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My eyes began to stir that next morning, Sunday, where I stared out upon the empty space at my side.
Amy was no where to be seen, once again.
It then hit me, like a warm rush that spread throughout my entire body, rising from deep below.
Turning my head, I looked down to find Amy stretched out between my legs, her pert ass cheeks rose like a beautiful mountain range upon her curvaceous lower body, leading down to her feet dangling off the far edge of the bed.
Her small, yet delicately beautiful hands held my cock in her grasp.
Her wet tongue gently swirled around and around upon the engorged bulbous head.
I thought to myself, ‘I wish I could wake up everyday like this.
‘ “Mmm!” I softly moaned.
Amy stared beyond my cock, standing firmly to attention like a good soldier on parade.
Her soft eyes illuminated from the smile upon her ruby red lips, her face that was no longer so innocent.
“I hope I didn’t wake you!” Amy enquired.
It looks like you’re enjoying yourself?” I replied.
“Mmm, I am.
I love the taste of your fresh cock first thing in the morning.
Besides, you woke up with a hard-on and I couldn’t let it go to waste!” Amy smirked.
“Thank you!” I said, with a smile of appreciation.
Amy’s tongue returned to the sexual act she was performing upon me.
Her tongue once again caressing around the crown of my cock, circling the mushroom shaped bulbous head with such a sweet and sensual touch.
  My shaft below was throbbing in her two hands, one placed above the other, holding on with a firm grasp while stroking the foreskin up and down with a gentle ease.
I lay there, watching this beautiful young woman giving me such a sensual blowjob.
My hand brushed the hair from her face so I could gain a better view of her true beauty, before holding one of her cheeks in my palm with a loving, almost father like tenderness.
I had truly fallen for this woman.
The way she had given me hope, brought new life to my boring existence of the bubbled world I lived within.
  She not only pulled me out, but she burst that bubble with her passion alone.
“Oh fuck!” I moaned.
Amy opened her mouth wide and took in the bulbous head, it slipped between her soft ruby lips.
That feel of flesh upon flesh, her lips not only sucking on it, but the wonderful sensation of it sliding through her soft petal like lips was mind-blowing in itself.
Her mouth sucked on the engorged head, while her tongue inside continued to swirl around.
Occasionally her tongue would flick and tease the small slit upon the head.
When she did, it caused me to virtually spasm and writhe a little upon the bed, accompanied with a deeper groan of sexual pleasure being released.
“Ooh .
Mmm!” I groaned at her actions.
After pulling my cock free from her wet mouth, Amy used her succulent lips to plant soft wet kisses upon strategic points of my crowned head, all around, as well as along the underside of the shaft.
Amy’s hands then worked in unison, jerking my cock up as she placed her mouth upon my cock once more, while she suckled on the head again.
All I could do was close my eyes, lay there and just enjoy the emotions that were flowing throughout my entire body.
Amy’s lips began to slowly slide down, around the long thick shaft of my hardened cock.
One of her hands had slipped free, leaving a few more inches of my cock for Amy to slip into her warm wet mouth.
She was slow, loving, in this sweet blowjob she was performing upon me.
I didn’t know how she’d learned to perform such an amazing feat, but she was so good at sucking cock and knew exactly how to please a guy.
Over these past couple of days, Amy and I had spent some wonderful moments together, sharing sweet memories of our sexual encounters that I didn’t want to come to an end.
But, I knew that today may be the last.
My daughter would be returning home soon, and there was a chance this could be over.
I wanted to spend every waking moment with her.
I watched Amy’s head as it raised up and down.
My hard thick cock disappeared each time she bowed before me, sliding into the comfort of her warm wet mouth.
Her wet lips clasped tight around the long shaft, sliding up and down, caressing and feeling every vein upon my throbbing cock.
At one stage, she pulled my cock free, turned her head slightly at an angle and used her mouth, more so her lips, to slide up and down across the underside of the shaft.
Raising back up, her head turned and she flicked her tongue across that sweet delicate spot upon the underside, close to the rim of the bulbous head.
It sent me wild, my upper body raising from the bed an inch or two, my hands gripping the sheets we lay upon.
“Fuck!” I moaned.
She stopped after a moment, allowing me time to come down from this wonderful high.
I wasn’t sure how I hadn’t cum yet, after the way she made me feel.
