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Dear Diary, Well, where do I start? I’m sitting here in bed, it’s quarter past eight on Saturday morning, Gloria is still buzzing from last night, and there’s a huge man in my bed! Not bad for my first week in this new flat, and after only five days in my new job too! So how did this all happen you may ask, and if you ask nicely I might even tell you.
It all started yesterday afternoon at about half past four.
I was due to go out last night with Trisha, my new best friend from work, but she sent me an email crying off at the last minute.
Her sister’s got a new baby and she was due to go out for her first date night with her husband since giving birth.
(Sounds like she needed a break from babyzilla.
From what Trish has told me, the sprog screams for Britain because he’s teething!) Anyway, in her email, Trish said the babysitter had let them down at the last minute, so she’d been asked, and being family she couldn’t exactly refuse.
So that was that! My weekend ruined, or so I thought.
So I decided I’d just head home and see what my new flat mates were doing for dinner.
Got to the door and let myself in, and found the place was deserted.
It was like the Marie Celeste, lights on everywhere and doors open, but no-one home.
Or so I thought at first, but then I realised Steve and Teri’s door was shut, and there were noises coming from their room.
Thought I’d go and ask what they were up to, but just as I got to the door I started coughing.
Possibly because of the dehumidifier they’ve got in the corridor, but I digress.
Just then the door opened and my jaw hit the floor, or it would have if I hadn’t had my hand over my mouth.
There was Hunky Duncan stood in his T-shirt and jeans, with his jeans pulled down to his hips, and his ENORMOUS todger in his hand.
I tell you I’ve never seen one so BIG, or so scary.
I wondered at first if he had a licence for it, because I’m sure it qualifies as a deadly weapon, but I found myself speechless for a couple of seconds.
When I managed to find my voice (I think it was hiding from his prick) I managed to ask if it was a good time or whether I should come back later, but then I heard Teri’s voice asking me to come on in and join the party.
Party, what party? First I’d heard of it, but I was at a loose end, and on the lookout for some excitement to lift the end of the working week, so I thought, ‘Oh well, this is different from my expectations of my new flat mates’, but just said out loud “Nothing ventured.
” Then I shrugged off my coat, stepped out of my heels and followed dishy Dunc back into the room.
Since moving in the previous weekend I hadn’t really seen much of Duncan.
I knew he worked odd hours.
Apparently, he’s a City trader, so he has to do ‘earlies’ one week and ‘lates’ the next.
Luckily he’d been on ‘earlies’ this week, so I’d had a chance to meet him and break the ice.
He seemed pleasant enough, but I think he was a bit wary because I was new, and he didn’t want to start things off on the wrong foot.
I guess that’s why he’d seemed a bit stand-offish, and I think he thought I had a boyfriend, so he didn’t want to make any waves.
If only he’d known! I’m single, and have been for a while, which was why I was so keen to go out on the pull last night, but you don’t know what you don’t know, and he didn’t know me hardly at all, so he just politely kept his distance.
I wish he hadn’t though.
He’s quite a dish.
Over six foot tall, and built like a rugby forward.
It turns out he’s not a rugby player, but a rower.
He’s in a coxed eight that competes at county level, and he trains a couple of times each week when he’s on the early shift, and most weekends for at least a couple of hours.
So it’s no wonder he’s so fit! A full body workout like that does wonders for the physique, and boy did he have a physique! I remember when he told me about his rowing I was reminded of the old joke about the radio commentator at The Boat Race saying “And now the Lady Mayoress is kissing the cox of the winning crew.
” You have to say it out loud to get the full effect.
Guaranteed to raise a titter at any swanky riverside soiree is that old chestnut! So here he was, cock in hand, standing out and proud, and wanking away merrily without a care in the world.
I wonder if alcohol had anything to do with that? Hmmm! Sadly for me, alcohol didn’t have anything to do with it yet, because I hadn’t had a chance to have a drink, but I had high hopes that I’d get something inside of me over the weekend.
He he! I got something inside me, yes, but to begin with, it wasn’t alcohol!! So far, I hadn’t had a chance to go into Steve and Teri’s room, although I did know they had the largest bedroom.
I think it had been the living room of the flat originally, but they’d converted it into a bedroom so that they could let out the other two bedrooms to help with the mortgage.
