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Latest stories Straight Sex First Time With A Married Woman Pt 2

It was a little after noon when I heard the car pull up the driveway.
This would be the first time I saw Karmen again after our night at the hotel.
Even though the days were getting warmer, there was still a chill in the air, so I waited till the last second before opening the front door, making sure not to let any of the warmth inside the cottage escape.
She hurried inside and I shut the door before I said hello.
“Hey you.
” Karmen smiled and gave me a kiss on the cheek like she usually did.
My place wasn’t big, but perfect for a single guy.
The large lounge and kitchen were open plan with my bedroom leading off to the right, a small storage closet and the bathroom to the left.
It was all I needed, close enough to work and far enough from everything else.
I pointed at the kettle after inviting Karmen to sit down and she nodded.
“Still take it the same way?” I asked.
“You know I do.
” She smiled.
Only while flipping the switch on the kettle did I realize the play in words and I glanced back over to her to make sure.
There was that sly little smile on Karmen’s face that I’d come to know so well.
I ignored it and kept my cool.
After all, this meeting was so we could talk about what happened that night, to tell her it was a mistake and that it can never happen again.
She was a married woman! “You sounded strange on the phone, Abel.
Is everything okay?” “Sure, everything’s fine.
” As soon as the words left my lips, I realized I was telling a lie.
Everything was not fine.
For two weeks I kept thinking of that night and each time, I felt more and more guilty.
“Well, that’s not entirely true,” I added.
I had rehearsed this conversation in my head a million times, played out all the scenarios and I needed to stick to my guns.
I was going to tell her that it was a mistake.
“I asked you to come over so we can talk about what happened.
” I put the mug down next to Karmen on the table and noticed how incredibly good she smelled.
My eyes were drawn to the naked flesh between her scarf and dress and the gorgeous cleavage formed by her magnificent tits.
I sighed deeply and tried to compose myself as I took a seat on the couch next to her.
“Don’t worry, he doesn’t suspect a thing,” she said, looking me square in the eyes while tucking her hair behind one ear.
“It was a mistake Karmen,” I blurted out, “and by that definition shouldn’t have happened.
I’m sorry I put you in that position and .
” “And what position is that Abel?” she interrupted my desperate attempt at redemption.
“On my knees? On my back? With my mouth around your cock?” Her voice grew sexier with each word uttered.
I noticed my cock pressing against my zipper only after she shifted a little closer to me on the couch.
“I enjoyed them all,” she said, still with those hazel eyes burning into my soul.
“And that means you have nothing to apologize for,” she added.
Oh fuck! This wasn’t going anything like I had planned and in none of the millions of scenarios I conjured up did she say any of those things.
I was in trouble! Everything I’d thought of saying just escaped me and I was left with nothing but a dropped jaw and raging hard on.
again! Karmen shifted closer still, rested her hand on my thigh and leaned in close.
Her warm breath in my ear sent shivers down my spine.
“Fuck me again, Abel!” I had to process what I just heard.
Did I even hear right? My doubts disappeared when Karmen straddled me and shoved her tongue into my mouth.
She kissed me deeply, moaning and breathing heavily.
She took my hands and put them on her hips, which were now grinding on my lap.
She grabbed the back of my head and shoved it into her cleavage.
I was now licking and kissing and nibbling the piece of flesh I was peeking at just a few minutes earlier.
“Take it off,” Karmen commanded as she tugged on my hoodie.
I complied.
She bit my neck and shoulders, making her way down my body.
She undid the button on my jeans and I heard the zipper follow.
I lifted my ass off the couch as she scratched and clawed at my hips, trying to remove my jeans and briefs.
This woman was an animal! She sent my shoes and socks flying in every direction, knocking over a lamp and a picture frame.
Online Now! Lush Cams Lillyboss Soon I was sitting there naked as the day I was born.
After accomplishing her task of getting me naked, she took hold of my cock and wrapped her lips around it.
She took it all the way and I felt the back of her throat pressing against the head of my throbbing member.
She swirled her tongue around my shaft and head, exactly like she did a couple of weeks ago and it felt just as good this time around.
Karmen hiked up her dress and straddled me again.
This time though, I noticed she wasn’t wearing any panties.
She took my cock and slowly ran it up and down her slit while pulling my head back into her cleavage.
I took hold of her shoulders and pulled her dress down over them, exposing her black lace bra.
It was the same bra she bought that day we went shopping.
It held her perfect tits nicely and I could see her pink pebbles behind it.
I tugged at one of her nipples with my teeth and Karmen moaned and dropped all her weight down on my lap, impaling herself on my cock.
I met every stride of hers with my own and soon we were like a horse and rider, in perfect sync.
It didn’t take long before that familiar look formed on Karmen’s face and I knew she was about to cum.
She dug her nails into my back and pulled me closer.
The pain drove me wild and I slapped her bare ass.
Karmen’s pussy tightened and I could feel the warmth of her juices run down my cock, over my balls and onto the couch.
She started slowing down but I wasn’t having any of that.
I grabbed her ass, feeling her left ass cheek radiating after the slap.
I pulled her up and then slammed her back down on my lap.
Karmen let out a yelp.
I was now in control, forcing her up and down on my shaft.
With each stride, she drove her nails deeper and deeper into my back as she inched closer to her second orgasm.
I cupped Karmen’s ass and stood up off the couch while she desperately held on to me, her nails like hooks now in my back.
I moved over to the kitchen counter and set her down on it, my cock not once leaving the comfort of her hot, dripping wet box.
The first buck of my hips sent Karmen into a violent shake as her orgasm consumed her body.
I kept going and slammed my cock into her repeatedly, riding out wave after wave of her orgasm.
The counter was getting slippery from her juices and I tightened my grip on Karmen’s ass for better control.
I slowed down just a little for her to settle into the last wave of ecstasy before I pulled her off the counter and swung her around.
I grabbed a handful of her silky raven hair and pushed her head down onto the counter.
My free hand met her right ass cheek with a loud crack and it now matched the left, both sporting a swollen red hand print.
“Oh fuck!” she screamed through her teeth and her legs started to shake.
“Are you cumming again?” Karmen nodded and dragged her nails across the kitchen counter, her muscles tense and shivering.
“Put me inside you!” I commanded.
Karmen reached between her legs to find my cock waiting.
She guided the tip of my member into her snatch and her orgasm pushed it back out.
She reached for it a second time and I buried it in her wetness.
Karmen braced herself against the counter as I rammed my cock into her from behind; long, hard strokes, each time the base of my cock meeting her dripping lips.
“Please cum already,” she pleaded.
“Please cum inside me Abel.
cum with me.
I’m about to.
” And with that, I exploded inside her.
I held onto her hips and continued to fuck her while load after load of my sticky white milk escaped into her pussy.
Exhausted, I pulled out and the damn burst.
Our mixed juices flooded from her pussy and trickled down her legs onto the floor tiles.
I fell back onto the couch, drained and spent.
Karmen sat down next to me and sucked my flaccid prick into her mouth, cleaning it of all our cum.
“You were saying?” she whispered with that same sly smile on her face.
“Same time next week?” She nodded, got dressed and left, leaving the cleanup to me.
***** For all you Karmen lovers out there, thanks for the support.



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