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Latest stories Taboo Diddly – Chapter 6

My eyes were wide as saucers.
I could feel Robert’s cock throb inside me when he saw his wife kneel behind me, naked and imposing with a shiny red rubber cock standing out from her pelvis that was held there by thin, black leather straps.
Some kind of black rubber ball with a pointy tip was in her hand.
” I tried talking, but I had to clear my throat and start again.
“You want to stick that… up…” I didn’t need to finish my question.
Her wide smile and slow nod confirmed it.
“I promised you we’d take care of all your orifices.
There’s only one left now.
” “It’s huge!” I protested, but I already felt the feverish urge return and make my skin tingle.
“Not bigger than Robert’s cock.
In fact, it’s nearly the same size.
” “I’ve never…” I breathed hard.
“I mean, besides the, uhm, enema…” My cheeks burst into flame, and Clare rewarded me with a throaty laugh.
“God,” she chuckled, “you’re so cute.
Don’t ever lose that shyness.
I promise you will love it, Diddly.
” Her hand stroked my bum cheek and made my breath flutter.
“It’s going to be just the thing a little slut like you craves.
” “Look at me.
” Robert’s big hand cupped my cheek and softly pushed my head around so I was facing forward again.
“Trust us.
” I took a few deep breaths.
” Lydia joined us on the bed, kneeling on the edge behind Robert and holding her camera above us so that, at least I guessed, she could film our faces as well as what Clare was doing.
Something cool pressed against my bum hole and made me gasp.
I clenched it involuntarily, but then a loud crack sounded and heat shot through my right buttock.
I yelped, and I immediately did so again when the cool touch slid inside me.
“Lube,” Clare commented, and the moment she did, I recognized the feeling of slick moisture spreading inside me for what it was.
She slowly pulled it back out, and it felt funny and intimate.
Then her hand began to roam up and down in my crack, spreading the gel all around my pucker, making me gasp each time a tip of a finger touched my crinkled hole.
“Oh my,” I moaned, “that feels nice!” “What, this?” The question was followed up with a finger pressing down right in the middle of my ring of muscle, slowly parting it and slipping inside me, warm and bumpy and forbidden.
“Shit, yes!” I groaned.
She slowly began to finger-fuck my bum, something so far outside anything I had ever dreamed about, and something incredibly delicious and naughty.
I started to wiggle my hips, as good as being speared on Robert’s massive cock allowed me, in time with her penetrations.
Robert’s soft moan showed me that the small motions felt good to him too, and I gyrated my pussy around his manhood.
Another finger joined the first one, spreading me wider back there.
There was a small twinge of discomfort when it entered me, a short clenching of my muscle ring that made my breath hitch, but then she was in to her knuckles and wiggled her fingers in my bum.
My moans started again and rose in pitch when she started her pistoning motion again, first slowly, but quickly picking up pace.
My pussy throbbed with need.
“Three,” she whispered, and my nipples and pussy tightened in forbidden anticipation.
Another finger, and my tiny pucker was stretched wide, twitching and clenching around her digits.
I couldn’t help but groan at the intense, slightly painful intrusion.
“Does it hurt?” Clare inquired.
Don’t stop!” The fingers were pulled out, leaving me with an empty feeling, and I whimpered in frustration.
“Don’t stop, what?” Clare teased behind me.
“Please don’t stop, Ma’am!” Thank god, they were back, spearing my bum with a single, hard thrust, drawing a cheerful, pained moan from my lips.
She pushed her fingers inside me hard.
My breath started to fly and my whole body trembled with each invasion.
My pucker tried in vain to grab her fingers, the sensation so dirty and exhilarating, but it quickly gave up its battle.
And then I felt the fingers withdraw once more and the cool rubber pressed against my backdoor, smooth and huge.
“Here it comes!” Clare announced.
Robert’s hands cupped my cheeks and held my head straight, his eyes just inches from mine and looking into the depth of my mind, while his wife’s artificial cock pushed inside me.
I moaned.
I gasped.
My breath hitched and choked.
“You’re doing great,” he whispered, and my skin burst aflame with need.
The smooth rubber slid deeper and deeper and filled my insides in a way that I couldn’t begin to put words to.
I felt it press against the thin barrier that separated it from Robert’s cock in my pussy, felt the two intruders rub against each other, and Robert moaned together with me.
“Deeper,” I urged breathlessly, “please, shove it in all the way.
” God, it was incredible.
“Naughty slut!” Clare admonished me, her voice raw and needy, but she complied nonetheless, and my eyes widened and I had to hold my breath when the last few inches of rubber sunk into me until her pelvis touched my buttocks.
“Fuck me!” Yes, this was something I had been longing for without even knowing about it.
