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Latest stories Taboo Her Need For An Older Man (Part 2)

Amber gets up off of her knees and kisses John on the cheek.
She then slips out of the room to go shower and begin making or ordering dinner.
She knew John would be finishing his work and didn’t want to bother him.
She began to remove what little clothing was left and turn the water to their shower on.
She looks at herself in the mirror as she ties her hair up.
She looks happy.
It had only been two years since she walked out on her old life.
She doesn’t even miss it.
She remembers the day she left, she was so tired of feeling unwanted.
Fredrick was cold towards her, and John made her feel wanted again.
They had been talking for six months when she left her husband.
John swooped in and took care of her.
He made her feel things she had never felt before.
She steps under the hot water and begins to wash herself.
 Her pussy is still wet and tingling from how hard she came earlier.
Her clit begins to throb as she reaches down and gently rubs her pussy.
She can never seem to get enough from him, always wanting more and more.
She drops her washcloth and brings one hand to her breast.
Grasping her nipple she lets out a quiet moan.
She knows if she were to be caught touching herself without asking him, she will get punished.
She pinches her clit hard and slips a finger inside of herself.
She thinks of how he had fucked her so hard earlier.
The taste of his cum is still on her tongue as she tries to control her moans.
She slips another finger inside of her throbbing pussy and fingers herself until she cums.
She hurriedly finishes showering and wraps up in a towel.
She is startled by John sitting on the end of the bed waiting for her.
She smiles at him and tries to act as cool as possible, but her heart is racing.
“All finished already love?” she asks as she finishes drying off and slips on a pair of his favorite red lace panties.
He raises one eyebrow and says, “I am.
I walked in here as soon as you were also finishing yourself.
” She stops in her tracks and glances into his eyes.
She knows what is coming as he slowly takes off his belt.
John signals for her to bend over the end of the bed.
Slowly he ties her arms down to the bed posts and binds her ankles.
He is going to punish her.
Her pussy is so wet she can barely stand it.
“Please touch me, sir,” she begs.
He doesn’t give in, though he can see her beautiful pink pussy growing wetter by the moment.
John drags his belt down her body causing her to shiver.
He pulls down her pretty red panties, and he slaps the belt hard against the lips of her pussy.
She needs to be punished once again.
Amber screams and grabs the side of the bed.
“Please sir, please touch me, I need you.
I am sorry I was a bad girl.
I love you.
Forgive me,” Amber screams over and over as he spanks her.
Tears threaten to spill out when he unties her legs and arms.
He picks her up and kisses her, reminding her he wouldn’t have to punish her is she would listen like a good girl, though she loves it when he punishes her.
Her pussy is dripping wet and he can’t help but graze it with his fingers.
He lays her down on the bed.
Her legs wrap around him as he pushes himself inside of her.
Her arms go around his neck.
She moans into his mouth as he kisses her hard and then flips her on top.
She grinds hard on his thick cock and he reaches up and pinches her nipples.
He loves the way her pussy clenches his cock when he does it.
She is close to cumming when he pulls her off his cock and gets behind her.
He grabs her hair and rams into her over and over, gripping her hip with his other hand.
She cums for him, she gives all of herself to him.
He flips her back over and cums deep inside her, watching her pretty face in total ecstasy as her hips meet his.
Her legs wrap around him, begging for more.
“My insatiable little girl, go figure out dinner while I shower,” John asks when Amber unwraps herself from him.
She slips on the shirt he wore to bed the night before and her red panties and skips downstairs.
She grabs the phone, orders from his favorite takeout restaurant and opens a bottle of wine.
She then grabs the book she is currently reading and sits at the bar.
Sometime later John walks down stairs and sees Amber with her wine and book.
He takes a minute to take her all in.
Her pretty face, so serious and focused, her manicured finger tip tracing the rim of her wine glass, the curves of her breasts visible though the white shirt and her leg drawn up close to her.
She is unbelievably beautiful and yet so seductive in the same moment.
