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The first time I fucked Abeer, it was on his boss’s fancy bed.
I met him on an online website.
The young hot well built guy made me wet from the very first day.
So when he invited me to come and see his office because his boss was out of the station, I jumped at the opportunity.
The office was beautiful.
Abeer took me to the room.
He offered me tea but I wanted him.
I suggested that we listen to some music.
He smiled, “Only if you dance with me.
” I laughed, “But I am pretty bad at it.
” “It doesn’t matter till the time I feel you next to me,” he smiled back.
We started swaying to the reggae number.
What started as a soft and gentle sway soon moved to something more urgent.
Abeer pulled me close and I leaned.
His hands moved to my lower back and he squeezed my buttocks gently.
I could feel a bulge in his pants already.
And I deliberately pressed against it to cocktease him.
He closed my mouth with his and squeezed my left breast.
Just as he was fumbling with my bra I pushed him away.
“Let’s have the coffee that you promised me.
” I smiled.
His eyes and slightly opened mouth showed his displeasure and I smiled.
He got the coffee and we sat on a couch.
After some time he kneeled in front of me, put his hands on both sides of my hips, and gently started rubbing.
“You know I have never kissed a girl before,” he said shyly.
“Oh! But then you are pretty good for a first timer,” I said seductively.
Keeping my cup on the table, I pulled his face close so that he was looking at my cleavage and gently kissed his forehead.
I held his head for a few seconds hoping he would bury his face on my chest.
But he slowly pulled back, looked me into the eyes and said, “Let’s move to somewhere more comfortable.
” Before I could answer he hugged me and stood.
I was shocked at his strength and straddled this hot guy as he carried me to the bedroom and put me on the bed.
Things were moving too fast and I was a bit unsure.
I thought of my boyfriend in a different city, but as Abeer pulled me on his lap and started squeezing my boobs, my boyfriend’s face became a distant blur.
“I want to lose my virginity to you, babe,” Abeer whispered.
I smiled and started thinking about all the things I would do to this young horny full of juice stud.
I could already feel him leaking his pre-cum as he freed his big dick.
By then he has freed my boobs and was playing with them.
I let him take off the top and he ogled my big natural tits.
I could see he was dying to take them in his mouth and I wanted his pink lips suckling them.
I straddled him, still wearing my pants and put my left breast in his mouth.
His other hand started massaging my right breast and I rocked him.
As Abeer was busy working on my boobs, I took his dick in my hands.
I could feel it throbbing with all the extra blood flooding towards it.
I gently rubbed it, the head and put the fingers in my mouth.
“Umm, you taste delicious sweetheart,” I mumbled.
“Will you take me in your mouth babe?” Abeer whispered.
A horny bitch like me didn’t need to be told twice.
I pushed him on the bed and sat on his mouth while I took his dick in my mouth.
As he fumbled with my clitoris, I sucked him slowly.
This dick was about to explode and I stopped.
Abeer moaned.
I straddled his dick.
Online Now! Lush Cams tasty_Heidi “No, hun.
The first time you gotta come inside me.
I have to take every last bit of you inside.
” I guided him inside.
His slippery dick entered my wet pussy easily.
“Oh my god! You are so big!” I exclaimed.
Abeer clutched my ass and started thrusting.
“Oh babe, slow down.
We have so many more rounds to go.
Don’t tear my pussy right now.
You have a couple of hours for doing that” I moaned and started slowly riding him.
His dick was a hot rod burying deep into my pussy! “Ah ah ah.
” I could hear Abeer’s moans reaching a crescendo.
And he spurted his cum inside my pussy.
I slowed and felt his dick go limp inside me.
But I was not done.
There were a few things I wanted to try on my new stud.
I kept his dick inside my pussy and continued rocking slowly.
I took a piece of cloth and cleaned the cum leaking from my pussy.
I wanted some friction.
I cupped his balls and gently squeezed while rocking him back and forth.
He opened his eyes and smiled.
“Baby it was so fucking hot.
I could do this all night long.
” “Yeah Abeer.
Nothing less than an entire night will satiate me,” I moaned.
As I slowly increased my speed, his dick started hardening again.
He cupped my breasts and pulled me towards him.
I kissed him, sucked on his tongue and then pushed my breast towards his face.
He quickly took a mouthful and started biting.
It was painful and it made me squeeze my cunt around his hot dick.
The second time, I wanted my stud to take charge.
Taking my breast out of his mouth, I moaned, “Baby fuck me the way you want and fuck me hard.
Don’t be gentle.
” With a swipe of his powerful arms, he pinned me below.
Oh! I could already feel the rush.
His dick was still inside me as he got on top and started riding me.
He was hot, he was hard and he was fast.
He was so big I could feel him tear my pussy walls.
A sweet pain seared through my body but I wanted him to go on for hours! “Ah, aah.
Yes, yes, yes.
Keep fucking me.
Fuck, fuck.
Don’t stop, please don’t stop.
Keep going.
Keep thrusting your dick deep inside me, keep filling my lovehole.
Keep fucking me and claiming me again and again so that this pussy is never taking any other dick.
” “Yes bitch.
You are mine.
Your tight cunt is mine.
Your tight cunt will open up only for my dick and nothing else.
You hear me bitch? No dildoes.
No other dicks.
” I arched my back to meet his powerful thrusts.
I felt he was balls deep inside me.
And then he exploded for a second time.
Panting we both splayed in each other’s arms.
It was good.
But a look at the time reminded me its already two hours.
I should head home.
So should he.
With his dick inside me, he kissed me passionately.
It felt as if we could not imagine being apart for a second, the need for our bodies was so huge.
Reluctantly he took his dripping dick out.
I pulled him close and said I want to see him again and soon.
With a nod and a quick kiss on my lips, he said, “Sure.



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