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I’d been coming round for a few weeks and I’d shared some amazing moments with my younger lover.
We both found these illicit meetings hugely exciting.
We liked lots of foreplay as it built the anticipation.
Then when our passions and desires really took over we explored pleasures that felt new and exciting for both of us.
As soon as I got up to your room and closed the door I grabbed you by the arms and pulled you to my chest.
You were looking up into my eyes with a faint smiling, almost challenging me into my next move.
I felt your young breasts pressing against the top of my stomach and the sensations spread through my torso.
Your hands were flat on my lower back and pressing the firm muscles.
I closed my eyes a second before our lips met and your mouth opened for me immediately.
Our tongues almost argued about who would get to push in first.
I gave way of course, and felt your warm tongue go into my mouth, so I touched with my tongue and lips.
Once I’d enjoyed enough of this I took your young pretty face in both my hands and forced my tongue into your mouth.
You gave in and I pushed in as far as I could for as long as I could.
You tongue flicked around mine inside your wet mouth and we both groaned.
As I breathed out our mouths finally parted and I stared down at you.
You felt me moving my thumbs over your cheeks and the tingles went down to your neck.
Then I was running my hands through your long brown hair until I had to grasp and pull gently.
You gasped and let me know this was fine as you stood on tip-toe for our mouths to dance some more.
I held my hips firm as your soft warm tummy pressed all the way along the length of my bulge.
As our mouths mixed I held your hair and head from behind with my left and moved my right hand down to your arse.
First I pulled to it me even tighter, then I felt it all over, including in between.
We eventually had to breathe but you were still looking at me with that little smile.
My next move was to move a little to the side so I could touch your stomach.
I went straight for your piercings and you felt my warm strong hand making circles.
The tingling in your belly got worse as I used my finger tips to tease your tummy.
I wanted to get down and kiss your belly all over and lick your navel all around your body jewellery.
Another time perhaps, because I had plans.
“Let’s shower,” I said.
“We can’t,” you protested, without much conviction.
“Yes we can, we’ve time.
” I led you off through the door.
I undressed and turned to you in the bathroom.
My cock was horizontal and wet at the end.
You took it in your hand as you came to me, and the warmth of your hand thrilled me.
You stood a pace away and as you rubbed it a large bead of clear fluid appeared at the eye.
You continued until the whole head was shiny.
This is what foreplay did for me.
You didn’t want that slimy juice on your black t-shirt so I moved to side on as you tugged on it.
It standing right up now and you stared at it as your soft hand felt the hardness beneath the sensitive skin.
I groaned loudly as I took your hair and buried my face in it from the side and above.
I couldn’t help it; or rather I wanted it so badly that I pushed your head down slowly.
You resisted me a little before bending your knees until your face was a few inches from your face.
It felt good having you so close to my desire, and you could feel the heat and your face and smell my distinctive musky odour.
I knew you weren’t going to take it in just yet.
You knew I loved the tease and anticipation.
You kneeled in front of me and used both hands.
The curves of your body were amazing, but my focus landed on your ass.
I could see you sticking it out and the shape was heavenly.
Your mouth was inches from my purple head and you had a hold me back as my hips moved forward.
You felt me enjoying it too much and slowed down.
“OK, I have something for you if you shower,” I stated.
I got in the shower and watched you as you smiled and undressed in front of me.
I washed myself quickly.
You got in and kissed me.
I hosed you and the warm water felt good against your body.
I soaped your whole body until I finally put my hand between your legs.
You felt my fingers explore around your outer lips, your mound.
You moaned and moved one thigh out.
I took the signal and slowly touched the whole length of your inner lips whilst my other hand slid over your soaped bottom.
I wanted to grab it and smack it but I loved the way it felt under the soap.
This hand put two fingers between your legs from behind and almost me my other hand.
That hand was ready for the next stage and my piercing eyes were hungry for the next stage.
It came when you moaned sweetly and moved your hips, so I slipped two fingers inside your sopping slit.
I looked into the pleasure on your face and it was almost reward enough.
Your hands were on my cock and balls, but you were the main item now.
“Oh yes,” you panted as my circling fingers got more inside, “I’m ready.
” I pushed a finger all the way in and tweaked you as you groaned, the other finger soon followed and I moved them with more urgency.
