Juice entered a reception area.
An older woman came out from behind the desk and gave Juice an angry look.
“You can turn around now, missy, we don’t let quitters and street whores into this gym.
” “Who’s going to stop me, you over the hill, shriveled up prune of a woman? Go back to watching your porn and move aside.
” I had never seen this side of Juice before.
Her nostrils flared and fists clinched up as if preparing for a fight.
I was ready to step in between them when they both simultaneously broke into laughter and approached each other with a warm hug.
“How are you, sweetie?” Harriet asked.
“We missed you.
Stretch missed you.
” “I missed you all but needed some time away.
After my injury, I couldn’t train; I was depressed and didn’t want to depress everyone around me.
This is Jay, my friend, my massage therapist, and my training buddy.
But please don’t judge me, he is still a work in progress,” she laughed at my expense.
“Welcome, Jay,” Harriet said as she reached out her hand to shake mine.
Her arms seemed frail but her grip was surprisingly firm.
“I hope Juice isn’t passing on any of her bad training habits to you,” Harriet laughed jokingly.
“You’re the only bad habit around here,” Juice retorted playfully.
“Go into the back already, I am sure the gang wants to see you.
” As we entered the main gym, it looked weather-beaten, but all the equipment looked first-rate.
Unlike my usual gym, there were just a couple of treadmills to warm up.
But what it was missing in ellipticals, stair masters, and bicycles was more than made up by barbells, dumbbells, various racks, and bodybuilding equipment.
A quick scan of the premises showed a rather even balance of male to female, but also indicated that these guys trained seriously; their bulging muscles attested to it.
On a bench about ten feet away there was a large fellow pressing two plates on each side with relative ease as if he was warming up for some heavy lifting.
As he finished his reps and sat up he looked in our direction, smiled, and walked toward us.
“Well, look what the wind blew in.
And since when did you get so skinny?” he laughed in a rather boisterous voice.
Now most girls would take being called skinny as a compliment, however, I knew in this world being skinny meant you weren’t training hard enough and losing muscle mass.
But his voice was warm and friendly.
“Well, at least I don’t have a muffin top,” she laughed as Juice attempted to squeeze imaginary excess fat around his waist.
“And who’s your boy toy?” Before I could react, Juice jumped in.
“Little John, he doesn’t get your humor so be gentle to the newbie.
This is Jay, my friend, and a massotherapist.
He has been helping me with my back problem and I have been teaching him how to train.
I am training for the first time in several months, so I won’t be skinny for much longer.
” “Nice to meet you, Jay.
” Little John held out his hand to shake.
Little John must have been a good 6’3”, 260 pounds with broad muscular shoulders and a very tapered waist.
His biceps looked the size of my thighs.
His Under Armour shirt highlighted large pecs and bulging abs.
As I held out my hand in response, I was expecting a firm handshake but what I experienced went way beyond what I could have imagined.
To say his grip was like a vice would be an understatement as I felt my knuckles being fused together, all the while Little John looking into my eyes and measuring my reaction.
I suspect this may have been a test and I knew I couldn’t show weakness.
“Nice, firm grip Little John, but I am sure if you keep training it will improve” I smiled back at him, resisting the need to rub my throbbing hand.
Little John looked down at me and smiled and gave me a wink of approval.
“Any friend of Juice is a friend of mine.
” In the distance, I saw this mountain of a man approaching.
He had to be Bear.
He was the same height as Little John but a good twenty pounds heavier.
Sporting a lumberjack beard, his disheveled hair hung down to his shoulders, and masses of dark curly hair popped out from his tank top.
Unlike Little John who was well defined, Bear looked like a cylinder, having a similar size from his chest to his waist to his butt.
As he moved closer Little John moved back to his bench press bench.
Bear looked at Juice.
“Did you tap your ruby slippers three times and say I want to go home and here you are?” “Well if I’m Dorothy, you must be the cowardly lion.
” “No lion here, I am all Bear,” he said as he raised his arms menacingly over his head, curling his fingers as if they were claws.
He then lowered his arms gently around Juice and gave her what I can only describe as a bear hug.
