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What had I been thinking? I thought to myself as I pulled up to the hotel.
Why had I agreed to meet up with a stranger? Well maybe not technically a stranger, as we have been talking online for a few months.
Even though I had been promiscuous in my late teen and early 20’s, that had been many years ago.
Yet here I sit outside this hotel, should I drive away…should I stay? Was I really prepared to go through with this? Was I really going to have sex with a stranger, and not just a quickie either, but spending several days and nights with him?  I glance at myself in the mirror, meeting my own eyes staring back at me.
They had always been my best feature; in high school I had been told that I had sexy bedroom eyes by an upperclassman.
Therefore, I always considered that my best feature.
While that may still be true, the rest of me had not fared so well, I think, as I sit there picking out my flaws, letting my doubts play through my mind.
What if I am not enough? What if he isn’t turned on by me? What if I am not able to satisfy him or him me? I “what if” the minutes away as I park and grab my bag and head towards the hotel.
Was I ready to let someone know me intimately again? Let him see the “me” that I had hidden and pushed aside for so many years? Only one other man had ever seen me, been with me in the last twenty years and he let me down, betrayed my trust, rejected me.
Was I ready to open myself up to someone else, even if it was just to give him my body and to take pleasure in his use of it? I guess I am, I think to myself as I text him to let him know I am in the lobby.
I nervously glance around, wondering if he is secretly watching me.
My phone vibrates and I glance down at it and read his text.
It just contains his room number, so I head to the elevators.
I watch the numbers rise as the elevator moves past each floor; I feel my nervousness rise even more.
I think of all our online conversation and feel myself get even wetter than I already had made myself on the long drive here.
The elevator finally dings and the doors open.
I step out and glance up and down the hallway to get my bearing and calm myself down.
Then I turn and head towards his room.
I hesitate a moment before knocking, I feel the flight instinct kick in and command myself to stay.
“Don’t run now,” I tell myself, “You’ve already driven all this way, besides you know this is what you want.
” Not coming up with a good enough reason walk away now that I have come this far, I raise my hand.
Before I can even knock, the door opens and there he stands, I glance down still unsure and hesitant.
He steps back to let me enter the room but, before I can get very far, he pushes me against the door as his body presses against mine.
His mouth comes down on mine as his hands move down to slide over my already wet pussy, cupping it in his hand.
With a growl, he pulls me into the room, towards the bed, his need for me clearly evident in the bulge outlined in the front of his pants.
He lifts off my shirt and then pushes down my skirt, peeling away all my protective layers.
His hands come up to cup my breasts, he reaches back to unfasten it and then slides the straps off my shoulders and down my arms.
His hands trail back up and his thumbs brush across my nipples making them come instantly to life.
I glance down as my nipples harden under his manipulation.
I feel a shiver run down my spine in anticipation of what is to come.
He cups a breast in his hand; I look down and notice that his hands seem so large cupping my small breast.
He leans down and kisses it, then he kneels in front me.
He reaches up to peel off my panties, with his hands on the straps at my waist; he leans in and sucks my clit through the panties, making them even wetter than they already were.
“I see you have been thinking of me and what I am going to do to you,” he says as he slides my panties off and guides me to a sitting position on the edge of the bed.
Our eyes meet, and I tremble with anticipation.
I watch as his mouth lowers and with his fingers, he peels open my pussy to slide his tongue along the opening.
I groan and lean back as I feel my thighs tremble as I already feel the building of an orgasm with just this small touch.
Oh, how I have craved his touch, even ached for it, dreamed of it; and now it was finally happening, and it was better than I had ever even imagined.
I get lost in the sensations of his mouth, his tongue, and his fingers as pleasure washes over my body bringing me to new heights.
Heights I had never been to before.
All too soon, my back arches and I feel my thighs tremble as my body explodes.
He brings his mouth to mine, kissing me, giving me a taste of myself.
He stands and pulls me to my feet.
I stand, unsure of what he is planning.
“Turn around,” he commands gently.
I do as I am told, I feel his hand caress my ass cheeks, then I feel the sting as his hand lands sharply on one cheek.
He then says, “bend over,” as he runs his hand down my back giving me a slight push forward.
I do and I feel his hand continue down my back, down the crease of my ass, along my inner thigh as he lifts one leg onto the bed, giving him complete access from behind.
I feel his hand slide back up my thigh and feel his finger slide in my wet pussy, then back out and along my crease again.
Teasing back and forth between my bud and dripping pussy, I push back against his hand wanting more.
I feel the sting as his hand once again gives one of my cheeks a slapping sting.
“Patience,” he says.
I moan, as I am not sure how much longer I can wait.
I have wanted him for months.
I have wanted to feel him do the things I could only imagine, as we chatted online.
Just thinking about what I want those hands to do to me, makes my legs tremble and grow weak.
I hear the sound of a zipper as he unzips his pants; I look back, wanting to see his cock in real life.
Online Now! Lush Cams kate_eyesQUEEN But I don’t get the chance as he moves in quickly and I feel the head of his cock as he rubs it over my slit, teasing me.