That’s why they had room for a double bed, a couple of wardrobes, and a sofa.
It was a bit dark in there, with only the bedside lights on, but I could see right away that Steve was giving Teri’s twat a good internal massage, and she sounded like she was enjoying it.
Obviously, Duncan had decided to admire the view as well, and he was thoroughly enjoying his fly on the wall view of the proceedings.
I followed Duncan to the sofa that faced the bottom of the bed, and from here we could see straight up between Teri’s legs and watch as Steve’s big round balls slapped against her arse cheeks, in a steady rhythm that reminded me of maracas for some reason.
When we got there Duncan dropped his jeans and pants off and sat back down to spread himself across both seats.
I thought it would be rude to ask him not to man spread as he was so busy, so I asked him where I could sit.
He answered with some quip about me sitting on his lap, but then he moved over to one side so that I could sit next to him.
I was still wearing my working clobber of loose white blouse and tight grey pencil skirt over dark tights.
No wait, I wasn’t wearing tights, I was wearing stockings yesterday.
I’d been getting a bit of a sweat rash from my tights, so I’d decided to wear all the old tackle instead.
You know, lacy knickers, suspenders and dark coloured stockings.
That way my inner thighs could get some air.
It had the added bonus that if I went for a pee it was much easier to just pull up my skirt and drop my knickers than having to untangle my tights from the waistband of my skirt before I could pull them down as well.
Also, it was Friday, and I’d intended to go out on the pull with Trisha, so I thought I’d wear some sexy undies just in case I got lucky.
As I went to sit down I pulled my skirt up a bit, and I could hear the sound of the material riding up over my sheer stockings.
Duncan must have heard as well because he looked round and made a comment about seeing my stocking tops.
So I thought I’d give him some more to look at and pulled my skirt up a bit higher.
Then he made some clever quip about pulling my skirt right up so that he could see what colour knickers I’d been wearing, and that he’d rip them off me and spank my arse cheeks with his prick.
Watching him stroking his big banana was a bit mesmerising, to say the least, and I could feel Gloria was getting interested as well.
So I decided to get into the swing of things myself.
I grabbed the big end of his huge knob and I told it that it could only do that if I wanted it to, and that it was a naughty boy.
Then I tapped it on the end.
You should have seen the look on Duncan’s face.
It was a picture.
I’d called his bluff and he didn’t know what to say.
I think I must have hurt him a bit as well by tapping the end of his knob, so I bent over and kissed it better.
I did consider rubbing it better with my tongue, but the size was so big I didn’t think I could get it in my mouth.
Do you know I couldn’t get my finger and thumb to touch when I put my hand around his knob? There was a gap of at least an inch between the end of my index finger and my thumb, that’s how big it was.
It was a whopper, and absolutely solid as a rock, and I could feel Gloria starting to salivate at the thought of trying to get herself wrapped around such a magnificent specimen.
‘You don’t get many of those to the pound!’ I thought to myself as I watched him lovingly stroking Little Duncan, and all of a sudden I started to feel really hot.
So I pulled my blouse out of the top of my skirt and straight up over my head, then threw it out of the way.
Duncan watched me do this, and I could see the approving look in his eyes as he saw my 36 DD’s swinging in my see-through bra.
(I’d been dressed for the pull remember!) So I asked him if he wanted to see more.
He just nodded, so I whipped my bra off and let them swing for him to feast his eyes on.
I swear his prick got even bigger than it already was when he set eyes on my girls.
He started drooling a little and had to lick his lips.
By now Gloria was getting decidedly wet, and was throbbing quietly inside my lacy knickers.
I knew things were going to get a bit messy if I didn’t get them off, so I stood up, unzipped my skirt and let it fall off, then I turned my back on him and slowly pulled my soggy knicks down till they fell to the floor.
When I did this I deliberately leaned forward so that he got an eyeful of Gloria’s glorious mound and wiggled my hips so that he got the full effect of my curvy cheeks gyrating in front of his face.
I even looked round to see if he was watching, and he was.
‘Oh, goody,’ I thought, ‘let’s see what he’ll do if I give the hound a view of the hare.
‘ Then I turned around to face him, and stood with my hands on my hips, legs akimbo, in nothing but my stockings and suspenders.
