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I knew your wife was going out of town to visit relatives.
Damn I have wanted you for so very long.
I wanted to do all the things to you that I knew she never ever would.
All your fantasies I will make come true in a big way.
Chatting with you for months made a huge lust grow deep inside me for you.
Seemed you enticed me at every turn.
You are just so sexy and hotter than any man I know.
The lack of privacy made hooking up very difficult and I wanted more than just words though I loved everything you would say to me.
Even so I still craved your touch and had an entire list of things I would do to you if ever given the chance.
My chance had arrived.
I knew you would be alone and just so happened I was able to get away at that same time.
It was going to be difficult to plan but no obstacle was about to stop me from my quest.
I had to make all my travel and transportation arrangements and just hope you or your wife did not change any plans.
This was going to be risky but I was more than willing to take a huge chance to finally get my hands on you.
My mind was racing through all the little details I wanted to make perfect.
You were always so vague about your personal life.
I think you really wanted to keep your everyday life completely separate from me your dirty little secret.
I never minded I love being your dirty little secret.
Your horny nasty slut that wants to do things to you no other woman does.
Your secret mysterious Mistress hiding in the background but present in your mind more than you would like to admit.
I filled my role well being all the things most women would cringe at.
Being your domineering nasty whore lusting after your sexy ass like no other fit me well naturally as I was just being myself.
Such as online relationships go you never really know what to expect or what is heading down the pike next but one thing was for sure this was no fantasy to me.
You being just words on my laptop screen are more real to me than a lot of people I really know are.
I had to find out if we had the insane chemistry in person we had online.
Even if we only had half as much I knew it would be total fireworks between us.
I was ready for the grand finale.
It was time to formulate my surprise.
I figured I could sneak into your apartment knowing the landlady was always home, I would just say I was your sister paying a surprise visit from North Carolina .
Hell I didn’t even know if you had a sister but was counting on the fact that the landlady probably did not know that either.
Packing my carry on bag I did not want to deal with checked luggage for my flight to your town so I had to make sure I had all my outfits and tools to carry out your surprise.
I had to make sure I had all my lingerie, silk and rubber cords, riding crop, lube assortment and of course your biggest fantasy of all my strap ons.
One more purchase to make a trench coat with big pockets.
I think I will give you the full range of me.
Of all my personalities soft and hard.
The dominate Mistress bitch who will take your sexy ass, the cunning dirty whore who does things you may not be comfortable with and the sultry nymphomaniac who will lick you entire body.
Yes leather, satin and lace to go with the current theme.
The day had arrived and off to the airport I went.
The entire flight I kept running through every detail in my mind.
All the things I was going to do to him and how was I going to sneak into his apartment while he was at work.
I grabbed a taxi at the airport and headed for his home an apartment in a small building.
I knocked on his door and there was no answer as I had expected.
Down to the rental office I went mustering up an Oscar winning performance.
I rang the bell at the desk and the little old landlady shuffled over asking “How can I help you?” “Well I hope you can help me dear” I said in my sweetest voice.
I went on to explain my dilemma.
“You know the guy who lives on the second floor he is my brother and I have come all the way from North Carolina to surprise him for a visit from his big sis” I relayed with the utmost of sincerity.
I went on to finish my plight “He is at work right now and I wanted to be waiting for him when he got home but I arrived early and now have no where to go.
Do you think you could let me into his place so I can wait for him and be a big surprise?” I asked almost pleading.
  “We are really not supposed to do that” she replied sizing me up during her response.
I knew just enough information about my fictitious brother that after pondering her decision she finally agreed to let me in.
As we walked up the stairs to the second floor apartment my heart started racing.
The nice little old landlady unlocked and opened the door.
I went in remarking that bro still had the same couch as before so it seemed like I belonged, thanked my perpetrator and my breaking and entering was complete! Looking all around I took in all the sights and thought about everything I saw and how it was all part of his life.
The little wooden desk with the computer on it is where I imagined he sat and did all the things we did together online.
