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The second part of a real event that happened to me in the past, when lust clouds our judgement Disclaimer: This story is based on an event in my life that actually happened, so I thought why not share it.
If you like, ill be more than happy to continue with the story! Anyway, happy reading! The plane touched down in the place I was born and raised: Los Angeles, California.
Of course, I wasn’t thinking about being back home.
I was thinking about E3.
It has always been my dream to go there, and tomorrow it was about to come true.
I was on cloud nine, but at the same time, I had that lingering horniness that stayed around when you have sex and don’t finish.
It was the type of hot feeling where, for us guys, you want to just whip your junk out and have at it.
Although I could use a blanket to cover myself, there were people awake, and even though they were doing their own activities (reading, watching tv, etc), I didn’t want any unwanted attention.
That and the fact that my friend, Rudy, was sitting next to me didn’t help the situation either.
“Fuck it.
” I thought.
“Just wait til we get to the hotel room, go to the bathroom, and stare at pics of Felicia on the cell til I pop.
” Once we were off the plane, we went to claim our baggage, which was surprisingly fast for this time of travel year.
We then headed over to the rental car area, where I confirmed our reservation and picked up our car for the weekend, a Dodge Charger.
Let me tell you, it was frustrating driving through LA traffic again.
But eventually we made it to the Marriott.
The check in process was a breeze, and we had a pretty nice room.
Two beds and a couch, nice tv, and the bathroom was so clean you could eat off it.
The corporate fat cats at my job really know how to pick a place.
Throughout the Trip, Rudy and I talked about the typical bromance stuff… girls, cars, video games, sports, that sort of stuff.
Eventually, it hit about eight o’clock and we decided to get something to eat.
We headed to the nearest burger place, a couple blocks away.
This however was my first step into an event that would cause a serious mind-fuck.
We arrived at Galaxy Burger (I think that’s what it was called.
Lol!) and we placed our orders.
Rudy went to play on his phone as we waited.
The place was pretty packed.
I guess we chose the dinner rush to come in.
I stood there texting Felicia back and forth, trying to get her to send me a topless pictures of her, but she didn’t give in.
She loves to make me sweat.
“Andrew? Andrew Jackson?” My head immediately shot up.
Who in the world knew I was here? Who knew my name for that matter.
I turned slightly, and that’s when I saw her.
A girl I had a huge crush on sophomore and junior year.
She transferred to a school in Orange County senior year so I never got to ask her to prom.
Her name is Amelia, she’s a beautiful, 5’6 – 5’7 Latina with brown and blonde hair just past her shoulders, and make up done perfectly.
Palm sized C cup breasts, and a perfect ass just big enough to grab with two hands.
She was thick in all the right places, and had pink sparkly acrylic nails on that were not too long and not too short.
Just the length that turns me on.
She wore some tight jeans and a t shirt with sandals, showing off her French manicured toes.
At first I thought, “What are the odds? AMELIA.
Of all people.
In an every day burger joint.
Is this a dream? Am I on the plane snoozing? Oh no, Andrew.
This isn’t a dream.
And if you don’t respond she’s going to think you have the wrong guy!” “No freakin way… Amelia??” “Yes it’s me! Oh my god, how are you? I haven’t seen you in so long?” Now that I mention it, I have found her on Myspace… yes, that thing that was as big as Facebook at that time.
I tried adding her but she didn’t accept my friend request.
Of course I didn’t pay it any mind.
“I know right? How have you been?” “Oh I’ve been great! I didn’t know you were here! I thought you lived in San Francisco?” “I do.
But my job sent me here to attend a convention.
” Yes.
I said that.
I didn’t want her to know I was still that gamer geek who lived on anime and video games.
“Oh that’s so cool! For how long?” “Til Thursday.
” “Oh awesome! We’ve got to catch up while you’re here! Are you busy tonight?” I glanced over at Rudy, who was still buried into his phone.
Whoever he was talking to had his undivided attention.
Was just planning on relaxing in the hotel room, watch some tv.
” “Ok, let me get your number.
” I reached for my phone and noticed… I had a picture of Felicia and myself at this formal dinner for her parents’ association arm in arm.
By this time, my mind was already clouded by the fog of lust.