In the short time, I was at the gym I could feel the genuine playfulness and love that existed between Juice, Harriet, Little John, and Bear.
“Bear, this is my friend Jay, he is helping me recover from my back issues.
” “Nice to meet you, Jay,” he said as he held out his hand.
Reluctantly I met his hand fully expecting to have it crushed again.
Fortunately, his grip was gentle but firm.
I can’t imagine what it might have felt like if he exerted full pressure.
“Juice, Little John, and I are hosting a party on Friday.
It would be nice to have you join us.
And please bring Toto, I mean Jay along as well.
” He laughed at his Wizard of Oz joke.
“Well only if you’re making those special brownies.
” “Like always, Juice, I am one step ahead of you.
All the ingredients are ready, just mix and pop into the oven.
Nice to meet you, Jay.
I hope to see both of you on Friday.
“ “Bear, did you see Stretch?” Juice asked.
“I think she is in the posing room working on a new routine.
” As we moved across the room heading for what looked like an enclosed area, I felt like I was being watched with everyone wondering who this new kid is.
One lady was moving in our direction and blocked our route.
This was a woman looking to be in her mid-fifties.
I wouldn’t say that her breasts were large, but they arrived ten seconds ahead of the rest of her.
Her face was wrinkle-free but reminded me of pulled plastic wrap over a bowl.
She was no doubt muscular but still had excess flab under her arms and wrinkles at her elbows which were consistent with an older woman.
“Juice, so nice to see you again, but my you are looking skinny!” When Little John said the same words there was a warmth and playfulness.
In this case, the comment had an edge or a bite to it.
Moving her gaze to me, she said, “And who is your friend?” “Cougar, this is my friend and massotherapist Jay.
” Reaching out and taking my hands into hers, she said in her most seductive voice, “A massotherapist… Ummm I love a man who knows what to do with his hands.
” Cougar was now smiling at me and no longer paying attention to Juice.
“I can always use a good rubdown.
” But it wasn’t my hands she was looking at.
I felt that she was undressing me with her eyes, wondering what I would taste like as she devoured my flesh.
Fortunately, Juice moved between us and took my hand.
“Nice seeing you again, Cougar, but Stretch is waiting for us in the other room.
” As we moved down the corridor I said, “Thanks for the rescue, Juice, that lady can give a guy the hibbie-jibbies.
” “That Cougar is one carnivore if I ever met one,” she laughed Juice stopped to open a door and we walked into a smaller room that had the walls covered in mirrors.
Four speakers were hanging down from the ceiling, a table with a tuner amplifier, and a backdrop that looked like something a photographer would use to take pictures against.
At the far end of the room was a tall, slim girl with short blonde hair watching herself move against the image reflected in the mirror.
She was wearing a sports top that stopped just below her breasts and a Lycra pair of boy shorts which hugged her tiny waist and ass.
At first, she didn’t notice us but when she did her face light up like a six-year-old with change in her pocket and the ice cream truck turning the corner.
She ran across the room with the lightness of a ballet dancer, her bare feet quiet against the hard floor.
She gave Juice a big hug that lasted longer than I thought was normal.
It was if their bodies were having a conversation without the need of any spoken words.
As they separated, I noticed Juice secretly wipe a little moisture from one eye.
“Stretch, this is my friend, Jay.
I wanted to show him what a real training gym looks like.
” I held out my hand, but she pushed it away, instead, giving me a warm embrace.
So warm and tight that I couldn’t help but feel her breasts pressing against my chest.
“I leave the handshaking for the guys.
” She smiled as she started to pull away.
Her smile was radiant, her teeth straight and polished and her eyes green like a cat, filled with life and hope.
From the distance, she appeared taller, but I think her thin frame gave that illusion.
She had a peaches-and-cream complexion which only highlighted the brightness of her eyes.
Unlike Juice who had washboard abs, Stretch’s abs were flat and the six-pack seemed to be chiseled inward.
“Stretch, I see a couple of new additions,” Juice commented as she looked at Stretch’s top.
“Oh, you mean these things?” she giggled as she cupped her breasts from underneath.