“Would you like me to eat your pussy?” I asked, in hope.
“Mmm, I’d love you to eat me out!” Amy responded.
Amy rose up, swinging her body around so that her ass drew closer to the top of the bed.
Her butt cheeks jiggled a little as she turned around, causing me to stare upon her shapely derriere.
I felt like a dirty old man.
She swung one leg across my chest, quickly finding herself straddling over me.
My eyes could do nothing else but stare right at her two holes.
That sweet tight pucker of her asshole, that only the night before I violated in a sweet way, and upon her request.
And her wet peachy pussy.
Almost as tight as her asshole, but more delicious to feed my hunger upon.
Easing her body back slightly, she knelt over my face.
The musky scent of her sex flowed down upon me, like the sweet smell of an orchard on a warm summer’s evening.
My two hands slipped between her thighs, slithered up and curled back upon her sweet ass cheeks.
I took one cheek in each hand, spread them wide.
Her asshole opened up a little more, while my fingers grappled closer to her labia and stretched it wider to open up her firm young pussy.
Lowering down a little, my tongue protruded from my mouth and began to work on her wet cunt.
Just as what she said about my cock earlier, I could say the same about her womanhood.
I love the taste of her fresh pussy first thing in the morning.
Sucking my cock had already got her a little moist, her peachy lips glistened from her delicate nectar.
  I stretched her tight hole a little more, it opened up where a few drops of her honey fell upon my tongue which I caught, took into my mouth to taste.
If they could bottle up not only that taste, but the smell of a fresh young woman’s pussy, it would be a billion-dollar enterprise.
I could feel Amy’s lips once more wrapped around the shaft, where she’d returned to sucking me off in her slow, sensual, and loving embrace with deep affection upon my hard thick cock.
Her mouth drawing up and down the long shaft, while her tongue caressed and swirled around every side of my cock inside.
One hand jerking the lower end up into her warm wet mouth, while her other hand played with my sack, caressing and shuffling my two balls between her fingers.
It was heavenly.
My tongue was working it’s own magic upon her body.
It licked and caressed her wet hole down below.
Running back and forth upon her peachy lips, feeling the soft skin of her labia upon my rough wet tongue.
Even though I could tell she was very wet, I wanted to add my own saliva to the mix.
Eventually, I slid the tip of my tongue inside the open black hole of her cunt.
It crept within the deep, dark, and very wet cave.
Once inside, it circled the wagons, running around again and again as it caressed and softly slithered upon her inner vagina walls.
So silky to the touch, coated in her wet nectar that quickly dripped upon my tongue for me to retrieve into my own mouth and taste, before swallowing.
We must have laid there for a good ten, maybe fifteen minutes.
Amy with my hard thick cock stuffed between her wet ruby lips, sucking me off as her head bobbed up and down in her sensual way.
Taking pleasure in the feel of my throbbing piece of meat in her warm wet mouth.
Meanwhile, my mouth was buried tight against her pussy, my tongue pushed all the way in, as far as I could take it, licking and eating her wet cunt out and savoring this experience.
At one stage, I dared to go further, her other almost calling for my attention.
My tongue licked along the crack of her ass, before taking a slight dip in the very tight asshole she possessed.
I could hear Amy moan as I licked her ass out a little, which only added to the wonderful experience as her groans created shock waves upon my hard cock in her mouth.
Eventually, after a little while longer, we stopped.
Both of us had drawn closer to the edge, but we wanted something else.
Amy removed my cock from her mouth first, before I slipped my tongue free from her ass and cunt.
She slipped her leg back over, soon finding herself sat on her ankles at my side.
She leaned backwards, head to toe to myself, but at my side.
I saw her reach across the bed, returning with the silver metallic vibrator in her hand that she used the day before, both on my cock, and herself to masturbate.
Turning it on, it sprung into life with a soft buzzing in her hand.
She placed it over her breasts, upon her hardened nipples that sent electric shocks inside that showed upon her face, causing her to bite her bottom lip and groan.
“Mmm .
oh fuck!” Amy groaned.
She teased both of her own nipples, making them harder than they already were.
She then slipped the sex toy down across her waist, towards her thighs as they spread wide.
I stared down upon her lower body, watching her legs part like the red sea, but this had a beautiful ocean still captured between of her wet pussy.