I quickly went to my pictures and changed it to the first picture I saw that didn’t involve my girlfriend, a picture of me and my friends Taran and Eli singing drunk at this karaoke bar a couple months ago.
We exchanged numbers and chatted for a little more.
Come to find that since high school she married a guy she’s been off and on with and had two kids with him.
She was definitely my kind of milf! I told her I just work and help take care of my grandmother.
Which wasn’t entirely false.
My grandma does live in northern California and I do go there to help her out from time to time.
Her food, which was something for her and her sons, was finally ready, and she gave me one last hug.
I could feel her breasts on my chest, with a hint of nipple.
She wasn’t wearing a bra.
“Text me anytime.
” I said.
“I will.
” She said as she left the diner.
It wasn’t long afterwards that our food was done.
We picked it up and then headed back to the car.
Rudy finally decided to strike up conversation.
“So, who were you talking to?” “A girl I went to school with.
” I answered.
“Damn she’s hot!” “I know right?” “You should have told her to come back to our room.
We can take care of her all night long… oh wait… you have a girlfriend.
” Rudy said as he laughed.
“Hahaha, you’re a regular fucking comedian, aren’t you?” I said sarcastically.
“I try!” Rudy responded laughing.
“No but for reals though.
Would you fuck that hot mamasita?” “Shit… with the drop of a hat! I know that sounds bad and all cuz I’m in love with Felicia, but damn Rudy… I’ve wanted that girl for years! She’s that dream girl you can only fuck in your fantasies.
” I told him.
“Shit ain’t nothing wrong with that.
You know I have my girl, and my friends with benefits on the side.
” “Yeah and I’m surprised she hasn’t caught your ass yet.
” “Don’t jinx it dude.
” Rudy said.
We arrived back at the Marriott and had our dinner.
We basically hung out in the room and watched tv.
E3… that big event that’s been on my mind for weeks, was now getting pushed further and further to the back burning.
At first all I could think about was wishing I could have busted my nut on my beautiful girlfriend.
Now, thoughts of Amelia swarmed my mind, like a swarm of flies entering a barbeque.
I could feel my bulge coming on as I grabbed it.
Rudy, not paying me any mind, was focused on the show we were watching, and whoever he was texting on his phone.
Perfect opportunity.
I slinked under the covers and reached inside my pants, grabbing my dick and began to give the head a rub.
I closed my eyes and began fantasizing about having a hot, three way kiss with Amelia and Felicia.
This caused my shaft to increase in size dramatically.
I imagined grabbing Felicia’s beautiful thighs while I used my other hand to grab and fondle Amelia’s breasts, us kissing all the while, our tongues wrestling with one another.
I imagined both their hands going in my pants and rubbing and stroking my shaft, both of them taking turns as one hand pulls the skin up and drops it, in a rhythmic motion.
I felt my body get that hot sensation, I was going to bust again.
I haven’t even picked which one of them I wanted to stick it in first.
I began stroking my cock faster and faster, reaching my limit! “Hey Drew.
Anything else on you want to watch?” Rudy said.
NO… the burning seduction that had taken hold of my body was quickly being drenched out.
“Son of a BITCH!” I thought to myself.
“Oh man, I don’t care.
” I said out loud.
“You pick something.
” It was then that I noticed the little flashing light on my phone.
I had received a text.
I figured oh it must be Felicia.
As I picked up the phone and checked it, that burning sensation filled my body yet again.
It was from Amelia! The text read, “Hi Andrew.
Are you busy? Sleeping?” I quickly wrote her back and sent the message.
It had been there for seven minutes before I noticed.
A minute later she shot me another one asking me what I was up to, so I wrote back nothing.
We texted back and forth until I told her how good I thought she looked when I saw her, and I apologize if that’s inappropriate.
As I sent the text I started to second guess that.
She could block me for saying something like that.
She was married after all.
But a few minutes later she responded “no its fine.
I’m separated from him.
We’ve been having issues.
Long story.
” That burning sensation started to heat up even more.
I asked her if I could see her right now, even if its for like five minutes.
To my surprise, she wrote back yes, then told me how to get to her house.
Now it was lucky for me that Rudy had fallen asleep, because I had completely forgot that my pants were undone and I had a massive hard on going on.
