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Her eyes flutter open, adjusting for a moment as she looks out into the dark room.
She lies there for a minute to get her bearings, aware of faint light from outside just beginning to brighten up the windows.
She cranes her neck to look at the clock – yeah, it’s early.
Dawn must just be breaking.
She’s in bed with her lover behind her, but turned away from him, feeling his skin on her back and butt.
She replays the events of last night, which culminated in not just sex, but quite the adventurous sexual experience.
He treated her to a proper shagging for sure, rough and noisy in spells, but the lengthy episode was complete with plenty of foreplay, fantastic oral, risqué commentary, and an orgasm for the ages.
She smiles and softly giggles as she recalls a few particular positions they got themselves into.
They didn’t start out in the bedroom.
come to think of it, they didn’t, ahem, finish in here either, but she does remember flopping down with him after they both got off.
Damn good thing it’s the weekend and they don’t have to get up for a while.
they wore each other out last night! She squeezes her thighs together and clenches her vaginal muscles, feeling herself getting aroused, wanting to sample her wetness and provide herself some stimulation, but not wanting to disturb her man.
Settling backwards a bit, she presses herself into his warm body.
Becoming aware that she’s completely naked under the covers, she can’t help herself, and wiggles a little bit to try to determine if he is too.
Stirring slightly, he mumbles and whispers “You awake?” “Mmm-hmm.
” she replies, and now she knows it’s okay to reach around behind her to touch him since she knows he’s not sound asleep.
She squirms around onto her back, snuggling her side up to him, one of her boobs getting uncovered by the sheet that’s slipping.
She can tell he’s naked, too, as his shoulders are uncovered, and her hand glides across his hip and thigh.
Oh, and, since he’s still turned toward her, that’s his dick pinned against her side.
whoa, his hard dick! She giggles at the sensation and the implication, getting more turned on and now slipping a hand slowly and silently down between her legs.
She makes a part in her pubic hair the best she can, gliding a finger slowly up and down the moistening slit nestled inside.
He stirs, and she wiggles her hip against his manhood as he turns onto his back.
slowly enough that she catches him eyeing her uncovered breast.
Even though it’s still pretty dark in the room, she can clearly make out the bulge under the sheet that’s the only thing covering his lower half.
She stretches one arm above her head, feet tangling in the covers and pulling them down further, allowing him to take in the view of both of her bare tits.
She wonders if he notices the bulge under the sheet at her own crotch: her other hand, with which she’s continuing to pleasure herself.
She grabs the sheet and pulls it down and toward her, completely exposing him.
To her delight, his penis is stiff as a pole, pointed straight up his body, the engorged head hovering above his navel.
Morning wood, she tells herself with a bawdy smile.
” she purrs, removing her hand from between her legs and turning toward him and laying her head on his chest, looking down at the marvelous boner that’s giving her flashbacks to last night.
up!” She reaches for it and touches the shaft lightly with just a finger, making it twitch.
Pushing on it, she confirms that it’s as hard as it looks.
“Good morning,” she whispers, “.
” Encircling it gently with her thumb and forefinger, she giggles once more.
“Good – morning wood! Hee hee.
” “Mmm, sorry,” her lover says sleepily.
“Happens to the best of us.
” “Don’t be sorry.
” She pets it with just a couple fingers.
“This is the best of you.
” Yes, she is aware that was an incredibly sexist comment, saying out loud that the best part of a member of the opposite sex is the excitement and erotic pleasure she can derive from his naughty bits, not his personality or intellect.
She didn’t mean it that way, but it was lewd.
and it’s funny to think that since she’s a female she can get away with it.
Staring at her man’s wonderful cock in the dim morning light, she gently runs her finger along the rigid shaft.
Since it’s pointed right at her face, she makes out the slit of his dick hole at the tip, gliding her thumb on either side.
She traces around the head with her fingertips and knuckles, careful not to scrape him with her nails.
After running the back of her hand underneath it, which is the top of his dick as he’s lying on his back, she raises it and lets it drop a few times, admiring the way it bounces once and then immediately returns to its hovering angled position.
Gliding her palm over his glans and then down his shaft, her fingers reach his balls, making him squirm.
After a few more touches, he’s used to the feeling enough that she can caress them and squeeze lightly on his scrotum.
Thumb and finger grasping the base, she waves the super hard object of her affection in the air, then rubs the tip with her thumb.
After giving his dick a few minutes of attention, she lies on her back, moving her other hand between his legs, closing her eyes as she returns to fondling it.
since there’s no lubrication, she knows she has to just use light touches.
She feels his hand crawl under the covers and down her stomach, ticking her as it finds its way to her pubic hair.
He pulls gently on a few hairs at a time, grabbing light fingerfuls of bush while she continues to attend to his cock.