  The vibrator found it’s place, she slid it back and forth across her peachy lips.
They reacted instinctively, purring while creating soft spasms as it touched upon each side.
After several goes of running the vibrator over her lips, she then took it for a dip in the wet ocean.
It pressed against her peachy lips, causing them to gently part company as it slid between.
  Slowly, she began to fuck herself with this toy.
Inserting an inch, then more with each gentle thrust as it slid in and out of her wet cunt.
I ran my tongue across my lips, wetting them at watching her masturbate for me.
My hand grasped my own cock, where I started to jerk it off.
Holding tightly, my closed fist wrapped firmly around the length of my shaft.
It began to rise and lower in a slow, sensual way.
Occasionally I would pick up a little faster speed, before returning to the slower method.
Not wanting to cum too early at this feature presentation I found myself watching up close.
“Do you want to play with me!” Amy whispered in her soft womanly tone.
All I could do was smile at the thought, I pulled my hand free from my cock and reached between her tender thighs.
She let go of the toy, still held within her tight pussy.
I took possession of it, where I continued what she had already begun.
Sliding it in and out of her tight wet cunt.
Amy continued to moan, as I began playing with her.
“Mmm, oh yeah .
don’t stop!” she moaned.
Sliding the vibrator in and out of her pussy, my head soon swept in as I began licking at the juices that broke free through the cracks.
Lapping up the sweet nectar of her sex, dribbling down between her thighs to her sweet asshole.
My tongue ran up, edging around the sex toy that continued to buzz with a slightly muffled sound from being stuffed so deep into her pussy.
A little part of the vibrator connected with my tongue, sending a strange feeling into my mouth, creating a new sensation.
One hand clutched the toy, slipping it back and forth as Amy lay there, her legs spread wide.
My other hand drew above her opening, which I gently peeled back the hood, exposing the small round nub of her tender clit.
I ran my tongue across her clit, softly at first, she squirmed in response.
Her body tensing up a little, her stomach suffered slight ripples that spread acrossr it.
Online Now! Lush Cams ChanelSantana I licked again, and again.
Each time I just pressed my tongue a little harder upon her clit, teasing, caressing and showing my love upon this most sensitive spot upon Amy.
“Oh fuck .
oh my God!” Amy groaned in response each time to my tongue upon her clit.
My tongue began to flick upon her small nub, accompanied by the vibrator still fucking her tight wet cunt.
It sent shock waves throughout her body, where this time she grasped the bed sheets in her clenched fists.
Biting her bottom lip, her eyes closed tight, groans of ecstasy seeping from her lips while gasping for air and breathing heavy at times.
One of Amy’s hand broke free of the sheets, where it reached across, stroking over my thigh before grasping a hold of my erect cock that still stood.
My tongue still working it’s magic upon her clit, as well as the vibrator inside her, it caused her fingers to tighten a little around my long thick shaft.
“Ooh!” I groaned in response, as she squeezed my cock.
Amy’s hand began to stroke me off, twisting at the wrist.
Clenching my foreskin tight between her fingers, pulling it like a blanket up and down to cover the thick piece of meat that was hiding beneath.
Slowly at first, before she picked up pace, faster and harder.
I continued to play with her in return.
One hand still slipping the vibrator in and out of her pussy, the other pulling on her skin so I could nibble and suckle upon her clit.
  After a few moments of this, I pulled the vibrator out.
I wanted to be the one to push her over the edge, not some toy.
I placed it to one side, where three of my fingers then started to rub against her labia, across her peachy lips to the sound of the soft squishing noise it made.
She was so wet.
My tongue continued to lick and caress her small nub, all while rubbing her pussy below.
Her hand picked up a smooth rhythm as she continued to jerk my cock for me.
That warm rush of blood that pumped through the throbbing veins upon my stiff cock.
I continued to take my own pleasure in pleasing her.
My tongue lapping at her clit, while I’d changed up below, so that two of my fingers began to thrust in and out of her tight wet cunt.
Her moans grew more intense.
“Oh shit .
oh fuck yes .
oh my God!” Amy screamed.
My fingers plunged in and out of her pussy, thrashing to that beautiful sound of wetness all around.
My fingers coated in her honey, while my tongue continued to lick her clit to try and push her over the edge, all so I could hear her cum for me.