I jumped out of bed with a quickness and my pants had fallen! I quickly pulled them up, then changed into some jeans and a San Francisco 49ers t shirt, then crept out of the room.
I headed down to the parking garage and got into the rental and was soon on my way.
As I followed the directions to Amelia’s house, common sense had poked its head through the cloud of lust.
“What are you doing? You have a girlfriend.
I thought you were in love with Felicia? Why are you going behind her back and hanging out with this other woman?” “Its not like we’re gonna fuck.
” I thought to myself.
“Just gonna hang out and talk, she probably doesn’t even see me in that light.
” Which was kind of true now that I thought about it.
Her tone did sound like I was her “bestie”.
But its ok.
Because once I see how hot she is, my fantasies are going to run wild tonight! How ironic because I got a text from Felicia asking me what I was up to.
NOT a good time.
So I responded that I was falling in and out of sleep from my plane trip and I’ll call her tomorrow.
Moments later she responded.
“Ok baby good night.
I love you! Talk to you tomorrow! –kiss- J “ That text was enough to open the fog of lust in my mind even more.
I texted her back “love you too baby! –kiss- -kiss- good night!” then quickly deleted that message off my phone.
Fifteen minutes later I arrived at Amelia’s place.
I called her and told her I was outside and she told me to just walk in.
The door was open.
It was an average looking one story house, with two cars in the driveway.
I got out the car and took a deep breath and exhaled.
I walked inside and Amelia, greeted me with a hug.
This time she was wearing a tight t shirt and some booty shorts.
She was barefoot and had her hair up and tied.
Even though she had taken her make up off, she was still gorgeous.
She’s one of those girls who has killer natural beauty.
She looks good with or without make up.
“Did you find the house ok?” she asked.
“Yeah wasn’t too hard.
The directions were pretty spot on.
” I responded.
“Definitely! So…” she smiled and giggled a little.
Online Now! Lush Cams Wow_Kris_Wave She had the cutest little laugh.
“uhh… what would u like to do?” “Um… I haven’t the foggiest.
” I said.
“We can always watch a movie?” I laughed.
“Ok sounds good.
Come on.
” She lead me to her bedroom.
She told me to keep quiet when walking down the hall.
Her room mate was in there sleeping.
“Your kids aren’t here?” I asked.
“No they’re with Jose for tonight.
Otherwise I would have said you couldn’t have come by.
” She responded.
“OOoooohh, makes sense.
We went in her room and closed the door.
Her room wasn’t really flashy.
Queen sized bed in the middle of the floor with her tv on a fancy looking entertainment center, a couple drawers and pictures.
Mostly of her and her friends and her kids.
I sat on the bed and kicked off my shoes.
She jumped in bed and put the movie Knockaround Guys on.
One of my favorite movies.
“Have you seen this one?” she asked.
“Uh huh.
In theaters and I bought it when it came out! Love that movie.
” I responded.
She smiled and turned off the light, then got in the bed next to me and laid her her left side, facing me.
“Make yourself I home.
” “You don’t have to tell me twice.
” I said.
So we laid down watching the movie, talking throughout most parts.
I didn’t really care as I owned the movie and seen it plenty of times, and I’m pretty sure she did too.
I felt my heart as it beat through my chest.
I thought I would bust out at some points.
My body got real hot and pleasure began to take control of me.
Even when she asked me that one question that should have brought me out of my daze… “Do you have a girlfriend, Andrew?” “…Nope.
” I responded.
In the back of my head, I could hear common sense saying, “You are slime.
” “Aww, why not?” she asked.
“Busy with work.
Most my days I spend at my job, and when I’m not there, I’m helping with keeping the family in line.
” “Ah I see.
” She said smiling.
She was looking up at me, and I looked down at her.
I don’t know why but the light from the tv made her even sexier to me.
“You look so good Amelia.
” I said.
“Like seriously.
Its like you’ve gotten a hundred times hotter since I last saw you.
” “Awww, really?” Amelia said with a smile.
This is it.
I’m going in, I thought to myself.
I reached into my pocket and turned my phone off.
I didn’t want anything to spoil this moment.
“I liked you throughout high school.
I wanted to tell you but one, I didn’t know how, and two, you always had a boyfriend.
” I said to her.
“Awww, I’m sorry.
I know it was stupid.