I checked the time and I had about two hours before he should be home from work.
Time to suit up for our adventure.
I took my carry on to the bathroom to get ready.
Off came my jeans, blouse and tennis shoes.
Little white cotton panties and bra off too.
I decided he would get the dominate Mistress bitch first as that was always his favorite.
I laid each piece of clothing out on the vanity then began to put them on one at a time.
First my lace topped thigh high sheer stockings then my black leather corset, black leather sexy heels and the last most important article my strap on with ribbed six cock and balls.
Hair, jewelry and make up all perfect then just to cover it all up with my trench coat.
Now to fill my pockets with my tools of domination, black silk cords and a tube of lubricant.
A spray of my favorite DKNY perfume and I was ready for him.
I went into the living room and relaxed on that couch I supposedly knew was old, yea right! Waiting for my conquest to arrive the nervous tension was growing.
My stomach was tight and the butterflies in it were traveling down to my pussy.
Time was ticking away and I was starting to wonder if he was coming straight home from work as it was about fifteen minutes after he should have arrived.
I heard a key turn in the front door and stood up walking toward it so I would be the first thing in his line of sight.
I kind of wondered if he would even recognize me as he had seen  plenty pictures of different parts of my body but only a few shots of my face.
The door sung open and my Mistress persona completely took over my entire being.
I stood there with my trench coat closed with its sash and my hands on my hips.
“Did you really think you were going to be able to run away from me my pet?” I said sternly then threw open my trench coat showing off my sexy Mistress outfit with my cock standing proud.
His looked completely shocked and excited then he tried to say something but I lunged at him, grabbed a hand full of his hair and slowly approached his lips.
In the sultriest voice I have I told him “You are going to be my sexy bitch boi today, all MINE!” Then biting his lower lip I tugged on it before I invaded his mouth with my hot tongue pulling his head to mine with that hand full of hair.
I pressed my body up against his with the hard cock of my strap on rubbing on his leg.
I loved his lips they were so sweet just like the rest of him, he was totally delicious to all my senses.
“What are you doing here?” he exclaimed with excitement.
“Did I tell you that you could speak?” I said rather nastily.
I grabbed his collar, drug him over to the couch and pulled his white tee shirt off and took a black silk cord out of my pocket then tied his hands securely behind his back.
Taking the lube out of a pocket I then let the trench coat fall away and went to work on my pet.
Shoes and socks off then so very slowly I unzipped his jeans and pulled them along with his boxers down over his hips to the ground and off.
I had to just stand there and drink in all of him with my thirsty eyes and what I was seeing was the equivalent of Cristal flowing down my parched throat.
No Mistress could ever have a finer pet than this that was certain.
As I ran my hands all over his body my lips soon followed.
I really knew just how turned on he was as this was one of his biggest fantasies coming true right before his eyes so the size of his rock hard cock was no surprise to me at all.
As my lips traveled further down his torso I went into almost a trance.
The lust I had for my sexy pet was taking me over and guiding my every move.
Before I continued my plan of action I had to taste that pretty cock.
I placed my full lush lips around the gorges head of his manhood and felt it twitch in delight at the same time a soft moan left his lips.
I sucked that beautiful cock all the way down my throat but stopped after a few minutes.
I did not want him to cum just yet.
I stood up put my hands on his shoulders and pushed him to his knees.
“Suck my cock, gag on it bitch!” I commanded him.
I always figured he would be a good little cock sucker and I figured right.
Wow what a turn on having that sexy hunk of a man’s pretty mouth work over my cock only inches from my aroused pussy.
His hard cock bobbed up and down as fast as his mouth did and I shoved that fake cock down his throat as far as it would go.
After having my fill of watching my sexy little cock sucker I pulled him up off the floor.
Walking around behind him, wrapping my arms around his chest to pinch his nipples and kissing his neck my saliva covered cock was pressed right into the crack of his ass.
Squirting a glob of lube in my hand I coated my latex cock and applied the rest to the sexy ass in front of me.