“Oh babe .
oh fuck, don’t stop!” Amy groaned louder.
The sound of her voice and groans expanded into deep long breathes, as well as her hips gyrating like Shakira to the rhythm of the beat of my drum, more so, my fingers banging in and out her womanhood.
“Oh fuck!” Amy finally screamed.
I could feel her cumming, her body tensed up and her pussy tightened before it began to spasm inside.
Her silky inner walls tried to grab hold of my fingers, but they were too wet to remain within the warm tight hole as they continued to thrust in and out, taking her beyond her orgasm into insanity.
Her body heaved and rocked so hard it dragged her body further back, her head soon found itself falling off the edge of the bed.
Her one hand grasped a tighter hold of my throbbing cock, causing me to push her even more closer to losing every essence of her body and soul to my touch.
“Shit!” she bellowed out with a high pitched tone that I was scared the neighbors may have woken up to her screams.
Her whole body reached that pinnacle of which every woman looks to achieve.
That orgasm that eclipses all others.
Those fireworks that not only take off and explode inside, but crash and burn against every nerve ending.
Her body thrashed and writhed in deep immense pleasure.
Finally, I slowed down as I felt Amy beginning to return to normality.
My fingers pulled free of her wet pussy, her nectar dripped off my fingers.
I quickly thrust them into my own mouth, tasting and sucking every drop I could find.
  Her pussy glistened in the soft light, soaked to the skin.
Her peachy lips still quivered slightly as the aftershocks of the orgasm that continued to strike a chord upon her naked body.
The deep long breathes echoed from further up the bed, where sweat slipped across her soft pink flesh.
Raising her head, Amy looked back up at me watching her return from this most wonderful high.
“Wow, that was wonderful!” Amy told me with a warm smile.
  “Now, let’s get back to helping you!” she continued on.
Amy pulled herself upright.
I didn’t know how she had so much strength still, but women appear much stronger in terms of being able to just get up and go about doing business after having such a powerful and intense orgasm.
Myself, I struggle to walk sometimes with my legs feeling like jelly, my body often still reeling from cumming so hard.
She leaned back over my waist, where without asking or any thought, she just engulfed my hard throbbing cock back into her warm wet mouth.
  Her one hand jerked me below, pumping it up and between her succulent lips.
Her head nodded up and down, my cock sliding up and down in her mouth.
The feel of her tongue caressing, prodding and licking my engorged head inside.
  The feel was incredible, and my passion was burning to be inside her once more.
She sucked my cock, keeping me hard and wet for several moments.
“I need to fuck you right now!” I called to Amy.
Amy pulled my cock free from her lips with a soft pop, she turned her head and looked up at me.
“Mmm, sweetie, you can fuck me anytime you want.
I’m yours!” Amy told me.
Hearing her say those words brought an extra step to my heartbeat.
My heart sunk, my love deepened for this beautiful young woman.
She is mine, is that what she just told me.
Anytime I wanted her.
Fuck! Holy fuck! If I was much younger, I’d probably have my cock always in her pussy, or her mouth.
I’d be fucking her every second of every day, if that was even possible.
  The whole house would smell of sex.
Our sex.
I took her hand and pulled Amy up to my side, where I kissed her.
A deep passionate embrace that lasted more than a few seconds.
  I rolled her to lay on her back, at my side.
Rising up, I shuffled my weight to soon find myself resting upon her.
Her legs spread wide, offering herself to me without question.
  Resting a little upon my elbows, so that my full weight didn’t cause any discomfort to laying upon her naked body.
I lowered my waist down, where the tip of my crowned head slapped and rubbed against her peachy pussy lips.
Pushing back and forth, it gently eased against her womanhood, before I pulled back as the tip took it’s rightful position at her opening.
Lowering my waist down, my cock began to slowly descend into her tight wet hole.
Her peachy lips parted, giving way for the large engorged mushroomed shaped head to push it’s way inside.
Sliding deeper within, inch by inch, my cock delved into her pussy.
“Ooh fuck!” I softly moaned, my warm breathe hitting her face.
“Mmm, oh yes!” Amy groaned in response to the feel of my cock entering her hole once more.
I soon found myself now fully resting upon her.
Several long inches of my throbbing cock was deep inside her wet cunt.
