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Chapter I Kristen caught my eye the second I saw her.
Mysterious, and shy.
Yet smart, confident, and quick-witted.
She was in a couple of my classes in high school, but I never had the nerve to talk to her.
I never saw her after graduation, but that would be expected.
But I always remembered her from my high school days.
The pretty girl, that must have gone on to bigger and better things.
As fate would have it, I ran into her one day.
She was working at a library not far from the school I was attending.
This time I wasn’t letting her get away.
I asked her out one day, and she accepted.
We started dating, she moved into my apartment, and after I finished my degree, we got married.
Our sex life was fairly vanilla, after that.
Kristen would be a little kinky at first, but that slowly vanished.
From what I’ve been told, women get it from eating a certain type of cake.
We’d still have occasional sex, but any of the wild sex was now gone.
Kristen had this amazing figure, with proportionate breasts, slim legs, and a really firm ass.
A very smart woman, she majored in history through college.
She’s also working on a law degree.
One day she got a call from her estranged aunt’s lawyer.
Kristen had inherited her old house.
An old manor outside of a small town.
It was part of a string of old houses outside the village.
The house was one of the first built near this village.
We couldn’t believe it and had to go see for ourselves.
After an hour and a half drive, we were standing in front of the old house.
It was huge, and it had some really nice character.
It was a little run down, but manageable.
She called the lawyer, and two months later we moved in.
We spent months going through the place, fixing it up.
Cleaning out the cobwebs, and some of the old junk that had accumulated over the years.
We would find all kinds of weird things throughout the house.
Kristen found an old hand vibrator, in a box labeled “blood circulator” and some old rotted out dildos.
There were chests full of old lingerie, boas, and shoes.
“What do we do with all of this?” she asked me.
“Thrift shop or yard sale,” I told her.
“Maybe some of this stuff is worth something to someone.
” The deeper we dug into this stuff, the weirder things got.
Pictures of naked men and women sitting in the great room.
Books, and ledgers of names, and dates, stacked away.
Some of the entries dated back almost a hundred years.
We were in the attic, when Kristen uncovered an old steamer chest.
It was unlike any we’ve ever seen before.
It was a heavy, black leather-bound chest, with brass trim, and an old rusty iron padlock on it.
The leather was faded in spots, but it was still well preserved.
A large brass place riveted to it read: The secrets of the past.
The secrets of today.
The darkest of secrets of Onyx Manor Are in here.
Packed away.
“What in the hell do you think that means?” Kristen asked me.
“Not the foggiest,” I said.
“Could be Aunt Ada’s old summer wardrobe, for all we know.
” We pushed the heavy chest off to the side and called it a day.
We did an online search to see if any of the items we found were worth anything.
Some of the toys, and costumes drew some attention, but we found most of the things were of little, or no interest to anyone.
A couple of days later, I came home from work.
I saw Kristen’s car parked out front, but she was nowhere to be found.
I searched everywhere with no sign of her.
I dialed her phone, only to hear it ring from the counter, next to her purse.
Another long search through the house and yard turned up nothing.
I checked the barn, and the boathouse as well, with no sign of her.
As I walked back towards the house, I saw someone standing in the attic window.
It wasn’t Kristen, but a blonde-haired woman.
She was dressed in one of the outfits we found the other day.
I ran through the back door, and up the stairs.
Making my way to the attic door.
It was open, but the three times I had walked through there before, it had been closed.
“Kristen!” I shouted.
Looking up the dusty staircase that led up to the attic.
I didn’t hear anything.
I walked slowly up the stairs, peeking over the boarded floor.
Looking to the window, there was no sign of anyone being there.
The footprints on the dusty floor, were of ours, days earlier.
All of a sudden I heard Kristen moaning from behind a rack of hanging clothes.
I ran over pulling the clothes to the side.
She was laying on the floor, flat on her back.
Her legs spread, and her hair was a mess.
She was half-dressed, with her blouse half-opened.
“Where am I?” she asked, looking around.
It didn’t even register that she was in the attic.
“I’ve been looking everywhere for you,” I told her, in a relieved voice.
“Was someone up here with you?” “All I can remember is coming home, and…” she started, looking around.
“Why am I up here?” I helped her up, and took her down to the kitchen.
Making her a cup of coffee, she slowly started to come to her senses.
“I remember hearing voices,” she said, taking a sip from her cup.
“People talking, laughing, and a piano playing ragtime.
” Kristen set her cup down, looking at me seriously.
“I swear that I saw people walking upstairs.
A couple, she was dressed in a white frilly dress with lacy peach trimming.
” “Sounds like the woman I saw standing in the attic window,” I told her, seeing her start to shake.
Thinking something actually happened to her now.
Kristen had never acted like this before.
If anyone ever told her about ghost, or spirits, she’d be the first to brush them off as silly.
Online Now! Lush Cams Joe_Lewis “I felt a man grab my ass, and push me,” she said.