“I knew if I wanted to compete that I needed to supersize my tits.
“A” cup girls just don’t go home with medals around their neck and not everyone has natural sized Ds like you.
I wanted to move up to a D cup but Little John said that it would be too large for my frame so I ended up with a C cup.
Of course, he was right, and I am so happy with them, this is the first time that I have cleavage.
” Her smile was as mysterious as a Cheshire cat.
“Jay, what do you think of my enhanced figure?” She moved into various poses like a model showing me her breasts from all angles.
“They look gorgeous, you look gorgeous, your body looks gorgeous.
I think you must have been gorgeous with “A” cups but now only better.
” Why do I continue to sound like a twelve-year-old boy going through puberty, I thought, as I scolded myself for not sounding like a mature adult.
“Juice, I am so glad you’re here.
I’m working on a new routine and need you to critique it.
” Juice and I sat down on a bench as Stretch walked over to the stereo system to cue her music.
For the next two minutes, we watched as Stretch performed a series of moves that highlighted her strength, her rhythm, and her flexibility.
Not only did she do splits on the floor but also a series of standing splits that showed her balance and flexibility.
She did several one-armed push-ups on either side but the most spectacular was when she did the flares and circular rotations that are normally done on a pommel horse but she was doing them off the floor.
I was awestruck! Puffing and coming over to Juice, she asked, “So how did I do?” “The moves and poses were excellent.
You’ve obviously gained strength since I last saw you.
But the routine was missing something.
It was missing passion, sexiness, a connection to your audience.
All features critical to success at the tournaments.
Let’s try something.
Pretend you are a lioness, strong, bold, and horny.
Jay is the leader of the pride and you want to seduce him into your cave and fuck his brains out.
Can you do that?” Stretch was hanging on to Juice’s words and trying to imagine how to follow her guidance.
“I can try,” Stretch finally responded.
“Stretch, one more thing; I want you to be naked.
” “Juice, you’re not serious, are you? I just met Jay and you want to pretend I am a horny stripper doing a pole dance for him?” “No, my dear.
In the competition, you will be naked except for a few tiny triangles covering the most intimate parts.
Most of the judges are male and will be looking at you as if you are already naked.
Besides your presentation, they will be wondering if you will make a good fuck.
You have to give them what they want.
Tease them with your body and your smile.
The routine will take care of itself.
” As Stretch turned and headed toward the amplifier, I heard her mutter.
“I trust you Juice, but this is fucking ridiculous!” As she walked away, I saw Stretch remove her top and step out of her shorts.
She cued the music and took her starting pose.
The first thirty seconds of the routine was horrible.
Stretch seemed uncomfortable with her exposed breasts and shaved pussy.
Her movements had no flow.
She wasn’t connecting with us, mostly diverting her eyes to random spots in the room.
But then something clicked as if she willed herself to loosen up and accept her nudity and take on the role of the horny lioness.
From that point, her eyes focused on mine.
Her moves became more fluid.
Her eyes lit up the same way they did when she noticed Juice and I come into the room.
I can’t swear but I think when she did the standing split she drew my attention to her womanhood and then back to her lips as her tongue seductively wetted the outer ridges.
Not surprisingly, Juice’s instructions had made the performance that much better.
When Stretch finished she looked for a sign of approval from Juice who gave her two thumbs up.
“I know I was awkward at the beginning but by the end, I felt free and uninhibited.
” With a huge smile, Stretch gave Juice a big hug and then looked at me with her arms wide open.
I moved closer to hug her back.
Unlike the first hug which was warm and friendly, this time she was pressing her hot naked body against mine.
I felt her thigh press between my legs as if trying to see if her acting had produced the desired effect on my cock, which it had! “Okay, children, acting class is over,” Juice laughed as she saw Stretch grind her naked body against me.
“Juice, did Bear or Little John invite you to the party this Friday?” “Bear did, and invited Jay as well.
” “Great, I am so happy to see you again, I missed you so much.
Now get out so I can finish my practice.
I just may leave my clothes off,” she giggled and wiggled her ass as she turned and gave us both a wink.