Being filled to the brim, being taken and teased with incredible intensity.
Clare’s hips started to grind back and forth, only millimeters at first, but each thrust getting a bit longer.
Unbelievable sensations shot through my lower body, both from my pussy and from my bum hole, making me tremble and clench my jaw with their intensity.
Her thrusts grew steadily harder, and soon my bum was pushed forward each time her rubber cock bottomed out inside me, lifting me slightly and pulling out Robert’s cock a few inches, only for her to pull me back and make my pussy slide down on it all the way again.
My bum and pussy were alternatingly filled with their huge cocks, and while being fucked by Robert had been glorious, the intensity I experienced now was quadrupled.
Beads of sweat appeared on my forehead and my moans became one single, long, hitching groan of gibberish jubilation.
Their own moans joined mine, and the air was filled with our expressions of pleasure, with slapping and squashing sounds, deliciously naughty and uninhibited.
Heat built up between my legs and turned it into a volcano of desire.
My skin burned with excitement.
My nipples throbbed and screamed with pleasure each time they brushed over Robert’s hairy chest, and I quickly approached the peak of arousal.
Somehow, Clare managed to slip one slippery hand between me and her husband and rubbed my clit, while, at exactly the same time, Robert’s mouth captured my lips and his tongue conquered my own mouth with greedy determination.
I came, hard, almost starting to cry from the intensity with which the waves of pleasure crashed down over me, shouting my release, writhing and shaking, sandwiched between them.
And they kept pounding, not giving me a moment of respite.
I wanted to ask them to stop and give my over-sensitive pussy a pause, but the urge faded as quickly as it had come, and then I was flying yet higher.
The sounds of pleasure from my throat were just short, bell-like whimpers.
Blood rushed in my ears and my heart beat a drum roll.
I came again, shaking and trembling and sobbing with pleasure.
And again, just a little later.
Suddenly, Robert’s hands shot down to my hips and pushed me forcefully against his groin, holding me there, and his cock throbbed in waves inside me.
He spurted his come into my pussy with loud grunts, his head thrown back and pure bliss on his face.
I covered the soft part of his neck with kisses, delighted at the knowledge how much pleasure I could give him.
Clare held her motion too, and I felt her hands softly caress my buttocks while she slowly extracted the rubber cock.
I gasped when I felt cool air touch my insides.
“Don’t worry,” she giggled, instantly recognizing my moment of unease, “it’ll close soon enough.
But right now,” she whispered throatily and ran a fingertip around the insides of my distended bumhole, “I can see all the way inside you, little slut.
” Goosebumps, again.
“Can you say it again, please?” Damn butterflies in my tummy.
“What?” She giggled.
“Dirty little slut? Depraved little thing? My naughty bum-fuck?” “God, yes,” I moaned, shivering deliciously.
Robert was slowly getting back his breath, and he smiled softly at me.
“You’re really something else, little one.
” * * * * * After granting me a bit of snuggling time on his chest, Robert helped me climb down and lie next to him, as my knees were little more than pudding.
He ran a hand through my hair, and it almost made me purr.
He chuckled.
“Would you do something for me?” “Whatever you want,” I replied with fervor, still giddy and relaxed from the wonderful fucking we had had, “Sir!” “There’s some cleanup to do,” he explained, nodding towards his cock, then looking at me expectantly, one eyebrow raised.
How could I resist such an invitation? I wiggled over so my head was in his lap and took the now limp cock into my mouth with a small shiver of naughty delight.
Online Now! Lush Cams TammyBros It was slick from his cum and my juices, and the musky taste was quite intense.
I grinned when I heard him breathe deeply each time I ran my tongue over it.
Clare had finished removing the strap-on cock and stowed it away in her bag after giving it a good wipe.
She joined us on the bed again, and when I let Robert’s cock slip from my lips with a smack and declared my task finished, she kissed me long and hard.
We snuggled up once more, me again between them, warm and safely kept between their bodies.
* * * * * I woke up alone, not knowing what time it was.
Someone had spread a blanket over me, and the first thing I felt was that I missed the closeness of my lovers’ bodies.
It was quickly followed by a mounting pressure from my bladder, and I extricated myself from the blanket and traipsed outside, still half asleep and not thinking about my state of undress.
Voices could be heard from downstairs, too quiet to understand anything, but I thought that I could make out Robert’s deep one.
Always the curious one, I tiptoed to the stairs and sneaked down until I could see around the corner into the living room.
just found her.
She’s new to all this and needs to get some experience before she can make a decision.
” Lydia stood in the middle of the room, arms crossed in front of her, and Clare and Robert, both back in their clothes, were facing her.
