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You’re lying on the bed, blindfolded, and shivering in anticipation.
Your hands and feet are tied to the bedposts, opening you up for me completely.
You hear me walk in, rustling around, and you shudder, feeling excited, waiting for my touch.
You feel half of the bed sink a little, and you know that I’m on the bed with you, ever so close.
My breathing is slow and heavy.
You then notice my breath on your neck, and I slowly, sensually, nibble your ear.
I glance down and notice your nipples are extremely erect and your chest is rising and falling rapidly, your breathing quickened with excitement.
I smile to myself and get to work.
I kiss your neck, trailing kisses from your jawline down to your breast.
Your back arches, urging me to take your nipples into my mouth.
I keep you waiting a few seconds but, with your lack of sight, those seconds seem to stretch into an eternity.
You then feel it again, my breath, this time hovering over your left nipple.
In one swift motion, my tongue twirls around it, but it’s gone before you can truly enjoy the feeling.
You moan, surprised by how wet you are.
I proceed to kiss your right nipple, this time letting my lips linger, and you sigh in relief.
I feel my restraint slipping.
The sight of you so turned on has caused the same in me.
And I can feel it below.
Wanting to be inside you.
I shake it off.
First, you need to be taken care of.
I begin to massage your breast with my hands, much to your ecstasy.
I let my mouth wander; a kiss on your abdomen, my tongue running along your waistline, a breath on your right breast.
I see you squirming.
You can’t take it.
You need a release.
You come crashing back to reality.
While recovering from the hazy bliss you were in, you wonder why the has feeling stopped.
Then you notice that I stopped giving your body all that attention.
You frown, hoping that even in the darkness, I will see your puppy dog face, and take pity on you.
Online Now! Lush Cams Alejandro_Castiblanco Your breathing has started to slow, but your whole body was aching, yearning for more.
And then.
Pure bliss.
You aren’t even aware of what has happened, just that you are over the moon with pleasure.
Meanwhile, I grab your thighs, with my head between them, enjoying the musky scent while lapping up your juices.
I’m going at one hundred miles an hour, giving you no chance to catch your breath.
Licking, sucking, fingering.
I reach up and grab your breasts, pinching your nipples.
Time ceases to exist.
To me, there is only you.
To you, there is nothing more than pure pleasure, as you have been transported to a place where nothing but your unending bliss exists.
You cry out as your orgasm hits you, rolling over you in waves.
As your breathing slows to a pant and you come back down to earth, you notice that you no longer feel me anymore.
You still can’t see me through your blindfold but suddenly, you are certain of my location.
You know what’s coming next.
Part of you almost feels like you need a breather; time to catch your breath and recuperate.
But you that feeling quickly takes a backseat to a feeling of intense need and lust.
You need me.
You need more.
And you need it now.
Breaking the silence for the first time, you mutter a single word: “Please.
” You plead with me, in that tone you know I can’t resist, then bite your lip, in that way you know I can’t resist.
All of a sudden, you’re gone.
Forget the moon, you’re over it, past it.
You’ve flown out of the galaxy.
Part of you feels smug for a moment, but then it’s gone, as the only thing on your mind is the pleasure between your legs.
Out… ****************** I’ve been visiting this site forever, but this is my first submission.
Let me know if you like it and want more!



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