Online Now! Lush Cams CiaraRose He can already smell the sweet scent of her as he walks closer.
“Have I told you how delicious you look when you read,” he asks Amber.
She closes her book and blushes, “You have many times.
” He laughs as she stands up and gets onto the tips of her toes for a kiss.
He pulls her close and kisses her back.
“I suggest you stop, the food will be here soon,” Amber says as her nipples get hard, knowing damn well he didn’t care.
He grabs her up and sets her back onto the bar stool.
Pulling her shirt up in one swift movement, he takes one of her nipples into his mouth.
She spreads her legs even more to pull him closer.
He smells amazing, and she knows he will taste just as good.
Just then the door bell rings and John goes to answer it.
Dinner has arrived and Amber quickly sets out plates and silverware.
She pours more wine for herself and a glass for John as he sits down.
They eat and talk and before long the table was cleared.
They head for the bedroom.
She removes her clothing while John sits on the bed and watches her.
He loves watching her remove the panties she is wearing.
He watches her hands push them down the curve of her beautiful ass.
Then she bends over to take them off.
He can see her amazing pussy.
His cock stirs without hesitation.
He can’t contain himself around her.
Amber walks over to John and sits in between his legs.
Without saying a word she takes his cock out of his shorts and begins sucking it.
Her hand massages his balls as she takes him further down her throat.
John shoves his hands into her hair and begins to move her head faster.
She begins to gag, which only fuels his need for more of her.
He pulls her by her hair off his cock and pulls her close.
He pushes her onto the bed and restrains her hands so she can’t touch him.
He grabs her thickest vibrator and shoves it inside of her on its highest setting.
He watches her back arch and listens to her scream for him.
He loves watching her pussy grip the toy.
He fucks her with hard with her toy until she cums, enjoying the show.
John then shoves the toy in her mouth to make her clean it off.
He then kneels down and begins to clean her pussy of all her sweet cum.
She moans as he teases her clit with his tongue.
“Fuck me daddy, please fuck me.
” It is all he needs to hear.
He gets up and enters her.
Amber’s pussy is hot and soaking wet from the last orgasm she had.
He grips her hips as he thrusts into her over and over.
She calls his name again and again.
Only making him fuck her faster, harder, deeper.
“I am going to cum for you daddy.
” He stops, leaving her on the edge of her orgasm.
He instructs her to get on all fours and wait, He goes to where they keep their toys.
He grabs a smaller vibrator and a paddle.
She can’t see what he has, so waits in anticipation.
John studies her beautiful body, completely ready to submit to him.
He brings the paddle down onto her beautiful ass.
Amber screams in pleasure as he spanks her with it.
Amber then feels a vibrator begin to shove into her tight asshole.
Her pussy is throbbing and dripping on the bed.
After the vibrator is completely inside of her, he begins to spank her again.
It is almost too much for her too handle.
John stops spanking her when her ass is bright red and tender, and shoves his cock back inside her pretty little pussy.
Amber can barely hold herself up as he fucks her.
She feels so good she thinks her body will give out.
John senses this, because he grabs her hips and steadies her as he pounds her pussy, turning the volume up higher on the vibrator in her ass.
“I’m cumming daddy,” she screams.
“Cum for me, my good little girl,” he says.
Her pussy clenches his cock as she cums for him, bringing him to his own orgasm.
He grips her hips harder as he empties himself inside of her, her muscles squeezing every single drop from him.
When he lets her go, she falls onto the bed.
He slowly removes the vibrator from her sweet and tender asshole.
He removes the restraints, kissing the red marks they left on her beautiful skin.
She looks so beautiful laying there.
Her entire body is spent from pleasing him.
Her breathing becomes soft again and her blissful glow is excruciatingly beautiful.
She watches him as he walks into the restroom to clean himself.
She makes the decision to follow him in there.
She is insatiable and she needs him.
He needs her, and can’t get enough of her.



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