She digs around in his pubic hair too while she feels his fingers dip slowly further and further between her legs.
Opening her eyes to peek at his face, she sees that his gaze is transfixed on her bare breasts, nipples hardening, partly because of her sexual excitement and partly because of being exposed to the air which feels quite cool in comparison to being snuggled in bed.
Before long, her man has found her moist pussy slit inside the damp bush surrounding it, running a finger up and down the crevice while she returns her fingers to his dick head.
He gently probes and squishes his finger around, finally pushing against her vaginal opening and dipping a finger inside.
Lust building inside her, she tries to keep from jerking his dick harder as she feels him pushing deeper inside her vaginal canal, and when his entire finger is inside, she adjusts her body toward him slightly, looking at his dick and beginning to rock her hips.
She notices that they are both breathing harder, and takes another peek at his face.
His eyes are closed, and he looks a little strained, so she goes back to gently caressing her finger around and around his shaft.
A couple minutes later, she realizes her eyes have been closed again too, relishing the pleasure of his finger inside of her and enjoying the continued feeling of his stiff cock at her fingertips.
After manually stimulating each other for a while, her man adjusts himself, turning toward her a bit and using his other hand.
They masturbate each other, facing each other more and more, until she can touch the head of his dick to her stomach.
and a bit lower! She moves his hand away and rubs the tip of his cock around in her bush, and he grabs her hip to roll her even closer.
“I think she wants him inside,” she whispers.
“Would you like to come inside?” she asks his dick.
” he mumbles unintelligibly.
Since he’s allowing, even helping, her to rub his cock head in between her legs, she’ll take that as a “yes”.
Her lover puts his arm over her opposite shoulder and props himself up on his elbow, half rolling onto her.
She manages to part her legs and he settles between them, face beside hers, holding himself up so that not all his weight is on top of her.
There’s enough room for her to slide her hand in between their bodies, and she caress his raging boner for a minute while she gets comfortable, positioning herself so that she can rub her slit with it.
With her guidance, his dick head finds her hole and begins to push inside – well, it’s more like her hole finds his dick head and begins to envelop it, because she’s the one doing the work here.
She feels his cock burrowing deeper, and lets out a sigh of pleasure at the sensation of beginning to get filled.
Wow, his fingering sure got her wet – there’s no uncomfortable friction as she takes in more and more of him.
She starts rocking slowly when he’s all the way in, pulling away and then pushing forward till she feels the pressure of the base of his cock, over and over again.
Closing her eyes, she spreads her legs as wide as she can, captivated by the intense sensation of her lover’s hard cock buried all the way inside her eager cunt.
Online Now! Lush Cams AnnyRousy He is not moving much, just letting her have her way.
Fine with her – since his weight isn’t all the way on her, she can move as she wants, getting the angle and pressure and pace just right.
Wrapping her legs and arms tightly around him, she can properly fuck, rocking back and forth under him, feeling herself slide up and down the length of his stiff pole.
With her erect nipples pressed into his chest, she fucks him passionately, deeply, but slowly, and her mind contrasts the feel of her early morning sleepy, heavy-breathing sex with the wild, rough, noisy banging of last night.
Ahhh, variety, the spice of sex life! She grips his ass and bucks her hips up into him, trying to clench her vaginal muscles around his dick.
His breathing is erratic, and a couple times he pumps into her for a bit, but mostly just leaves it up to her to do what she wants.
She doesn’t mind – she’s having fun, and since this was all her idea, she’s fine doing all the work.
After fucking a while, her movements slow to a halt, and she lies still, enjoying the erotic sensation of his rigid shaft filling her without moving for a minute.
She slowly slips away, emptying herself of her lover’s stiff member, climbing out from under him so they can face each other.
Handling his boner again, she feels the warm slippery wetness, but determines it’s just what her vagina coated it with – he didn’t get off yet.
Goody, because she isn’t done – she wants to ride her lover’s morning wood! On his back now, eyes closed, his stiff and shiny erection is proudly on display.
He lets her have her way with it – handling it firmly at first, she feels the slick lubrication, which she uses to massage his dick head with her palm and stroke it off in her grip.
After a couple minutes, it dries out, so she’s back to light touches and caresses.
She climbs on him and looks down at the contrast of his majestic hard-on against his relaxed body, nestling her damp twat up against his balls while running her fingers over his shaft and glans.
Scooting up, she starts to rub her slit up and down his shaft, re-coating it with her lubrication, enjoying the smooth ride.
She can almost feel his eyes devour her, as she notices they are open now.
She soaks in the excitement of her lover intensely surveying her naked flesh – thighs spreading and contracting, pubic hair with hopefully a glimpse of labia sliding back and forth, hips lurching, stomach clenching, arms swinging slightly, titties jiggling freely.