His eyes were on stalks, and he let go of his prick, grabbed my cheeks with both hands, and pulled me towards his face.
When he got within striking distance he began to nuzzle his nose around my clit and poke Gloria’s front door with his tongue.
Wow! What a feeling.
It was so empowering seeing him slavering and salivating in equal measure at every wiggle of my hips or thrust of my pelvis.
I opened my legs a bit further, to give him better access and me more sensations, and when I did, he put both arms up between my legs, cupped my cheeks in his hands, and pulled me hard onto his probing tongue.
This set me and Gloria off, and I found she was aching to have more of him, so I grabbed his head and pulled him onto her, then ground my groin around his face, covering him in Gloria’s warm juices.
The trouble was that Gloria kept letting me know she wanted more, and in the end, I had to give in to her, so I asked if I could sit on him.
He let go and leaned back, and I turned around to make it easier to sit on his lap, then, with growing anticipation, I made a show of it by wiggling my hips a little as I slowly lowered myself onto the enormous totem pole that Gloria craved so much.
It felt reeeaaallly good, and Gloria was so overjoyed she literally gushed her tears of joy down and out over his dribbling dong till our juices squelched out around the base of his wonderful wang.
It was so long and thick, and because she had to have it all, I took it very slowly.
I’m glad I did, or it might have hurt, but as it was I managed to get it all in in one go.
I didn’t even have to slide up and down a couple of times to get her to stretch.
He fitted perfectly straight away (which shows how accommodating she was already feeling), and with him safely stuffing me completely, I started giving both of us a treat by rolling my hips backwards and forwards in time with Steve and Teri’s rhythm.
I tell you diary, it was so unexpected, and soooooo satisfying, sitting on such a big fat dick and being bounced up and down on a hunky man’s lap.
I just wish this happened every night after work.
It would save me having to get myself off to relieve the tensions of the day, like I have to at the moment.
Anyway, back to last night’s incredible story.
It wasn’t long before us girls were synchronised in our movements and our moans, and this seemed to drive both blokes into a frenzy of thrusting harder and faster than before.
I even began to wonder if we might orgasm at the same time.
‘That would be good,’ I thought, ‘I haven’t had that happen for a while, and the last time it did it was in very different circumstances from these.
‘ The tension in the room was building as we all came to the same realisation, and with our passions locked into the rising tide of speed and sensation we all headed for the same incredible thing.
I could feel the little shudders start deep in my stomach, and they intensified the harder I worked for it.
It wasn’t long before I knew I was coming, then just as Teri started giving out little shrieks as her orgasm started, mine burst over me and through me like I’ve never felt before.
The delicious feeling of those hard stuttering spasms in Gloria’s muscles as she clamped down on that full fat fuck rod was wonderful.
I could feel every vein in his skin as he slid his shaft up and down inside her, and it made the sensations even more vivid the longer it went on.
The force of my explosive orgasm seemed to do something to Duncan too, because he started panting and grunting as his climax hit, and then it was like he’d let go of a monster.
I felt the rush of his spunk coursing up through his huge erection, and as it did I felt his fuck strokes grow even more, so that when it did finally burst out of his prick, the already swollen head was pressed hard against my cervix.
She revelled in it, and I could feel the individual spurts of liquid heat coming out and hitting the mouth of my shuddering cervix.
What an amazing feeling! The kick inside caused me to orgasm even more, and I started to float away as my body kept on kicking me ever higher into the planes of sexual nirvana.
(Look it up if you don’t know what it means diary!) Even after he’d stopped coming, my orgasm kept on going, and I reckon it must have been over a minute before Gloria even thought about slowing down, let alone stopping the aftershocks of pleasure that slammed through my whole being like the shock waves of an earthquake.
When it did start to ebb away, it was almost like the pulse of a dying giant as it slowed and weakened with each new wave, till finally the last of the receding ripples of sensation died away and I could relax, totally spent.
Duncan too seemed to sink back into the sofa after our great ‘coming together’ and I fell back against his hot and sweaty chest to recover.
As I did so I could feel his erection slowly softening and shortening inside me, and I felt warm and glowing all through my body.
As we lay back together we watched Steve stop his thrusting and Teri start to become incoherent.