The trip back to Juice’s apartment was quiet, as I could feel Juice pulling out old memories from her time at the gym.
She wrote down her address and cell phone and gave me the paper.
“I will see you at 8 o’clock on Friday?” “Juice, I don’t belong there.
Maybe you should go alone”.
“No chance, we have worked together for the last couple of months, so we will go as a team on Friday.
Besides, I think the guys like you, and I think Stretch really likes you.
” “Okay.
Friday at eight.
” I arrived in front of her door at precisely 7:55, because if I am not five minutes early, I feel like I am late.
After a couple of minutes, I see her door open, and  Juice comes out wearing a sheer tan top over a pair of stretch leggings.
Her hair was braided tightly behind her head giving her face a slim lean look.
She wore a pair of large gold hoop earrings that dangled just above her shoulders.
As she approached the car the sunlight from behind highlighted her slim waist and broad shoulders through the sheerness of her blouse.
Around her neck, she wore a medallion which made the outfit complete.
She looked like an Athenian Goddess as she opened the door.
“You sure clean up nicely,” I smiled as she entered.
“Jay my dear, you have a lot to learn if that is the best compliment that you can give a woman.
” Angry at myself, I bite my lip as a punishment.
My thoughts described her as a Goddess, yet my words sounded like a thirteen-year-old.
When will I ever grow up? “Message received, Juice.
” As we drove, Juice gave me more information about the people I would be meeting.
When we arrived at Little John and Bear’s apartment, I circled back to the trunk and grabbed a case of beer.
“You won’t need that,” Juice smiled.
“Even when the guys aren’t training, they don’t really drink alcohol.
” “But I feel I should walk into the party with something.
” “You are Jay.
You are walking into the party with me and that’s all the guys care about,” she said as she gave me a gentle touch on my cheek.
Juice scampered up the flights of stairs so quickly that I had to take two steps at a time to keep up.
She was obviously excited to be there.
With a knock on the door, Little John opened it and gave Juice a wide smile.
“You look gorgeous tonight,” he said as he hugged her and lifted her to her tippy toes.
Juice shot me a glance which I immediately understood indicated that this is how you greet and give a compliment to a woman.
Little John held out his hand to me as I prepared to get my hand crushed again.
Although his grip was firm it was nowhere as vice-like as our first meeting.
“Welcome, Jay, I am glad you could come.
Go mix yourself a drink in the kitchen.
” I whispered into Juice’s ear “I thought there was no alcohol tonight?” “You will see.
” She smiled as she walked me into the kitchen.
On the counter, there were bowls of fruit, vegetables, ice, and large canisters of protein powders along with an industrial blender and juicer.
“Allow me to make you something,” Juice said and laughed, looking at the expression on my face.
And then with all the dexterity of a mixologist, she threw various items into the blender creating a thick, green-colored smoothie that she poured into two glasses.
She handed me one.
“I don’t like the taste of green,” I said as I accepted the glass.
“Green is not a taste.
When did you become such a wimp? Try it, it might even put hair on your chest.
” “Cheers,” I said as we clinked glasses together.
I had to admit it tasted quite good.
No green taste at all, just a thick mixture of frozen fruit, spinach, and a few other ingredients that got thrown into the mix.
At the edge of the counter was a baking tray with brownies, nicely cut in two-inch by two-inch squares.
A few pieces had been removed but the tray was still very full.
Juice handed me a napkin and carefully placed one square on it.
“These are Bears special brownies so limit yourself to just one.
” The brownie was sweet but had an unusual flavor.
Finishing both the smoothie and the brownie I watched Juice flutter around the room like a bee gathering nectar from flower to flower.
She looked like the belle of the ball as she flowed from small group to small group.
Not really feeling like I belonged here and still being hungry, I noticed the brownie tray was still quite full.
Since I would not be depriving anyone, I took a second brownie.
Just as I finished it, I felt a tap on my shoulder.
Turning, I was met with the glistening eyes and a bright smile of Stretch.
“I am so glad you were able to come,” she said as I felt her body press against me in a warm, hug.