I changed the angle to get at your clitoris, and you gasped and grabbed my harder for support.
My other hand came to the front to strum you clit, the pleasure welling up in your eyes.
The two fingers went deeper and wiggled, finger tips getting faster.
“Yeesss, baby,” was your response.
A little further out the two finger tips searched for your special spot, the place you like the most.
You were ready for this and took my firm forearm to guide me.
The other hand had not let up on your clitty which was getting bigger and therefore much easier to pleasure.
Your hips opened further and after a little more searching I got closer to your spot, which I judged by the warm wet flesh inside and your groans and sighs, which I was watching intently and enjoying immensely.
Then I found that place and circled it.
“Please don’t stop,” you breathed.
I toyed and pressed your pleasure spot as the feelings overwhelmed you.
You were about to fall over until you held my bicep and shoulder.
I rubbed it now without mercy, firm and faster.
It was obvious you were on the edge.
“Come on, baby, come for me, come all over my hands,” I said.
Your head was firmly on my chest and your screams at orgasm reverberated though my upper torso and stomach.
I moved my fingers in time to your spasms, fast and intense, then slower, slow circles.
The afterglow flushed your face and neck, your eyes couldn’t yet open and your breathing and moaning slowed a bit.
When your eyes did open you became aware of the warm water and the steam.
“Wow I needed that, you are so good,” you said as you kissed me and squeezed my dick hard.
I told you I’d so wanted to be sucked before.
You giggled and said, “We’ll see.
” I informed you that now you were so clean I had something else for you, something even better, and I was going to give it to you before you even touched my cock again.
“Mister, you are full of surprises today, I wonder what you mean.
” You proved me slightly wrong by squeezing my cock again, which had become fully erect after talking about what I wanted to do to you next.
You said, “I might have something for you as well, Mister.
” With this you let me to the bedroom without letting go of it.
I lay on the bed diagonally with my legs open a little.
“Put your stockings on for me baby and some panties,” I requested.
You did this and enjoyed me watching you and the erection it produced.
“Come to me,” I said as I could not wait much longer.
You lay beside me and as we kissed passionately.
Online Now! Lush Cams EmilySense Your hair touched my face, neck and shoulders.
I groped your soft warm body and slid my hands and arms all over your back and buttocks.
With a full hard on I rolled you over and pinned your arms to the bed, making you giggle.
I kissed your neck and devoted enough time to your sensitive breasts as your nipples became firm.
Then I moved down to kiss all around your tummy until my tongue exercised itself on your naval and studs.
“Oh yes,” you moaned softly as I moved down to your panties.
Your stockings caressed my legs as you opened your thighs for me and I looked upon your mound.
I pulled the material tighter and you lifted your knees.
I smelled you through and around the fabric.
My lips and tongue touched your skin as I moved your white cotton panties to the side.
Your sex overwhelmed me and I had to devour you.
“Yes baby,” you moaned as the oral contact became intense.
Now I needed to give you more and my fingers slipped inside; two fingers, two knuckles in, was all you needed to build your frenzy.
My tongue assaulted your clitoris and you felt your body sliding down towards your climax.
You could not speak as the sex sensation felt like warm oil spreading through your abdomen.
Moans and gasps and licks and slurps filled the air around us.
You pulled your panties right out off the way as I continued with fingers, tongue and lips.
Now your sounds got more intense and I knew you were nearly there.
My tongue got bigger and greedier as I sought to bring you off, and I maintained the pace despite the aches in my jaw.
You held my head and pushed your sopping venus onto my skilled mouth and your juices came as far as my nose and chin.
As the first three spasms raced through your body my fingers moved in time on your clitoris and in your flooded hole.
The palm of my upper hand caught your squirts and my fingers slowed as your quivering body came to a stop with one last satisfied moan.
I rolled off onto my back feeling almost as pleased as you and my erection bobbed into the air.
You kissed me from above and the touch, smell and sensation brought my cock to full on.
Your flushed face touched mine as you murmured to me.
“That was so good, baby, I love what you do to me.
Now I’ve got so much to give you,” you said.
With that you moved down my chest kissing my body and making sure your soft hair touched my skin.
What a tease you were! Your wicked smile excited me as you stared at my hard cock with your pretty face right next to my aching tool.
Kisses covered my lower abdomen until your lips finally touched my shaft.