Her eyes rolled up, her mouth began to drool, her hip thrusts pounded like a jackhammer, her grunts and squeals sounded almost like sobbing, and her arms and legs just jerked about randomly, sometimes hitting Steve and other times looking like she was scrambling to grab hold of something only she could see.
      Online Now! Lush Cams PrettyBumm I’d never seen anything like it, and I don’t think Duncan had either, but I guess Steve and Teri have been together for a while because he seemed totally unfazed by it all.
He just waited till the fireworks had fizzled out, then made some quip about doing it all again tomorrow, and lifted his soaking wet self off Teri’s limp body.
She just lay there staring at the ceiling and didn’t seem to notice or care, as he untangled himself from her arms.
I must admit it did look funny, and the comedy of it broke the tension in the room, so that Dunc and I burst out laughing.
I was almost hysterical, and I think it was a reaction to the emotional rollercoaster we’d all just fallen off at the end of our ride together.
I reckon if I hadn’t laughed I’d have cried, I was that emotional.
It was so overwhelming being a part of something so strong, and so intense, that had dragged us all in and held us there, suspended in a floating bubble of pure elation till our bodies could float no more.
Even now I was still caught in the tide of pleasure that was slowly subsiding, and Gloria began to silently purr with satisfaction.
With the tension gone, Steve made some nice comments about my tits and Dunc’s telegraph pole of a penis, and I complimented him on his moves with Teri.
Then he got a big towel to throw at us.
It was just what we needed, but I didn’t want to break the clinch Duncan and I were enjoying, so I draped it over me to soak up some of the sweat.
While I was doing this I, watched Steve pulling his foreskin forward over the end of his cock.
I’d never seen a man do that before because all my lovers have been circumcised.
When I mentioned it, Steve asked if they’d been Jewish.
So I told him that of course they had been, I’m Jewish.
Duncan piped up then that he hadn’t realised I was Jewish because he reckoned I don’t look it.
I was a bit surprised by that, as I’m fairly short, I’ve got long dark hair, big tits with large brown areolae and nipples, and a sort of hourglass figure with broad shoulders, narrow waist and wide(ish) hips.
Anyway, Duncan likes my brown nipples and said he’d never seen brown ones before in the flesh, he’d only seen them in pictures or video.
Steve ribbed him about only seeing them because he’d been wanking over them, and then he winked at me as if to say; “See, Dunc’s just a lonely wanker really.
” I thought to myself, ‘So am I,’ but I didn’t say it.
Though I must admit I’m quite a fan of masturbation.
I like to get off at least once a day, sometimes twice if I’ve got time, oh, and a spare pair of knickers of course! After all, if you don’t use it you could lose it, and I don’t intend to do that anytime soon! So I defended Dunc’s right to have a wank, and in return, he suggested we could wank each other off.
‘Deal!’ I thought and said out loud.
We even shook hands on it, and I must say, the thought of it makes Gloria wet even now.
Then Teri seemed to come back to life again and started complaining about her dress being ruined by the ‘cum and cunt juice’ all over it.
So I suggested she stick it in a bucket of cold water with some baking soda, and let it soak overnight to stop it from staining.
She asked me how I know to do that, so I said that’s what I do when I get cum all over my clothes.
Duncan pounced on that remark (he’s quick!) and asked if that happened often.
I knew he was fishing, so I told him it happens sometimes, and that I like my sex the same as I like my coffee, strong and often.
Ha! Good comeback eh? Duncan didn’t seem to be put off though and reckoned he was my man if I wanted it often, then started telling me how fit he was due to his weekly gym sessions.
While he was talking I wiggled my hips a bit, and I felt his slippery shlong slide out of Gloria to flop on the seat below.
Gloria sighed silently inside as she reluctantly let go of her beau.
Then he asked me if I wanted another go, and I wondered if he’d have the energy after what we’d just been through, but he seemed quite confident about it, as though all his girls want seconds.
Just to let him know I was happy to go along with this I got both his hands and put them on my tits, so that he could play with my still erect nipples.
However, thinking of seconds reminded me, I was starving.
I hadn’t had anything to eat since lunchtime, and although Gloria was still remembering feeling full, my tummy wasn’t.
So I suggested we get something to eat before starting round two.
He agreed, and helped me get up off his lap.
Then I towelled myself down to try and get some of the sticky sperm and cunny juice off my swollen snatch lips.
