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Latest stories Supernatural Some Infinities are Longer: Blood Lust (Chapter Three)

“I didn’t realize you two knew each other,” Aaron mutters.
He’s been giving me the cold shoulder all morning.
I hadn’t pieced it together, until I remembered Tobias telling me not to put up the sound block.
“I’ve known him longer than I’ve known anybody,” I defend myself.
“Show me,” Aaron says.
I take Aaron’s hand, allowing him into my thoughts.
“I raised that boy into a vampire,” I tell Aaron as images flash from my thoughts into his.
“He was dying when I first met him.
He was in a war, and he was begging to live.
He had light in his eyes, he was the kind of person who could live forever.
He wanted to live forever, so I granted him his wish.
” “Tell me,” Aaron says.
“Tell me how to be like him.
” “You can’t,” I say.
“There’s something about Tobias.
His will live was much stronger than anybody I’d ever seen.
He never struggled with blood lust, he didn’t have a problem compelling people, and he taught himself to put up a barrier so I couldn’t see into his mind.
It all happened within the first week of his turn.
He was a natural.
” “It’s unnatural to be a vampire,” Aaron tells me.
“That’s impossible.
” “Tobias’s mother conceived him while she was human.
She was injured, and a vampire gave her blood to heal her.
The vampire got attached though, and he killed her so she would come back as a vampire.
As much as we love to try, vampires can’t procreate.
She was already pregnant though, and when she gave birth her baby was born with vampire blood running through his veins.
Although he wasn’t a vampire, he was much stronger than any other human.
When I gave him my blood everything was triggered.
He’s very strong because of that.
” “But why do you love him,” Aaron asks me.
“He understands,” I whisper.
“He would have turned sooner or later, he couldn’t have escaped his fate.
He was born to be a vampire.
I was born as a vampire.
” I stop, hoping I don’t have to continue explaining.
“You fell in love with him,” Aaron says.
I nod.
“I thought he was dead until yesterday,” I reply.
“I didn’t mean everything to happen like this.
” “You wanted to turn me into him,” Aaron looks at me, careful with what he just said.
“No,” I reply.
“That’s not what I was trying to do.
” “You told me loved me,” Aaron whispers.
“You were my first love in seven hundred years,” I whisper.
***** “There are so many people I have to let go of,” I say sitting in my bedroom.
It’s been a while since I sat in a real bed, but it feels good.
“At least this time you decided to live alone as an emancipated kid,” Tobias says, his fingers trailing over life times of journals sitting in a bookshelf.
“It takes one or two people off the list of people I have to say goodbye to,” I reply, laying back onto the soft pillows.
“What about Cody,” Tobias mumbles.
I try to ignore the tone of his voice.
“I can easily compel him to forget he ever loved me,” I say.
“You could turn him,” Tobias says.
“He would have to say goodbye to too many people,” I whisper, as Tobias runs his finger along my jaw line.
“It would be too much of a commitment for the both of us.
” Tobias leans over and kisses me, slowly.
His lips brush against mine in a smooth, perfect way.
“I love you,” Tobias growls.
I pull him to me, not really wanting to talk.
His lips crush against mine, as I drink him in, the taste of him, the feel of him.
He pushes a few stuffed animals off the bed, trying to make room.
I tug his shirt off of him, rushing to get him undressed.
He tears my shirt off of me, his lips tracing down my neck, onto my collar bones.
He kisses and bites between my breasts, down my stomach.
His fingers expertly unbutton my jeans and pull them off of me.
I push my hips towards him as he kisses along my panty line and down my inner thighs.
He rips my underwear off of me and his mouth is immediately around my opening.
His tongue explores all of my most sensitive areas.
He pushes two fingers into my dripping wet pussy fingering me as his tongue runs along the opening to my sex.
I moan thrusting my hips towards him.
He pulls my hips closer to him, getting deeper.
I’m so close to my orgasm when he stops.
He pulls his fingers from me, my breathing labored.
He brings my lips to his, forcing me to taste myself on his lips.
“I have a surprise for you,” he whispers.
He reaches into one of the bags on my floor and pulls out a blindfold.
He puts in onto me, kissing me.
I squirm as I hear him reach into another bag.
He presses whatever it is onto my sex.
It’s freezing cold.
He rubs it into my juices before I feel him adjust his hold on whatever it is.
He flips a switch on and it starts to vibrate.
I scream at the sudden sensation.
My breathing quickens, my fingers dig into my bed covers, and my moans fill the room.
I can practically feel him smirking above me.
I close my eyes under the blind fold and my entire body arches forward towards him.
“Fuck, Tobias,” is all I can manage to say between gasps.
I feel his hand on my stomach as he pushes me back down, so I can’t arch towards him.
“I’m going to cum,” I breathe.
That’s when it stops, he turns the damn thing off.
My breathing starts to slow but my heart is still racing in my chest.
As soon as I’ve calmed down, I hear him turn it on again.
I wait in anticipation for the vibrator to touch me.
I’m almost sick of waiting when he thrusts it towards me.
Online Now! Lush Cams MiraElmers I scream, overwhelmed by the pleasure that’s surging through my body.
His hand moves from my stomach and I arch towards him.