“Experience?” Clare answered with a slight smirk.
“She’ll get enough of that with us.
And after her performance today, I doubt that she’d have any problems adapting.
You’ve known us for five years now, you know we’ll take care of her.
” My heart started to hammer.
They were talking about me, but – my breath hitched – it sounded like they wanted to take me with them.
“Still, it’s too fast.
” Lydia was obviously unwilling to change her stance.
Robert sighed.
“Why don’t we ask her herself, then? It should be her decision, nobody else’s.
” I couldn’t stay listening in.
I contemplated – just for a moment – to sneak back upstairs and let whatever discussion they had play out without me.
But this was about me, and they had awakened a bold side in me that had previously lain dormant.
“Yes,” I asked, traipsing into the room and pulling their gazes to me, “why don’t you ask me whatever it is you’re wondering about?” I walked up to Robert and snuggled my naked back against his front side.
His arms immediately went around me.
Lydia sighed.
“You’ve already corrupted her, I guess.
” I smiled at her, sticking out my tongue.
“It’s your own fault, you know.
” “I’ve made an appointment already for tomorrow, though.
” She pouted.
“Well, let’s not rush things,” Clare said softly, brushing a finger over my cheek and smiling at Lydia.
Then she crouched down in front of me and looked directly into my eyes.
“Would you like to come live with us? As our, let’s call it that for now, plaything? You’d get lots of what we did today, but also some darker things.
” “Darker?” “Spankings.
You’d have to follow rules, and if you broke them, there’d be punishments.
” Her eyes began to sparkle, leaving no doubt that she was imagining in vivid detail what she was telling me, what she would do to me.
“Denial, getting you nearly to the point of climaxing, but stopping short of it time and time again, until you’re almost going crazy with need and begging us to let you come.
” Her fingers brushed over my pubes.
“Showing you off to our friends in all your naked glory.
Perhaps even lending you out to them, if you agree.
” My cheeks and chest exploded with crimson embarrassment.
My pussy grew moist again.
She bent close to me, whispering quietly so nobody else could hear her, “I’d like to pee all over your pretty little body while Robert fucks your ass.
” She stood up, smiling sweetly, as if that last wicked statement had never crossed her lips.
“What do you think, Diddly?” I took a deep breath, forcing myself to think rationally.
It would be too easy to simply listen to my pussy.
“What about school? Money? All those things?” “We’d hire private tutors for you and make sure that you can finish whatever studies you want to.
” She looked at Robert, who nodded.
“You’ll get a good amount of pocket money,” he picked up the line of thoughts, “and you’ll get a monthly wage put aside into a savings account that you can access at any time.
” I was speechless and looked at both their faces, which shone with expectation.
“Wow!” I finally managed to stammer.
“That’s… Fuck, yes!” Lydia’s face fell a bit, even though she tried to not let on how disappointed she was.
Clare picked it up though.
She gave me a wink.
“If Diddly here agrees too, she can work for you from time to time.
” “Of course,” I hastily said.
“It’s probably going to be loads of fun!” Now Lydia smiled too and shrugged with mock despair.
“Well, you have it all set out.
I don’t know what you need me for.
” I giggled, then a thought occurred to me.
“About Deborah,” I said, biting my lips.
“I haven’t really thanked her for starting all this.
” Clare bent down and gave me soft kiss on my cheek.
“You’re so sweet.
Why don’t you see if she wants to you to spend the night with her, and if she does, we’ll fetch you and your things in the morning?” I beamed at her, almost turning at the spot to race up the stairs, but freezing when I realized that I didn’t know what room she slept in.
“Second to the left,” Lydia told me with a grin and a sigh, having read my thoughts.
* * * * * “Come in,” Deborah’s soft, sleepy voice answered my second knock, and I slowly opened the door and shuffled inside.
“Hey,” she greeted me, wiping her eyes and blinking.
“What are you doing here? Has anything happened?” “No, not really,” I hastily answered, because I saw a worried frown spread over her face.
I bridged the few feet to her bed and sat down on the edge.
She was wearing a mostly see-through, white nightie, and I could see the curves of her pretty breasts through the fabric.
“I’m going to leave tomorrow,” I told her and bit my lip.
She sighed, looking concerned.
“Too much?” I shook my head, and she looked puzzled.
“I’m going to stay with Clare and Robert.
” “You’re…” She looked me up and down, then she threw her head back and let out a chuckle.
“I should have known!” She tilted her head.
“You could have told me that tomorrow, though.
” I blushed, but I forced myself to speak.
“I – I wanted to say thank you for bringing me here.
” I was a novice at seduction, but I had seen some movies.
I licked my lips, then ran a finger down my chest and across one tit.
“To really.



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