“I don’t often have anyone my age coming to these parties.
Most of the gym friends are older.
” Online Now! Lush Cams RitaDerry “Do you come often to these parties?” “Well, considering I live with Bear and Little John, I would say yes,” she responded laughingly.
“Oh, I didn’t know.
How did that come about?” “Well, it is a long story.
Come let’s sit down on the sofa in the corner and I will tell you.
” Stretch took my hand and led me over to a sofa in the corner.
As I sat down, I fell deeper into the cushions than I expected.
Over the years it seems that the cushions had lost the battle with the 260 pounders that normally use it.
“Bear, besides being a professor of Kinesiology, is also the weight training coach of the McGill football team.
The weight room is adjacent to the gymnastics area where I was practicing.
I have been doing gymnastics since I was a little girl.
I saw him watching me a few times before he walked in to talk to me.
He told me he was very impressed with my flexibility and technique but thought that I could make improvements by adding strength and musculature to my program.
He invited me to his gym, and I met Juice and the other girls who told me how I could blend my current program with weight training and compete in a fitness class of competition.
After a few weeks of training and guidance, I fell in love with the sport and have been practicing ever since.
” “I have to say that I was over the top impressed when I saw your routine.
” “Was that the routine with or without clothes?” Stretch laughed as she flashed me her child-like smile.
“Both were fabulous, but the second one did have a greater impact on me,” I said, smiling back at her.
There was something about this girl that just made me want to spend time with her.
She had a girl-next-door, wholesome beauty, porcelain white skin, a smile like it was molded from a dentist’s office, and a body that every man dreams of holding.
But besides that, she made you happy just to be next to her.
Something about her personality was infectious.
“So, now I understand how you met Bear and got to the gym, but how did you end up living here?” “You sure know how to keep a girl talking.
” Stretch paused before continuing.
“I received a late acceptance at McGill University and didn’t have a place to live.
I found an ad from a guy looking to split the rent of a two-bedroom.
We met for coffee and he seemed nice, well-groomed, smart, coming from a family with money, based on the car he was driving.
He was short and showed a narcissistic personality.
I thought I could make it work even though the rent was higher than my budget could afford, but I didn’t have many options.
Once I moved in, he started to make a lot of sexual comments about what a great lover he was, that he had a fantastic looking cock and even offered to absorb a greater portion of the rent in exchange for sexual favors.
I tried to avoid him but one day I came home from school and found him masturbating on the living room sofa while watching porn.
I said, “why can’t you do that in the privacy of your own room?” His answer was, ‘Why? And not use the sixty-inch TV in the living room to watch my porn on? Come sit down next to me, maybe you could take over, my arm is getting tired from stroking and my cock needs a female touch.
’” “I am not a prude and enjoy sex, but this was disgusting.
I threw my books into my room and headed to the shower.
As I came out of the shower with a towel wrapped around me, he jumped up to block the way to my room.
He was naked with an erection and offered me the chance to swallow a huge load that he was saving up just for me.
He then pulled off my towel and left me standing there naked.
“’ Don’t make me waste this on a Kleenex,” he said, “When we both could be enjoying ourselves.
” I slapped him, pushed him aside, and ran into my room.
I am guessing that he wasn’t affected by this whole episode because a minute or two later, I heard him grunting loudly, which I assume was him releasing the load he was saving for me.
Jay, am I boring you with all this?” “No, not at all, please continue.
” But as I listened, my concentration seemed to be slipping in and out.
“That night, I went to the gym but could not get myself to train.
Bear walked over and asked me what was wrong, so I told be about what happened in the afternoon.
As I told my story, I could see the anger building up inside him.
Since joining the gym all the guys seem to be protective of me as if I was their little sister.
When I finished, Bear stood up and told me we needed to pay a visit to my roommate.
I tried to dissuade but that wasn’t going to happen.
“When we got to the apartment, Steve was sitting and watching the football game.
He turned to look at Bear and said, ‘So, who’s your buddy? He does have an uncanny resemblance to Shrek.
What makes you think that this muscle head is a better fuck than me?’ “If you know Bear, he has limited patience, and Steve had already passed that limit.