I couldn’t stand being single so I always had to have a boyfriend.
I grew out of that.
Especially since I got tied down with this ass I’m with.
” “Its cool though.
I got you here now.
The gods were saving this moment for now.
” I laughed.
She giggled at my lame joke as well.
We stared at each other some more, then I went for it.
I moved in and we started kissing.
I sucked on her bottom lip, which lead to deep French kissing.
She kissed even better than how she did in my fantasy.
Felicia was the only girl I’ve kissed for the past year and a half, and Amelia kissed differently.
Unlike Felicia, Amelia loves to use tongue, it took me by surprise in a VERY good way.
I was in, deep into the fog of lust.
Felicia and E3 were nowhere to be found in my mind.
Just getting what I wanted from Amelia for all these years.
We French kissed, I occasionally broke it to kiss up and down her neck, then she would do the same, kissing and sucking.
I was so lost in pleasure I didn’t care about the hickeys that this would possibly lead to.
I was loving it though.
She ran her tongue along the line of my ear, which really got me going.
I grabbed her leg and but it on me so I could press my bulge in between her legs.
I started to dry hump her as I kissed her on the side of her neck, using the tip of my tongue to tease tease her.
I could tell this was working because she started to lightly moan.
She let out a little oh my god, in a seductive voice.
I rubbed slowly up her leg until I got to her stomach, then I reached inside her pants.
JACKPOT, I thought.
She loved having stuff done to her neck, because she was wetter than Niagara Falls! I slid a finger in her pussy and started to finger her.
It felt so good just sliding in that drenched pussy.
I rubbed her drowned clit as I finger banged her, slowly, then speeding up.
I reached up the lobe of her ear to suck on it, then I whispered, “You like that Amelia baby?” “Oh fuck yes… Mmmmm…” she moaned back quietly.
I pulled out of her and sucked my fingers.
She tasted so good.
Her kitty was nice and smooth because she had recently shaved.
She took off her shorts, then she unfastened and took my pants and boxers off.
Once the boxers came off, my cock stood at attention, straight up in the air.
“Holy shit…” Amelia said.
“What’s wrong?” I asked.
“Nothing… that’s a huge dick.
Your bigger and thicker than my man.
” She said with a smile.
“Well that’s a confidence boost.
” I said.
She smiled, then pulled her hair to the side and began to go down on me.
I felt like the most beautiful goddess had began to suck my dick, because she was really working it.
It almost reminded me of how Felicia used to do it back when we first started dating.
Amelia wasn’t shy like Felicia is.
That’s what sets the two of them apart.
I grabbed Amelia by her hips and pulled her on my face, and I began to eat her out.
I got really horny as I could feel her bobbing up and down on my dick and moaning as I ate her pussy.
I pushed my tongue inside her and rolled it around in little circles, using a finger to rub her clit as as do this.
I switched from doing that to sucking the lips of her pussy, almost as if I was making out with her beautifully shaved kitty.
I gave her ass a sudden slap, that vibrated through the room.
She let out a seductive moan as I did so.
I could feel the cum surging through my balls, it was like I could cum at any moment.
I felt her acrylic nails rub on my balls as she sucked me.
She rubbed and massaged my throbbing sac as she sucked my dick like a lollipop.
I couldn’t cum yet.
I wanted to feel inside her.
I lucked out and she stopped and jumped up swiftly.
“Oh my god… I was about to cum… I want to feel you inside me.
” “Yeah?” I said.
I wanna cum all over that big black dick of yours.
” Amelia said.
“Hell yeah.
You have any condoms?” I asked.
I’m on birth control.
” “This night just gets better and better!” I jumped up and laid her down, she spread her legs wide and grabbed her feet.
I pushed my wet, long, thick dick slowly inside her.
I could feel my dick as it penetrated her, inch by inch, rubbing the walls of her pussy, spreading it open more and more.
Amelia’s eyes opened wide and her mouth dropped as she gasped loud, then grabbed the nearest pillow and let out a loud moan! Once I was in all the way, I pulled out halfway, then pushed back in, then I slowly started to thrust into her, getting her used to the feeling.
“Oh my god… oh my god… oh my god Andrew….
Mmmmmm… uuuuhhhh…” She moaned.
