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Latest stories Straight Sex Lisa and I – Part 1

Lisa and I worked together over a number of years.
We had an on-off affair during that time which I will document in a series of postings.
When Lisa first worked with me she’d been employed as an assistant to the project manager on a large project.
She projected a bubbly and slightly dizzy blonde image but we clicked both professionally and personally and I knew there was a lot more to her than that.
Often she would privately ask me very searching questions and show a level of appreciation for the project and the company beyond many more senior and experienced than her.
Not surprisingly after some months she left for a better paid job elsewhere.
The project floundered, the project manager was fired etc.
About a year later my then boss was recruiting for a new position under him, he moaned to me about the quality of those he’d interviewed.
I suggested Lisa.
Like many he thought her simply a dumb blonde.
I pointed to the previous project and he realised after she left it all fell apart.
He interviewed her and offered her the job.
He then told me she’d have to share my office as there was no other space.
In that time we got to know each other more and more.
In fact I knew that her marriage was on the rocks long before anyone else and in the end she left her then husband after talking it through with me.
Now I was always attracted to her but it never seemed the right time and was concerned I suppose that if we went that route it would screw up a good friendship.
Shortly after she had left her husband she was busy on a piece of work with a company in Califorina.
She had a team of people going out for a couple of weeks to work through a big tender with them.
One day she came into the office grumbling as one of the people involved was now unable to go and she couldn’t re-arrange the trip.
Before I knew it our boss was in the room and somehow I was being talked into going there to help out.
I remember just saying to her “You owe me one for this” as our boss left.
Lisa being Lisa tossed her blonde curls, grinning, fluttered her eyelashes and said, “If you’re a good boy on the trip I’ll make sure you get a treat”.
It meant nothing to me then just our usual banter.
So we end up in California.
All the work was done really quickly leaving us with a day at the end of the trip where we had time for R&R.
She wanted to get out of the city and visit the area round about.
So I rented a car and we headed out over the Golden Gate bridge towards Nappa valley.
I spent the day driving her from vineyard to vineyard with her tasting at everyone.
By the time we headed back to the hotel Lisa was a little tipsy.
We dropped off the car and headed out for something to eat.
We just hit a bar and sat at the bar and order sandwiches.
By the time they arrived I’d realised we were in a gay bar.
She was pretty much the only woman and I think I was the only straight guy.
She was loving this pointing out guys eyeing me up.
We left the bar and headed back for the hotel, she slipped her arm through mine and pulled me close to her.
“How come you are married?” she said.
I laughed.
“What does that mean?” “If you weren’t things could be so different between us.
” Like I said I’d always liked Lisa, she was very attractive, petite, figure to kill for, beautiful smile, shoulder length blonde hair.
Whenever I was with her I noticed the number of men who turned their heads.
We walked into the lobby of the hotel and into the lift still with her arm through mine.
We got out of the lift and I went to head to my room which was the opposite end of the corridor but she didn’t let go of my arm and she pulled me towards her room with that beaming smile.
I was bewitched I mean what is a man to do? We said nothing as she opened her room and I followed her in.
I stood in her small hotel room at the foot of her bed, she turned and pulled me towards her offering her mouth for me to kiss which I dutifully did.
Her lips parted and her tongue was soon exploring me.
She broke off and stood back.
I thought briefly that that was that she’d say something about too much wine, she was sorry etc.
and I’d have to trudge back to my room with a deflating boner my only benefit.
But she looked at me as she started to unbutton her blouse.
“What happens in California, stays in California.
” I started to remove my shirt as she shrugged off her blouse her lovely little tits held in by a plain but attractive black bra.
She reached behind her to unzip her skirt which she kicked off exposing matching black knickers, M&S I thought, not flashy or tarty, stylishly sexy, like Lisa.
I was fumbling at my belt now and she reached forward to undo my fly and as I kicked off my shoes and trousers as I reached behind her and undid her bra.
She pulled me to her and landed a long lingering kiss on me.