My chest resting upon her own, the feel of her hardened nipples scraped upon my flesh.
“Fuck me!” Amy moaned as we stared into one another’s eyes.
That was all I longed to hear.
All I loved hearing from her lips.
Not a demand.
Not even a request.
It felt more like a submission.
She is mine to do as I pleased.
To take her whenever I wanted her.
And right now, I wanted to fuck her so badly.
My hips started to gyrate, causing my cock to plunge in and out of her wet hole.
Slowly at first, before picking up a little pace over time.
The sound of my body slapping against hers soon came into effect.
The bed gently rocking in unison with the motion of me fucking this beautiful young woman beneath me.
Her arms interlocked with mine, wrapped up and around to caress my back.
My own reaching under her shoulders, holding her close to me.
Her legs rose up, soon wrapping around to interlock themselves between my own thighs.
Her ankles locked together.
Captured in her web of love and passion.
“Fuck me harder!” Amy told me, with a glint in her eyes.
I picked up pace.
The bed rocked harder, faster.
The top end started to pound against the wall.
Thankfully, with no neighbors adjoined to my property, the sound could have little effect to any noise complaints I may receive.
  Our two naked bodies rolled together as one.
Flesh upon flesh.
Sweat dripping from our pores.
  Labored breathes seeped from both our lips, feeling the hot air upon our two faces.
FUCK ME HARDER!” Amy then bellowed out, a deeper tone in her voice.
A sense of passion and wild hunger that seemed to be overtaking her whole humanity.
I fucked her harder, as she requested.
  The bed rocked.
The groans filled the room, as well as the deep unmistakable smell of sex and heat.
“Oh fuck.
oh God!” I moaned as I felt my cock fucking her tight wet hole.
Amy’s fingers clawed along my spine, scratching my skin with her nails that only added fuel to the burning fire beneath my skin.
  This was becoming the most intense fuck I’d ever given her.
Yet still, she demanded more.
“FUCK ME HARDER!” she screamed at me.
I could see it in her eyes.
That lustful expression of wanting more.
Wanting me to fill her pussy with my hot sticky seed.
She needed this as much as I did, maybe more so now.
She loved the feel of my cock inside of her.
The hold she had over me, almost wrapped around her little finger to do for her as she pleased, as long as I could continue to fuck her.
The bed was truly shaking, and I’m sure it moved an inch or more at the speed I was fucking this hot young woman.
The noise of my body pounding hers was quickly being drowned out by the creeks of the bed, as well as the shakes of the wooden frame as it rattled back and forth.
I knew I was close.
I could feel my body burning into a furor of passion.
“Fuck .
I’m gonna cum!” I called out.
FILL ME UP!” Amy cried out, her arms moving up as she wrapped them around my neck and pulled me in closer to her hot body.
I pounded her tight young cunt, hard and fast like I’d never fucked her, or anything for that matter before.
  Then, I exploded.
“UGH!” I groaned loudly to the feel of myself reaching that orgasmic peak.
My upper body wanted to raise up, but Amy’s hands wrapped tight around my neck, holding me close in the comfort and safety of her arms.
My body tensed.
The wave of cum rushed to the front of my cock, soon spewing out like a heavy waterfall crashing down into a deep cavern.
  I felt my cock throb inside of her, trying it’s best to fill her tight wet hole with every drop of my sticky seed.
My body spasmed, as I held her tight now in my own arms.
I gave several deep, hard thrusts as my cock thrust inside her cunt.
“Oh God!” I called out, feeling the last remaining drops of cum leak from the slit of my engorged cock.
I collapsed, searching for that breathe to fill my lungs that I’d expressed so deeply over the last few minutes.
I laid on top her naked body, my head resting at the side of her own.
Her hand caressed my hair, while her other moved down to caress up and down my spine in a loving, tender gesture of expressing what I did for her had meant so much.
Filling her pussy with my cum, pounding her tight hole, even making her orgasm before thinking of taking pleasure myself appeared to show my own thoughts of what she meant to me now.
We laid there for a while.
Holding one another in each other’s loving, tender company of our arms, wrapped up tightly.
  This was the last day we would be spending together before my daughter returns.
  I didn’t want to let her go.
I didn’t want to lose this beautiful thing we had.
I just wanted to lay with her, till the end of time.



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