Before he even knew what happened I pushed him over the arm of the couch face down and began rubbing the head of my cock along the crack of his ass.
I leaned over him grabbing the silk cord tying his wrists pulling him back and whispered in his ear “Tell me how bad you want me to fuck you’re sexy ass my little bitch?” He gasped and said “Oh god bad, I want it so bad, please fuck me Mistress please!” Before he could get that last please out I had the head of my cock placed at his horny tight little ass hole.
Online Now! Lush Cams MadissonEvans With a small thrust of my hips the head popped in with a squelch of all the lubricant.
He let out a little shriek.
I did not want to hurt him so I held his hips firmly and let him get used to his anal invasion.
Slowly inch by inch all the way up his sexy ass my cock went until my thighs were pressed against his.
Just as slowly inch by inch I pulled it out leaving only the head in.
Listening to his rapid breathing was driving me wild I wanted to make him scream.
His ass finally relaxed and opened up for me and I pushed forward with all my might.
Something in me snapped and I turned into a wild fucking beast slamming his ass so hard it made a loud slapping sound.
All the loud groans and grunts coming out of him every time I slammed that cock into his sexy ass were so intense and the more I slammed into him the more that strap on in it’s harness slammed into my dripping pussy.
With a final fast frenzy of fucking his body quaked and shook as he shot his load all over the couch and my legs trembled and a gush of hot juices ran down my thighs as I came with him in a huge orgasm washing over me.
I withdrew my cock from his abused ass, unbuckled the strap on harness letting it fall to the floor, untied his wrists and we both collapsed on the non cummed up part of the couch.
I looked at his exhausted beaming face and said “How did you like your surprise baby?” “It was awesome, you are unreal!” he said in a blissful tone.
“Well my pet your surprise is far from over” I stated as I headed for the bathroom to put on my next outfit and get a towel to clean up the mess we made on the couch.
Time for the cunning dirty whore to make an appearance.
I stripped down, freshened up and put on a sexy red satin baby doll that had a plunging v neckline with matching g string, red fish net thigh high stockings and some red lipstick.
Hidden in the towel I put some rubber cord, my riding crop and a pair of my French frilly thong panties all sheer and trimmed in satin ribbon with a little bow on the ass.
I sent my bitch boi to the bathroom to clean up and told him to meet in me in the bedroom as I cleaned the couch.
Sitting on the bed as he entered the room I summoned him over.
He was back in his boxers and I said in a snide tone “Did I tell you to get dressed?” Standing right in front of me I yanked his boxers down and licked and teased his cock until it was stiff as it could get.
Then I made him lay in the bed on his back and I began my little exercise in cock bondage.
Taking the rubber cord all the way around his entire package I tied off one end and started winding around and in between his balls then finished tying off at the base.
How yummy his balls looked all bulging and restricted and his throbbing cock straining against it’s bondage.
“You have been a naughty boy lusting after your Mistress’ cock haven’t you my pet?” I hiss at him.
He won’t look me in the eye and softly says “Yes Mistress.
” I smack his balls with my crop causing him to yelp then lean over lick the head of his cock.
I stand up and throw the French thong panties at him.
“Put these on you little slut” are his orders.
As he gets up and puts on the thong tucking his tied up cock into the little panties, I lay on the bed and tell him “Time for you to get to work.
” Spreading my legs wide my pink glistening pussy was all he needed to see to know exactly what his job was.
At this point I was so worked up his tongue barely touched me and the orgasms started.
Light and rhythmic at first increasing as he ran his hot tongue up and down my smooth lips stopping to suck on my clit over and over.
The sensations between my legs were getting ever stronger then he slid a finger in my wet hole while sucking my clit and the big full body orgasm hit me.
Legs shaking and jumping, back arching, head thrown back I moaned and yelled as he devoured my dripping pussy.
I could feel the convulsions getting stronger, the walls of my vagina gripping his finger, my clit throbbing in his mouth then I.



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