Online Now! Lush Cams Alex_Gabino She pulled back her bra falling from her and jumped on the bed parting her legs.
I knelt at the foot of the bed and pulled her pants to one side.
She was already wet and I could finally answer the question many of my male colleagues would love to know – she was a natural blonde no doubt.
A carefully trimmed line of hair lead away from her lips.
I lent forward and ran my tongue around her lips.
She tasted divine, each lady has her own taste and Lisa’s was one you’d remember and long for.
I flicked her clit with my tongue and heard her gasp a little.
Looking up I could see she was laying flat on her back still with her left hand kneading her breast and rolling her nipple between her thumb and fingers.
She let out another soft moan as I pushed my tongue inside her.
Her right hand was now running over through her pubes and as I pushed my tongue in and out of her she began to slowly rotate two fingers over her clit.
I held her pants back with my left hand and pulled her lips apart a bit more with my right and she quickened the pace of her fingers rotating against her bud as I pushed my tongue in and up rubbing it against her G-Spot.
We stayed like this for what seemed like ages her moans gaining in volume until she pushed hard against her clit arched her back and pushed herself against my mouth and I felt her juices running over my tongue and into my mouth.
I lapped at her soaking cunt now as she bucked back and forth several times each time her pussy contracting around my tongue as more juices flowed out.
She lay back an sighed and I pulled my mouth back from the most intimate of embraces and stood up still at the foot of the bed.
Lisa opened her eyes and looked me in the eye as she quickly whipped her now soaked panties off.
She opened her legs even wider as far as she good with her glistening pussy fully open and said the two most sensuous words I’ve ever heard.
“Fuck me!” I needed no second bidding and my boxers were off and my erect cock that was aching to enter her stood out proud, I’m not the longest in that department but that night I wasn’t put to shame by my manhood which was straining to continue to stiffen and was already very wet at the tip from my pre-cum.
I knelt on the bed between her legs and she guided me into her very wet hole.
It was beautifully tight, just right to excite my already bursting penis.
Lisa was laying back with her eyes closed and her head to one side.
I began to slowly stroke into her hoping I’d not shoot my load to early into this Goddess.
She began to match my rhythm with her bucking hips and we began to ride each other in concert.
I was in heaven.
I was concentrating on not cumming but staying as long as I could.
After a while I opened my eyes and looked down – there she was the beautiful creature not yet 30 and me a good deal older and less attractive and she was fucking me.
Her tits whilst not large were bouncing against the rhythm of our embrace.
I looked down and watched my dick entering her hole and it all seemed so unreal.
As I looked back up at her she turned her head and opened her eyes looking straight at me she smiled and gently bit her bottom lip.
That was it my resolve was gone and I started to cum.
I tried to pull back a bit as my cock began to spurt but she pulled her legs up and crossed them behind my buttocks pulling me deep inside her as I spasmed my cum into her.
She just said “Oh yes!” and held me there until I’d finished.
She released her legs from me and as I went to pull out she could sense my anxiety.
“It is okay.
I’m on the pill”.
I said, “Well I’ve had the snip actually I just wasn’t sure if that was alright.
” And that was the moment totally shattered.
There it was laid out, why did I feel like that, because I was married and had two kids that was why.
She said nothing and I lay next to her in an awkward silence.
What could have been a long night of continuing passion was ruined by that statement.
After a few minutes I sat up and just said, “I better go back to my room.
” She simply agreed.
I got dressed all the time she lay on the bed naked not making any attempt to cover herself.
As I went to go to the door she jumped up and held my hands and said, “We are okay with this aren’t we? I mean we’re going to be okay about it?” “Yes we’ll be okay,” I said and lent to kiss her forehead.
I left the room.
Next day we flew back to London and back to work the following week.
We said nothing to each other and carried on as normal, just great friends.
A month or so later our new boss announced a shake up and we were moved to different teams and she was relocated to a different office block about 100 miles away.
And I thought that would be that with Lisa.
but actually it wasn’t.



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