Once I felt she was used to the dick, I held both of her hands and pinned them against the bed, then started thrusting her harder and faster! She moaned as I pumped her full of my big, thick dick, making the sexiest sex faces.
I pulled her shirt up and once again, she wasn’t wearing a bra.
Her tits bounced up and down and I continued to ram my dick inside her.
She got her hands free and started running her hands and her nails all over my chest.
This got me so hot that I went even faster and harder than before.
“Fuck yeah baby… keep doing that… I love those nails on me.
” I said in between pants.
“Mmmmmm…” she moaned as she ran her nails all over my body.
She wrapped her legs against my body, not letting me escape.
I could her the wetness of her pussy each time my dick thrust inside her.
This was it… I was about to cum.
I didn’t want to because I wanted to fuck her doggy style.
But I was too lost in pleasure.
“Fuck! Im cumming… I’m cumming baby…” I said.
“Where do you want it?” “I don’t care… anywhere baby!” she said.
I wanted to try something with her that I had always wanted to do but Felicia was never down for it.
I pulled out of her just in the nick of time as I reached my limit.
Cum shot out of my dick like a cannonball out of a cannon all over Amelia’s beautiful tits.
I pulled her up, then sucked all of the cum off of her tits, using the tip of my tongue to flick her nipples.
Afterwards, I collapsed on the bed next to her, both of us breathing hard from our workout.
“Oh my god… that was fucking amazing.
I swear I haven’t had any dick that good in a long time!” “You and me both.
” I said.
Did I really just say that?? I thought to myself.
Yes I did.
It’s true.
I’ve never went that hard on Felicia before.
She’s so delicate.
She likes to make love.
This was passionate sex.
Amelia grabbed my hand and laced her fingers together with mine, then looked over at me.
“What are you doing tomorrow Andrew baby?” she asked.
I’ve waited so long for her to call me baby, and now that she did it, I felt like if I were to drop dead right there, I would have no regrets.
“I have day one of my convention.
After that I’m free.
I should be done in the evening-ish.
” I said.
“Call me tomorrow.
We have to hang out again.
And definitely fuck again!” she said with a smile.
“Shit… just try to stop me.
” I said smiling.
“If I had known your dick was this good I would have gotten with you back in high school.
” Amelia laughed.
Soon I laughed too.
What would life have been like if I would have gotten with Amelia back then? Would those be my kids she got pregnant with? I guess that will forever be my biggest what-if.
She reached down and sucked her cum off my dick, then came up and we made out for what felt like twenty minutes.
I noticed it was almost 2:30, almost 3am.
“Damn… I have to go.
I have a long day ahead of me.
” “Opps.
Im sorry, I didn’t mean to keep you over.
” “No its perfectly fine.
This was worth every second!” So I got dressed, and Amelia walked me to the door.
We made out one more time to end the night.
“I’ll call you when I’m done at the convention.
” I said.
“Feel free to text me if you have a minute.
And call me and let me know you made it to your hotel safe.
” “Will do.
Good night sexy.
” “Good night” she laughed.
I went to the car, and drove off feeling refreshed and on cloud nine.
How fitting because as I turned the radio on, that song, “I’m walking on sunshine” was on, which was exactly how I felt.
Pleasure must have still had a hold on me, because I didn’t think once about Felicia.
“I just fucked the girl of my dreams… HELL YES!!” Then it hit me.
I was coming to my senses.
“Girl on my dreams… dude… you HAVE the girl of your dreams.
You cheated on your girlfriend! What the fuck is wrong with you!? Are you crazy?!” “…No.
No I’m not.
” If I would have gone home and knowing I passed up a chance to fuck Amelia, that definitely wouldn’t have sat well with me.
It would have brought back all those memories of me masturbating, imagining I was having sex with her.
I would have had the chance, but I blew it.
Besides, its not like I still live here.
Once Thursday comes I’ll be on my way home, and this will all be but a memory.
Besides, Felicia is really shy when it comes to sex, so the fact that I was able to fulfill unfulfilled urges had me feeling like a new man.
I’m still in love with my girlfriend.
That’s something that will NEVER change, I told myself.
But for now, the sun will be up soon and I need to get some sleep in, because tomorrow is E3, baby!! And with that I stepped on the accelerator and took off towards the hotel! This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved.
If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permis



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