After I’d got the worst of it off I gave Duncan the towel and he dried himself and the seat off as best he could.
Teri told him not to bother with the sofa as she normally had to clean it most days anyway to get her and Steve’s stains out of it.
Then she dragged herself up off the bed, stripped herself off, and took a long look at herself in the full-length mirror on the wardrobe door.
She’s taller and thinner than me, with a more athletic shape.
Good tits though, and a nice rounded bum.
I wouldn’t mind motor-boating those tits one day, and her nice boyish hips set me to thinking as well! When she saw me checking her out she twerked her bum then gave me a knowing smile and wink.
Bugger! I’d been caught! What’s more, she then turned to face me and asked if I had anything on my mind.
I did actually.
I was thinking, ‘she’s got a nice neat little snatch too’, so I blew her a kiss.
Then feeling a bit embarrassed about being caught out I grabbed Duncan’s arm and more or less dragged him out of Steve’s room, and left him and Teri to clean up the mess.
Actually, we forgot our clothes and had to go back in for them.
When we did I caught the tail end of Teri saying something to Steve about them seeing more of me, ‘with or without Duncan!’.
‘Oh ho!’ I thought, ‘You’re on girly, so just you name the time and place and we’ll see who gets the cream.
‘ I quite like the thought of that, a possible threesome, or who knows, perhaps Duncan can fuck Teri and Steve can fuck me? Or dirty of dirties, I can fuck Teri while we watch the two blokes wanking, or dirtier still, sucking each other off! What a sight that would be? They’re both big boys, and I wonder if either of them’s bi, or whether they both think of themselves as straight? Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! You’ll get me into trouble you filthy sewer of a mind of mine.
(Hmmm, oh yes!) Now, where was I before being rudely interrupted by my dirty thoughts? Oh, yes, Dunc and I threw our clothes into our respective rooms, then walked naked to the kitchen and headed straight for the fridge.
We’d originally talked about tea and toast, but I’m glad to say he’d been shopping and his fridge shelves were full.
There were all sorts of high energy snacks and lots of burgers, so we grilled a couple of quarter pounders to start with, and I buttered some bread to put them in.
Nothing like a bit of hot meat inside you, washed down with salty sweet melted butter, to fill your boots and get you up and raring to go again.
After we’d wolfed down the burgers and a couple of energy bars, we drank some strong coffee to make sure neither of us would get sleepy on the job from all the food we’d eaten, then we went into my room to carry on where we’d left off.
I pulled the duvet down to the foot of the bed, threw myself onto the middle of it, and lay there in wicked anticipation; with head on pillow, big tits splayed out over my arms, legs wide open, knees bent, arse lifted up, and Gloria winking at him for all she was worth.
It was worth it too, to see that magnificent member rise to give the one-eyed salute to his new mistress.
I swear she opened her lips all on her own as well, and a few seconds later, Duncan was dunkin’ once more.
I think this second fuck was even better than the first one, because we took our time, and moved at our own pace, to our own rhythm.
This made it last, and for Gloria the longer she could hold on to him the better she liked it.
Me too! Anyway diary, he made me come twice this time.
Orgasm 1.
The first time was after about five minutes, when he started varying his movements, so that his wandering wand moved around inside my trembling tube.
He must have found my G-spot, because the next thing I knew I was clamping my legs round his arse cheeks, screaming in his ear, and arching my back so far I thought I might break it! The speed and strength of Gloria’s spasms was almost painful as she sucked him and squeezed him as hard as she could.
I think he was a bit surprised, I know I was, and Gloria clamped down on him like a vice and wouldn’t let go for a solid minute and a half.
It wasn’t easy being like that, because I could hardly breathe while she was seized up like this, and I could feel myself getting faint as I held on to him.
Eventually, though, she let go.
If she hadn’t I wouldn’t be here telling you this, but she did, and all the more delicious it was too, to feel him still hot and hard inside me, stirring his manly member slowly around inside my most intimate depths, and sending little sparks of sexual sensation bursting in all directions with even the slightest of movements.
He kept it moving very slowly while he waited for me to come down from my heavenly high, and then we resumed our relaxed rhythm for a while longer, to best savour and prolong the moment, and the infinite pleasure we were both enjoying.
