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I sat there, perched upon the edge of the king sized bed, the bed where, not long before, the two of us had made passionate love together.
The memory of being with her still lingered in my mind, like a fresh scent of flowers blossoming in a field.
Yet, this day didn’t remind me so much of a beautiful day, but the heartache and pain that came with it.
‘Is this what love actually feels like?’ I questioned myself.
We’d met only a day prior.
Unlike others, she saw something different in me.
Not on the outside, but that thing you can’t quite see, the inside of a human soul.
I was always the shy one, the one who hid at the back of the room, quiet, head down, my insides shaking as I looked around at all these strange people I didn’t know.
No mercy, ridiculed and poked for how I looked, laughed at by some.
In their cruel fashion of pain they enjoyed causing another person to shed tears.
They say words can’t hurt you, but those people who came up with these ridiculous remarks are wrong.
Words can be the cruelest of things to the wrong person.
She came to my defense that one day, I still never understood why.
Standing over me.
Chasing away the others who brought shame upon the human race, until only the two of us remained.
She sat at my side, not looking upon me with pity or shame, but understanding those wild emotions tearing my body apart from within.
A soft trickle of water slipped from one eye, slowly curving it’s way down and across my cheek.
Her first touch was gentle, a soft fingertip that brushed my cheek, wiping the droplet from my face onto the fingertip of her hand.
I was scared to turn and look at her, more for fear that someone who was so beautiful would even be interested in someone like me.
Someone not.
normal looking.
When I looked in the mirror, I saw something only the Devil could create.
The reflection was as if the mirror itself was cracked, ugliness personified.
To her though, this incredible, beautiful woman who came to me in my time of need, I was different.
She saw deeper than the skin that held me together.
She peeled back the layers to see the beating heart within, the soul that was weak, yet still held on in the hope of one day finding someone like her.
“Don’t worry, the pain you feel now will slowly fade away.
” she informed me, and she was almost right.
Her voice was a calmness itself, soft, exquisite and sensitive in tone.
For the next hour, we sat together and spoke.
Her arm moved around me at one point, the warmth of her body drifted to mine, an assurance that this pain inside would pass.
My hatred for not only myself, but the world in general would slowly fade.
When I did sum up the courage to look upon her, I saw something magical, the long, silky dark hair that slipped off her shoulders, the mesmerizing eyes that looked upon me with not only kindness, but affection.
Her lips were soft, perfectly formed with a slight curve of her sweet smile.
A smile that could break a thousand hearts.
She took my hand, as we walked.
Our voices seemed like we spoke to one another, yet our lips never opened.
It was like she read my mind, understood what I wanted.
Before I realized how long we’d been walking, I soon found myself at my apartment.
Entering inside, she led me by the hand to the one room I wanted us to be together in.
Her flowing white dress showed the curves of her body as it whispered in the air around her.
Turning to face me, her lips caressed my own.
My face found itself cupped in her palms, holding me as we kissed.
A sweet, soft embrace of two souls finding one another.
Before we’d even broken our connection, I discovered both of us undressed.
How, I was unsure.
Was it magic, or was I just lost in the moment and my mind playing tricks? She led me to the bed, laying me down upon it as she stood over me.
My eyes were fixated with this beautiful woman standing before me.
She knelt on the bed, slid down at my side.
Taking my hand, she placed it upon her own body, offering her naked flesh to my rough touch.
Her body was warm, soft and smooth.
My hand glided over it, caressing every curve, every inch of her outer beauty.
The curve of her hips, the shape of her waist.
Her breasts, soft and perky, each stood out waiting to be caressed by me.
My hand soothed over them, her nipples reacted to my touch.
They hardened quickly as I leaned forward and took one between my lips.
My tongue, cold and wet, only added to the sexual arousal she felt as it worked upon licking, caressing and nibbling upon her nipples.
Online Now! Lush Cams SandyFleur The noise from her lips confirmed to me that she was feeling the same.
Hot breath slipped from her lips, accompanied by gentle moans.
I could feel my cock harden, the cool air couldn’t affect its growing stiffness at staring and touching this female body that lay before me.
Her hand eased its way down, softly wrapping her fingers around the girth of my cock.
I continued to suck on her breasts, while she gently began to jerk me off.
Slow, tender at the start to build up this wonderful rush that I could feel inside.
She grasped me tightly around the shaft, easing the foreskin to peel back and reveal the large purple head.
A small drop of pre-cum seeped from the slit, as she used her thumb to gently slide the oozing liquid around the head, helping it glisten in the soft light.
“Make love to me,” she whispered into my ear.
She leaned back as she lay upon the bed, and I slowly positioned myself over her.
Held up by arms either side of her body, her hand positioned my cock between her thighs.
The head rubbed across the soft puffy lips of her moist pussy.
Back and forth, it slid over as I felt her juices connect with the head of my cock.
I slowly leaned down.
My cock eased its way inside her pussy, spreading her moist lips apart as it pushed its way through the opening.
I could feel the heat, the warmth inside her as it took hold.
The deeper I went, the warmer it got.
I rested upon her body, making sure we both were comfortable in our positions.
Gently, I rocked my hips, back and forth.
My hard, thick cock slipped in and out of her moist pussy.
This wasn’t fucking.
This was making love.
Slow and tender, my cock dipped in and out of her warm, wet pussy.
Our eyes stared deep into one another, our hot breath steamed upon one another’s faces.
Both of us offered soft groans, reactions to this beautiful experience that had fallen our way.
My speed picked up as my hips rocked and my cock slipped in and out of her pussy more vigorously.
I could feel my body temperature rising, sweat glistened off my naked body.
Our lips kissed, soft, a soft passionate embrace between two starstruck lovers.
My cock throbbed, pulsated inside of her warm pussy.
I knew I was going to cum anytime.
As I gave one last push, it happened.
The wave of orgasmic energy that poured through every part of my body.
My legs began to shake, my ass quivered and my cock pulsated and throbbed more than ever.
I felt the rush of my cum as it sped from my ball sack, up through the shaft and spurted out into the warm cave as it filled her up.
Sticky, creamy white cum that splashed around inside, mixing with her own wet juices to form a new substance.
After it passed, I dropped on top of her.
Her hand caressed my back, sliding back and forth while her other hand held itself against the back of my head, which rested on her shoulder.
Out two bodies intertwined, in the beautiful passion and experience of love making.
My eyes grew weary, slowly closing as the tiredness of not only the day but this amazing experience took over.
I didn’t want this moment to end as I held her in my arms.
My cock still inside of her body, I slowly slipped into deep sleep.
When I awoke the next morning, I quickly discovered myself alone.
The house empty of any sign of other life, both around now, but also of anyone that had ever been there with me.
To my side, upon the pillow, lay a single white feather, resting upon the soft cushion.
Taking it in my hands, a gentle breeze whispered through the room.
The feather lifted from my palm, circled above me in the sky above as I watched it float to the window and outside, almost as if it was being called home.
As I lay there, my mind ran a thousand possibilities of what actually happened.
Was it real, or just a figment of my own imagination in order to cope with the daily ordeals of hatred and pain that I suffered.
Whoever she was, wherever she came from, she showed me more in one night than I had felt in several decades.
I never got her name, yet in some strange way it felt like she’d always known me.
Like she had watched over me and wanted me to know there was more to life than the cruel things I have witnessed before me.
I shuffled to the end of the bed, perched there and questioned myself.
‘Is this what love actually feels like?’ But, I never saw her again.
till the day I died.



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