“He kissed me, and I did something.
” Her eyes quickly turned away.
I softly brushed the hair from her face.
Reassuring her that she’d be alright, and she could tell me.
“I got down on my knees and pulled his cock out,” Kristen continued.
“I took it in my mouth.
I wanted him to ejaculate in my mouth.
” I was shocked, and I flinched back a little.
“You did that on your own free will?” I asked.
“I know what your thinking,” she said.
Obviously thinking that my mind went into the sexual pervert gutter.
“No!” I said in a small sarcastic undertone.
“I felt so… So… At ease.
Like I was supposed to please him,” she then said.
I almost fell out of my chair.
Kristen had given me a blowjob here, and there before.
But she never said they made her feel at ease.
Or let me finish in her mouth, for that matter.
“He was so polite… So… Gentlemanly,” she said.
“He took me to the bedroom.
” Kristen was starting to look like she was getting turned on by telling me her story.
“I was on my hands, and knees with a guy behind me, and one in my mouth.
” Kristen said that with a look of disbelief on her face.
She had not once, told me anything like this before.
She had always been well reserved in her sexual prowess.
I made an easy dinner, and we talked a little more about what happened.
She seemed to be more relaxed, as we kept talking about it.
Afterwards, we both showered and went to bed.
Later that night, I awoke to voices coming from the hallway.
A man and woman talking.
I looked at Kristen, trying to wake her, but she was sound asleep.
The voices got louder, like they were arguing.
I got out of bed and went to the door.
I could faintly hear a piano playing.
I opened the door, peering into the hallway.
I thought I saw two people standing there, a man and a woman.
They looked at me, then went back to talking.
It was as if they didn’t even have care that I was watching them.
I stepped into the hallway, as a hand grabbed my arm.
Thinking it was Kristen, I turned to see the woman from the window behind me.
Up close, she was beautiful.
Long blonde curly hair, pulled up a little.
A white dress trimmed in peach lace.
The front was cut really low showing her ample cleavage.
Her lips were red, and she wore pink blush on her cheeks.
She looked like the woman Kristen described.
One of the many women from the pictures we had seen.
“Please sir, come with me,” she said softly.
She turned to the staircase and headed downstairs.
She walked slowly, turning to make eye contact with me, every once in a while.
I kept her within a step.
I could smell her perfume, and feel her touch.
We walked into the great room, where I had been hearing the piano, but it abruptly stopped as we walked in.
“Please sir, have a seat,” she said to me, pointing at the couch.
“I have something special for you.
” She sat next to me, and touched my face with her lacy gloved hands.
“It’d been a pleasure to make you happy,” she told me.
Her hand slowly moved from my face down my chest, to my crotch.
She rubbed my cock through my lounge pants.
“Sir, if you don’t mind me saying,” she winked at me.
“I think we’ll both have a good time.
” She pulled the waist of my pants down.
My cock sprang up, and right into her waiting hand.
Her body slid down, as she kissed the tip of my cock.
Then looking up at me, she opened her mouth.
My cock disappeared in her mouth.
I had never felt something so amazing in all my life.
Her mouth was wet and warm.
Her lips locked around the base of my cock, as she sucked hard.
I closed my eyes and leaned back.
Her mouth worked her unworldly magic on me.
I was ready to cum within seconds.
“Holy shhh,” I said.
Trying to be polite, and not swear in front of the lady.
She stood up, and her dress simply fell off of her, almost like it had completely dissolved.
She stood in front of me wearing only those lacy gloves, and white frilly stockings, that stopped just above her knees.
She put her legs to my sides, then straddled me, putting her hands on my shoulders.
I cupped her large breast, taking a nipple into my mouth.
I licked her nipple, as she moaned.
My cock slid into her waiting pussy.
I could see her furry bush, as she rode me.
I didn’t feel like I was moving, but I could feel her warmth all over my cock.
She kept riding me moaning out.
I grabbed her waist as she continued bouncing on my cock.
Arcing my back, I struggled to keep myself from cumming.
It soon became too much to bare, and as the first shot of cum launched from my cock.
I suddenly woke up, to see cum splattered all over my stomach.
My pants were around my knees, my hands suspended in mid-air.
“Nathan!” I heard.
Kristen was standing in the hallway, in her nightgown.
“What the hell were you doing?” she asked, while tying up her robe.
I looked around to an empty, darkened room.
Just the light of the moon shining through the window.
Splatters of cum all over me.
“I… I…” I stuttered out.
I had no response.
I could see Kristen looking at me just as confused as I was.
“I don’t think you’d believe me.
” Kristen walked slowly towards me and sat down.
She took her finger, and scooped up some of the cum from my stomach.
She held it up, then licked her finger clean.
“Try me,” she said, with a devilish grin.
She rubbed her finger across my stomach gathering up more of my cum on her finger.
She looked at me, again “I think I might just understand.



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