I want to cry out in frustration, needing to feel him fill me.
I want to beg but am too unsure if I can even speak, as filled with need I am.
He pulls me up and presses my back into his chest; as he brings his hand up to grab my throat as the other reaches down to stroke my clit.
I lean my head back, “I am going to fuck that cunt that I own,” he growls into my ear, as his mouth moves along my neck and he gives me a bite.
He pushes me down again, and with one leg still on the bed, he pushes me even further down so my head is almost touching the mattress.
Then I feel his cock as he pushes into me.
Taking me completely in one thrust.
Grabbing my hips, he alternates between fast and slow deep thrust, sometimes pulling out to tease me.
“Tell me what you want,” he says to me as he teases my pussy and clit with the head of his cock.
All I can think is, “oh god, please don’t make me say it, not out loud, don’t make me admit I want to be your cum-slut.
” He reaches a hand down and starts to rub my clit as he moved his cock so slowly in and out of my pussy that I want to scream.
“You will says it,” he says, as he stops stroking my clit just as I feel ready to explode.
After a moment, his fingers start back on my clit and he starts pumping just a bit faster.
I moan and cry out, “Oh god.
” “Yes I am your god.
And I will have all of you.
I will use all of you.
You are mine,” he says as he starts pumping in and out faster.
“You are my cock-slut…my fuck-toy…my cum-dump.
Aren’t you?” he says.
 “And you will say it before I let you cum,” he continues, as he once again slows down and removes his fingers from my throbbing clit.
“Oh god, yes,” I cry out.
“I am yours.
Yours to use and to own.
Please let me cum.
I am your cum-slut, your fuck-toy, OH God PLEASE,” I beg.
He seems pleased, knowing he finally owns me, truly owns me, and with that he finishes what he started and I feel my body explode on his cock, followed by the feeling of his cock pumping his cum into my pussy, filling it up, making it his.
As I lie there naked, basking in the glow of our recent activities, I take in all of him.
Mesmerized by the sight of his cock, I reach out to touch him, wondering how he will taste.
I begin to stroke him to life.
I look up and I see that he is watching me.
I move my mouth closer to his growing cock.
I flick out my tongue and touch the tip.
I gently blow my warm breath on his cock, before moving forward again and taking the head into my mouth.
I swirl my tongue around the head and suck it further into my mouth.
I moan loving the feel as his cock fills my mouth; he slides his hands along my face cupping the sides of my head and rocks his hips forward driving his cock deep into my throat.
I hear his moan, as his fingers tighten around my head, pulling me closer as he sinks his cock deeper with each thrust, taking over control and all I can do is hang on.
I gasp for breathe as he pulls out, only to feel him push his cock back into my mouth and then I feel the rush as his cock throbs and explodes into the back of my throat.
I swallow quickly, but it is too much and some dribbles down chin.
I flick my tongue out to catch some from my lips and smile up to him.
I move my mouth forward as I grab his cock and lick the length of it.
He pulls me up and lays me down and I feel his hands as they run up my thighs, followed by his mouth.
My breath catches as I feel his tongue flick over my throbbing clit.
He moves his mouth and licks my swollen lips, still moist from earlier.
He flicks his tongue between my lips and I feel it enter my pussy.
I feel myself shudder as he reaches under me and grabs my ass, lifting me up and closer to his mouth.
I moan as I feel his finger brush against my bud.
I tense for a moment but soon relax as his fingers continue to rub against my bud coaxing it open.
I arch my back as he slides his lips over my clit sucking it into his mouth as his thumb slides into my wet pussy and his finger into my ass.
I cry out as I feel an orgasm building and then I explode as his mouth and fingers continue to torment me.
Not giving me time to recover he continues until I start withering as he brings me to another orgasm.
Kneeling between my thighs, he moves up and holding my cheeks in his hands, he lifts my hips even more as he pushes the head of his cock between my cheeks and against the bud of my ass.
Lubed from all my juices I feel the head as it pops past the tightened muscles.
He eases it in nice and slow, going gently, as I get used to the sense of fullness as he slides his complete hard length into me.
He brings my legs up almost bending me in half as he starts slowly sliding his cock in and out.
He moves so slow, sliding it almost all the way out and I moan afraid he will withdraw it completely.
I cry out, “Oh god, please.
Fuck me,” as I slide my hand down and start rubbing my clit.
I feel my ass grow tighter around his cock as the orgasm builds.
His thrusts come faster and harder as he drives his cock into me, knowing that I am getting close to another orgasm.
I cry out again, none of the words making sense as I reach another new level of heightened ecstasy as he drives me over the crest and I feel my body start to convulse as he groans out, “yes, baby, cum for me, let me feel it, fuck you feel so good.
” Before I can even regain my senses from my orgasm, I feel his cock swell and he thrusts deeply one more time as he unloads into my waiting ass, causing me to gasp and shudder one last time.
He collapses next to me, as I roll to my side I gaze at him with a satisfied smile, and see the same look reflected back at me.



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