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Latest stories Taboo For the Weekend pt1 – Fun in the Sun

John and his wife, Lacy, lay in bed sound asleep.
It is already high-noon, Saturday and they had slept though all their alarms.
Usually, this isn’t an issue, however this weekend was different.
For the first time since they started living together (which was only a year ago) they are having a guest spend the night.
They are awoken by pounding on the door.
“WAKE UP GUYS!!!!” John hears their guest yelling on the other side of the front door.
“I’m coming”, he manages to yell back as he rolls out of bed and throws a shirt on.
He unlocks the door and opens it to find a young girl standing outside with a small duffle bag; Lacy’s little sister.
Her name is Kendal, but she often goes by Kenny.
It has been a few months since John had seen her (at her 17th birthday party) and quickly notices her maturing body.
Her flowing hair is the nicest shade of brown he had ever seen, her body is curved in all the right places, and her smile is as bright as ever.
She enters the house, giving him a hug as she walks past him and sets her bag down.
“So great to see you.
” John says as she enters.
“I know it has been a while.
Thanks for letting me stay the night.
” She replies.
“Is Lacy still home?” He points towards the bedroom, “Yep, she just woke up.
” A big grin grows and Kenny skips into the bedroom.
John can’t help but take a glimpse of her toned behind.
“Sissy!!!” Kenny yells as she jumps on top of Lacy, “I miss you so much!!” Kenny and Lacy had always been close, but ever since John and Lacy moved in together, Lacy and Kenny have grown apart.
The two of them converse for a little bit while John starts a pot of coffee to help wake up.
After a few minutes, Kenny pours herself a cup of coffee and joins John at the table.
“Sissy has a phone call so I figured I’d come out here, I smelt coffee.
” She says as she takes a sip.
“Thanks again for letting me spend the night.
Sometimes I can’t bear to stay in my parents’ house.
” “No problem.
” He responds as he sets his coffee down.
“Hold on I better go get changed.
” He goes back into the bedroom and pushes the door closed behind him, but it remains cracked slightly.
Although John and Lacy were already married, They were still young.
John is only 24 and Lacy is 25; they had been married about a year.
Looking towards the door, Kenny can see into the crack and sees John standing near the bed, removing his shirt, revealing his toned abdomen and chest.
Kenny bites her lip as she can’t take her eyes off of him.
She had always though he was cute, but had never seen him like this before.
Just as she picks her jaw off the floor, he turns and their eyes meet for a split second.
She quickly turns away as her face grows warm and red.
“Hunny?” Lacy bellows from the bathroom.
“My boss just called, they need me for the afternoon, you wouldn’t mind watching Kenny by yourself for a few hours would you?” “No problem baby, we will have a great time and when your home we can all go out and have some fun tonight.
” He says as he puts on some shorts and a clean t-shirt.
He opens the door to join Kenny once again.
“Well, looks like it’s just me and you for the afternoon, what do you want to do?” He asked as he poured himself and Kenny a second cup of joe.
Kenny, being the tease that she is, though for a moment.
“Well we could go swimming, it’s so hot out.
” She says with an innocent smile as she continues to sip her coffee.
“Sounds like a great idea.
” John says as he get up to give Lacy a hug before she goes.
“Have a good afternoon at work, see you tonight.
” He says to her and gives her a kiss.
The door closes and John and Kenny are alone.
After an awkward moment, John heads back towards the bedroom.
“You can change out here if you would like, just let me know when I can come out.
” Kenny nods as he shuts the door.
Kenny zips open her duffle bag, pulling out a skimpy hot pink bikini and tossing it on the couch.
She then pulls her shirt up and over her head, removes her bra and tosses them on the couch as well.
Meanwhile, John is in the bedroom changing.
His mind wonders, imagining the young girl on the other side of the door changing as well.
His dick starts to grow, thinking of her smooth skin and lovely curves.
He gets is trunks on and waits until Kenny is ready.
Kenny finishes getting changed, purposely leaving her bra and panties on the top of her clothes pile on the couch.
“HURRY UP LOOSER!!!!” She yells as she opens the sliding glass door and gets a running jump into the pool.
John hears her yelling and the splash of the water.
Online Now! Lush Cams MelissaGolden He exits his rooms and walks towards the patio.
As he slides open the door, he notices the pile of cloths lying on the couch.
He feels his cock twitch as he walks outside and jumps into the pool as well.
“And I’m not a looser!” He says to her as he grabs her and they start to wrestle in the water.
As they play around, he feels his manhood start to grow.
He grabs hold of her by her waist and pulls her against him.
“Ha, I win.
” He says as he holds her close, not letting her go.
Kenny squirms playfully trying to get loose, although she knows she doesn’t want to go away.
As she is held there, she can feel him poking her ass.
This is the perfect moment.
She thought to herself and a sly grim came across her face.
Without warning she starts to grind her behind against him.
She feels his hard-on grow even bigger and his grip on her loosen.
She wiggles one hand free and quickly slides it into his trunks, gripping his cock in her hand and jerking it slowly underwater.
She hears him moan softly turns around to face him.
“You feel a little constrained,” she says to him seductively, “Let me help you.
” She states before pulling his trunks down and letting his cock free.
John reaches behind her and slips both his hands under her bikini bottoms, squeezing at her round ass as she grabs his cock and jerks him hard.
After minutes of torture, John pushes her away, turns her against the pool wall, and lifts her up to sit on the edge.
Without wasting a moment, he pulls her bottoms off and spreads her legs.
“Two can play that game.
” He says to her as he gives her already swollen clit a few licks and then starts to suck on her.
She tosses her head back in pleasure as she pulls her top up and tweaks at her nipples.
John continued to go to town on her soaked pussy, licking up and down her slit and flicking his tongue on her clit before sucking on it.
She gasps, letting out moan after moan, her legs shaking with pleasure and she begs him not to stop.
He continues, reaching into the water to stroke himself slowly.
“Don’t stop.
” she stammers between her heavy breaths.
Kenny’s body tenses as her legs shake more.
A strong orgasm takes hold of her body as she lets out a quiet yelp, pulling her sensitive body away from John’s relentless licking.
As Kenny regains her breath, John gets out and dries off.
Kenny can’t help but stare at his glistening body as he finishes drying off.
“Get up,” he says to her, “if you think we are finished, you have another thing coming.
” She lets out a low moan at his assertiveness and stands in front of him.
He guides her inside and lays her on the couch.
Without any hesitation he gets on top of her and slips into her waiting pussy.
Her body shivers as she feels his cock fill her up.
Wasting no time, he starts to pound her pussy hard and slow.
She moans and starts to rub her still sensitive clit fast.
“Harder, give it to me.
” She pants.
He does as she says and pounds her harder, his balls slapping against her ass.
He can feel her pussy walls clench against his hard cock as he pushes in deep.
“Fuck me!” she stammers as she rubs her clit and pulls on her nipple with her free hand.
With no warning, Kenny screams as her second orgasm rushes over her body.
John continues to relentlessly pound her and she continues to rub her clit dry.
After what seems like the longest, most pleasurable orgasm in all of history, Kenny unclenches her muscles and catches her breath; John still penetrating her deep.
“Open up.
” He says to her as he pulls out, stroking his cock hard and fast.
He grunts as he shoots his loads at her.
He covers her face with a massive load, shooting a good bit into her mouth.
She smiles and gladly swallows it all.
Both sit on the couch, panting and regaining composure.
“Wow, that was great.
” he says softly.
“Yes it was,” Kenny replies, “Would you mind putting my clothes away while I go clean up? Don’t want Lacy to get any ideas.
He nods and they go their separate ways.
for now.
To be continued.



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