Sensations washed over my body as your hair slid over my loins and feathered my hot balls.
Your tongue licked at my shaft and you grinned with satisfaction.
I felt your fingers grip the base of my cock as your lips and tongue pleased my sensitive head.
Before I was used to these touches I felt your warm wet mouth over my cock head and I let out an appreciate groan.
You giggled with delight at the joy you were giving me.
Lust overtook me and my hips pushed more of my length into your open mouth.
I could feel your tongue touching my plum.
We got a delicious sliding motion going that made us both moan, and I enjoyed feeling the vibrations of your muffled sounds.
I gripped as much of your hair as I could with one hand and lovingly held your face with the other, my palm feeling your cheek.
As you bobbed your head up and down for me I stared at my shaft going to and fro past your lips.
I worked your head and jaw and moved my hips in time, slowly and firmly, and you willingly met my movements.
This gave the most erotic sucking piston motion that drove us both to a state of ecstasy.
Your arm moved between your legs and I noticed how fast your hand was moving on your pussy as your groans became more intense.
This did it for me and I shoved your head away until my cock sprung out of your mouth, then I jumped up on my knees.
“I want it like this, baby,” I said as I pulled your head onto my hard erection once more.
You were on your knees and I could reach over to rub your twat and then push two fingers in you.
“Yes,” you cried as you had to pull your mouth off my cock, replacing it seconds later.
My fingers worked into your juicy hole even deeper and my other hand smacked your ass.
“Spank me, yes do it,” you pleaded.
The sounds of my hand firmly striking your buttocks cracked through the air in a regular but uneven rhythm.
I smacked each side and then drove two fingers into your open hole and rubbed you hard for a few seconds, then smacked you again.
All the time you sucked and licked on my hard cock and you massaged my heavy ball-sack.
My other hand was holding your cheek and jaw as I supported your filthy blowjob.
Your hand was furiously working your clit and your muffled sounds told me you were getting close.
You pulled away to let out a desperate moan.
You wanted to be fingered and smacked at the same time and I was sending you slowly towards your orgasm.
I pushed my cock further in to stretch your throat and fuck your mouth so that I was ready to come just after you.
My groans and your muffled moans were the only sounds that mixed with the cock sucking, slapping and pussy rubbing.
I wanted to talk dirty but all I could do was fuck you, touch you, feel you and anticipate our final release.
I could tell from your desperate noises you were ready to cum, so I took pity on you and my working hand focused solely on moving my two fingers inside your hyper-sensitive slit.
Your hand slowed down on your clit as you realised this was it, and I would take you over the edge at any moment.
I looked straight into your eyes and you acknowledged me with a desperate sound as we slid into the pleasure climax: you were about to get it first and then I got it.
My fingers massaged your special spot just inside you, and my cock head enjoyed the super warm wet soft spot on your slippery moving tongue and surrounded by your willing throat.
Now it was my turn to groan desperately as my balls started to move.
I felt your hand gently squeeze them and you let me move my dome inside you for maximum pleasure.
“Yes, baby,” I shouted as your body passed the point of no return.
Your first spasm clenched my determined fingers and your whole body reacted.
Your moans merged into one long noise as more huge spasms rocked your pussy and your whole world.
You wanted to look into my eyes but the pleasure was too much for you.
I could not even groan now as the final seconds of pleasure gripped my manhood, and I enjoyed your remaining spasms to get off.
My tight cock tube relaxed as my spunk pushed up my shaft and I shouted with pleasure.
The thick seed slid up my rod and pushed my eye open.
That was it and I had to go.
My thrusts became animalistic but I still managed to avoid choking you.
Your eyes were wide and fearless as the first spurt felt warm and sticky as it left my swollen bell-end.
I pulled back a little so I could pump two more big squirts onto you, and then I finished off on my favourite spot in your mouth, as we both felt the warm, thick goo.
With both hands on your head now I stayed inside until my throbbing ceased.
 “Totally amazing, the best yet,” I congratulated you on your finest blowjob so far.
“Sit up and spit it out slowly, I want to see it on you,” I said.
I held your hair away as the white cum dribbled down your chin and onto your beautiful tits.
I put my cock in your mouth one last time and then pulled out to massage my seed into your sweet breasts and over your hard nipples.
I looked closely into your eyes and we both smiled.



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