Orgasm 2.
The last one was definitely special for both of us I think.
We’d been polishing the bed sheet for about ten minutes when he asked if I’d like to turn over and get up on my hands and knees, so we could try it doggy style.
Well, I don’t know about you, but I love doggy style.
The feeling of having him balls deep inside me, while his scrotum swings his heavy balls against my clit, is something else.
So, of course, I said yes.
After un-sticking ourselves (there was a lot of my sticky juices all over me, him and the bed), we got into the doggy position, and he slid Little Dunc back in.
(In all honesty, I can’t call him ‘Little’, he’s anything but, so I’m gonna call him ‘Junior’ from now on!) With everything set for a marathon fuck fest we started going at it hammer and tongs.
Both Gloria and Junior were having the time of their lives.
Duncan kept pulling my hips back onto him, I kept pushing my hips back and up to meet him, and we could both hear his balls slapping my clit (Hmmm! She likes that!!!!) every time he thrust into me.
I could also feel the end of his knob hitting my cervix, and although it hurt a bit at first, it soon turned into so much pleasure that I bucked my hips even more to make sure it hit every time.
That got his juices flowing, and I reckon it didn’t take more than a couple of minutes before he started grunting and panting, and his prick started getting even stiffer as his sperm squirmed through his tubes and gushed out into mine like a fire hose.
As it did it shot like bullets onto my cervix again, and I found myself suddenly snapping into another huge fucking orgasm.
FUCK ME! What an orgasm this one was.
She’d had two practice goes at getting it right, and this time it really was third time lucky.
I found I couldn’t control my body anymore.
My hips were quickly rocking backwards and forwards of their own accord, and Gloria was pulsating hard and fast; and each time she did, I felt shockwaves of sublime sensation thundering through my whole being like the explosions of an erupting volcano.
This time my mind was being well and truly fucked as well as my body.
I couldn’t think, I couldn’t speak, I could hardly even see, and still, my craven cunt demanded more of this thrusting tree trunk until finally, he unloaded the last of his thick creamy spunk into the open mouth of my trembling cervix.
I was truly fucked in every sense of the word.
I suppose it must have only lasted a few seconds in comparison with the previous two, but this one was more intense, more satisfying, and ultimately more completely knackering than either of them.
I was utterly soaked with sweat and semen, and when he pulled out and collapsed next to me on the bed, I felt our juices dripping out of Gloria’s mouth to form a warm wet puddle on the sheet.
I didn’t mind though.
I was happy to drop into the wet patch, and I even rolled around in it as I turned over to one side, to help pull Duncan’s sticky wet hair out of his eyes.
Lying hot and exhausted, we looked each other in the eye, and neither of us could find a thing to say, our bodies had just said it all.
So I found the duvet and pulled it up over us, then we cuddled up into each other’s arms and drifted off into deep refreshing sleep.
Well, that was last night, and this morning it’s taken me several minutes to get the hairs on my back and legs free from the dried on sperm and sweat of last night’s exertions.
(Painful, but fun though!!)  I’m not going anywhere this morning, and neither is Duncan.
He told me last night he’s supposed to be doing rowing training this morning, but I’ve found his phone, looked up the rowing club, and texted them to say he’s not feeling well and won’t be going in.
Tee hee! Naughty me.
He’ll have to give me a good spanking for that one.
(Yes please!) When he wakes up I might even give him a blow job.
That should bring him round, and I want to see how much of that big beautiful baguette I can stuff into my mouth before I start really gagging.
Remember the last time I gagged on a cock? Course you do, it was Rueben, but his was long and thin.
About the same length as Duncan, which is to say eight inches or more if I remember, but because it was thin I managed to get it halfway down my throat.
He even came while it was there, but that’s because we were both really into it at the time.
We were in a sixty niner and I kept fucking him with my mouth till I felt him coming, then I took a deep breath and swallowed his prick while he came.
It was fun having his ball sack going tight right in front of my nose, and watching the muscle spasms as he shot his load of love juice down to my stomach (from the inside!).
It made me belch though, and I nearly choked where we were both laughing so much.
Good memories eh? So, diary, I doubt if I’ll be able to do that with Duncan, but a girl can only try, can’t she? 🙂 WATCH THIS SPACE!    



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