His eyes meet hers a couple times, but he really seems to fancy her tits and crotch.
No surprise.
And no problem – she tingles at the idea of being the object of his lustful gaze.
Just as she tells herself he won’t be able to keep his hands away, sure enough, he reaches up and fondles her tits gently, squeezing the flesh and gathering the stiff nipples in his fingers.
After a minute, she pitches farther forward, and when he releases her tits, she lies on him, eyes closed, rubbing her chest and crotch against his.
It takes a few tries of sliding back into his dick, but she gets it to hit the target, feeling it drive into her again.
Gyrating slowly, she rubs the full length of her body on his, face buried in his neck, working his rigid cock around inside of her.
Closing her eyes and moving gently, she spends a few minutes enjoying her erotic, sleepy, morning fuck.
Eventually, she sits up and begins to ride him upright, bouncing up and down a bit while her titties jiggle in front of her, continuing to feel her man’s delightful super hard cock all the way up inside her.
Watching the penetration and admiring her lover’s body in the soft morning light, she braces her hands on his chest, hair falling into his face.
She grinds her crotch against his, able to stimulate her clitoris – just as she was able to do her own thing while he was on top of her, she’s able to control the tempo and positioning while she rides him, and even more so.
Hunched over, she is now humping him passionately with exaggerated but slow movements.
She is totally going to get herself off on him, crushing her swollen sensitive bud into the base of his cock, rocking her hips back and forth to massage her vaginal tunnel as well.
She sees him open his eyes once or twice, and he moves his hands back to her tits to squeeze around her areolae as he lies there getting fucked.
As she slouches farther forward and bucks her hips more forcefully, he moves his hands to her ass.
Squeezing her vagina down over his cock and contracting as much as she can while she pulls up, she concentrates on the steady stimulation.
“Ohhh, yesss.
” she breathes softly as his hands help her hips move.
She is able to angle herself so that her clitoris slides against his shaft, nudged with each stroke by the seam where it connects to the head.
This sensation, together with the feeling of him squeezing her ass and her nipples lightly swinging across his chest, puts her over the edge.
“Uhhnn … uuuhhh … yeeeaaahhhhsss,” she whisper-moans, announcing her climax.
Erupting in sexual release, waves of pleasure course through her, making her quiver and shake.
She rides out her orgasm with a couple dozen more full strong strokes, sighing heavily and sharply as she goes.
As she comes down from her high, she is still rocking back and forth, pumping up and down his dick with erratic strokes, not exactly able to control herself as her legs have just about given out.
Slowing down, his cock pops out of her, but she continues to rub her pussy on him, now acutely aware of the thick wet substance that makes the ride smooth and squishy.
She almost thinks he unloaded into her, but no, all that mess is hers.
Continuing to rub herself right on the head and shaft of his cock, she hears him breathing almost as hard as she was, and she knows he’s close.
Hee hee – she can get him off too.
She hooks a couple fingers under his dick right behind the head, propping herself up on her knees more to lightly rub her labia all the way up and down his shaft with long full strokes.
All of a sudden, a huge burst of semen erupts from her lover’s dick, reaching up to his chest.
Her hand recoils, leaving his spasming dick hovering, quickly swiped by her wet slit again as it jettisons another blast right beside the first.
Then another, just as big but without as much power, shoots out onto his stomach.
She keeps rubbing her pussy on his shaft gently, mouth open in amazement at the sight of two more impressive spurts getting discharged, mixing with the mess above his navel.
Just grinding her twat into his balls at the base of his scrotum now, she continues to massage everything out of him, a rivulet of thinner fluid escaping in a few distinct pulses.
She watches for a while, slowly pumping her satisfied lady parts into the base of his shaft as the head bobs up and down, hovering over the wetness on his skin.
The stimulation finally produces a couple more drizzles of cum, which drip from his dick head into the pool below, the second one hanging for a while before disconnecting.
Satisfied that he’s got nothing left, she climbs off and cuddles up to him.
He’s still on his back, so she rests her head on his chest, careful not to disturb the generous deposit he just made.
As the two of them lie there, breathing returning to normal, she closes her eyes again, smiling, relaxing, her sexual release having completely satisfied the urges that her lover’s morning wood stirred in her.
Taking a peek, she sees that he did have even more left, watching as a bead of liquidy semen leaks out of his dick hole, oozing into a droplet hanging just under the head; then a second one joins it, making a single larger globule which drips into the goo below.
She admires the entire beautiful mess, the initial healthy thick whitish gobs that are inches in front of her face, trailing into the puddle that’s starting to run off his stomach to the side, glistening in the growing morning light.
Pleased that she doesn’t have to get up for a couple more hours at least, she falls back asleep, breathing in the strong smell of sex, wondering if her lover is going to get up to clean that mess off himself.



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