I scream again, as his fangs sink into my leg.
He holds the vibrator on me as he drinks my blood.
I can feel myself go weak, my entire body feels like it’s melting.
“I’m going to cum,” I breathe, thinking he is going to stop.
He doesn’t.
He stops drinking from me, but only long enough to sink his fangs into my other leg.
He sucks harder this time, draining me of strength.
He pushes the head of the vibrator into me so it’s not just resting on top of my sex.
That’s when I melt, and my world shatters.
All I can hear is the beat of my heart as my body takes over.
My back arches, my hips and my head being pressed into the soft cushioning of the bed.
I barely feel it when he pulls his fangs from me.
I scream again, a second surge of pleasure coursing through my body.
My juices pour from me, spilling out onto the bed sheets.
Tobias pulls the vibrator away, switches it off and throws it to the ground.
He mouth is on my sex immediately, drawing out my orgasm for just a few more seconds.
He swallows my cum, lapping up whatever he can.
When I come down from my high he bring my lips to mine, one more time, letting me taste my own pleasure.
He pulls away from me long enough to guide his hard cock to my entrance.
“Let me know if I hurt you,” Tobias growls.
I gasp, my mouth dropping open.
He thrusts into me at warp speed, hitting the end of me, making me gasp.
He kisses me letting me take every inch of him.
I clench my muscles around his cock when I’m ready for him.
He doesn’t hesitate to start thrusting in and out of me.
I let my hands grip his hips, feeling the power in his hips as he moves in and out, pushing me into the bed.
His hands grip the sheets on either side of my shoulder.
“Fuck,” I gasp as he pushes harder.
He shifts his weight and each time he pushes into me I feel him hitting my most sensitive spot.
He gives me an evil grin, fucking me harder and harder with every thrust.
I feel like a virgin again, and it starts to hurt.
I scream, somewhere between pain and pleasure.
My hands slide up his sides, his muscles shivering under my touch.
I scream again when he hits my g-spot.
He’s torturing pleasure out of my body.
I scream again, my pleasure over taking me.
I can feel myself start to melt underneath him.
“Open your eyes,” Tobias growls, his lips close to mine.
I open them, looking into his as he continues to fuck me.
I grip his shoulders, trying to get a hold of myself, but I can’t.
My body is overwhelmed.
He kisses my nipples and that’s when I fall apart.
His lips brush my collarbone.
My world starts to crumble and another orgasm takes over.
I cum, hard.
My juices explode over him and they leak out onto the sheets.
He continues to pound into me as I cum.
“It hurts,” I breathe as Tobias picks up his pace.
The pain quickly subsides; all my physical pain does.
Tobias doesn’t pay attention, he thrusts faster.
My fingers grip his skin, but his sweat makes my hands slip.
I dig my fingers into his flesh and I feel the blood pool around my nails.
I scream, and he starts to groan on top of me.
My fingers scrape down his back, leaving long cuts in his skin.
They only take a moment to heal.
“Tobias,” I whisper, my body shaking.
“I don’t think I can do it again.
” My mind says one thing, but my body says another.
The truth is, I could do this all day, but my mind control weakens when I do.
He growls in response, sinking his fangs into my collarbone.
I feel his hips buckle.
He pushes his entire length into me.
I feel it when he cums.
Hot jets of his manhood rush into me.
I can feel it in the depths of my stomach.
He pulls out of me, his cum still dribbling out of him.
My own juices mixed with his pour out onto the bed once he’s all the way out.
He’s still hard, waiting for me.
“I can’t,” I breathe, looking down at his erection.
Let me know if I hurt you.
His voice echos in my mind as he flips me onto my back, and enters me from behind.
You won’t.
I think the words, and transfer them into his mind.
 He pulls my arms back and holds them together in the small of my back.
“This is for fucking a newborn vampire,” he growls into my ear as he starts to push into me.
“Fuck, Tobias,” My body too overwhelmed.
He starts to pound into me even harder than before.
“Oh my god,” It’s all I can manage to say as he assaults my pussy.
Tobias reaches for a handful of my hair.
He pulls it backwards towards him, arching my back.
Tobias pulls my hips up, going deeper and deeper with every thrust.
I scream out again, pleasure surging through my veins.
He pulls harder on my hair, his lips reaching to my shoulder.
“This is for falling in love with a human,” he hisses, sinking is fangs into my shoulder.
He thrusts faster and faster, his own moans melting with mine.
“I’ve waited for seven hundred years to do this,” he whispers, thrusting into me one final time, making me scream as I take all ten inches of him and another load of his cum fills me.
He pulls out as soon as he’s done emptying his load.
I’m still breathing hard, trying to put my world back together when he collapses next to me.
In a flash, I’m on top of him, kissing him.
I force my tongue into his mouth and I push myself into him.
I feel his hand slide up my back and he gets a fistful of my hair, pulling me closer.
My lips leave his, travelling along his jaw line and then onto his neck.
I kiss his neck softly, and then I sink my fangs into his neck.
I drink from him.
It’s been centuries since I’ve tasted his blood.
I pull away, licking my lips.
“That’s for punishing me,” I whisper.
“You deserved it,” Tobias groans as I kiss him.



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