“’Come here, little man, didn’t your mother teach you any manners?’ “Steve rose from the sofa and swaggered over to Bear with an air of self-confidence.
She tried to teach me, but I guess I am a poor student,” he said, proudly standing up to a man about twice his size.
“’Maybe she didn’t use the right teaching technique,’ Bear said as he grabbed Steve under his arms and lifted him off the floor, pressing his back against the wall.
His feet were dangling six inches from the floor.
“’ Put me down, you big Oaf!’ “’Shut the fuck up, you should be happy I just put you against the wall and not through it.
Stretch, grab your things, you’re not staying here any longer.
Little John and I have an extra bedroom.
‘ “’Hey, you can’t do that, she has to pay her fair share of the rent!’ “Bear glared at Steve with a menacing look.
‘You’re a smart guy, you will figure something out.
‘ “I threw my clothes, books, and toiletries into my duffle bag and headed toward the door.
Bear tossed Steve onto the sofa with the ease of throwing a twenty-pound bag of potatoes.
So that’s how I ended up here.
The guys keep the place ‘man neat’, I help keep it ‘woman neat’,” she said with a smile in her eyes.
And I get to share food and my part of the rent is less than before.
” Something was coming over me as I continued to fade in and out as we talked.
“Now, Jay, you know my whole life’s story, now tell me about you.
Better yet, give me your hand and I will see for myself.
” Stretch took my hand into hers and gently ran her finger over the lines of my palm.
She would look up smile and then refocus on my hand.
She did this several times.
“Okay already, so what do you see?” I asked.
“Firstly, I see you also have limited patience, but I don’t get that from your palm,” she said playfully.
“Your palm tells me you have a mischievous and adventurous personality.
You like to tease and enjoy providing pleasure to others.
” “Guilty as charged.
” Pointing at my palm, she said, “I can feel your calluses from the barbells, but otherwise, your hands show softness and gentleness that flows through you.
These two lines cross over, but higher than usual.
This means you’re still developing as a man.
You have this long thick line over here which indicates a strong family relationship.
” “Can you really tell all that from reading my palm?” I said, somewhat surprised at her accuracy.
She looked at me with the sternness of a research librarian who was just challenged as to her knowledge.
After a few seconds, she burst out with laughter.
“Hell no! I was just fucking with you, plus it was an excuse to hold your hand.
” There was no way I could get angry at this girl.
Her appeal continued to grow on me, even though I felt required to mess her hair up because of the joke she had just played on me.
She took my hand from her head and lowered it to her thigh, leaving her hand gently on top of mine.
Time had flown by and now the room started to spin.
Juice walked up to me.
“Are you Ok, Jay? Your eyes look bloodshot.
” “What did you spike my drink with? The room is spinning, and you have three eyes and three tits.
But I must admit the three tits look good on you,” I said, laughing like a drunk.
“There was no alcohol in the smoothie.
How many brownies did you have?” “Two.
” “And how many did I tell you that you should have?” “One, but they were good, and I was hungry, I made sure that I left enough for everyone.
” “Jay, those special brownies were made with weed and I expect that you’re tripping right about now.
” I’ve smoked a few joints before but never felt this way.
“I must be fucking stoned,” I called out in a louder voice than was warranted as people smiled and gazed at me.
“Stretch, let’s take him to your room before he further embarrasses us both.
” So, with a female bodybuilder on each side, they pulled my deeply embedded ass up from the sofa and walked me to the bedroom.
The bedroom was small but very neat and tidy.
The queen-sized bed dominated the room along with a desk and a laptop sitting on top.
They propped me up leaning on the headboard.
I felt that I was part of the Fantasia movie with the hippos and alligators dancing over my head.
Although I was hallucinating, I could still watch and hear Juice and Stretch talking.
Stretch was lovingly playing with a strand of hair that fell from Juice’s braid.
“You know I missed you so, I can’t believe that you disappeared for months without a word.
” “I wish I had the words to apologize for my behavior.
I was deeply depressed.
My back hurt.
My self-confidence droppe



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